25 Pros and Cons of Living in Florida (2023 Updated) (2023)

25 Pros and Cons of Living in Florida (2023 Updated) (1)

living inFloridaIt can be a dream come true for many people.

However, living in Florida has its pros and cons.

As good as it sounds like the weather is warm year-round, there are some not-so-great things that come with living in Florida.

Let's take a look at some of the pros and cons of living inFloridaand whether or not this is a state you want to investigate.

We've rounded up 25 pros and 25 cons of living in Florida, which should give you a better understanding of what you'll be up against when moving to the state of Florida.

25 perks of living in Florida

25 Pros and Cons of Living in Florida (2023 Updated) (2)

There are many good reasons to move to Florida.

Whether your decision is financial or more lifestyle related, Florida has a lot to offer.

1. No state income tax

25 Pros and Cons of Living in Florida (2023 Updated) (3)

One of the most popular reasons to move to Florida is to take advantage of the fact that there is no state income tax.

Basically, that means you'll be taking home a lot more of your paycheck than if you lived in other states.

This is one of the main reasons people try to spend at least part of the year in Florida to become a resident.

There are other states with low income taxes, but it helps a lot not to have to worry about income taxes because for many it can cost thousands of dollars a year.

2. Housing costs can be low

25 Pros and Cons of Living in Florida (2023 Updated) (4)

There are many areas in Florida where housing costs are lower or at least fair.

You can't expect to live on the ocean inPalm Beachfor a low price, but you can find something right if you give up the sea view.

Many areas of Florida are built to be a good place for middle-income Americans to live.

3. Warm weather all year round

25 Pros and Cons of Living in Florida (2023 Updated) (5)

In most parts of Florida, the weather will be warm year-round.

Warm weather will make the outdoors an extension of your home.

There is a lot of outdoor entertainment in the state of Florida because it is so comfortable to be outside most of the time.

For people who are sick or elderly, it certainly helps to have a climate that is not freezing.

4. Discounts for Florida Residents

25 Pros and Cons of Living in Florida (2023 Updated) (6)

Since Florida is such a large state, there is a lot of travel within the state.

If you live in Miami and want to travel to Jacksonville, there may be a discount for Florida residents.

There are many discounts for state residents on entertainment and travel, especially when staying in the state.

For Floridians, there's never a reason to be bored because there's always something to do and usually at a fair price.

5. Beaches

25 Pros and Cons of Living in Florida (2023 Updated) (7)

There is no doubt that Florida has some of the best beaches in the country.

You won't have to worry about finding a good spot to soak up the sun.

You'll have the Atlantic Ocean on the east side of the state and the Gulf of Mexico on the west.

Regardless of the type of water or beach, you can find it in Florida.

If you head to the Panhandle in the Destin area, you might even find some pristine white sand beaches with crystal clear waters to enjoy.

6. Outdoor entertainment

25 Pros and Cons of Living in Florida (2023 Updated) (8)

If you enjoy spending time outdoors, Florida is a great place to live.

You can enjoy time in restaurants and even listen to outdoor concerts.

Outdoor entertainment in Florida is plentiful and sometimes even free.

You can enjoy a meal while listening to a live band and enjoying the mild temperatures.

7. Nor his name

25 Pros and Cons of Living in Florida (2023 Updated) (9)

Do you spend every winter saying you'll never shovel snow again?

If that describes you, then the snow-free factor of living in Florida is a definite reason to move there.

Not having shovels or snow blowers is a very positive aspect of living in Florida.

Of course, if you like winter sports in the fresh air, then you will have to travel in winter.

8. Disney World

25 Pros and Cons of Living in Florida (2023 Updated) (10)

disney worldit is a place that can bring fun and entertainment to people of all ages.

If you live in Florida, it's only a few hours drive from Disney World.

Additionally, Florida residents receive discounts and can purchase season passes at Disney World.

This is not offered to other visitors, and you can certainly save a lot of money if you live in the state of Florida and visit Disney often, so it's a huge benefit.

9. Communities for Retirees

25 Pros and Cons of Living in Florida (2023 Updated) (11)

In Florida, there are many communities built just for retirees.

Communities have many amenities and are a great place for people who are trying to enjoy the second half of their lives.

These communities often have low-maintenance backyards and easy-to-maintain homes.

The lifestyle is simple and is a unique and desirable way of life for many people.

(Video) Pros and Cons of Living in Florida 2023 | Moving to Florida

10. Different lifestyle

25 Pros and Cons of Living in Florida (2023 Updated) (12)

Florida feels like a vacation mixed with normal life.

When you live in Florida, you'll be tempted to golf, boat, fish and dine alfresco all the time.

Balancing the demands of everyday life with being able to have fun in the state of Florida can be a little difficult.

However, the lifestyle that focuses on having fun and enjoying life is something that many people could use more in their lives.

11. Access to the coast

25 Pros and Cons of Living in Florida (2023 Updated) (13)

Even if you don't like going to the beach to swim, it's nice to look at the sea.

Since Florida is a peninsula, there is a lot of coastline to enjoy.

Regardless of where you live in Florida, chances are you aren't that far from a view of the water.

Coastal living is a unique and enjoyable way to live and attracts many people to the state of Florida.

12. Navigation

25 Pros and Cons of Living in Florida (2023 Updated) (14)

Opportunity for boating is abundant in Florida.

People like the big cruise boats and also the smaller fishing boats where they can cruise around and catch smaller fish.

Boating is a great hobby, but it's also a way of life in Florida.

Many people say that in Florida you have to choose between sailing and golf.

Both will require so much time and money that sometimes a decision is needed.

13. Gulf

25 Pros and Cons of Living in Florida (2023 Updated) (15)

Golf is huge in Florida.

There are courses across the state and you can almost always find a tee time.

Florida golf courses consist of both public and private options.

You can find a lot in golf if you don't mind playing in the summer heat.

Many private clubs even open their doors for summer memberships when the weather is warmer.

14. Medical assistance

25 Pros and Cons of Living in Florida (2023 Updated) (16)

Because there are so many retirees and seniors living in the state of Florida, there is a wide range of access to health care.

Regardless of your ailment, you should find a doctor of all types on almost every street corner.

Florida is teeming with physical therapists, doctors and even more medical institutions.

Florida is also starting to become known for some of the homeopathic medical solutions it offers its residents.

15. State Parks

25 Pros and Cons of Living in Florida (2023 Updated) (17)

State parks are designated places where everyone can enjoy the beautiful nature that Florida has to offer.

Florida has many state park options for you to enjoy.

State parks provide education and information about the state and wildlife.

If you like nature and animals, state parks are a great option to explore in the state of Florida.

Visiting state parks can provide much more information about the history and future of the United States and the state of Florida.

16. Ideal for outdoor sports

25 Pros and Cons of Living in Florida (2023 Updated) (18)

People in Florida can almost always enjoy outdoor sports.

If you like to run, bike, play tennis or play golf, the weather usually works great for outdoor sports.

In summer, it will make sense to go in for sports first thing in the morning.

Once temperatures rise, you can become dehydrated very quickly.

17. Need for a smaller wardrobe

25 Pros and Cons of Living in Florida (2023 Updated) (19)

In Florida, you won't have to worry about having a ton of winter coats, sweaters, snow clothes and boots.

You might keep a wardrobe made up mostly of summer clothes when you live in the state of Florida.

This is cheaper and easier to deal with than having to change clothes every season.

18. Good place for retirees

25 Pros and Cons of Living in Florida (2023 Updated) (20)

Retirees often need a low-maintenance lifestyle.

They will need to do a few things during the day, but not big projects that require a lot of attention and manpower.

That's why much of Florida was built to help make retirement even better and more enjoyable for those who no longer need to work.

19. Fresh seafood

25 Pros and Cons of Living in Florida (2023 Updated) (21)

If you like to eat seafood, Florida is a great place to live.

Seafood is fresh and served in almost every restaurant.

There's no doubt that eating a fish sandwich sitting in a beachfront restaurant is what Florida is all about.

If one of your favorite foods is good fish or lobster, Florida cuisine will make you very happy.

20. fishing

25 Pros and Cons of Living in Florida (2023 Updated) (22)

In addition to eating fish, fishing can be a lot of fun.

In addition to ocean fishing, there are many canals and lakes that you can fish in while in Florida.

(Video) Pros and Cons of Orlando Florida | 2023 Update

You can take advantage of the possibility of fishing on the shore or by boat.

Fishing culture is huge in Florida, and people who are serious about fishing have an enormous amount of fishing equipment and information.

21. Water sports

25 Pros and Cons of Living in Florida (2023 Updated) (23)

Water sports are popular in Florida.

Access to water makes this an easy option for many Floridians.

If you enjoy paddle boarding, kayaking, jet skiing and more, Florida's coastal waters will be a great place to spend some time.

Water sports are a great way to stay active and enjoy Florida's great weather.

They are also a great way to stay cool in the summer.

22. Lots of jobs in the service industry

25 Pros and Cons of Living in Florida (2023 Updated) (24)

If you are interested in finding a job in Florida, the service sector is the place to be.

As we mentioned, many of the people in Florida are retired and are looking for help with what they do on a day-to-day basis.

Retirees often need people to help them with specific tasks and projects.

This means that if you are in the service industry, you can make a lot of money in Florida.

23. Ecological trails, natural springs

25 Pros and Cons of Living in Florida (2023 Updated) (25)

There are many nature trails and natural springs throughout the state of Florida.

You can find them near state parks, but there are options everywhere.

Florida is a fun state to explore because of all the small pockets and unique cities.

24. Great diversity

25 Pros and Cons of Living in Florida (2023 Updated) (26)

With people moving to Florida from all over the US and the world, the diversity in Florida is outstanding.

This truly is a place where people from all over the world can learn to work, live and play together.

If you've reached a point in your life where you want to broaden your horizons from a cultural perspective, Florida can be a great place to live.

25. Ability to cultivate in your garden

25 Pros and Cons of Living in Florida (2023 Updated) (27)

Last but not least, you can grow your own fruits and vegetables in your Florida garden.

The warm climate and excellent growing conditions allow you to cultivate your garden and enjoy your own crops.

The ability to grow your own food and live off your land is a very attractive part of living in the state of Florida.

25 Disadvantages of Living in Florida

25 Pros and Cons of Living in Florida (2023 Updated) (28)

As much as our 25 professionals were living in Florida, there are still some things that aren't so great about the state.

Let's take a look at some reasons why Florida might not be the best option for you.

1. Extreme heat in summer

25 Pros and Cons of Living in Florida (2023 Updated) (29)

In the summer, Florida is very hot and sunny.

People will try to spend time outdoors and then realize it's too hot and difficult to even stay outside.

The extreme heat will make it a challenge to spend as much time outdoors as you want in the summer.

Unfortunately, this causes people to spend most of the summer indoors with the air conditioning on.

This is pretty much the opposite of why you're moving to Florida.

2. Errors

25 Pros and Cons of Living in Florida (2023 Updated) (30)

Florida has its fair share of bugs and pests to deal with.

It turns out that insects appreciate good warm weather just as much as people do.

Mosquitoes can be a problem in Florida and you need to make sure you are prepared for them.

Living in areas where there's a little breeze will help keep bugs away, but it won't always be enough.

Having bug spray and clothing that protects you from bugs is a good idea.

3. Alligators

25 Pros and Cons of Living in Florida (2023 Updated) (31)

Alligators are a problem for some people.

While most people are fine, as long as you leave the alligators alone, you have to be careful around small children and animals.

Alligators in Florida may cross your yard if you live in an area with a pond or swamp.

If you stay away from crocodiles they will usually leave you alone, so be careful around the edge of a pond.

4. Heat can limit outdoor activities in the summer

25 Pros and Cons of Living in Florida (2023 Updated) (32)

In summer, there are things you won't be able to participate in because it will be too hot.

Hot weather makes it hard to enjoy things like biking or hiking.

With the combination of humidity and heat, it will be almost difficult to breathe while you are outside and trying to enjoy the weather.

Instead, make sure you head out early in the day or when the sun starts to go down.

Either way, you'll be a little limited for a few months in Florida.

5. High humidity

25 Pros and Cons of Living in Florida (2023 Updated) (33)

In certain states, you'll have times of the year where it's more humid than others.

In Florida, it really seems like it's almost always humid.

(Video) Pros & Cons Of Buying New Construction Homes: Living In Florida | Moving To Florida In 2023 |

Sometimes in the winter the humidity drops a bit, but for the most part, expect to deal with it year-round.

6. Cobras

25 Pros and Cons of Living in Florida (2023 Updated) (34)

If you're afraid of snakes, you're not going to love the creatures that will roam your Florida backyard.

Snakes take up residence in various locations and enjoy their home.

Many snakes are good and take care of other pests and creatures that can cause harm.

Still, that doesn't take away the fear that many people have of snakes and having them around their homes.

7. Flat state

25 Pros and Cons of Living in Florida (2023 Updated) (35)

When you live in an area like Denver and drive through the mountains, the views are beautiful and you can really enjoy what you see and experience.

In Florida (with the exception of A1A), when you drive, things are flat and not all that impressive.

If you like the view of hills, mountains and the like, Florida may not be the best option for you.

8. High car insurance rates

25 Pros and Cons of Living in Florida (2023 Updated) (36)

The cost of car insurance in Florida is even more expensive than in New York.

Car insurance is expensive because many of the people who drive across the state are uninsured.

This makes your monthly payment a little higher, as you'll have to cover the costs of what others don't have in their cars.

This is one of those costs that you really can't avoid.

9. Tourists

25 Pros and Cons of Living in Florida (2023 Updated) (37)

Florida is full of tourists.

People love to travel to Florida, especially in the winter months.

Tourists unfortunately crowd out areas of Florida and make it difficult to enjoy the state.

Also, many places raise prices in winter when tourists come to enjoy the good weather.

10. Higher home insurance costs

25 Pros and Cons of Living in Florida (2023 Updated) (38)

Home insurance costs in Florida are expensive.

This is because there are fees associated with hurricanes that will potentially affect the state.

Since Florida has a higher chance of hurricanes than other states, homeowners insurance rates are naturally higher.

There really is no getting around it for many Florida homeowners.

Not having insurance is a bad idea and can lead to long-term financial stability issues.

11. Hurricanes

25 Pros and Cons of Living in Florida (2023 Updated) (39)

A hurricane tends to hit Florida almost every year.

Some of the hurricanes don't do any damage and are just a storm.

Other times, the hurricane can turn out to be much more complicated and cause homes and businesses to collapse.

This type of hurricane is very difficult to deal with and will cause some people to decide that they cannot live in Florida.

Because this type of hurricane is so unpredictable and uncontrollable, it can scare people out of the state.

12. Tornados

25 Pros and Cons of Living in Florida (2023 Updated) (40)

Along with hurricanes, Florida can also experience some pretty intense tornadoes.

This is another reason why some people will decide that Florida is not necessarily the right fit for them.

Surely the fear of tornadoes is that they can't be avoided, and you basically have to sit back and wait for them to hit your house.

It's a terrible feeling and it's very difficult to get used to living with it.

13. Seasonless

25 Pros and Cons of Living in Florida (2023 Updated) (41)

If you're one of those people who enjoys your pumpkin spice in the fall and your spring flowers starting to bloom, Florida's weather and weather might not be for you.

The weather in Florida is very constant and one season will be almost identical to the last.

Those who have lived in Florida their entire lives may notice a real difference between the seasons, but it takes some time to develop that awareness.

Without the knowledge, you'll feel like you're living in a climate that just never changes.

The hardest part of this is during the holidays.

If you're from the North and expect it to be cold for the holidays or a little snow, Florida can be a very difficult transition.

14. Very mixed communities

25 Pros and Cons of Living in Florida (2023 Updated) (42)

Another thing that can be strange about Florida is the way communities are organized.

There are some areas that are incredibly cool, and outside of those areas, neighborhoods get rough.

If you're not in a gated community with an HOA, you can get people to build a big southern-style house next to an Aztec-type design.

The streets will make your head spin, wondering what you're looking at and whether you're still in the same city or not.

It can be a tough transition and adjustment to get used to how cities are divided up and where the good and bad areas are.

15. Many gated community areas

25 Pros and Cons of Living in Florida (2023 Updated) (43)

While it may seem like Florida areas are full of great community areas and activities, they are mostly within the gated parts of the site.

If you want to get out and about and enjoy things but don't live in a gated community with amenities, things might be a little more difficult.

Gated communities are a great place to live if you can afford them.

(Video) The Sunshine State [Pros and Cons of Living in Florida]

If you can't afford them, you might find that some of your entertainment options are a little limited.

16. Crowded in winter

25 Pros and Cons of Living in Florida (2023 Updated) (44)

It's no secret that Florida is the place to be in winter.

Unfortunately, this has led to many people wanting to spend the winter in the state.

Of course, Florida is a little different when it comes to crowds in the winter than it is in the summer.

If you've spent any time in Florida during the winter, you know that restaurants are crowded, expensive, and can make you want to stay home and cook for yourself.

17. Older drivers

25 Pros and Cons of Living in Florida (2023 Updated) (45)

We mentioned that insurance is expensive because of older drivers, but those older drivers can also make driving in Florida just plain annoying.

Older drivers don't always pay attention and often shouldn't even be on the road.

When you move to Florida, you need to learn the art of defensive driving.

You must be able to anticipate the moves other drivers will make.

If you can start to think about what they will turn out to be or what mistakes they might make, you can keep yourself safe.

18. Festive Cities

25 Pros and Cons of Living in Florida (2023 Updated) (46)

Some of the areas of Florida became known for the party.

If you don't like dealing with college kids on spring break, consider looking to live elsewhere.

Unfortunately, there's not much you can do about this kind of tourist action in party cities.

With its climate and amenities, Florida is simply a place that everyone wants to enjoy at some point.

Just choose carefully when deciding on a place to live.

19. Lower wage rates in some areas

25 Pros and Cons of Living in Florida (2023 Updated) (47)

Part of Florida has lower payment rates.

Florida isn't really a place known for high paying jobs.

The reason is that many people earn money before moving to Florida.

They can earn enough to enjoy life in Florida and make the most of it.

This makes Florida look like a great place to get financial wealth.

While there are plenty of people out there who can do this, it's not exactly known for having the highest paying jobs.

20. Extreme differences in property prices

25 Pros and Cons of Living in Florida (2023 Updated) (48)

Most people think that Florida is a very affordable place to live.

If you can afford the million dollar mansions on the beach, great.

However, most of the state of Florida lives on Social Security.

You're going to see some very extreme differences in Florida home prices, and that makes the market a bit unpredictable.

21. High utility bills for cooling

25 Pros and Cons of Living in Florida (2023 Updated) (49)

In the summer months when it's 100 degrees outside, you'll spend a lot of money to cool your home.

You'll want to make sure you choose an energy efficient home in the state of Florida.

Without energy efficiency, you'll end up having a very difficult time balancing your utility bills.

22. There are not many historical monuments

25 Pros and Cons of Living in Florida (2023 Updated) (50)

HeSaint AugustineThe area tends to have a lot of history about Florida and the things that happened there.

However, outside of St. Augustine, there's not much historically in Florida.

It's certainly nothing like what you'd find in Savannah, Charleston, Philadelphia or other historic cities.

If you're not a history buff and don't mind knowing things that happened in the past, this might not bother you.

23. High crime rates in some areas

25 Pros and Cons of Living in Florida (2023 Updated) (51)

In certain areas, there are high crime rates.

In fact, general crime rates in Florida tend to be a little high.

You can be selective about where you choose to live if you want to try and avoid some of the crimes.

While it's impossible to live without any crime, there are some gated communities that are considered quite safe and good for families.

When moving to or visiting an area, it's always good to pay attention to crime rates.

24. Public transport is not good

25 Pros and Cons of Living in Florida (2023 Updated) (52)

Public transportation is not popular in Florida.

People usually have their own vehicles and, due to the good weather, also walk or cycle.

When it comes to trains and buses, the system is not that great and it can be a bit difficult to get it working from one area to another.

In many of the urbanized cities, you can find public transport, but outside of that, you'll need to rely on your own transport to get around.

25. Huge population increase

25 Pros and Cons of Living in Florida (2023 Updated) (53)

Finally, the last negative aspect of Florida is the fact that the population continues to grow.

People are taking all the cons of living in Florida and realizing they don't outweigh the pros.

This, in turn, makes it more desirable for people to buy property in Florida and move out.

(Video) Uncovering the Best Place to Live in Orlando in 2023 - You Won't Believe What Happens Next!

If you look at Florida today compared to twenty years ago, the population is still increasing.

It really is considered the place to retire and until that changes we will continue to see Florida's population grow.


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