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If there were a list of “hot” countries for expats and digital nomads to move to, Mexico would probably be at the top of the list!

But as the 14th largest country in the world, Mexico is HUGE and each city has its own unique charm and vibe. Deciding where to set up camp can be a challenge.

To help you, we've put together this EPIC guide to the 10 Best Places to Live in Mexico.

11 BEST Places to Live in Mexico (Updated 2022) » Nomads Nation (1)

It doesn't matter if you're a digital nomad passing through for a few months or considering staying in Mexico long-term, this guide has everything you need to choose an area in Mexico that's perfect for living Convenient for you.

Let's jump to the best places to live in Mexico...

Stay safe in Mexico

Mexico has a reputation for being dangerous in certain areas but the truth is that it is an amazing country and if you do your due diligence the chances of anything happening to you are very slim.

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#1 Mexico City

11 BEST Places to Live in Mexico (Updated 2022) » Nomads Nation (2)

"Fascinatingly vibrant Mexico City is America's oldest city and is packed with cosmopolitan culture, incredible architecture and vibrant nightlife, making it the best place to live in Mexico."

Monthly living expenses in Mexico City

$ 933 / Mt

Rental cost mexico city


For those of you who want to immerse yourself in the hustle and bustle of the city, the historic center is the best place to live in Mexico City. Up to five million people visit the area every day to work and play.

Bohemian areas like the tree-lined streets of La Condesa and neighboring Roma are the go-to spots for foodies and fashionistas, and are home to beautiful Parque México.

Advantages of Mexico City

  • Lots of good food.

  • fun nightlife

  • tons of museums

Cons of Mexico City

  • More expensive than the rest of Mexico

  • High pollution level

  • Some areas have high crime rates.

Mexico City is home to 12 million people, and with a large population comes high crime: not all parts of the city are safe.

The city has done a lot to curb crime, and most places have numerous meeting places, beautiful parks, and social spaces, making the city one of the best places to live in Mexico.

Tip for the digital nomad

There are a variety of digital nomad jobs to be found across the city; A quick online search will show you some of the best places in your area. The Portaal Coworking Space in Rome, owned by Facebook, is FREE (believe it or not) and a great environment to work in.

#2 Puerto Vallarta

11 BEST Places to Live in Mexico (Updated 2022) » Nomads Nation (3)

“The popular resort town of Puerto Vallarta on the Pacific Coast is the place to be if you want to splash in the waves, drink at late-night bars, and discover historic cobblestone streets.”

Monthly living expenses in Puerto Vallarta

$ 878 / Std

Rental costs in Puerto Vallarta


With its warm climate and stunning beaches, this is a fun and friendly place to live. The romantic zone and the old town can get crowded with tourists, but a little further from the center you can find local life and excellent accommodation options.

The friendly neighborhood of Agua Azul is just a short bus ride from downtown; Here you'll find a more leisurely pace of life and beaches virtually devoid of tourists.

Advantages of Puerto Vallarta

  • Endless beaches to rest

  • Water sports to try

  • Tasty local food to eat.

Cons of Puerto Vallarta

  • There aren't that many jobs

  • It can get crowded with tourists.

  • You have to rely on the local bus network to get around.

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This is the ideal place for people who want to enjoy their lazy days by the sea, eating fresh seafood and chatting with the friendly locals. The only downside is the hassle that there can be in the more touristy parts of town.

There is plenty of affordable accommodation and a large expat community to engage with.

Tip for the digital nomad

The city isn't on the cutting edge when it comes to getting online, but there's a selection of good places to work. Your best bet is to get an Airbnb with internet included in the bills.


11 BEST Places to Live in Mexico (Updated 2022) » Nomads Nation (4)

"The city of Puebla is a popular tourist destination and for good reason: it has a rich tradition of delicious food and some pretty impressive colonial architecture, plus it's conveniently located south of Mexico City."

monthly cost of
live in the city

$ 760 / Min

rental costs
in the city


Foodie nomads should head straight to Puebla; There are many famous dishes to try in this city. Being so close to Calle de los Dulces, sweets are within walking distance any day of the week.

Choosing to stay closer to the city of Atlixco, in neighborhoods like Las Ánimas and Bosques de Angelópolis, is a safe option. Tourist areas like downtown Puebla will also accommodate safety-conscious nomads.

Benefits of Pubella

  • great food

  • Uber operates in Puebla (big advantage)

  • You will see some of the best colonial buildings in Mexico.

Cons of Pubela

  • often crowded with tourists

  • It can be colder than anywhere else.

  • Many American chain stores and restaurants.

Very close to Mexico's famous twin volcanoes, Iztaccíhuatl and Popocatépetl, you'll experience incredible sunsets and numerous hiking opportunities. Fans of views (and fun) can head to the Ferris wheelStar of Pueblaor take the cable car.

Filled with art museums and overflowing with avocados, Puebla has some cheap, modern and fully furnished volcano view apartments to choose from.

Tip for the digital nomad

When it comes to being online, there is a whole range of coworking spaces available. These include The Box Coworking and Workosfera, which also offers space for meeting rooms.

#4 Tulum

11 BEST Places to Live in Mexico (Updated 2022) » Nomads Nation (5)

“Tulum is packed with ancient Mayan archaeological sites. So, if you like history, you are sure to have an amazing experience on your days off exploring like a real Tomb Raider. Combine that with the beaches of the Caribbean and voilà.”

Monthly living expenses in Tulum

800 $/Mt

rental costs
a tulum

480 $/Min

This city on Mexico's Caribbean coast is perfect for those who love a bit of nature. they talkedCenoten, beaches and jungles. That means plenty of opportunities to get out and discover a world of natural beauty.

However, living in Tulum can be a bit more expensive than other Mexican cities. stay inPueblo(Village) means you are away from the tourist activities of the beach areas and have services like restaurants and supermarkets just around the corner.

Benefits of Tulum

  • It has incredible natural beauty.

  • it is very passable

  • Tulum has a warm climate all year round.

The opposite of Tulum

  • One of the most expensive areas to live in Mexico

  • Many tourists

  • Prices also increase during the tourist season

It can get expensive, but if you like being active, this is the place for you. image goesCenoteScuba diving, snorkeling offshore with turtles and jungle trekking to reach the rugged Mayan ruins. There's nothing better than that.

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Tip for the digital nomad

To save money, don't eat out all the time; There are many shops where you can buy groceries and cook at home. Tulum Art Club is a great place to work, with reliable WiFi, friendly staff, and plenty of space to find somewhere to do business.

#5 Playa del Carmen

11 BEST Places to Live in Mexico (Updated 2022) » Nomads Nation (6)

"As the name suggests, you'll enjoy beaches, beaches and more beaches in this coastal city on the Yucatan Peninsula."

Monthly living expenses in Playa del Carmen

$ 991 / Mt

Rental costs in Playa del Carmen

382 $/Min

Located on the Maya River, Playa del Carmen has beautiful beaches and one of the finestnotorious party scenes in MexicoBut with that comes a whole horde of tourists. However, you do not have to worry about this outside of the high season.

Most expats choose to settle in Playa Centro, which is close to both the beach and all the action in town. Playacar may be closer to the resorts, but the apartments here are nicer.

Advantages of Playa del Carmen

  • Lots of places to eat and drink.

  • User-friendly public transport

  • Some of the best beaches you are likely to find in Mexico

Cons of Playa del Carmen

  • There are many tourists

  • Central beaches can get crowded

  • It is less cultural and beautiful than other cities.

There's a growing community of digital nomads in the city, as well as plenty of great cafes to hang out at with good WiFi, meaning you won't have any trouble connecting. As a side note, there are great day trips from Playa del Carmen, such as the wonder of the world Chichén Itzá (only three hours away) as well as Valladolid and all its attractionsCenoten.

Tip for the digital nomad

There are many cafes to work in. The best are Chou Chou Cafe, an eco-friendly spot where you can spend hours with your laptop, as well as a local coffee chain, Cacao Chocolate Cafe.

#6 San Miguel de Allende

11 BEST Places to Live in Mexico (Updated 2022) » Nomads Nation (7)

“San Miguel de Allende is nothing short of a marvel when it comes to charming cobblestone streets and derelict buildings. The historic district here isn't just a block or two, it's the whole city."

Monthly living expenses in San Miguel de Allende

980 $/Mt

Rental costs in San Miguel de Allende


Living in San Miguel de Allende means wandering through your own historical wonderland whenever you need a break from the screen. The city center is UNESCO-listed, so nothing ever changes here, for better or for worse.

The closer you get to the colonial center, especially near El Jardín Plaza, the more expensive it gets. But that's the price you pay for living in a listed building.

Living on the outskirts of San Miguel de Allende means a lower cost of living, lower rents and still walking distance to all the charm of Old Town.Center.

Advantages of San Miguel de Allende

  • milder spring temperatures

  • friendly people to chat with

  • Interesting cultural traditions (including all that architecture)

Cons of San Miguel de Allende

  • can get pretty expensive

  • Very high proportion of expatriates

  • It is difficult to drive in the city

Among other cultural events, San Miguel de Allende often hosts parades and arts festivals, making it a great place to soak up local tradition. But if you're looking to make English-speaking friends, you'll find plenty to meet and socialize on the streets of San Miguel.

Tip for the digital nomad

Some coworking spaces in the city are Espacio Coworking and Smart Space Hub. Both are quiet places with good internet connection where you can reserve your seat in advance. Perfect.

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11 BEST Places to Live in Mexico (Updated 2022) » Nomads Nation (8)

“A beautiful old silver mining town full of colour, history and a relaxed pace of life, Guanajuato, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is located in the scenic central highlands of Mexico.”

Monthly living expenses in Guanajuato

$ 764 / Min

Rental costs in Guanajuato

289 $/Min

Climbing the slopes of the hills that dot Guanajuato means cheaper prices and incredible views of the city. Anything further down the hill, in the center of town, gets more expensive.

The tourists who go to Guanajuato are mostly Mexicans and not foreigners, and there aren't many expats here either. In fact, Guanajuato is a university city, which means it can be quite lively. There are many cheap places to eat and drink water, especially in the Plaza de la Paz.

Advantages of Guanajuato

  • There aren't many other nomads or western tourists around.

  • Taxis are cheap

  • There are a lot of museums

Cons of Guanajuato

  • You may need more Spanish under your belt

  • Higher crime rate than other places

  • Tangled network of tunnels and alleys

The alleys and tunnels in Guanajuato can be a bit confusing, but unless you're trying to get from A to B, just wandering around can be magical. The charming alley of kisses is so narrow that people could lean out the window and kiss (kiss= kiss).

Tip for the digital nomad

Some coworking spaces in the city are Espacio Coworking and Smart Space Hub. Both are quiet places with good internet connection where you can reserve your seat in advance. Perfect.

#8 Cancun

11 BEST Places to Live in Mexico (Updated 2022) » Nomads Nation (9)

"The original spring break town is still the place for lively parties and lots of good times, all set against the backdrop of the stunning Caribbean coastline."

Monthly living expenses in Cancun

$ 685 / Std

rental costs
in Cancún


Located on the Yucatan Peninsula, Cancun is made up of two distinct counties. One of these is more or less focused on the beach strip and high-rise hotels: thehotel zone– and the other is a more traditional inner-city neighborhood –Center.

Renting is usually cheaperCenterthat inhotel zone, for obvious reasons. Either way, you're never too far from the beach. Combine that with an ever-growing digital nomad community and somecheap restaurantsand you have a little piece of paradise.

Cancun pros

  • quite cheap

  • English is widely spoken

  • A wide range of modern living options

Cons of Cancun

  • Spring break is very busy

  • Lots of resorts and skyscrapers

  • You won't find much culture anywhere.

Surprisingly, Cancun isn't all about the beach. The area has great biodiversity, there are Mayan ruins nearby, underground rivers like the Xcaret are great for exploring and swimming, and you can snorkel in the Great Mayan Reef.

Tip for the digital nomad

Thanks to the growing number of digital nomads here, there are a few different places to choose from when it comes to working in the city. Orbis Coworking Space or Venddo are great options.

#9 Oaxaca-Stadt

11 BEST Places to Live in Mexico (Updated 2022) » Nomads Nation (10)

“Oaxaca City is the state's colorful capital with volcanic rock colonial buildings lining the city's streets and charming plazas.”

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Monthly living expenses in Oaxaca City

$ 641 / Mt

Rental costs in the city of Oaxaca


Head southeast of the Zócalo or Main Square and you'll get a lot more bang for your buck in terms of real estate. It also means staying in a more local area, which is perfect if you like the feeling of authenticity of staying in Mexico as a digital nomad.

North of the Zócalo, Xochimilco is the oldest neighborhood in Oaxaca City and has a sleepy, small-town vibe. There is a lot of traditional food on offer in this area, although it may not feel quite as 'real' as staying south of the main square.

Benefits of the city of Oaxaca

  • beautiful colonial architecture

  • Interesting archaeological sites nearby

  • cheap public transport

Cons of Oaxaca City

  • earthquake risk

  • Lots of traffic and pollution.

  • The sidewalks are not in the best condition.

It's not just about the colony.History of the city of OaxacaIt is the modern color added to the city in terms of street art and graffiti that makes it very interesting to explore. Add to that a large number of craft shops and you have quite an artistic place to explore.

Tip for the digital nomad

Connecting to the internet is easy; Just visit Convivo, one of the best coworking spaces in town. It's affordable, friendly, and community-oriented, making it a great place to meet others.

#10 San Cristobal de las Casas

11 BEST Places to Live in Mexico (Updated 2022) » Nomads Nation (11)

"San Cristóbal de las Casas (aka Jovel, his Tzotzil name) is located in the highlands of southern Chiapas state and is full of indigenous culture and open-air markets."

Monthly accommodation costs in San Cristóbal de las Casas

$ 668 / Mt

Mietkosten in San Cristóbal de las

289 $/Min

When it comes to living in San Cristóbal de las Casas you might want to settle down in San Ramón with all its local bakeries and patisseries. It's a cool and tasty neighborhood.

But it's not just about the food. The Barrio de los Mexicanos is an interesting place to stroll, with art museums, galleries and traditional carpentry workshops, while Merced is all about its festivals. Apart from that, sit down in theDowntownit means old architecture and cafes galore.

Vorteile von San Cristóbal de las Casas

  • Let's dive into the indigenous culture

  • Cool festivals to experience

  • Lots of history to learn

Nachteile von San Cristóbal de las Casas

  • It can get cold at high altitude

  • A high level of poverty can be uncomfortable

  • tourism problems.

At 2,200 meters above sea level, San Cristóbal de las Casas is definitely the place for culture. There are many museums to explore here, such as the Museo Mesoamericano del Jade and the Museo de las Culturas Populares de Chiapas.

Tip for the digital nomad

San Cristóbal de las Casas has several cafés for the digital nomads, like Amor Negro with fast WiFi and cool decor, and the popular Carajillo Café with good WiFi and outlets.

Final thoughts on the best places to live in Mexico

There is! The 11 Best Places to Live in Mexico! With so many great cities and communities, Mexico is an absolute dream destination for any traveler - the only hard part will be picking just ONE!

Did we miss one of the coolest areas in Mexico? Have you lost something? Let us know below in the comments 🙂

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