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252. Brilliant Past Brilliant Future Juris Doctor Degrees 13. MAI Doctor of Medicine Degrees 3. JUNI Master of Fine Arts and Doctorate 17. JUNI Masters and Baccalaureates 16., 17., 18., 19. JUNI

3Inhaltsverzeichnis Beginn der Feierlichkeiten 2017....3 Verleihung der Auszeichnung des Kanzlers Botschaft des Kanzlers....5 Über die UCI Mace...6 Botschaft des Vizekanzlers, Studentenangelegenheiten Dekane Botschaften und Feierpläne Claire Trevor School der Künste Francisco J. Ayala School of Biological Sciences The Paul Merage School of Business School of Education The Henry Samueli School of Engineering School of Humanities Donald Bren School of Information and Computer Sciences School of Law School of Medicine Sue & Bill Gross School of Nursing Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences Faculty of Physical Sciences Program in Public Health School of Social Ecology School of Social Sciences Graduate Division List of Graduates Advanced Degree Candidates Bachelor Candidates Claire Trevor School of the Arts Francisco J. Ayala School of Biological Sciences Paul Merage School of Business School of Education Die Henry Samueli School from the School of Engineering of Humanid ades Donald Br in School of Information and Computer Science Sue & Bill Gross School of Nursing Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences School of Physical Sciences Program in Public Health School of Social Ecology School of Social Sciences Honors and Awards UCI Regents Alumni Association and Kanzler of the Universität von Kalifornien

4Start of Celebrations 2017 Saturday May 13 9:30 am Aldrich Park Law School Saturday June 3 Aldrich Park Friday June 16 Bren Events Center 9:30 am 9:00 am 12:00 pm School of Medicine School of Social Ecology 1 School of Social Ecology 2 3:00 p.m. m. School of Social Sciences 1 6:00 p.m. m. School of Social Sciences 2 Saturday, June 17 Bren Events Center 9:00 a.m. m. 12:30 p.m. m. Henry Samueli School of Engineering Sue & Bill Gross School of Engineering Nursing Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences Program in Public Health 4:30 p.m. Graduated Hooding Ph.D. & MFA only Sunday, June 18 Bren Events Center 9:00 am Claire Trevor School of the Arts School of Education School of Physical Sciences 12:30 pm Francisco J. Ayala School of Biological Sciences 4:00 pm School of Humanities School of Science Donald Bren Informatics and Computer Science Monday June 19 Bren Rondeau Events Center Processional, Volunteer Trumpet Jean Joseph Mouret, Olympic Fanfare Jeremiah Clarke, John Williams Pomp and Circumstance March no. 1, Sir Edward Elgar 9:30 am Music The Paul Merage School of Business Recessional Trumpet Tune and Air, Henry Purcell La Réjouissance, Music for the Royal Fireworks, George Frideric Handel March, Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach The audience is invited to be present and Stay put until the recession ends. 3

5Chancellor's Award of Distinction The Chancellor's Award of Distinction recognizes the most distinguished senior graduates of the University of California, Irvine. Recognized by the UC Irvine Alumni Association, these students represent exceptional academic achievement and a commitment to excellence in research, leadership, and service at UCI. Selected by a committee of alumni, recipients are identified by the blue and gold shoulder cord bearing their inaugural insignia. Julian Andree Bugarin Faculty of Humanities Faculty of Social Sciences Yareli C. Castro Sevilla Faculty of Humanities Faculty of Social Sciences Po-Chien Chung Donald Bren Faculty of Information and Computing Sciences Joshua Herman Cook Francisco J. Ayala Faculty of Biological Sciences Faculty of Sciences Physics Arden Elaine Davis Die Paul Merage School of Business Lucile M Dillon Claire Trevor School of the Arts Gishan Shalitha Dissanayake Bogoda Francisco J Ayala School of Biological Sciences Letitia Marie Edwards Francisco J Ayala School of Biological Sciences Nida Fatima Francisco J Ayala School of Biological Sciences Stephania Gonzalez School of Education Victoria Rose Griffin School of Social Ecology Chenxu Guo School of Social Sciences School of Physical Sciences Andrew Nicholas Hallak School of Social Sciences Simon Joe Harrison School of Social Sciences Claire Trevor School of Arts Michael Chi Ho School of Education Education The Paul Merage S school of Business Pauline Ho School of Education School of Social Sciences Christine Tran Hua Francisco J. Ayala School of Biological Sciences Adam Keppler Donald Bren School of Information and Computer Sciences Lauren Elizabeth Kerner School of Humanities Andrea Lao Kutcher Sue & Bill Gross School of Nursing Judy Lee School of Education Rebekah Mulan School of Social Ecology Lieu Sue & Bill Gross Diana Magana School of Nursing School of Education Carlos Michael Martinez School of Humanities Kamilah Rashida McGuire-Griffin School of Social Ecology Diane Navarro Public Health Program Claire Trevor School of the Arts Maharshi Shaileshkumar Patel Donald Bren School of Information and Computer Science Maaikee Kiyoe Amen Pronda The Henry Samueli School of Engineering Sarah Shaaban Sakr School of Social Ecology Stacy Marie Seiler Sue & Bill Gross School of Nursing Shashank Somasundaram Francisco J . Faculty of Biological Sciences Ayala Malco lm Su The Henry Samueli School of Engineering Bryce Joe-Kun Tham Donald Bren School of Information and Computer Sciences Fracesca Jean Vuono School of Social Ecology Emma Noel Walsh Claire Trevor School of the Arts School of Education Alice Yi Yang Claire Trevor School of the Arts School of Social Ecology Katrina Stacie Yip School of Education Chen (Cassie) Zhang School of Social Ecology School of Social Sciences 4th

6Greetings from the Federal Chancellor Dear Class of 2017, Congratulations on reaching this very special milestone in your life. Today, as we celebrate the 52nd founding of the University of California, Irvine, savor the pride, nostalgia, and excitement of the moment. As you participate in these traditional closing rituals, I encourage you to remember that you did not achieve this achievement alone or in a vacuum. Take time to thank family, friends, and mentors who have supported and guided you through this journey. We are all very proud of your accomplishments and the contributions you have made to UC Irvine and our community. However, I am even more excited for what lies ahead as you enter the world empowered, empowered and inspired to succeed in whatever endeavor you decide to undertake. When you join the proud UC Irvine alumni today, you'll be part of a family of graduate leaders who are leaders, innovators, and educators who make a difference in our global community. Come back and visit us, update us with news about your career, and keep in touch through the Alumni Association. Wherever the future takes you, you will always be remembered at UC Irvine. Fiat Lux, Howard Gilman Chancellor 5

7The UCI mace The mace leads the opening ceremony and is carried by a member of the UCI Alumni Association Board. The names of each UCI Chancellor are engraved at the top. Carved from California oak, the mace is designed to resemble the nose of an anteater, the UCI mascot. The UCI Alumni Association presented the UCI Mace on campus on May 12.

8Greetings from the Vice Chancellor, Student Affairs Dear Graduates of the Class of 2017: Wow! You are graduating and what a great opportunity to celebrate your achievement. My warmest congratulations and I sincerely hope that UC Irvine has been a great place to further crystallize and ultimately nurture your dreams and aspirations. We hope that your experiences have inspired you with a desire to find your place in the world and participate in the global landscape with confidence and confidence. Anteaters know that a truly educated person is committed to their passions and a lifelong thirst for knowledge. As you follow in the footsteps of many other UCI alumni, know that there are no limits to your life when it comes to changing the terrain of our world. I encourage you to stay current with new technology, information, art, and research, even as you develop and take advantage of opportunities to demonstrate the leadership and character that formed the foundation of your learning. Since the first day of school on October 4, 1965, UC Irvine has maintained the atmosphere of a small college campus with a strong mutual support network among students, faculty, and staff. We have also fostered a highly diverse academic community which, as you reflect on the lessons you have learned from these cross-cutting experiences, should position you well as a citizen of a global world. Eater Nation members know their campus is a nurturing and caring environment. This small university feels integrated into a diverse environment steeped in academic excellence, innovation, and discovery. These are all aspects of our distinctive heritage of which we are very proud. All of this is available to you as you explore new paths in the world and build your professional and family life. Now is your time to set your life goals on a trajectory to achievement and greatness. Your academic and extracurricular learning experiences have given you everything you need to find your path to productivity and success. Upon graduation, the promise of an education at the University of California, Irvine becomes a commitment to share the legacy of the anteater. We are personally proud of your achievement today. We ask that you stay true to the legacy you now inherit and make the world a better place. Zot, Zot, Zot! Thomas A. Parham 77, Ph.D. Vice Chancellor, Academic Affairs 7

9Claire Trevor School of the Arts 2017 Graduates from the Claire Trevor School of the Arts, hard to believe but your years at UCI are over as of today! It is now CTSA Class of 2017 with all associated rights to claim. You have been an integral part of the incredible UCI experience and today you will become one of tomorrow's creative leaders in and for art, a voice of the important role art plays in our world. His research on this role is ongoing; It is just beginning We hope and hope that your time at Trevor School has given you the tools and passion to achieve your highest goals in the next chapters of your life. We thank his parents, family, friends, and other mentors for the important contributions they have made to his success at UCI. And a special thank you to the alumni and others whose partnerships with the Trevor School and you have supported the programs and facilities that have contributed to your success at UCI. All of us who remain on the CTSA faculty, staff, and students who have worked with you and seen your growth as an artist and as a person during your time with us are proud of your many accomplishments and look forward to the next few achievements of your efforts. creative. and I look forward to establishing a close bond with us as you continue to develop the skills and talents you discovered and nurtured during your time at UCI. All the best wishes for your bright future! Stephen Barker, Ph.D. Dean, Claire Trevor School of the Arts About Claire Trevor While millions knew Claire Trevor ( ) as one of America's most respected actresses, her loved ones knew her as deeply devoted to her family and a passionate advocate for arts and arts. education. The Claire Trevor School of the Arts at the University of California, Irvine is proud to be entrusted with the legacy of Claire Trevor and honors her spirit by embracing the values ​​she believed in and practiced throughout her life. she. 8

10June 18, 9 am ~ Bren Events Center Chancellor Howard Gillman, Ph.D., President Joint Ceremony with School of Education and School of Physical Sciences Ceremony PROCESSION ACADEMIC PROCESSION NATIONAL ANTHEM WELCOME FEATURED SPEAKER INTRODUCTION FEATURED SPEAKER AWARDS TITLE REMARKS FINALS Master's Candidates High School Graduate Platform Party David Yonwook Chung High School Graduate Claire Trevor School of the Arts Howard Gillman, Ph.D. Chancellor Richard Arum, Ph.D. Dean of the College of Education Sylvia Mendez Recipient of the President's Medal of Freedom Howard Gillman, Ph.D. Chancellor Richard Arum, Ph.D. Dean of School of Education Dignitaries RECESSIONALS MAYORS GRADUATION Mace Marshal Sasha Talebi 97, MBA 99 University Marshal Professor Don Hill Masters Marshal Professor Virginia Trimble Baccalaureate Marshal Professor Jenel Lao Platform Party Marshal Professor Gary Busby PLATFORM PARTY Howard Gillman, Ph.D. Chancellor Stephen Barker, Ph.D. Dean, Claire Trevor School of the Arts Richard Arum, Ph.D. Dean, School of Education Kenneth C. Janda, Ph.D. Dean, Faculty of Physical Sciences Frances Leslie, Ph.D. Vice Chancellor for Graduate Education Dean, Graduate Division Michael Dennin, Ph.D. Vice Chancellor for Teaching and Learning Dean, Division of Undergraduate Education Brian T. Hervey, CGPP, CFRE Vice Chancellor, Avance Universitario Sylvia Méndez Recipient of the Presidential Medal of Freedom 9

11Francisco J. Ayala School of Biological Sciences Dear Class of 2017: Congratulations on your graduation from UC Irvine and the Francisco J. Ayala School of Biological Sciences. Through hard work and determination, he has completed one of the most rigorous undergraduate programs on campus and is well educated and positioned to achieve great things in his future endeavors. Today his hard work at the Ayala School is recognized with his inauguration ceremony. Starting tomorrow, as one of our thousands of alumni, remember what you've learned here and put it to use. You'll find that his campus has helped excellently prepare you for your future, whether that future finds you in industry, pursuing a college degree, or other worthy employment. As you move into the next phase of his life, I encourage him to look back with pride on his time with UCI. The Ayala school is now embedded in his DNA, so I urge him to stay in touch with us as he continues on his journey. This allows us to continue celebrating your achievements and giving you the opportunity to inspire generations of students who will follow in your footsteps in our classrooms. Congratulations, Frank M. LaFerla, Ph.D. Hana and Francisco J. Ayala Dean of the Faculty of Biological Sciences Francisco J. Ayala 10

12June 18, 12:30 p.m. m. ~ Bren Events Center Chancellor Howard Gillman, Ph.D., will preside over the ceremony PROCESSION ACADEMIC PROCESSION NATIONAL ANTHEM WELCOME FEATURED SPEAKER INTRODUCTION FEATURED SPEAKER HEADING AWARDS CLOSING REMARKS Science Howard Gillman, Ph.D. Chancellor Frank M. LaFerla, Ph.D. Hana and Francisco J. Ayala Dean Francisco J. Ayala Elsa Ramón School of Biological Sciences CBS2/KCAL 9 Moderator Howard Gillman, Ph.D. Chancellor Frank M. LaFerla, Ph.D. Hana and Francisco J. Ayala Dean Francisco J. Ayala Faculty of Biological Sciences RECESSION DIGITS GRADUATION MAYORS Maza Sheriff M. Marlene Godoy 76, D.D.S. University Marshal Professor Leslie Thompson Teachers Marshal Professor Michael Cumsky High School Marshal Associate Dean Michael Leon Platform Party Professor Marshal Jennifer Martiny PLATFORM PARTY Howard Gillman, Ph.D. Chancellor Frank M. LaFerla, Ph.D. Hana and Francisco J. Ayala Dean Francisco J. Ayala College of Biological Sciences Michael Dennin, Ph.D. Vice Chancellor for Teaching and Learning Dean, Division of Undergraduate Education Brian T. Hervey, CGPP, CFRE Vice Chancellor, University Advancement Frances Leslie, Ph.D. Vice Chancellor for Graduate Education Dean, Graduate Division Michael Leon, Ph.D. Associate Dean of Undergraduate Studies Francisco J. Ayala Elsa Ramon School of Biological Sciences CBS2/KCAL 9 Anchor 11

13The Paul Merage School of Business With life comes change, and with change comes opportunity. On behalf of everyone at the Paul Merage School of Business, my heartfelt congratulations to you and all the family and friends who have supported you in launching the next opportunity in your life. On this day of celebration, we all remember how hard you've worked and how you've grown to take advantage of the opportunities ahead. This year, Merage School is graduating nearly 540 business executives, including those from our undergraduate business major, as well as our Master of Professional Accounting, Full-Time MBA, Full-Employment MBA, Executive MBA, Healthcare Executive MBA and Ph.D. programs Each of you earned a degree that will be worth the rest of your life. The Merage School is proud of our involvement in developing world-ready visionary leaders who inspire confidence, think critically, drive innovation, and challenge the status quo. Our rigorous academic programs are delivered in a purposeful collaborative environment, surrounded by outstanding world leaders from our dynamic and supportive business community in Orange County and beyond. We are committed to our vision of being at the forefront of education and research among the world's leading business schools. In the ever-evolving environment of a digitally driven world, our world-class research faculty develops and disseminates the knowledge necessary for business and nonprofit communities to anticipate and take advantage of emerging challenges. A critical component of business success is effective and timely business strategies designed to sustain profitable business growth. Merage School's strategic plan builds on the school's strength to provide educational excellence that values ​​diversity, collaboration, inclusion, and respect. Today you will join an elite group of alumni from around the world. I encourage you to return to your alma mater often, whether it's to enrich yourself further, expand your network, or give back to current students who seek your mentorship and support. As a proud Merage School graduate, you have a responsibility to serve as an ambassador for the school; I hope we have earned your enthusiasm and willingness to do so. In closing, we at the Paul Merage School of Business thank you for the enrichment you have brought to the school, for the lessons you have taught us, and for the opportunity to be a part of your success on this special day. It makes us better and we will always strive to be the best. Eric R. Spangenberg, Ph.D. Dean of the Paul Merage School of Business 12

14June 19, 9:30 a.m. m. ~ Bren Events Center Chancellor Howard Gillman, Ph.D., Ceremony Chair ACADEMIC PROCESSIONAL PROCESSIONAL NATIONAL ANTHEM WELCOME NOTES ABOUT TODAY'S CEREMONY DISTINGUISHED OPENING SPEAKER OPENING SPEAKER CLOSING SPEAKER STUDENT Mace Marshal Mark C. Kehke 83, MBA 93 Platform Party Advanced Degree Candidates High School Candidates Pratiti Mehta, MBA 16 Alumna Howard Gillman, Ph.D. Chancellor Eric R. Spangenberg, Ph.D. Dean of the Paul Merage School of Business William Wang Founder, President and CEO of VIZIO, Inc. Arden Davis Paul Merage School of Business Bachelor's Candidate Shannon Shetty Paul Merage School of Business Full-Time MBA Candidate DEGREE GRANT DOCTOR OF PHILOSOPHY TRANSFER APPLICANT'S INTRODUCTION MASTER OF BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION APPLICANT'S INTRODUCTION MASTER'S OF PROFESSIONAL ACCOUNTING APPLICANT'S INTRODUCTION BACHELOR OF ARTS APPLICANT'S CLOSING REMARKS Howard Gillman, Ph.D. Chancellor Mary Gilly, Ph.D. Professor of Marketing Senior Associate Dean The Paul Merage School of Business Gerardo Okhuysen, Ph.D. Professor of Organization and Management Associate Dean of Master's Programs The Paul Merage School of Business Mort Pincus, Ph.D. Paul Merage Vidyan and VC Choudhary School of Business Dean Professor of Accounting, Ph.D. Associate Professor of Information Systems Associate Dean of Undergraduate Programs The Paul Merage School of Business Eric R. Spangenberg, Ph.D. Dean, The Paul Merage School of Business RECESSIONAL 13

quinceSchool of Education Dear Graduates: It is my great privilege to congratulate you on the successful completion of one of the School of Education's innovative programs. Your Doctor of Philosophy in Education, Master of Arts in Teaching, Bachelor of Science in Education, or CalTeach degree program has prepared you to lead a meaningful and productive life and improve the lives of others by contributing to formal and informal education. The concepts and skills you master in your program are critical to today's challenges. Our information society and knowledge-based economy place more importance on education than ever before. Our economic competitiveness and our democratic political system depend on a well-educated workforce and citizens. The knowledge and skills you develop will be invaluable in contributing to education through excellence in research, policy, curriculum, pedagogy, and advocacy. Some of you will apply important pedagogical principles in classrooms, after-school programs, and community life. Others will carry out critical research on the creation and implementation of policy changes. Still others develop software and technology for learning. I am grateful for your commitment to improving education for all. In the years to come, you will do well to remember the lessons you learned while studying at UCI. You have learned to recognize the role of perseverance, determination and resilience in overcoming challenges both in educational processes and in life. You understand that education and human development are lifelong journeys that do not end with graduation, but must continue to be nurtured and cultivated in your daily life. Good educators are good learners. I am confident that you will continue to grow, change and learn to meet the challenges of tomorrow. Congratulations on your current achievements and best wishes for success in your future endeavors. Richard Arum, Ph. D. Dean of the College of Education 14

sixteenJune 18, 9:00 am ~ Bren Events Center Chancellor Howard Gillman, Ph.D., President Joint Ceremony with Claire Trevor School of Arts and School of Physical Sciences Ceremony ACADEMIC PROCESSIONAL PROCESSION NATIONAL ANTHEM WELCOME FEATURED SPEAKER INTRODUCTION FEATURED SPEAKER FINAL DEGREE REMARKS AWARD Master's Candidates Baccalaureate Candidates Party Platform David Yonwook Chung High School Candidate Claire Trevor School of the Arts Howard Gillman, Ph.D. Chancellor Richard Arum, Ph.D. Dean of the College of Education Sylvia Mendez Recipient of the President's Medal of Freedom Howard Gillman, Ph.D. Chancellor Richard Arum, Ph.D. Dean of School of Education Dignitaries RECESSIONALS MAYORS GRADUATION Mace Marshal Sasha Talebi 97, MBA 99 University Marshal Professor Don Hill Masters Marshal Professor Virginia Trimble Baccalaureate Marshal Professor Jenel Lao Platform Party Marshal Professor Gary Busby PLATFORM PARTY Howard Gillman, Ph.D. Chancellor Stephen Barker, Ph.D. Dean, Claire Trevor School of the Arts Richard Arum, Ph.D. Dean, School of Education Kenneth C. Janda, Ph.D. Dean, Faculty of Physical Sciences Frances Leslie, Ph.D. Vice Chancellor for Graduate Education Dean, Graduate Division Michael Dennin, Ph.D. Vice Chancellor for Teaching and Learning Dean, Division of Undergraduate Education Brian T. Hervey, CGPP, CFRE Vice Chancellor, Avance Universitario Sylvia Méndez Recipient of the Presidential Medal of Freedom 15

17The Henry Samueli School of Engineering It is with great enthusiasm that I extend my warmest congratulations to the class of the Henry Samueli School of Engineering. As a UC Irvine graduate, you are automatically a member of a growing global family of thousands of engineering alumni and friends. You have taken a first step toward future success by laying the foundation for a better life for yourself, your family, and in turn, others you know. The entire community of anteater engineers joins me in celebrating your fresh start. Most likely, your journey up to this point has encountered many obstacles that may have challenged your title. Through it all, you persevered and stayed true to your goal, which symbolizes your determination and the value you place on your education. We honor your achievement. Today you will join exceptional alumni who have come into the world with a deep sense of career and higher education. As you embark on your journey, you will be faced with unprecedented opportunity and significant competition, but you are prepared to lead with excellence. We are fully confident that just as you have overcome many obstacles in your past, you will now overcome the important challenges of the day. As a young learner, I encourage you to do the following: Uphold our values ​​and commitment to excellence and lifelong learning. Commit yourself to truth and service as your moral compass, and remember to help those less fortunate. Create lifelong connections with other alumni through the alumni association, affinity/special interest groups, and social and professional networks. Never forget your alma mater and knowing how to be part of a great and noble legacy. We will never forget you! Zot, Zot, Zot! Gregory Washington, Ph.D. Dean of Engineering Stacey Nicholas The Henry Samueli School of Engineering 16

18June 17, 9:00 a.m. m. ~ Bren Events Center Chancellor and Executive Vice Chancellor Enrique J. Lavernia, Ph.D., Presides Ceremony PROCESSIONAL ACADEMIC PROCESSION NATIONAL ANTHEM WELCOME STUDENTS SPEAKER INTRODUCTION Masters Candidates Baccalaureate Candidates Jacob Tulley Party Platform Claire Baccalaureate Candidate Trevor Enrique J. Lavernia, Ph.D. Chancellor and Executive Vice Chancellor Gregory Washington, Ph.D. Stacey Nicholas Dean of Engineering Henry Samueli School of Engineering STUDENT SPEAKER KEYNOTE SPEAKER INTRODUCTION HIGH-QUALITY SPEAKER GRADUATION AWARDS CONCLUDING REMARKS Jenna Obenshain Bachelor's Candidate Henry Samueli School of Engineering Gregory Washington, Ph.D. Stacey Nicholas Dean of Engineering Henry Samueli School of Engineering Maria A. Tirabassi Vice President of Space Systems Engineering at Northrop Grumman Aerospace Systems Enrique J. Lavernia, Ph.D. Chancellor and Executive Vice Chancellor Gregory Washington, Ph.D. The Stacey Nicholas Dean of Engineering The Henry Samueli School of Engineering Mace Marshal Eric C. Shen 93, MS 95 University Marshal Professor James Earthman RECESSIONAL Dignitaries MARSHALS INITIALS Master's Marshal Professor Lorenzo Valdevit Bachelor's Marshal Professor Farghalli Mohamed Platform Party Marshal Professor Roger Rangel Enrique J Lavernia , Ph.D. Chancellor and Executive Vice Chancellor Gregory Washington, Ph.D. Stacey Nicholas Dean of Engineering Henry Samueli School of Engineering Thomas A. Parham, Ph.D. Vice Chancellor, Student Affairs PLATFORM PARTY Frances Leslie, Ph.D. Vice Chancellor for Graduate Education Dean, Graduate Division John LaRue, Ph.D. Associate Dean of the Henry Samueli School of Engineering Fadi Kurdahi Associate Dean of the Henry Samueli School of Engineering Maria A. Tirabassi Vice President of Space Systems Engineering at Northrop Grumman Aerospace Systems Jenna Obenshain Baccalaureate Candidate The Henry Samueli School of Engineering 17

19Graduation from the School of Humanities means the beginning of something new. Graduation means advancing to another higher level. Today we celebrate the successful completion of your studies and I congratulate you on this important achievement. It is you and your hard work, your unbridled enthusiasm and, yes, your relentless questioning, that make our educational institution great. We owe you what you have given us, and in return we only ask that you put the skills and knowledge you have learned here to good use. In the humanities we are concerned with all that is human that people have thought, written, done, and done in all times, places, and cultures. Calling the ongoing archive of human existence philosophy, literature, fine art, religion, or history is surely less important than finding potential models of what to do and what not to do in what other people have done. The skills you've learned here to read carefully, observe critically, think logically and analytically, research methodically, and write clearly and persuasively are not the skills of a single job in a wide range of careers, including many that the future holds yet to come. to offer. must create. But the humanities also prepare you for all the other things that happen to us in life, things that really matter, like love, beauty, leadership challenges, the wealth of human experience, the courage to think for yourself. himself and the ability to follow. roads less traveled. Your liberal arts education, therefore, will always serve you well as you live the life you will truly lead. To be more successful today, to be even more successful than those who helped you today by coming here, your parents and your family, your teachers and advisors, your colleagues and friends. Please give them the thanks they deserve, as they in turn will give you all the applause you deserve for the success you have had here at UC Irvine and for all the success I know you will have in the future. Congratulations and have fun getting started! Georges Van Den Abbeele, Doctor of Philosophy. Dean of the Faculty of Philosophy 18

20June 18, 4 p.m. m. ~ Bren Events Center Chancellor Howard Gillman, Ph.D., President Joint Ceremony with Donald Bren School of Information and Computer Science Ceremony PROCESSION ACADEMIC PROCESSION NATIONAL ANTHEM WELCOME STUDENT SPEAKER INTRODUCTION STUDENT SPEAKER KEYNOTE SPEAKER INTRODUCTION PRESENTER GRADE AWARDS CLOSING REMARKS Candidates a Masters High School Candidates Platform Party Vermillion Singer Group A Cappella at UCI Howard Gillman, Ph.D. Chancellor Georges Van Den Abbeele, Ph.D. Dean, Katey Hobkirk School of the Humanities Bachelor's Candidate Marios C. Papaefthymiou School of the Humanities, Ph.D. Ted and Janice Smith Family Foundation Dean Donald Bren School of Computer Science and Information Tim Kashani Founder of Apples and Oranges Studios and IT Mentor Howard Gillman, Ph.D. Chancellor Marios C. Papaefthymiou, Ph.D. Ted and Janice Smith Family Foundation Dean Donald Bren School of Information and Computer Science RECESSIONAL Dignitaries Mace Marshal Donna Augustin Symons 69 University Marshal Professor Josh Tanenbaum MARSHALS INITIALS Master's Marshal Professor Sandy Irani Bachelor's Marshal Professor Susan Klein Platform Party Marshal Professor Victoria Silver Howard Gillman, Ph. .D Chancellor Georges Van Den Abbeele, Ph.D. Dean, College of Humanities Marios C. Papaefthymiou, Ph.D. Ted and Janice Smith Family Foundation Dean of the Donald Bren College of Information and Computer Science DECK PARTY Doug Haynes, Ph.D. Vice Chancellor for Academic Justice, Diversity and Inclusion Gopi Meenakshisundaram, Ph.D. Associate Dean, College of Information and Computer Science Donald Bren Yong Chen, Ph.D. Associate Dean, School of Humanities Brian T. Hervey, CGPP, CFRE Vice Chancellor, University Advancement Tim Kashani Founder of Apples and Oranges Studios and IT Mentor Katey Hobkirk Bachelor Candidate School of Humanities Michael Dennin, Ph.D. Vice President for Teaching and Studies Dean of the Department of Basic Education 19

21Donald Bren School of Information and Computer Science The world lives on technology: from mobile phones to electronic medical records, from video games to the Internet of Things (IoT), from big data to cybersecurity solutions. These technologies represent just a few of the cutting-edge areas in which ICS faculty, students, and alumni are dedicated to making the world a better and safer place for the future. As students and now graduates of ICS, the only computer-focused school in the UC system, you have helped us become one of the largest and most diverse computer programs in the country. ICS prides itself on being a leader in computing and information technology for the 21st century through research and development of new technologies, innovative and comprehensive computing curricula, and collaborations that address important societal needs. He has demonstrated incredible creativity and an entrepreneurial spirit during his time at UC Irvine and is now poised to lead the way to a bright future for the Society. As ICS continues to explore the many ways technology can revolutionize the world around us, there are many great opportunities open to you as an ICS alumnus. Whether you continue your education or join the workforce, remember that you are now part of a growing network of nearly 10,000 ICS alumni who want to see you succeed. Please stay in touch so we can celebrate all of your accomplishments as you embark on your journey to achieve your dreams. Congratulations to the class of 2017! ICS faculty and staff are proud of your accomplishments and look forward to seeing you continue to make a difference in the world. Zot! Zot! Zot! Marios Papafethymiou, Ph.D. Ted and Janice Smith Family Foundation Dean Donald Bren School of Information and Computer Science 20

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22June 18, 4 p.m. m. ~ Bren Events Center Chancellor Howard Gillman, Ph.D., President Ceremony Combined with School of Humanities Ceremony ACADEMIC PROCESSIONAL PROCESSION NATIONAL ANTHEM WELCOME STUDENTS SPEAKER INTRODUCTION STUDENT SPEAKER INTRODUCTION KEYNOTE SPEAKER TITLE AWARDS CLOSING REMARKS Master's Candidates Candidates High School Platform Party Vermillion Singers UCI Group A Cappella Howard Gillman, Ph.D. Chancellor Georges Van Den Abbeele, Ph.D. Dean, Katey Hobkirk School of the Humanities Bachelor's Candidate Marios C. Papaefthymiou School of the Humanities, Ph.D. Ted and Janice Smith Family Foundation Dean Donald Bren School of Computer Science and Information Tim Kashani Founder of Apples and Oranges Studios and IT Mentor Howard Gillman, Ph.D. Chancellor Marios C. Papaefthymiou, Ph.D. Ted and Janice Smith Family Foundation Dean Donald Bren College of Information and Computer Science Dignitaries RECESSIONALS BEGINNING SHERIFF Mace Sheriff Donna Augustin Symons 69 University Sheriff Professor Josh Tanenbaum Teachers Sheriff Professor Sandy Irani High School Sheriff Professor Susan Klein Platform Party Marshal Professor Victoria Silver PLATFORM PARTY Howard Gillman, Ph.D. Chancellor Georges Van Den Abbeele, Ph.D. Dean, College of Humanities Marios C. Papaefthymiou, Ph.D. Ted and Janice Smith Family Foundation Dean of the Donald Bren School of Information and Computer Science Michael Dennin, Ph.D. Vice Chancellor for Teaching and Learning Dean, Department of Undergraduate Education Doug Haynes, Ph.D. Vice Chancellor for Academic Justice, Diversity and Inclusion Gopi Meenakshisundaram, Ph.D. Associate Dean, College of Information and Computer Science Donald Bren Yong Chen, Ph.D. Associate Dean, School of Humanities Brian T. Hervey, CGPP, CFRE Vice Chancellor, University Advancement Tim Kashani Founder of Apples and Oranges Studios and IT Mentor Katey Hobkirk High School Candidate School of Humanities 21

23Law School Dear Graduates and Guests, On behalf of the UCI Legal Community, I am pleased to offer a warm and heartfelt congratulations to the Class of Today years ago. The class of 2017 is exceptional. Most impressively, 95% of the class of 2017 worked for free while in law school, and it is estimated that they worked around 10,000 hours for free. It has given you invaluable hands-on experience, but more importantly, it has provided critical legal services to improve the lives of people and our community. They have truly been partners in making UC Irvine Law School a very special place. You embodied our hope for a school where students work together instead of compete. They have worked to improve the school and campus, lobbied for causes like curriculum changes, and pushed for improved essential services for women at the Student Health Center. They have started three new student organizations and have provided creative programs to existing clubs. They have worked exceptionally hard here and nationally as leaders of student organizations and community members, in law review, and in moot court competitions. Personally I would like to thank each one of you for being a part of UCI Law and for enriching our school in more ways than I can count or imagine. I wish you all the best for a happy and rewarding career that improves our legal system and society. We are very proud of you and look forward to great things in the years to come. With best wishes, Erwin Chemerinsky, J.D. Dean, Faculty of Law 22

24May 13, 9:30 am ~ Aldrich Park Chancellor Howard Gillman, Ph.D., Ceremony Presided PROCESSIONAL WELCOME REMARKS GRADUATE REFLECTIONS FACULTY REFLECTIONS SPEAKER INITIAL LANGUAGE PRESENTATION OF DOCTORAL CANDIDATES IN JURISDICTION GRANT OF DEGREES PRESENTATION OF CLASS GIFTS CONCLUDING REMARKS Erwin Chemerinsky, J.D. Dean of the Howard Gilman College of Law, Ph.D. Chancellor Julie Hartlé Juris Doctor Candidate, Mark Rosenbaum College of Law, J.D. Adjunct Professor of Law The Honorable Alex Kozinski Judge of the United States Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit Elizabeth C. Schroeder, J.D. Assistant Dean for Student Services, Howard Gillman College of Law, Ph.D. Chancellor Andrenna M. Berggren John Sirjord Erwin Chemerinsky, J.D. Dean of the Faculty of Law RECESSIONAL 23

25School of Medicine Congratulations on the Class of 2017! On behalf of the faculty and staff of the University of California Irvine School of Medicine, I have the honor to congratulate you on achieving this remarkable milestone. As you enjoy your successes and victories, I encourage you to recognize the tremendous contributions made by your family, friends, and mentors. We are all very proud of your achievements. This journey represents a lifelong learning experience that really only begins with graduation. Dedicated to advancing the knowledge and art of medicine, the UC Irvine School of Medicine is sponsored by the US News and World Report continues to rank it as one of the top fifty medical schools for research. Our graduates are ready to begin their postgraduate education in more than 20 medical specialties. Each year, our school educates more than 400 medical students and trains nearly 700 residents and fellows. Nearly 80 percent of our graduates will attend training programs in California, many of which will work in underserved areas. It is a privilege that you are working in the medical profession with us. As a graduate of the UC Irvine School of Medicine, you will continue our mission to Discover, Teach, Heal. We send you our best wishes for your future medical education. We encourage you to value the opportunity to serve your patients with compassion and a commitment to excellence. Congratulations to the class of Michael J. Stamos, M.D. from the UC Irvine School of Medicine. Interim Dean, Faculty of Medicine 24

26June 3, 9:30 am ~ Aldrich Park Chancellor Dr. Howard Gillman, President of the Pomp and Circumstance PROCESSIONAL March Ceremony No DIRECTOR PRESENTATION OF CANDIDATES FOR THE FINAL ADMINISTRATION OF THE DOCTORS' OATH CONCLUDING REMARKS Michael J. Stamos, M.D. Acting Dean, Khanh-Van Le-Bucklin College of Medicine, M.D. Senior Associate Dean, Interim Chair of Medical Education, Department of Pediatrics Howard Gillman, Ph.D. Chancellor Howard Federoff, M.D., Ph.D. Vice Chancellor, Health Affairs Lucy Kalanithi, M.D. widow of the late author Dr. Paul Kalanithi Author of the Afterword to the #1 New York Times Bestselling Memoir When Breath Becomes Air Frances Broghammer and Derek Wu Class of 2017 Howard Gillman, Ph.D. Chancellor Khanh-Van Le-Bucklin, M.D. Senior Associate Dean, Interim Chair of Medical Education, Department of Pediatrics Michael J. Stamos, M.D. Interim Dean, Faculty of Medicine RECESSIONAL 25

27Sue & Bill Gross School of Nursing On behalf of the faculty and staff of the University of California Irvine Sue & Bill Gross School of Nursing, it is an honor for me, along with their parents, family and friends, to congratulate the members of the graduating class of I am delighted to celebrate this great milestone with you. I am delighted that her educational journey has inspired her to pursue nursing as her profession and thereby make the world a better place. The possibilities in care are limitless. Whether you choose a fledgling career at the forefront of patient care, advanced practice, or advancing scientific knowledge, everyone has chosen an area that is experiencing significant change and growth, presenting enormous challenges and creating opportunities for innovative contributions. As she leaves such a significant mark on the nursing profession, I can say without a doubt that she has an emotionally fulfilling and personally rewarding career ahead of her. While there will be rewards and challenges along the way, your nursing career offers you a unique opportunity to serve as a powerful ambassador for compassionate care, cutting-edge research or health policy development, and enriching the health of societies across the globe. world. world one patient at a time. I extend my best wishes and congratulations to each graduate who receives an individual award. We look forward to seeing where your future efforts can lead and hearing about the impact you will have on patients, families and the communities in which they live. As new members of the Sue & Bill Gross Alumni School of Nursing, we hope that you will continue to advance your nursing career. With best wishes, Adey Nyamathi, Ph.D., ANP, FAAN Founding Dean, Sue & Bill Gross School of Nursing 26

28June 17 12:30 p.m. ~ Bren Events Center Chancellor Howard Gillman, Ph.D., President Combined Ceremony with Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences and Public Health PROCESSIONAL Ceremony ACADEMIC PROCESSION NATIONAL ANTHEM Masters Graduate Candidates High School Graduate Platform Party Katharina Miyoshi High School Graduate School of Nursing Sue & Bill Gross WELCOME FEATURED SPEAKER INTRODUCTION FEATURED SPEAKER GRADUATION CONCLUDING REMARKS Howard Gillman, Ph.D. Chancellor Howard Federoff, M.D., Ph.D. Vice Chancellor, Health Affairs Mahtob Jafari, Pharm.D. Vice President and Professor, Pharmaceutical Sciences Howard Gillman, Ph.D. Chancellor Mahtob Jafari, Pharm.D. Vice President and Professor, Pharmaceutical Sciences RECESSIONAL DIGITS GRADUATION MARSHALS Mace Marshal Jeffrey D. Vu 09, M.S. 14, RM, FNP-BC University Marshal Professor Suzanne Phillips Master's Marshal Professor Miryha Runnerstrom High School Marshal Professor Larry Plon Platform Party Marshal Professor Alison Holman PLATFORM PARTY Howard Gillman, Ph.D. Chancellor Adey Nyamathi, Ph.D., Founding Dean, Sue & Bill Gross Mahtab Jafari School of Nursing, Pharm.D. Vice President and Professor, Pharmaceutical Sciences Karen Edwards Acting President, Public Health Program Frances Leslie, Ph.D. Vice Chancellor for Graduate Education Dean, Graduate Division Michael Dennin, Ph.D. Provost for Teaching and Learning Dean, Department of Undergraduate Education Thomas A. Parham, Ph.D. Vice Chancellor, Student Affairs Ronald Cortez, Ph.D. Vice Chancellor, Administrative and Corporate Services Howard Federoff, M.D., Ph.D. Vice Chancellor, Health Affairs 27

29Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences Congratulations to the UCI Class of Pharmaceutical Sciences Today we celebrate your years of hard work and dedication. This achievement marks the beginning of an exciting new chapter in your life. You have chosen a career in the dynamic and changing field of science and medicine. Every day, pharmaceutical scientists improve the health and well-being of our society through health care, science, research, and government. Our program has equipped you with the scientific background to thrive in any biomedical training school or career, but more importantly, we have trained you to be transformational drivers of change. As a pharmaceutical scientist, you will help advance medicine, apply innovation, and add healthy years to human life. As many of you enter pharmacy school, medical school, or the workforce, you will undoubtedly play an integral role in creating a better, healthier future. Today marks the start of an exciting opportunity to make a name for yourself in the world. I have no doubt that whichever path you choose, you will succeed. We feel privileged to be a part of your journey and you will always be a part of our anteater family. We look forward to hearing from you about your achievements in the future, so keep in touch. Congratulations from all of us in the PharmSci department! A. Richard Chamberlin, Ph.D. Chairman, Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences 28

30June 17, 12:30 p.m. m. ~ Bren Events Center Chancellor Howard Gillman, Ph.D., President Combined Ceremony with Sue & Bill Gross School of Nursing & Public Health Program Ceremony PROCESSIONAL ACADEMIC PROCESSION NATIONAL ANTHEM High School Graduate Platform Party for Graduates from Katharina Miyoshi High School Graduates Sue & Bill Gross School of Nursing WELCOME FEATURED SPEAKER INTRODUCTION FEATURED SPEAKER AWARDS CONCLUDING REMARKS Howard Gillman, Ph.D. Chancellor Howard Federoff, M.D., Ph.D. Vice Chancellor, Health Affairs Mahtob Jafari, Pharm.D. Vice President and Professor, Pharmaceutical Sciences Howard Gillman, Ph.D. Chancellor Mahtob Jafari, Pharm.D. Vice President and Professor, Pharmaceutical Sciences RECESSIONAL DIGITS GRADUATION MARSHALS Mace Marshal Jeffrey D. Vu 09, M.S. 14, RM, FNP-BC University Marshal Professor Suzanne Phillips Master's Marshal Professor Miryha Runnerstrom High School Marshal Professor Larry Plon Platform Party Marshal Professor Alison Holman PLATFORM PARTY Howard Gillman, Ph.D. Chancellor Adey Nyamathi, Ph.D., Founding Dean, Sue & Bill Gross Mahtab Jafari School of Nursing, Pharm.D. Vice President and Professor, Pharmaceutical Sciences Karen Edwards Acting President, Public Health Program Frances Leslie, Ph.D. Vice Chancellor for Graduate Education Dean, Graduate Division Michael Dennin, Ph.D. Provost for Teaching and Learning Dean, Department of Undergraduate Education Thomas A. Parham, Ph.D. Vice Chancellor, Student Affairs Ronald Cortez, Ph.D. Vice Chancellor, Administrative and Corporate Services Howard Federoff, M.D., Ph.D. Vice Chancellor, Health Affairs 29

31Faculty of Physical Sciences Congratulations on completing your degree in Physical Sciences! I hope you agree that your studies at our school have been a great preparation for the next phase of your life. Whether you're pursuing college, careers, or wanting to jump right into the workforce, the physical sciences offer an excellent doorway to success. More than 40% of your graduates have done undergraduate research, and many of you have successfully applied to graduate and professional programs. I also applaud many of you who have taken the initiative to join the mentoring program. These experiences will be part of the professional advancement we are seeking. We invite you to return as mentors to train the next generation of students for their next career successes. As a Physics graduate, you can participate in the most abstract mathematical demonstration or the most tangible attempt to alleviate human suffering. Some of you may spend much of your life trying to understand a single particle or what happens in the tiniest fraction of a second, others may want to understand the big picture of the entire universe or how the earth's climate will change over time. . 50 years. Each of these activities is of great value, as is the full range of careers between these limits. The faculty and staff wish him the best of luck as he continues to pursue his passion and make a difference in the world. Congratulations once again on completing such a demanding degree. The world needs qualified mathematicians and scientists; So be sure to contribute, extend and share your extensive knowledge and experience! Keep active! Bring enthusiasm to all your endeavors! Keep in contact! Kenneth C. Janda, Ph.D. Dean of the Faculty of Physical Sciences 30

32June 18, 9:00 am ~ Bren Events Center Chancellor Howard Gillman, Ph.D., President Joint Ceremony with Claire Trevor School of the Arts and School of Education Ceremony PROCESSIONAL ACADEMIC PROCESSION NATIONAL ANTHEM WELCOME PRESENTER HIGH QUALITY INTRODUCTION PRESENTER HIGH QUALITY DEGREE LECTURES CLOSING SPEECH Master's Degree Graduates High School Graduates Party Platform David Yonwook Chung High School Graduates Claire Trevor School of the Arts Howard Gillman, Ph.D. Chancellor Richard Arum, Ph.D. Dean of the College of Education Sylvia Mendez Recipient of the President's Medal of Freedom Howard Gillman, Ph.D. Chancellor Richard Arum, Ph.D. Dean of School of Education Dignitaries RECESSIONALS MAYORS GRADUATION Mace Marshal Sasha Talebi 97, MBA 99 University Marshal Professor Don Hill Masters Marshal Professor Virginia Trimble Baccalaureate Marshal Professor Jenel Lao Platform Party Marshal Professor Gary Busby PLATFORM PARTY Howard Gillman, Ph.D. Chancellor Stephen Barker, Ph.D. Dean, Claire Trevor School of the Arts Richard Arum, Ph.D. Dean, School of Education Kenneth C. Janda, Ph.D. Dean, Faculty of Physical Sciences Frances Leslie, Ph.D. Vice Chancellor for Graduate Education Dean, Graduate Division Michael Dennin, Ph.D. Vice Chancellor for Teaching and Learning Dean, Division of Undergraduate Education Brian T. Hervey, CGPP, CFRE Vice Chancellor, Avance Universitario Sylvia Méndez Recipient of the Presidential Medal of Freedom 31

33Public Health Program UCI's Public Health program has grown tremendously in the last 10 years and we now offer BS and BA degrees, an MPH in four specializations, and a Doctor of Public Health with two specializations. Our student body has grown with more than 1,500 undergraduate students and more than 100 graduate students in MPH and PhD programs. As an alumnus of our program, you will join the ranks of individuals who have graduated from one of the leading public institutions in the country, and in many ways, the world. Public Health has a long history of working to improve the health of the population. Our work is often invisible, but it impacts the health of communities every day. Programs such as vaccinations, cholesterol, blood pressure and cancer screening, malaria control, and air and water quality policies are just a few examples. However, we also address the most challenging health issues affecting our communities today: obesity, cancer, dementia, emerging infectious diseases, mental health, and health disparities. They have been taught by some of the world's most respected professors and given the skills to address these and many other public health issues challenging communities here and around the world. It is within our reach to defeat and prevent many diseases. To do this, however, we must use the latest scientific advances. For example, we need to understand how genes interact with our physical, chemical, microbial, cultural, and social environment to affect health and disease. But these discoveries must also be placed in the ethical, cultural, social, economic and political context to benefit all human beings. Like all of you who are sitting here today reflecting on your future, we are also reflecting on the future of our program and how we can continue to serve our students and communities. Our aspiration is to transform our public health program into a school for population health and disease prevention. As alumni, we hope you will get involved and help us achieve this transformation. Together we can and will make a tremendous impact in our communities, locally, nationally and globally. We are so proud of all of our graduates and know that you, as an alumnus, will make us proud by creating a world of success, hope, and better health for all! Congratulations to all the graduates and their families on behalf of the faculty and staff of the Public Health Program. You are our future and we are sure that you are ready to take on the challenges and opportunities to improve the health of all the members of the diverse communities that inhabit this world. Karen L. Edwards, Ph.D., MPH Interim Chair, Public Health program 32

34June 17, 12:30 p.m. m. ~ Bren Events Center Chancellor Howard Gillman, Ph.D., President Joint Ceremony with Sue & Bill Gross School of Nursing & Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences PROCESSIONAL Ceremony ACADEMIC PROCESSION NATIONAL ANTHEM Masters Graduates Katharina High School Graduate Platform Party Graduates from Miyoshi High School Sue & Bill Gross School of Nursing WELCOME FEATURED SPEAKER INTRODUCTION FEATURED SPEAKER AWARDS CONCLUDING REMARKS Howard Gillman, Ph.D. Chancellor Howard Federoff, M.D., Ph.D. Vice Chancellor, Health Affairs Mahtob Jafari, Pharm.D. Vice President and Professor, Pharmaceutical Sciences Howard Gillman, Ph.D. Chancellor Mahtob Jafari, Pharm.D. Vice President and Professor, Pharmaceutical Sciences RECESSIONAL DIGITS GRADUATION MARSHALS Mace Marshal Jeffrey D. Vu 09, M.S. 14, RM, FNP-BC University Marshal Professor Suzanne Phillips Master's Marshal Professor Miryha Runnerstrom High School Marshal Professor Larry Plon Platform Party Marshal Professor Alison Holman PLATFORM PARTY Howard Gillman, Ph.D. Chancellor Adey Nyamathi, Ph.D. Founding Dean, Sue & Bill Gross Mahtab Jafari School of Nursing, Pharm.D. Vice President and Professor, Pharmaceutical Sciences Karen Edwards Acting President, Public Health Program Frances Leslie, Ph.D. Vice Chancellor for Graduate Education Dean, Graduate Division Michael Dennin, Ph.D. Provost for Teaching and Learning Dean, Department of Undergraduate Education Thomas A. Parham, Ph.D. Vice Chancellor, Student Affairs Ronald Cortez, Ph.D. Vice Chancellor, Administrative and Corporate Services Howard Federoff, M.D., Ph.D. Vice Chancellor, Health Affairs 33

35School of Social Ecology Welcome to the 2017 School of Social Ecology Opening Ceremony! We are proud of the students graduating today and excited to have so many others join us on this special day of celebration. We would like to give a special thanks to the parents and other lovely people who have supported our students over the years to make this day a reality. Today we recognize the achievements of our students earning bachelor's and master's degrees from the UCI School of Social Ecology, a leader in interdisciplinary research, team science, and community-integrated science that promotes science-based solutions to social and environmental problems. critics. Faculty and students share a commitment to understanding human behavior in broader social and institutional contexts, to go beyond traditional boundaries and reach a broader audience. Although our research spans many disciplines, it is grouped into three main centers: healthy people and places, crime prevention and social justice, and technology and human potential. These centers cover various challenges facing our faculty and students, from global poverty to overcrowded prisons, from gang violence to healthy child development, from health risks to community empowerment. Our core commitment to solutions that advance science is matched by an equally important commitment to civic engagement. Our unique undergraduate fieldwork program connects the classroom and the community, providing students with unique opportunities to address pressing issues facing businesses and community organizations on a local and global scale. These real-world experiences prepare our students with critical skills that will serve them and our communities well into the future. Soon, the class of 2017 will join nearly 25,000 Social Ecology alumni who work in fields as diverse as health care, finance, social services, planning, education, law, and public policy. Our alumni enrich the local, regional and global communities in which they live. I look forward to hearing about the future endeavors of our new graduates. Sincerely, Nancy Guerra, Ph.D. Dean of the Faculty of Social Ecology 34

36June 16 ~ Bren Events Center Chancellor and Executive Vice Chancellor Enrique J. Lavernia, Ph.D., Presides over the Ceremony 1 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. m. ACADEMIC PROCESSION NATIONAL ANTHEM WELCOME FEATURED PRESENTER INTRODUCTION DESIGNATED PRESENTER TITLE CEREMONY CLOSING SPEECH PROCESSIONAL Master's Candidates High School Candidates Party Platform Emmanuel Hernandez Undergraduate Student School of Social Ecology Enrique J. Lavernia, Ph.D. Chancellor and Executive Vice Chancellor Nancy Guerra, Ed.D. Dean, School of Social Ecology Jermaine Griggs Founder, Listening and Playing Music Enrique J. Lavernia, Ph.D. Chancellor and Executive Vice Chancellor Nancy Guerra, Ed.D. Dean of the School of Social Ecology RECESSIONAL Ceremony 2 12 p.m. ACADEMIC PROCESSION NATIONAL ANTHEM WELCOME OUTSTANDING PRESENTER INTRODUCTION OUTSTANDING PRESENTER FINAL AWARDS CLOSING REMARKS PROCESSIONAL High School Candidates Platform Fiesta Karina Blanca Martin Undergraduate Student Faculty of Social Sciences Enrique J. Lavernia, Ph.D. Chancellor and Executive Vice Chancellor Nancy Guerra, Ed.D. Dean, School of Social Ecology Jermaine Griggs Founder, Listening and Playing Music Enrique J. Lavernia, Ph.D. Chancellor and Executive Vice Chancellor Nancy Guerra, Ed.D. Dean, School of Social Ecology Dignitaries in RECESSION HOME MARSHALS Mace Marshal Greg Mickelson 84 University Marshal Professor Richard Matthew Masters Marshal Professor Scott Bollens Baccalaureate Marshal Professor Zoe Klemfuss Platform Party Marshal Professor Cheryl Maxson PLATFORM PARTY Enrique J. Lavernia, Ph.D. Chancellor and Executive Vice Chancellor Nancy Guerra, Ed.D. Dean, School of Social Ecology Susan Bibler Coutin, Ph.D. Associate Dean of the Graduate Department Michael Dennin, Ph.D. Vice Chancellor for Teaching and Learning Dean, Division of Undergraduate Education Honoraries HOME MARSHALS Mace Marshal Anthony Louis Petros 82, 83 University Marshal Professor Richard Matthew Baccalaureate Marshal Professor Elliott Currie Platform Party Marshal Professor Wendy Goldberg PLATFORM PARTY Enrique J. Lavernia, Ph.D. Chancellor and Executive Vice Chancellor Nancy Guerra, Ed.D. Dean, School of Social Ecology Michael Dennin, Ph.D. Provost for Teaching and Learning Dean, Department of Undergraduate Education Thomas A. Parham, Ph.D. Vice Chancellor, Student Affairs Jermaine Griggs Founder, Listening & Playing Thomas A. Parham, Ph.D. Vice Chancellor, Student Affairs Ronald Cortez, Ph.D. Vice Chancellor, Administrative and Corporate Services Jermaine Griggs Founder, listening and playing music 35

37Faculty of Social Sciences A little more than 50 years ago, the founders of the Faculty of Social Sciences of the UCI deserted. They broke with convention to forge links with scholars whose varied approaches, from quantitative to qualitative, formal to interpretive, would address fundamental research questions and pressing social problems. To steal a term from former GE CEO Jack Welch, they went to extremes, casting aside caution, tearing down borders and bureaucracies to effect change directly. More than half a century later, the school continues to put this approach into practice, breaking down traditional barriers to achieving change in society, the economy, and human well-being. You, our student body, represent the realization of that solitary spirit. As a student at the largest school on campus, you have been to conflict-affected areas in the Middle East with the Olive Tree Initiative and have taught global awareness in Orange County high schools. They've been inside our innovative behavioral economics labs, testing new ways to reduce traffic congestion, create better online marketplaces, and prevent the spread of disease. They have mapped the structure of the human brain in our Brain, Behavioral and Cognitive Robotics labs to understand how language works to restore it in stroke victims and have built interactive robots aimed at increasing social engagement in children with ADHD and improving autism. He has done field research and studied abroad, in India, Africa, China, yes, all over the world, dealing with fundamental issues of peace, politics, population, migration, and cross-cultural communication. And I can't tell you how excited we are to know that you're just getting started. As a member of UC Irvine's largest graduating class of 2017, you'll join an elite network of more than 47,500 social science alumni who have taken their world-class education from our Irvine classrooms to D.C. courtrooms. and have taken international relations work to capitals around the world. They have made a difference through business efforts in places from Northgate to North Africa, in courts across the country, in boardrooms at some of the world's leading companies, and in classrooms around the world where they educate our next generation of leaders As we leave campus today, I challenge each of you to join them in seeking a future that makes the world a better place than you found it. Be bold, always break the mold, and be limitless in your pursuit. Congratulations on all your wonderful accomplishments, Bill Maurer, Ph.D. Dean of the Faculty of Social Sciences 36

38June 16 ~ Bren Events Center Chancellor and Executive Vice Chancellor Enrique J. Lavernia, Ph.D., presides over the ceremony 1 3:00 p.m. ACADEMIC PROCESSION NATIONAL ANTHEM WELCOME STUDENTS SPEAKER INTRODUCTION STUDENTS SPEAKER GRADUATION CEREMONY CLOSING REMARKS PROCESSIONAL Master's Candidates Baccalaureate Candidates Party Platform Chance Robles Undergraduate Claire Trevor School of the Arts Enrique J. Lavernia, Ph.D. Chancellor and Executive Vice Chancellor William Maurer, Ph.D. Dean Faculty of Social Sciences Yareli Castro Sevilla Candidate for Baccalaureate Faculty of Social Sciences Enrique J. Lavernia, Ph.D. Chancellor and Executive Vice Chancellor William Maurer, Ph.D. Dean of the Faculty of Social Sciences RECESSIONAL DIGNITARIES SEAFOOD BEGINNING Mace Mariscal Catherine Griffin 86 Marshal University Professor Linda Cohen Marshal Masters Professor Susan K. Brown Marshal High School Professor Antonio Rodríguez-López Marshal Platform Party Professor Belinda Robnett-Olson PLATFORM PARTY Enrique J. Lavernia, Ph.D. The Chancellor and Executive Vice Chancellor William Maurer, Ph.D. Dean, School of Social Sciences Susan Bibler Coutin, Ph.D. Associate Dean of the Graduate Department Judith Stepan-Norris, Ph.D. Chancellor of Academic Planning Michael Dennin, Ph.D. Chancellor of Teaching and Learning, Dean, Department of Undergraduate Education Ceremony 2 6 p.m. ACADEMIC PROCESSION NATIONAL ANTHEM WELCOME STUDIO SPEAKER INTRODUCTION STUDENT SPEAKER GRADUATION AWARDS CLOSING REMARKS PROCESSIONAL Platform of High School Graduates Fiesta Julia Kim Undergraduate Student Faculty of Social Sciences Enrique J. Lavernia, Ph .D. Chancellor and Executive Vice Chancellor William Maurer, Ph.D. Dean, Faculty of Social Sciences Andrew Hallak Candidate for Baccalaureate School of Social Sciences Enrique J. Lavernia, Ph.D. Chancellor and Executive Vice Chancellor William Maurer, Ph.D. Dean, Faculty of Social Sciences RECESSIONAL DIGITS HEAD CURATORS Mace Marshal Cassandra Miller 03 University Marshal Professor Nina Bandelj High School Marshal Professor Brian Jenkins Platform Party Marshal Professor Charles (Ted) Wright PLATFORM PARTY Enrique J. Lavernia , Ph.D. Chancellor and Executive Vice Chancellor William Maurer, Ph.D. Dean, College of Social Sciences Michael Dennin, Ph.D. Provost for Teaching and Learning Dean, Department of Undergraduate Education Thomas A. Parham, Ph.D. Vice Chancellor, Student Affairs Andrew Hallak Baccalaureate Candidate, Thomas A. Parham College of Social Sciences, Ph.D. Vice Chancellor, Student Affairs Ronald Cortez, Ph.D. Vice Chancellor for Administrative and Corporate Services Yareli Castro Sevilla Candidate for Baccalaureate, Faculty of Social Sciences 37

39The inauguration ceremonies of the Graduate Division in June at the UCI are the culmination of years of hard work. It is my pleasure to congratulate those of you graduating during the year, as well as those celebrating with you. Getting Started is an opportunity to publicly acknowledge your transition from today's learners to tomorrow's pioneers. I hope you will use the critical thinking skills and knowledge you have gained while studying at UCI to contribute to our global community and help solve pressing problems. Remember now more than ever that you are the leaders of the 21st century when the challenges and opportunities are global. We appreciate the roles you will play and the contributions you will make in the days and years ahead. You are now part of a proud family of UCI graduates and I hope you will keep us informed of your achievements. Getting started is just one step on your journey of discovery. We look forward to seeing where your future endeavors take you, and to hear the impact you will have on the world around you. Frances Leslie, Ph.D. Vice Chancellor for Graduate Education Dean, Graduate Division 38

40June 17, 4:30 p.m. m. ~ Bren Events Center Chancellor Howard Gillman, Ph.D., will preside over the Ceremony ACADEMIC PROCESSION PROCESSION NATIONAL ANTHEM WELCOME STUDENTS SPEAKER INTRODUCTION STUDENTS SPEAKER CEREMONY PRESENTATION GRAD CEREMONY PRESENTATION GRADUATE CANDIDATES PRESENTATION CLOSING REMARKS Graduate Candidates Platform Party School Student Brianna Trenell Undergraduate of Arts Howard Gillman, Ph.D. Chancellor Frances Leslie, Ph.D. Vice Chancellor for Graduate Education Dean, Graduate Division Sumner Lee Norman PhD student Henry Samueli School of Engineering Howard Gillman, Ph.D. Chancellor Frances Leslie, Ph.D. Vice Chancellor for Graduate Education Dean, Graduate Division Howard Gillman, Ph.D. Chancellor RECESSIONAL DIGITS GRADING MARSHALS Mace Marshal Feliza I. Ortiz-Licon, Ed.D. 09 Mariscal Professor Susan Charles University PARTY ON THE PLATFORM Howard Gillman, Ph.D. Chancellor Frances Leslie, Ph.D. Vice Chancellor for Graduate Education Dean, Graduate Division Douglas M. Haynes, Ph.D. Vice Chancellor for Academic Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Judith Stepan-Norris, Ph.D. Vice Chancellor for Academic Planning Diane O Dowd, Ph.D. Vice Chancellor, Academic Staff Michael Dennin, Ph.D. Provost for Teaching and Learning Dean, Department of Undergraduate Education Thomas A. Parham, Ph.D. Vice Chancellor, Student Affairs Howard Federoff, M.D., Ph.D. Vice Chancellor, Health Affairs Pramod Khagonekar, Ph.D. Vice Chancellor, Research Stephen Barker, Ph.D. Dean, Claire Trevor School of the Arts Frank M. LaFerla, Ph.D. Hana and Francisco J. Ayala Dean Francisco J. Ayala College of Biological Sciences Richard Arum, Ph.D. Dean, Gregory Washington School of Education, Ph.D. Stacey Nicholas Dean of Engineering Henry Samueli School of Engineering Georges Van Den Abbeele, Ph.D. Dean of the Department of Humanities Marios C. Papaefthymiou Ted and Janice Smith Family Foundation Dean of the Donald Bren School of Information and Computer Science Kenneth C. Janda, Ph.D. Dean, College of Physical Sciences Nancy Guerra, Ph.D. Dean, School of Social Ecology William Maurer, Ph.D. Dean of the School of Social Sciences Sumner Lee Norman PhD student The Henry Samueli School of Engineering 39

41Kandidaten für fortgeschrittene Studiengänge Doktor der Medizin Michael Abrouk Emnet Alemu Miguel Alvarez-Estrada Jessa Marie Baker Maria M. Barsky Timothy Will Christopher Bass Maricela Tonie Beltran Risha Rajesh Bera Kate Eileen Bowman Merrick Adam Brodsky Frances Hart Broghammer Cody Alan Bryant Robert Earl Burky III Narciso De Jesús Cáceres Connie Cajavilca-Torres Diahnn Futalan Campbell Tiffany Cho Ashton Christian Victor M. Cisneros John Walter Combs Michael James Connor Ayeh Darvishzadeh Shaun Lew Disney Alex James Doermann Anna Bailey Egan Pamela Victoria Mortero Estrada Maja Feldman Sharareh Firouzbakht Kelly Nicole Fitzgerald Fady Emad Gabra Goutham Ganesan Giancarlo Amado García Jonathan Franco García Sasha Safa Getty Jesse Gómez Cynthia Araceli González Eric Jason Gray Ryan Merchant Gupta Paula Maritza Gutierrez Cano Brandon Albert Haghverdian Jasmin Harounian Chuyi He Michelle Rabowsky Heare Hänsel Eugene Ihn Krystal Alicia Jimenez Chang Hoon Jung Ismail Hakki Kasimoglu Sh ane Knipping Laure n Elizabeth Kushner Brian William Labadie Jessica Gandy Labadie Yvonne Marie Little Michael Nissan Mahgerefteh Neal Austin Maler Lesly Victoria Martinez Katherine Elise McDaniel Brianna Marie Miner Nathan Dudley Molina Alejandra Melissa Morales Laura May Mourafetis Hannah Muniz Castro Jose Carlos Muniz Castro Vivian My Nguyen Michael Tran Nguyentat Christopher Lee Paiji Mukti Kamlesh Patel Panayiotis Emmanuel Pelargos Sylvia Alejandra Pina Paz Neema Pithia Trevor Anthony Plescia Steven Reed Plimpton Amanda Christine Purdy Lisa Ann Kiyomi Remington Bianca Marcella Rivas Nellie Jamal Said Saema Said Pauline Joy Felix Santos Michael Bijan Sassounian Jonathan Scott Shafer Kevin Christopher Simonson Kyle Clark Smith Anna Sofine Demetrios Stavrakis Katherine Elizabeth Stern Monica Leigh Straatmann Joyce Angeline Sutedja Ngoc-Anh Thi Tran Cristina Marie Vargas Jessica L. Vaughan Olga Gabriela Ventura Simone Lucia Vernez Nancy Tien Vo Michelle Katherine Wong Jennifer Chinn W u Wei Der Wu Jiwon Helen Wyman Vivian Yang Yuanting Zha Diana J. Zhu Joseph Ehab Zikry Doktor der Philosophie ANTHROPOLOGIE Emily Brooks Colin William Cahill Joshua Clark Marc B. Dacosta Georgia Hartman Kimberley Danielle McKinson Justin Dieter Andres Perez Sana Sadiq Leah Brooke Zani BIOLOGISCHE WISSENSCHAFTEN Michael Abdelsayed Edsel Abud Ricardo Albay James Guy Baldwin-Brown Alex Chao Rachel Cinco LuAnna Lee Dobson Megan Katherine Gallagher Joshua Lawrence Gervin Shaun Michael Hug Adam Idica Krysten Ann Jones Alyssa Giselle Kent James Nicholas Kezos Jong-Hoon Lee Caitlin Irene Looby Kyle Joseph McCulloch Luz Marina Meneghini Jacob Milligan Allison Najafi Arjun Nair Julia Overman Julio Polanco Manuel Ramirez Zachariah Reagh Johannes Georg Rebelein Adriana L. Romero-Olivares Kathleen Sanders Mariella Theresa Simon Joshua Smith Kati Tormanen Ellen Wann BIOMEDIZINTECHNIK Jaedu Cho Yue Dong Nancy Drew Michael Thomas Ghijsen Jue Hou Eugene Lee Elena Iris Liang Justin C. Luo Colin Mateo Mccrimmon Ricardo Medina Jennifer Nguyen Ted Dong-Anh Pham Xiaolong Qiu Richard Alan Que Maha Karim Rahim Jerod Michael Rasmussen Shreyas Raj Ravindranath Caitlin Regan Seyed Omid Rohani Jessica Wing-Len Ruiz Elaheh Shekaramiz Timothy Douglas Smith Agnieszka Anna Szymanska Derek Hunter Vallejo Mingqiu Wang Li Xiao BIOMEDIC SCIENCE Selma Alkafeef Stacey L. Borrego Anh Bui George Tsun-Te Chen Conor Dean Cox Dylan Paul Flather Eric Mitchell Gold Erin Ann Gutilla Michael Hernandez Morgan Leigh Ingemanson Carley Ann Karsten Jinqiang Liu Derrick James Reynolds Rolando Ruiz-Vega Galina Schmunk Yanjun Sun Ohimai Unoje Elyse Noelani Van Spyk Alvaro Villarreal-Ponce Clinton Yu CHEMISCHE UND BIOCHEMISCHE INGENIEURTECHNIK Morvarid Azizian Mary Nora Dickson Ruben Fernandez Moya Andy Steven Jackson Sun Jun Park Margaret Tse CHEMIE Brian Albee Kevin Crampton Kristine Dahl Goalkeeper Crystin Jan Eggers Darius Jason Faizi Michelle Christine Fairhurst Alexander Fast James Fields Elizabeth Foreman Eugenio Gutman Mallory hinks Jason Jones Mikhail Konev Nathanael Lau Samuel Mann Dieses Programm ist keine officielle Absolventenliste.

42Advanced Degree Candidates 41 Gerald Manuel David Michael Montelongo Nathan John Oldenhuis Kyle Evan Rosenkoetter Keun Ah Ryu Prasoon Saurabh Nicholas Truex Yilin Wang Alexander White Cory Windorff CONSTRUCTION TECHNOLOGY CLASSICS Christopher Ross Edmonston Aleah Hernandez Teresa Christine Yates COMPARATIVE LITERATURE Marie Alexander Jabbari Monica Chairman Sarah Rebecca Kessler Christopher Malcolm Ghada Mourad COMPUTER SCIENCE Sky Faber Lu Fang Zana Ghadari Golnaz Ghiasi Scott Godfrey Jianfeng Yi Li William Jurngyu Park Wei Ping Pouria President Peter Sadowski Mehdi Sadri James Steven Supancic III , LAW AND SOCIETY Adam Dunbar Julie Gerlinger Natalie A. Pifer Pao-Yang Shen Nicole Sherman Jame s Clement Wo DRAMA AND THEATER Sonia Mitesh Desai EARTH SYSTEM SCIENCE Lu An Cilan Cai Hongju Yu Chia-Wei Hsu EAST ASIAN LANGUAGES AND LITERATURE Eun Ah Cho Matthew Chudnow Jessica Ann Conte Yu n-Chu Tsai ECONOMICS Brian James Asquith Ayushi Bajaj Arghya Bhattacharya Ian Burn Debapriya EDUCATION Nicholas James Graham Christa Renee Greenfader and Young Hwang Ksenia Korobkova Janet Garcia Mercado Lynn Christine Reimer Jennifer Yih-Yun Sun Viet Quac Vu Tyler Wayne Watts Neil Young Sara Christine Young Edwin Yuel-Wai Chiem Tingchou Hung Brett Chien Cemil Can Coskun Quoc-Viet Raul Diaz Garcia Wael Mahmoud Elsharkasy Davoodish G Caner Guclu Byron Hawkins Jennifer And The Best Of Caner Guclu Byron Hawkins Shi Mira Kim Guantao Liu Xiaoyi Liu Alex Tak Chuen Luk Shang ENGINEERING ENGINEERING Daniel Bost Huang Yongjun Huo Kim Xiaowei Li Kersey Sanchez Manliclic Jonathan Dusan Pegan Seyed Amirhossein Saeidi ENGLISH Maria Selene Bose Edmund Matthew Mieskoski Jie Zhuang ENVIRONMENTAL TOXICOLOGY Andrew James El Keebraugh Lilli HISTORY David Dickmeyer Alex Bartholomewney Mark Andreace William Elizabeth Edward O King IV Yidi Wu INFORMATION AND COMPUTER SCIENCE Nicole Crenshaw Michael Martin Gorlick Caitlin Elizabeth Lustig Arthur Valadares Fangen She an s Steinberger Qiguang Wang Ran Zhang MATERIALS SCIENCE AND ENGINEERING Yuki Takahashi Andrew Thomas Karen Wood Jienian Yang Cheng Zhang Shuai Zhang MECHANICS AND AERONAUTICS Joan Aguilar Mayans Mohammed Azizi David Boyd Bober Alessandro Bombelli Kai Ding

4342 UCI Commencement 2017 Advanced Degree Candidates Siavash Ebrahimi Alexandra Efimovskaya Shramana Ghosh Albert Jorda Juanos Alireza Kalantari Marco Maggia Vinicius Maron Sauer Ferran Marti Duran PHILOSOPHY Kyle Gregory Banick Joseph Suk-Hwan Dowd Michael James Duncan Sarah Beth Lawsky Hannah Marie Rubinse PHYSICS Bent Bryant Daniel Carson Kelsey Collier Rajen Dutta Jeremy Eaton Zhumin Han Tiffany Kwong Ketron Mitchell-Wynne Andrew Pace Liuyi Pei John Phillips Chase Shimmin Andrew Smith Phillise Todd Coral Wheeler Arthur Yu Jieyi Zhang PLANNING, POLICY AND DESIGN Wing Ho Cheung Santina Len Contreras Water Kim Juliana Miranda Zanotto POLITICAL SCIENCE Hannah Marie Alarian Trevor Jacob Allen Katelyn Maureen Finley Jennifer Jean Jones Sahar Khan Misty Lynn Knight-Finley Joshua Malnight Eric Mosinger Katja Newman Kelsey Pearce Norman Graham Odell Carrie Reiling Ryan Thomas Sauchelli Tiffany Williams PSYCHOLOGY Gregory Ethan Alexander Michael Warren Bellato Sierra Noel Broussard Alexis Craig Mark Stephen Dennison Matthew Inverso Michael Dawson Nunez Christian Herrera Ortiz John Payne Emily Lauren Rounds Amy Nicole Winter Andrew Zachary Wisti April Thomas Brandilynn Villarreal PUBLIC HEALTH Jaime Allgood Mariam Girguis SOCIOLOGY Sarah Christine Bach Megan Ringel Cortney Simmons SOCIAL SCIENCES Lisa Guo SOCIOLOGY Lisa Guo Bonnie Ha Khan h Bui Sean Jackson Drake R alph Ittonen Hosoki Sheefteh Khalili Jessica Michelle Kizer Yader Ruben Lanuza -Tong Wang SOFTWARE ENGINEERING ENGLISH David Contreras Lauren Shigeko Gaskill STATISTICS Sepehr Akhavan Maouleh Yuxiao Wang TRANSPORTATION SCIENCE Wan-Tzu Lo Kaoru Todd Matsubara VISUAL STUDIES Corella Difede Graham Eng-Wilmot Racquel Maria Gonzales Meredith Robbin Goldschmied Ryan Michael Gurne y Jason Hubert Deanna June Kashani GESELLSCHAFT Shiva Amirkhalili Mark Kevin Anderson Jae C. Beasley Marnie Elizabeth Blake Erika Buzas Diana Cruz Iliana Cruz Cortney Malyn Dalton Jessica Jean Ivener James Hui Kwon Samuel Ryan Landeros Parker Taylor Langdon Frederick Ying Fu Lee Mark Edmund Rakitis Elizabeth Ramos Nicholas Stephen Riano Fabiola Jaclyn Elise Sawyer Kira Anne Rossetto Skomer Noelle Christine Smiley Amanda Jo Stoey Paul Stromberg Sarah Mary Catherine Santillan Zvard Ter-Petrosyan Margoth Gabriela Turcios Edward Umada George Velazquez Justin Taylor Current Marcia Joan Waitt Master of arts ANTHROPOLOGY Joseph Lyle Barnett Evan Paul Conaway Danica Jade Loucks Aileen Kaitlyn McGrory Colin McLaughlin-Alcock Megan Danielle Neal Jason Charles Palmero

(Video) How to find and download research papers? Best free websites (tutorial) Google scholar | Sci-hub etc

44Advanced Degree Candidates 43 ECONOMICS Neil Marie Bennett Arghya Bhattacharya Stefan Covic Cristina Maria De Haro Alonso Dillon McNeill Flannery-Valadez Tanner Wayne Fordham Daniel Joshua Ganz Amir Goren Sanjana Goswami Francisco Elias Ilabaca Kyle Weylin Kettler Lucie Lebeau Maximillian Barker Littlejohn Marco Antonio Martinez Del Angel Kendrick Thomas Moral Luis Felipe Munguia Corella Zachary Kenton Schaller Keegan Skeate Kyle Daniel Sneeden Negar Tavasoli Hozouri Chester Yao Maysen Yen Andranik Andy Zanazanian EDUCATION Bianca Cung Gabriel Star Connie Yun Kang Hansol Lee Ryan Lewis Melissa Powell Callaghan Rachel Stumpf ENGLISH Shazia Jasmine Aziz Michael Jamison Coyle Katie Ann Cunningham Ambreea Chanelle Figueroa Lindsay Graham Trevor James Hershberg Angélica López Juliette Marie Ribeiro Yvonne Lynn Schmeltz Laura Elizabeth Simington Courtney Vaudreuil HISTORY Leonard Cruz Butingan PHILOSOPHY Benjamin Charles Conover Samuel Henry Eklund Greg John Lauro Jeffrey Robert Schat z C POLITICAL SCIENCE Maneesh Arora Brian Denny John Robert Emery Dirk Michael Horn Francisco Jasso Hannah June Kim Stacey Michelle Liou PSYCHOLOGY Stephen Timothy Bennett Kier Rainer Groulx Jordan Ali Rashad Kyle James Savinelli SOCIAL ECOLOGY Sarah Christine Bach SOCIAL SCIENCE Jason V. Arceneaux Vanessa Chavez Kai Feng Harwood Robert Garland II Jonathan A. Gernes Megan Ann Gramlich Kelly Im Brian M. Kaiser Shuya Lu Joshua Malnight Jessica Leann Middleton Ángel Rodríguez Sarita Dalya Rosenstock Michael Philip Saeta Rogelio Salgado Steven Riichiro Scott Kaitlyn Rose Sherman Audi Sinaga Lizeth G. Tamayo Jiaqi Tang Maya Nichole Tyler Cheng -Tong Wang Dominic Jung Hoon Whang Sydney K. Winder SOCIOLOGY Lauren Anderson Crystal Caldera Tania E. DoCarmo Christopher Wayne Gibson Vanessa M. Kauffman Julie Sunim Kim Jolene Anne McCall Daniel Benjamin Michael Jason Müller Janet Muniz Stephanie Anna Alexandra Pulles Kelly Ward Brian Thomas Wiley Master's in Arts in PRIMARY Teaching and SE EDUCATION ÓN CONDARIA Jennifer Aguilera Munira Rashid Amla Brooke Ashley Andersen Chelsea Grace Ansari Avery Patrice Arman Amaya Joanna Graciela Baires Korbin Skyler Bandy Kaitlyn Elizabeth Basham Alison Kathleen Belzer Jessica Kayomi Berlinerin Gina Bock Hannah Lyn Cernicky Theresa Chaverot-Campos Julianna Chavez Elise Dalle Chin Esther Cho Madeline Kae Cho Liana Sun Chung Se Hyun Chung Katherine Lynn Clark Joshua David Copple Rebeka Coyle Marisa Cruz Kathy Dao Lara Kathleen Davis Sarah Dean Kristin Marie Demarco Clare Alana Devlin Stephanie Doo Bethany Angela Ellis Michelle Christine Engler Rachel Nicole Evans Juan Francisco Figueroa Caroline Elizabeth Fleet Gregory Derrick Fleming Michael Christopher Frew Sharon Fronk Alexis Emi Fujimoto Tiffany Nichole Garbiso Mallory Ginoza Amber Patricia Goff Brenda Aide Gomez Megan Elizabeth-Beatrice Grint Kevin Matthews Groh Ashley Lynn Gunton Diana Gutierrez Maria Elena Gutierrez Katiana Maia Harvey Deana Truc Ho Amanda Hohman Dustin Tyler Holtz Kelly H ua Aly ssa Huh Michelle Lee Hulley Ramón Antonio Martínez Jacinto Pablo Jiménez Kaycee Johnsen Sunny Yoosun Jung Kourtney Rae Karpinski Hilda Kasravi Samantha Jean Key Priscilla Kim Kimberly Anne Kocol Garrett Joseph Kuwahara Stacia Paige Labounty Shanelle Alma Lasta Christin Le Berenize Leal Esther Yejin Lee Hanah Lee Jae Uk Lee Kristen Lee Lianne Linck Otto Guillermo Lopez Katherine Anne Ludwick Joyce Lui Adriana Mancilla Mitchell Mandell Jacqueline Nicole Matthews Keeley Anna Mccormack Kelsie Lynn Mccready Kristie Lynn Mckenzie Elizabeth Rose Mclennan Arielle Zenet Mease Joel Lucas Medina Abimael Mendoza Osornio Giovanna Miranda Negin Nangialai Hani Christopher Nguyen Nguyen Stephanie Kim Nguyen Dane Jacob O Barr Laura Oh Lena Oh Katherine Marie Oliver Rachel Gloria Ong Zane Wallace Pang Lily Panish Timothy Pardo Bu Jin Selena Park Haejin Park Priya Patel Kiruthika Paulvannan Priscilla Peraza Ryan Charles Perez Emily Christine Peterson Tulou Sunny Pirouzian Tricia Chinna ra Pry er Nancy Quan Amanda Leigh Quinonez Haelin Ra Kristen Michelle Rederscheid Antonio Reyes Eddy Reyes Katherine Elizabeth Reza Stephanie Alice Reza Estefani Rios Kimberly Nicole Roberts Cassidy Anne Robinson Erika Rojas James Kenneth Roth

4544 UCI Start 2017 Advanced Degree Candidate Cristina Rubalcava Jessica Lynn Russo Bianca Safai Emily Salveson Alejandra Jazmin Sanchez Sinan Saul Alisha Schloesser David Vincent Schrenzel Courtney Louise Sharar Shay Ruiz Sharp Nicolas Smith Daniela Solis Jessica Ruth Souza Jennifer Lynn Stein Joshua Stump Akari Nina Sunaga Sulaiporn Jene Amanda Serrano Tannenbaum Brogan Elisabeth Terry Jenny Phuong Khanh Tran Thai Tran Tien Thi Tran Tom Dinh Tran Rachel Frances Trask Saman Sam Vahdat Vanessa Dominique Valdes Camp Lelaina Koalani Van Allison Chontelle Vargas Benedict Vu Ashley Faith Wei Kylie Michelle Welch Alyse Nicole Wiebe-Bailey Sarah Michelle Wong Jeffrey Xa Amy Yang Eduard Yegiazaryan Eric En-Yu Young Khadija Marie Young Robin Meral Young Devon Alexandria Zangger Daphne Zhou Karen Zhou MBA Elham Abbasi Wesley Charles Adams Nadia Ahmadi Alexandra Alcon Jennifer Calderon Aldor Omar Ali Jon Paul Allen Christopher Allen Ambrosini Mohit Anand Christian Alexander Andrade Elias Miguel Angulo Brandy Darlene Arthur Maxim Pavel Babooie Alessandro Pietro Bassi Stephanie Rae Benson Bina Bhaskar Ishan Bhatt Stephen Michael Boyd Andrew Briggs Sinuhe Y. Brito-Aguirre Janelle Lorayne Morena Claire M. Buetow Jeffrey Trung Bui Jared Burk Joshua David Burke Narciso De Jesús Cáceres Cole Michael Cameron Chery Carrico David Castaneda-Gorostidi Carolyn E. Castillo Shiming Chai Allan Lane Chan Matthew Jonathan Chang Vaughn Chase Kapil Chaudhry Wissam Houssam Chehayeb George Chen Sunny Lee Chen Bernice Cheng Jerry Jeng-Ning Cheng Kai-Chien Cheng Rosalie Pei- Wen Chi Jennifer Joanne Chin Tiffany Cho Yongsung Cho Sung Min Choi Won Jun Choi Shankhamala Choudhury Ashton Christian Jason Civalleri Stephanie Cline Jenny Comstock Clarissa Moore Coultas Kirsti Mary Damato Sarkis Daglian Christine Isabelle Dardant Helia Daryabeigy Brianne Nicole Davis Joy Lynn Davis Ronnie Keith D'Cruz Aarsh Ashish Desai Harsha Devjani Jacob James Dicioccio Man i Di lmaghanian Doris Kim Minh Do Jason Duy Do Michael Anh Tuan Do Jenna Lynn Dover James Wallace Doxey Andrea Duarte Karthik Dundigalla Daniel Earl Emmons Darren Shinichiro Endo Vivian Eng Jerod Jedediah Farkas Joanna Leighton Faulkner Felicia Andrea Martinez Fierro Tina Fei Jeffery Fong Casey Foster Gavin Tyson Foster Jeffrey Frye Jonathan Furuyama Brian Richard Gallagher Alejandro Garcia Anna George Julian Gustavo Giacobbe Trevor Gomes Cynthia Araceli Gonzalez Andrew Grimm Kunal Grover Vaibhav Grover Vijay Gowrishankar Lauren Caldwell Shetterly Gulley Carlos Arturo Guerra James Ryan Shelton Hall Clayton James Haynes Melanie Elizabeth Henderson Christina Marie Hernandez Michael Gerald Herring Joshua Tyler Hillman Valerie Hoff Rachel A. Hogue James Edward Hoppe May Amer Hout Robby Indarto Sassan Vincent Jafari John Jauregui Christian Kelley Johnson Jeffrey Johnson Clinton Zenichi Kakazu Myung-Kyu Kang Reena C. Kar Gilles Dagmar Kersten Utpal Khambholja John Khamis Choon Soo Kim Grace G Kim Jeff Kolberg Leonid Krasnov William Smith Krieger Vikram Kshemkalyani Cindy Wei-Shin Kuo Sally Lam Justin Charles Latino Derrick Jihou Lee Jay Lee Jose Angel Lee Yes Ji Lee Yung Woon Lee Steven Haoquan Liang Paul J. Lillis Chieh-Hsuan Lin Peter Yuan Lin Srinivas Lingineni Quan Liu Wei-Jiun Liu Yik Mun Loo Abraham Arlando Luera Tammy Luu Garrett Robert Lynch Patrick C. Ma David A. Maiman Ankur Maiti Shashank Ganesh Mallya Akhila Venkata Marella Irina Marinescu Lesly Victoria Martinez Mernaz Masoumi Vicky M. Medina Effie Nitsa Mellos Edmund Goodhue Montanari Arturo Enrique Montoya Vanessa Mora Adrienne Simone Mueller Karthik Seshasai Mukkamala Jose Carlos Muniz Castro Nobar Mohammad Najafi Abenav Natarajan Muhammad Zubair Nawaz Noor Al Shifa Nazumudeen Hang Thanh Ngo Van Tran Khanh Ngo Vivian My Nguyen Paul Fraser Nichols Akihiko Niwa Tsuyoshi Nojima Katie Nicole Nyberg Seung Michael Oh Jessie C. Olitoquit Benjamin J. Palmer Kiwan Park Pooja Parikh Patel Shilen Patel Brianne Pena N ic k Peng Duy Pham Ryan Christopher Platt Serene S. Prouty Rosemary Allyson Puhr Nga Thuy Quan David Michael Quijano Jan Axel Radermacher Venugopal Raghavendra Ghatikar Pooja Dilipkumar Raja Priyamvadha Ramarathnam Jeff Dale Reffett-Forness Aaron A. Reyes Jodi Reynosa Roberto Carlos Reza Bianca Marcella Rivas Youngyoon Ro Brunno Rocha de Toledo

46Kandidaten für fortgeschrittene Abschlüsse 45 Brian C. Rogeness John Paul Rule Richard M. Rule Soonho Ryu Kunal Sachdeva Shorouq Sahawneh Sudip Sahoo Rahul Sajnani Brian James Sandore Mahadevan Subramanian Sankara John Spencer Saraka Nathan Semper Jonghyuck Seo Mher Mike Seropian Jonathan Scott Shafer Nathan J. Shapiro Laily Sharifzadeh Gaurav Sharma Shannon Shetty Marina Shinkai Rajasree Shyam Maliha Atiq Siddiqui Pulkit Sindhwani Chamandeep Singh Kurt H. Smetana Kyle Clark Smith Livia Elena Patrocinador Richard John Robert Sprague Adrienne St. Cyr William Stuart Story Jr. Kevin Lee Stout Daniel Sun Ramalakshmi Sundaram Shalom Maria Sunny Pravin Shantilal Surana Christine Ta Ahmed Najeh Tanvir Dominic Philip Tornambe Kenny Tran Prabhat K. Tripathi Johnson Tso Allan Borlyan Tsou Antonio Valadez Rajagopalan Venkataramani Edward Alfredo Vidal Israel Villanueva Jr. Jamie Viramontes Do Vu Aiden Shane Wallace Andrew Yiu-Chung Wan Yizhuo Wang Bradley J. West Judy Jarnigan White Andrew M. Williams Ebony Winston Scott Robert Winter Siegfried Wolff Jennifer L. Wood Qiong Wu Ashish Yadav Elaine Yang Xu Yang Yuichi Yokoi Ji Hun Yoo Chenqi Yu Jason Zarraga Edward A. Zepfel Mengzi Zhang Yingjia Zhang Minyue Zhao Weizheng Zhao Scott Harris Zoltan Maestría en Bellas Artes KUNST Virginia Teresa Arce Anna Maria Caterina Csepanyi Kelly Suzanne Donahey Jason Russell Gowans Ian Meares Maura Murnane Reinhart Revilla Selvik Christina Tsui TANZ Leslie Bitong Francesca Lee Nathan Daniel Olivas Dante Puleio Savannah Reach Vivian Reach Joshua David Romero Alexandra Jane Thomsen McClaine Christian Timmerman Koryn Ann Wicks DRAMA Andrea Elizabeth Allmond Samuel Louis Arnold Christopher Lloyd Amandla Bearden Amy Elizabeth Bolton Nathaniel Chase Wesley Charles Chew Paul Joseph Cook Kelsey Rene Jenison Ebony Chante Madry Nicholas Dominick Manfredi Alexander Carlton Meyer Da niell e Rae Nieves Alex Catherine Raby Leah Michelle Ramillano Benjamin Perry Scheff Liv Irene Scott Madison Mckenzie Scott Jessica Lee Vankempen Thomas Steven Varga ENGLISCH Hilary Holland Clark Shane Crosby George Clifton Cunningham William Tyler Hawkins Stefan Karlsson Jill Kimiko Kato Bryce Steven Lillmars Kathleen MacKay Nicholas Reiner Rebecca Claire Schultz Lilliana Janette Tannous MUSIK John Gilmour Danyel Nehemiah Abrams Maestría en Contabilidad Profesional Roy Joseph A. Bagon Alexis Nichelle Baxter Yuanchen Bo Trevor Boswell Christian Alonso Cardenas Chaoliang Chen Connie Chen Yimei Chen Zheshi Chen Ting-Che Cheng Jeffrey Chiang Kunwoo Cho Moon Nam Cho Yilin Chu Yan Cui Eric Dembinski Jiaxun Deng Ruhan Dong Bihe Du Jennifer Fan Jiayun Fang Marisol Felix Avery L. Franzose Yutaka Fujimoto Xinxin Geng Xiangwei Gong Aichen Guo Luke Hatch Summer Hill Thanh Huu Hoang Allison Shen Hong Eileen Hsu Jiajia Huang Reunión con Huang Xuxin Huo Ahmed Jeewa Ziyin Ji Savanne Alani König Danie l Miró Kubo v Meg an Le Li Li Ruihan Li Xiaohan Li Pearl Carol Lien Yee Vui Lim Shixian Liu Xiaotong Liu Yi Liu Shutian Luo Kun Ma Limeng Ma Michael Lee Mowrey Tung Huy Nguyen Seyoung Park Libing Peng Matthew Ezio Petrella Kristina Pucko Lu Qi Wenwen Qian Daniel J. Razzano Sanah Saleem Chenlu Shao Tongying Shen Janice S. Song Jasper Se Ram Suh Danni Tan Zudi Tan Zuohong Tang Yue Teng Ruijun Tian Xinshan Tian Kevin Tsai Susan Charlene Tseng Simon Vakili Elnaz Vossoughian Luyue Wang Ran Wang Tianying Wang Yi-Min Wang Zhuo Wang Yonghan Wei Alyssa D Williams Huiling Wu Manhan Wu Yuqian Wu Tianyu Xia Qichen Xie Kathleen Huimin Xu Zhechen Xu Emily May Yin Yang Wenli Yang Yue Yao Yu Yin Candice Y. Yip Yongna Zhai Chuhan Zhang Duyue Zhang Jingze Zhang Wanming Zhang Weilin Zhang Xin Ying Esther Zhang Yudie Zhang

4746 ICU Commencement 2017 Advanced Degree Candidates Master of Public Health Kentaro Abe Laura Angelli Jacquelyn Boone Lee Chang Victor Swans Rebecca Cousins ​​Bernadine Dizon Jesse Gomez Jui-Ting Hsiung Amy Kuhn Lesley Lara James Lin Jason Meng Whitney Miller Anuradha Nayudu Fatema Nourzaie Katelyn Ogawa Rommy Renters Janet Rodriguez Yalda Sanaiha Ravi Shrestha Permjeet Singh Jiaying Wang Shane Yu Master of Public Policy Eric Nong Lily Nunez Osagie Risheng Pan Scarlet Pearl Wall Eric Raktiprakorn Science BIOLOGICAL SCIENCES Anne Kevin Hong Phung Paige Elizabeth Radtke Neelima Shrestha Ankita Shukla Kelly Irene Ramin Kevin Rothstein-Kightly Kati Tormanen Marie Yap True Katherine Williams Xinwen Zhang BIOMEDICAL SCIENCE AND TRANSLATION Rania Wadia Abolhosn Paula M. Gutierrez Hansel E. Ihn Crystal Alicia N Jimenez Emely Di Ai Nguyen Pneumonia Emmanuel Pelargos Preet Kaur S ahota Feiya ng Tao Cristina Marie Vargas BIOMEDICAL ENGINEERING Shweta Bhatnagar Samantha Mae Bradford Christian Charupanit Ziman Cheng Michael Chu Christian Jean-Paul Crouzet Allison Michael Thomas Ghijsen Rachel Gurlin Vanessa Del Sol Herrera Thu Hou Jessica Hsieh Logan Charles Hubbard Ross Craig Hunter Alex Arash Javanpour Jeoung Hyun Kawk Mark Thomas Keating Bita Kianian Tian Lan Christine Kim Lee Ben Srun Lertsakdadet Xuan Li Lancy Lin Ning Ma Michael Lawrence Marks Yusi Miao Kristoffer Boyle Miller Michael Murata Zahra Nemati Client Maryam Shakib Rachel June Smith Agnieszka Anna Szymanska Mohammad Torabzadeh Andrew Trinh Xinxin Wang Zachary Joseph Weber-Reitz Erik Morgan Werner Zhongwen Xiao Qu Yue Marina Zamudio Shirley Xian Zhang Yang Zhang Da Zhao Jie Zheng Samuel David Zuke BIOTECHNOLOGY MANAGEMENT Lisa Leung J ing Li Wayne Mauro Arko Mukherjee Zheng CHEMICAL AND BIOCHEMICAL ENGINEERING Abhishek Chokkanathapuram Nagarajan Cameron Patrick Gallivan Charlette Mary Grigorian Santosch Rohit Gundala Ana Jenic Edward Kyle Jenner Maxim G. Kaganyuk Li Majed Madani Jasmine Naik Pai Peng CHEMISTRY Christopher Agee Hanh Nguyen CONSTRUCTION TECHNOLOGY Muhammad Ak Jiaqi Chen Felicia Chiang Aaron Ka-Ho Chong Rachelle George Habchi Reem Nabwani Habib Samir Elias Hanna Yiyang Jia Hao Jing Preetish Room

48Kandidaten für fortgeschrittene Abschlüsse 47 Tammie Kuo Jianda Li Sisheng Li Xu Li Yiqiao Li Charlotte Anne Love Eduardo Marino Wade William Monsen Kaveh Motamedi Nowell Verghese Philips Poojitha Shashi Shayan Sheikhakbari Shizhe Shen Saurabh Singhal Sixue Wang Jingxuan Zhang Lujun Zhang KOGNITIVE NEUROSWISSENSCHAFTEN Veronica Chur Tiffany Jean Hwu Georgina Jean Hwu Lean Prachi Mistry Leo R. Scholl Ryan Christopher Stokes Mac Strelioff Informatik Prakul Agarwal Harun Anver Prasannah Balasubramanian Indona Barua Varun Bharill Prashanth Billa Yash Botadra Wai Chan Yen-Feng Cheng Zachary DeStefano Zhangfan Dong Mohammad Eletriby Joel Fuentes Aravind Ganesan Ravi Godugu Sang Hai Jingwei Hao Feng Hong Jie Huang Xin Huang Akshay Jain Sriniket Jayasimha Disi Ji Yang Jiao Rohit Joshi Purvi Kaul Tanmay Khemka Sri Kolli Pan Kong Noble Kennamer Cara Khajavi Swarun Krishnamoorthy Shuying Lai Chen Li Zhisheng Li Chin-I Liaw Jilin Liu Rui Liu Yanjun Liu Sandeep Madugula Prateek Malhotra Akshay Manc hale Sridh ar Phani Mantripra Gada Anurag Mishra Uday Mittal Kasey Munetake Kishore Narendran Phillipp Nham Tanooj Parekh Gilberto Perez Karthik Prasad Sai Ranuva Adrian Rey Rodriguez Mehdi Sadri Syed Safir Nirvan Sagar Ashley Salzetti Parag Saraogi Cory Scott Shiladitya Sen Abhisar Sharma Zeyu Su Kaiyue Sun Mengfan Tang Nayanika Upadhyay Chaiyathorn Vachirakornwattana Haorui Wang Yibo Wang Kevin White Yujin Xie Yuele Yang Zihao Yang Rajesh Yarlagadda Xiaofeng Yuan Bingchen Yu Hao Zhang Rui Zhang Xi Zhang Zhibin Zhang Haitao Zhu ERDSYSTEMWISSENSCHAFT Gregory Britten Morgan Gorris Qian Huang Daun Jeong Yara Mohajerani Catherine García Dianne Sanchez Jessica Wang Christopher Wood Michael Wood Dawn Woodard Elizabeth Wiggins Sungduk Yu ELEKTRO- UND COMPUTERTECHNIK Razieh Abedi Mohammed Alnemari Amita Shirish Amte Preethi Aswath Harish Athuru Daniel Gebbran C. Bacilla Ferreira Preethi Balaji Joel Vivek Bandi Jatin Singh Pritpal Singh Banga Xuefeng Bao Gytis Baranauskas Travis Bartley Raksh Beekanahall ikoppalu Ram egowda Nader Beigiparast Fang Bu Gaayathri Chanchapalli Madhavan Yu-Hsiang Chen Zhongqi Cheng Shivakiran Shivamurti Chimatadar Alok Govind Dadlani Prathyusha Dandamudi Shayan Daryoush Xian Du Summer Leone Dumas Sina Faezi Marisa Falatovich Mehdi Ganji Srishti Ganjoo Akshara Gundu Debhrid Gupta Rhythmus Tushar Haji Vignesh Jathavao Jiang Xizi Ju Shyam Naren Kandala Aishwarya Nitin Kapse Alireza Karimi Bidhendi Umar Kazmi Nikshep Kotha Nagendra Arisha Kumar Charles Kafai ODER Ka-Fai Lam Shuailin Li Chung-Ming Liang Yen-Chun Liang Dongliang Liu Tianqi Liu Xiaowei Liu Ying Liu Anthony Lopez Can Luo Ke Ma Omid Malekzadeh Arasteh Michael Robert Manahan Eric Francis Mannarino Subramanian Meenakshi Sundaram Karan Jitendra Mehta Rahul Menon Seyed Mohammad Hossein Mohammadnezhad Bahareh Mostafazadeh Davani Anjaneya Srujan Narkedamalli Artin Oshian Prachi Chetanbhai Parikh Juhiben Mukeshbhai Patel Ameya Paragouda Patil Ashish Pedaballi Bewanamthy Radhaassemki Asishnan Na ir Sandip Pravinbhai Raiyani Ameya Raje Vaibhav Ramamoorthy Sujit Rokka Chhetri Seyedbehzad Samavaty Nivedhita Sathyamurthy Sadjad Sedighi Maryam Seyyedhosseini Vacha Manish Shah Sina Shahhosseini Shenghui Shao Muskan Sharma Shannon Stanton Yu-Jen Su Zhiyuan Sun Arpan Sunil Tolat Anthony Tranhy Yuan Tu Joelday David Turner Nithin Vommi Vien Xuan Vu Hsuan-Yu Wnag Wei Wang Dake Xiao Bin Xu Chih-Wei Yang Imam-Uz Zaman Rohit Shahaji Zambre Chongxiang Zeng Xiaoliu Zhai Tianle Zhange Hang Zhao Dawei Zheng Siyu Zhou INGENIERÍA Abdulaziz Abdulrahman A Almalki

4948 UCI Commencement 2017 Advanced Degree Candidates Lokeshwer Anga Muthukumar Eric Anthony Bonfadini Ashley Marie Ciglar Jessica Suzanne Condon Shruthi Vatsyayani Ganesh Naseem Golestani Parth Sanjiy Gyani Chengjin Sun Bocheng Yan Lingxiang Yun ENGINEERING MANAGEMENT Vishal Chopra Niharika Dhawan Basil Joseph Ittiavira Anuj Jain Matthew Sean Lai Qi Luo Brian Dan Phan Arun Sanal Kumar Mahshad Sharifi Serkani Gowri Srinivasan jr . . . . . Robert M. Weltman EPIDEMIOLOGY Andrew Huiwen Liem GENETICS BERATUNG Bethany Larson Berg Molly Kathleen Lehman Emily Nicole Marsh Holly Ann-Marie Mueller Susan Shehayeb Devin Merlene Shuman Shayna Brianne Sheppard Svihovec INFORMATION AND INFORMATION Sanna Ali Jamie Brown Andrew Chang Xi Chen Kristin Roher Arciniega Pranav Pradip Dubey Hugo Shujian Hou Rylan John Kautz Parnian Kiani Shawn Patrick James Kirby Benjamin Erich Macdonald Qiu Qiu Komal Syed Katherine Terrassa Vivek Tyagi Hemanth Shankar Vijaya Kumar Evangeline Wong Yumeng Wu Chen Yang Yingjie Yang MATHEMATICS Daniel Agress Jada Cruce Helton De Olivera Leal Brandon Friend Casey Kelleher Curtis Coach Frank Lin Mohammad Hossein Asadian Ardakani Maryam Asghari Dylan Boyle Alejandra Cervantes Kua n-Wei Chen Jonathan Chiu Matthew Robert Clower Wenrui Deng Arnau Franci Rodon Donald Joseph Fuller Juleon Taylor Godfrey Tianxi He Daniel J. Jaimes Jessica Kao Anirudh Bharadwaj Krishna Blake Alexander Lane Hoan Le Katie Alyson Leong Yu-Wei Lin Adriana Llado Gambin Alexander McDonald Seyedehsaedeh Mirghasemi Taylor Hugh Morgan Wyatt Xavier Moscoso Xiaogang Ni Octavi Obiols Peyman Pourrajab Joseph Oriol Riu Martinez Bianca Lis Rossi Dias Endo Quentin Sanders Pan Wang Yusheng Wang Alireza Zavar Jie Zhu PFLEGEWISSENSCHAFT Gerrald Angeles Karla Bates Gertrude Kanzlerin Kelsey Chung Daniel Le Katherine Lin Emerald Hernandez Nadia Nguyen Samantha Normandin Yesenia Reyes Elika Roybal Melanie Schmitz Sonia Sedano Mala Rachel Squicciarini Tskicciarini Nicole Stingfellow dh Elizabeth Syman ibon Vania Zuniga PHARMACEUTICALS SCIENCES Manuel Candelario PHYSICS Andrew Yang SOFTWARE ENGINEERING Ashwin Achar Arjun Bhadra Architect Dey Sarah Gonsalves Arjun Khode Swadhyaya Kumar Thomas Kwak Soumya Mishra Daniel Morgan Vijay Krishna Palepu Akshat Patel STATISTICS Brian Backman Okihiro Steven Brownlee Hengrui Gu Yifan Guo Wei Hu Xiaofan Huang Glenn Micah Jackson Eric Lai Shitian Li Yiming Liu Michelle Nuno Meng Qin Xiaoxia Shi Emily Smith Shen Tong Edwin Vargas Yuxiao Wang Yongshi Xiang Zhaohao Zhou Chau Stephanie Chan Jacqui Cheng Courtney Catherine Frahm Daniel Gonzalez Pamela Deriquito War Olivia Michelle Harris Reem Nabwani Habib Abdurahman Lachgar

50Kandidaten für fortgeschrittene Abschlüsse 49 Jing Li Jonathan Ryan Lightfoot Nancy Lo Huong Q. Ly Huy Chi Ly Patricia Malagon Alyssa Murakami Janine Nava Mark Newman Ariel Morganne Pepper Mladen Popovic James Altamirano Monica Martin Arnold Laura Jeanne Lively Babashoff Sara Bank Andrenna Marie Hidalgo Berggren Mariam Bicknell Crystal Caldera Nora K. Cassidy Alison Chabot Karisa E. Chapa Joy Chen Jc Chimoures Sabrina A. Cohn Carlos M. Coye Ian C. Deady Terence L. Desouza Katherine S. Ells Chrisdo Wenyue Fan Christine Zhenqi Fan Eric Fanchiang Andrew J. Farestveit Noorean Gill Olivia M Goetsch Robin S. Gray Priscilla M. Gutierrez Justin Hanassab Jason T. Hartlage Julie Hartle Jonathan Healy Elizabeth Hercules-Paez Janet Hsu Samuel Z. Hyams Rik Jeffery Aaron S. Johnson Anjana R. Joshi Yoon Jee Kim Young U. Kim Adam Lhedmat Amy J. Lieberman Jordan A. Liebman Brett M. Long Peter J. Ludlam Carolyn K. Luong Justin A. Martin Michael P. McConnell Alexandra R Mcintosh Harvey Heribert Meza Robe rt K. Modelmog E. Mora Andrew J. Morrill Shailyn Rise Nakattany Bao-Anh ONG Itoan O. Okogbo Chatdo Pardon Pardon John E. Pennebaker Alexander Alexyade Strabiabas Evanie J. Poed A. Quartiermeister Christopher A. Richardson Sanjana Rishi Boanerges A. Rodriguez Orellana Erica Boyoun Row Douglas M. Ryan Rahul Sajnani Young C. Seah Elad Shem-Tov Sophia J. Shin Daniel A. Silverman John Sirjord Laura Soprana-Dec Remick M. Stahl Ashley L. Sutton Richard J. Szuba Alan Talt Shezad H. Thakor Meigan C. Thompson Ann M. Tran Cristina V. Truong Obianuju Hadija Udenka Linda Wang Olivia L. Weber Andrew J. Wiseman Danyi Xu Jake A. Yocham Alexander Ding Zeng Jiaxiao Zhang Enid Zhou HERZLICHEN GLÜCKWUNSCH an die Klasse OF 2017 and an ANTEATER ELTERN, FAMILIE & FREUNDE!

51Bachelor of Arts Candidates Claire Trevor School of the Arts BACHELOR OF ARTS Art Nadia Kalya Adella Karina M. Andelian Seung Kyoung Bae Cassandra Marie Ayala Balbas Melissa Banuelos Khue Vu Bui Melissa Elizabeth Calvillo Jasmine Montana Dillon Taylor Jon Drake Roman Espinoza Vanessa Marie Espinoza* Click here to download or download Diane Ngoc Diem Huynh - Xinqing Huang Yue Huang mp3 youtube com Diane Ngoc Diem Huynh - Xinqing Huang Yue Huang mp3 youtube com Elizabeth Paler Jonah Chang-Jin Park Bradford Chan Prairie Kevin Michael Que Misty Marie Reisman Raudel Rodriguez Talisha Salinas Edward Sanchez Alexander Jon Smith Ashley Justin Spillman Eva n Houston Stanfield Fangsida Faris Taher Ana Luisa Torres Freddy Villalobos Jose Villanueva Danielle Moriah Westbrook Christopher Lee Wong Hanqing Xu Qiuch en Xu Yu Xuan* Alice Yi Yang Samuel Charles Yokel Jiaran Zou Dance Tara Aftahi Tiffany Tram Le Arroyo * Cayla Nicole Bauer Laurel Geneva Cannady Julianna Sophie Cressman Colleen Faith David Aar on Michael Dirickson Jamie Nicole Elster Claire Rebecca Engelmann Brynna Collette Gallagher Michelle Anne Miller Marissa Amber Moreno Angela Tristao Nunes Matthew Michael Olson Gartenbau Ruiz* Daniela Jamila Sider Maddison Jean Simmons* Breanna Rhian Stewart McEvilly Andelson Dalia Ahurina Anderton Cesar Armando Arias Camron Patris Ascencio Gabriel Belly -Sardine* Elise Maria Borgfeldt Nicholas James Bourgault Julia Taber Brunelli Crocker Elizabeth Nicole Crouse Grecia Cross Troy Ashley Dailey Sean Thomas Deuel Timothy Jack Eaton* Taylor Jalen Fagins Shannon Marie Funderburk Chunjing Gao Michael Robert Garcia Cassandra Diane Grilley Grace Lynn Currie Harding Caitlin Paige Harjes* Christine Elizabeth Hinchee Diane Kim Ho Liam Michael Holton Jalisa Deloris Jack Sohn Hannah Christine Jarvis Earth an Christopher Kay Faith Elizabeth Kim Jessica Lyndsey Lavelle Hieu Le Christopher Liu Zaynab Yasmine Malik Harrison Thomas Meloeny Kaley Jean Milligan Katherine Abbigail Mills Sandra Miranda Miranda Jake Anthony Moya Melissa Anne Musial Desiree Truc Nguyen* Kelsey Rebecca Olson Sung Hee Park Alissa Adriana Powers Santiago Isaac Rivera Rhodes Kristyna Maria Rodriguez Ashley Alexandra Josie Rose Sergio David Salinas, Jr. Jessica Catherine Silagi Gabriell Nadej Smith Maxwell Jackson Sorg Michael Kenney Stancliff Marc Joseph Steele Sean Akihiko Stover Fuchi Johnny Thao Victoria Elayne Thompson Edmund Truong Yuder Shinshin Tsai Laurence Alfonzo Turner Leah Van Doren Vodka Jinzhou Yang Mackenzie Zakoor James Alfred Zwielich Music Euiso Kim Maria Gabriela Aquino Lavadia Esther Yang Studio Art Haysun Chang Kwak Kelsey Marie Thornton BACHELOR OF FINE ARTS Tanz Jade Alexandra Cole* Carl Ponce Cubero Emily Anne Davis* Terra A. Deal Julia Louisa Depaoli Lucile McCarthy Dillon * Absolute warned Summer Fit for exhibitions at Absolute; will be based on the balance sheet at the end of the last year. This program is not an official Absolvent listing.

52Claire Trevor School of Arts / Francisco J. Ayala School of Biological Sciences 51 Sira Kim Edwards Chelsea Lynn Freeman* Emily Joy Guerard Simon Joe Harrison Dominic Henry Haws Allyssa Brooke Hebbard Alexander Edward Hoang Emily Rachel Hoff* Alize Rachelle Irby* Megumi Eileen Iwama Lauren Marie Jackson Mikensie D. Johnson Ongelle Olivia Johnson Kimberly Kashe Joyce Dominique Wiesia Kersh* Brooke E. Lester Julienne B. Mackey Racquel Victoria Mar Kari Megumi Morales Ashleigh Jayne Moss Randolph A. Rivera * Vanessa Candy Tong Emma Noel Walsh Keira Rebecca Whitaker Miku Yoshida* MusicTheater Mata Jean Elizabeth Barr Ethan Thomas Bell Jacob Russell Ben-Shmuel Luzma Katherine Ortiz Erica Susan Schaeffer Amy Lin Tilson-Lumetta BACHELOR OF MUSIC Music Andrew Dean Anderson Click Download to save Ariana Celeste Flores - Chung Silvia Nicole Coto Polanco mp3 youtube com Year About Michael Greger Rodolfo Guerrero Lana Hyonni Hur* Other Women Janine Claire Kwan Lai Alexander Hoyle Leigh Benjamin Alan McLain Chesley Mok Charlotte Deanna Papp Jack W. Perry Zachary Miles Sahms Garrett James Sanderson Jacob Zachary Tulley Matthew W. Xie Chi-Chen Yeh Francisco J Faculty of Biological Sciences of Ayala BACHELOR OF SCIENCE Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Ashley Victoria Boydd Nolan James Brown Jean-Louis Bru Joshua Herman Cook Bushra Fatima Christine Tran Hua Marc Anthony Piercy Magna Tawwab Abdul Qargha* Logan Scott Richards Megha Sanjiv Kevin Hsien-Loong Scheidt Monika Kaur Singha Amber Janine Smith* Johnathon Truong Michael Zakharian* Biology Michael Ahmadzai Christina Man Ahrens* Andrew Teopaco Ajoc Hi There are many reasons why you shouldn't buy these products. These are the reasons why you shouldn't buy these products. These are the reasons why you shouldn't buy these products. These are the reasons why you shouldn't buy these products Andrew Scott Selma Josefina Avila Valente Salvador Ayala Haroon Ahmad Azhand Ki Ju Bae Bardia Bahadori Kajal Kaur Bains Superna Bajaj Roanne Kirsten Sauco Balagtas Ava Bamdad Teresa Cara Ban Maria Bangash Leticia Raquel Banuelos Gabrielle Alexandra Barajas Arpy Mary Barsemian Nina Grace Bernardo Bautista Soha Bayginejad Arsany Raouf Bechay Daniel Padram Beidokhti Jamie Nicole Benavides Gabriela Betancourt Kaur Bhandal Gurwak Singh Bhullar Undariya Boldbaatar Sami Samir Borno Francis Lee Brannan Ryan Collin Buck Annie Hoang Anh Bui Magna Kim Vi Thi Bui Linsey Bui Tran Bao Bui Julia Helen Burdette Free Mp3 Download Anthony Christopher Cajigal Brittney Blair D. Calivoso* Austin Carbajal Alice Stephanie Castillo Elizabeth Irene Celaya Eric Cerriteno Brett Segura Cervantes Carolina Chacon Thin Tushank Marriage Alan Kai Chan* Alyssa Catherine Chan Eric Wang Chan Rachel Amelia Chatfield* Jennifer Kay Chau Vincent Jan-Shin Chau Juan Antonio Chavez, Jr Clark Deborah Ramos Claro Javier Clavijo, Jr.* Walter Karsen Coggeshall* Masani Halima Coley Tyler Jason Colunga May Khanh Ton Nu Cong-Huyen* Robert Dewayne Courville, Jr. Klarissa Yvette Covarrubias Josue Misael Cruz Shaun Adam Cruz Cris Andrew Mendoza Cunanan Prabha Dahal* Christina Truc Dang Kenneth Dang Khai Dang Phuc Minh Dang Priyanka Das Angel Min Oli De Sil va Krystal Lynn Del Castillo Giorgio Borje Dela Cruz Chiara Delos Reyes Angela Deng Jerrold Robert Deshong Aisha Marilyn Diakite Brianna Ruby Diaz* Jasmine Bahaar Diaz* Nicolette Lee Dickinson * Abscluss Warned Summer Suitable for Exhibitions Bei Abscluss; shall be based on the balance sheet at the end of the last year.

5352 UCI Comienzo 2017 Candidatos a Licenciatura Zihan Ding* Cecilia Dinh Charlene Maxxon-Hong Dinh Michael Khoi Nguyen Dinh* Gishan Shalitha Dissanayake Bogoda Anh Quynh Do Khang Bao Do Paul Alan Do Christopher David Doan Do Doan Amelia Doe Jun Dong Jasmine Elmira Douraghi* Robert Edward Dunn* Brandon Vinh-Nguyen Duong* Jonathan Dwilaksono Chelsea Josette Dy Justine Rebecca Echolds Jessica Amie Edward Letitia Marie Edwards Anahid Eslami Farsani Joseph Nicolas Fakhoury Alex Ing Fan Melody Jia Fang Arghavan Farhadi Ahmed Farooq* Justin Latorre Fernandez Lena Elizabeth Flair Dahlia Patricia Flores Lidia Flores Lorena Alexandra Fox King Nok Martyn Fung Fan Gao Salsabil Gehan Brittany Nicole Gentry Rojin Natalie Ghobadi Daniel Emeel Ghobrial* Joseph Frank Giammalva* Jasmine Gill Saina Gill Omar Gomez* Jennifer Gomez-Cortez* John Luis Gonzalez Megan Lopez Gonzalez Dilraj Singh Goraya* John Gozal Japinder Singh Grewal Vanessa Joy Guillermo Don Ha Kelley Mein Ha Vu Ha Ashley Foud Hadwe h Ra mi Fadi Halaseh Arman Alexander Hamidi Malik Hamza Sol Hee Han Eric John Hanna Mary Hanna* Samouel Azmy Hanna Summa Syed Irfanul Haque Evana Haroun Jeremy Allen Hart Navid Hasani* Pouria Hassan Amraji* Negar Heidarpour Constance Jeanette Henderson George Heredia, Jr. Aracely Hernández Thalia Jovana Hernández Michelle Joni Herrera Agata Ho Jessica Ho Tan Ngoc Ho Wing Yan Ho Kevin Kha Hoang Sophia Khanh Hoang Amy Hong Sue Yeon Hong Faith Hsu Jasmine Hsu Thein Kyaw Htut Hai Lun Hu Caleb Benjamin Huang Emilie Hui Huang Melissa Erin Huang Victoria Anne Casco Eric Huynh Kelly Huynh Leanne Thanh Huynh Lyly Thi Huynh My Thien Huynh* Peter Thinh Huynh Phuc Cao Huynh Tinhuy Cong Huynh William Tian-Xiang Huynh* Kian Iraninejadian Nicole Iribarren Delaney Elizabeth Islip Daniela Akari Ito Amirali Jaberyzadeh Magna Bharat Rajan Jain Nathan Ryan James Fargol Javaherian Justin Neema Jeffers* Michelle Ivonne Jiménez* Alyssa Marie Jones Da-Eun Jung Denisse P. Junio ​​​​​​Douglas Alexander Jurado Brian Henry Kaestner Nithya Jeevahansi Kahanda Tina Tessa Kaluoch* Deborah Yein Kang Jonathan Sanghoon Kang Jawaher Dominguez Karram* Avneet Kaur Nareh Kazariane Ivy Mei Kha George Marderosian Khamo Termeh Khoshniat Brandon Nghia Hieu Khuu* Waylan Khuu Lin Soo Kim Sonia Kim S ung Kim Tiffany Cheyanne Kim Dylan G. Kirsh Nathalie Kirshman Kyle Phillip Kisor Melissa Raymond Klaib Gabrielle Ariana Ko Winnie Sao Ting Ko Soujanya Kondameedi Christopher Thomas Kopan Arjun Kamboh Kumar Felicia Ok Kwon So Mee Kwon Jenny Ky Chandni Manu Ladwa Kevin Ting Kai Lai Zenfay Lai Calvin Lam Tanya Peeva Lapkova Lydia Yeeyen Lau Christina Le Dan Van Le Hoang Dinh Le* Suong Ngoc Le Thao Nguyen Le* Yen Thuy Vy Le Aurora Gie-Ying Lee* Kevin Jeongseok Lee Matthew Allen Lee Mitchell Brandon Lee* Regis Lee Ryan Benjamin Lee Sang Geun Lee Sarah Lee Timothy Chi Fung Lee Long Lertpanit* Ryan Long Hin Leung Stephanie Leung Christopher Orion Lew David Edward Lewis Ming Hui Li Susan Yan Yang Li Heidi Yahan Liang Tammy Shiting Liang Alvin Wei Liao Catherine Louise Tan Ligad Benjamin Lin Jeffery Lin Jimmy Chun-Yi Lin Khin Maung Lin Summa Kim Amy Lin Angela Y. Liu Bonnie Liu Jiaoyang Liu Sally Liu Crystal Lavarias Llanes Taylor Brittni Lloyd Karlee Ann Long* Shan Lu Sherry Lu Zachary Nathan Lu Eric Luc Jasmine May Luck* Tiffany Lui Valerie Luong Vivian Nguyen Luu Ngoc My Ly* Shannon Hue Ly Mariel Gah Yee Ma Natalee Amanda Macias Andrew Jordan Magyar Kasim Ali Mahmood Magna Amir Mahmoodi Arzoo M. Mala Ian Thomas Manfredo Jessica Manriquez Clair Nervana Mansour Bernadette Arlene Marmolejo * Alexandra Christine Márquez José Alfredo Martínez Ashik Mathur Danny Salem Matty Andrew Thomas McCan Kristineh Melik-Kasumyan Jonathan Matthew Méndez Dory Meraz * Abschluss erwartet Sommer Berechtigt für Auszeichnungen bei Abschluss; wird gesamtbilanz am Ende des letzten Viertels vergeben.

54Francisco J. Ayala Facultad de Ciencias Biológicas 53 Susana Mesa Christina Marina Michael Tania Michelle Miller Harutyun Minasyan Katrine Minasyan Chatkaew Mingcharoenwong Mahsa Momen Marissa Mahtob Marie Monazzami Yuzana Mone Kellie Jiwon Moon Jenny Ross Morales Maryam Motazedi Rahat Motiwalla Hyun-Seung Mun Edgar Muradyan* Zuhaib Murtaza Denise Mercado Nadora Kira Imagire Nakamoto Mark Tetsuya Nakata Arpeneh Narsisian* Rahul V. Natarajan Jessica Nevarez-Mejia Emily Mei Ng* Laura Ging Ging Ng Valerie Joeel Ng Vy Thao Nghiem Duy Thuc Cong Ngo Jordene Yentram Ngo Kristie Linh Ngo Luna Thanh Ngo Tommy Dinh Ngo Whitney M. Ngo Zac Hoang Ngo Connie Huang Nguyen Amanda Minh-Thu Nguyen Amy Ha Nguyen Anna Hoai Nguyen Audrey Tuong Vy Nguyen Bao Q. Nguyen Brandon Quoc Nguyen Bryan Thanh Nguyen Christy Ngoc-Uyen Nguyen Chuc Minh Nguyen Curtis Duong-Khanh Nguyen Dan Nguyen Denise Myvy Nguyen Hoainhi Ho Nguyen Isabel Van Nguyen Jackson Nguyen Jacqueline Phuc Nguyen* Jocelyn Linh Nguyen Kasey Duc N gu yen de Kathleen Nguyen Kevin Duong Nguyen Summa Kien Viet Nguyen Kristin Y-Nhi Nguyen Magna Ngoc Thi Kim Nguyen Paul Quoc Hung Nguyen Theresa Anh-Thi Nguyen Thien Hung Nguyen Thuan Hieu Nguyen Tianna Thuy-Truc Nguyen Tony Mai Nguyen Tracy Hoang Nguyen Tran Bao Nguyen * Trang Nguyen Tu Nhi Ngoc Nguyen Vien Thi Quynh Nguyen Viet Huu Nguyen Vonnie Van Quynh Nguyen Yen Hai Nguyen Tanisa Niranatkul Amenda Elizabeth Nirshberg Tyler James Nixon Christopher Paul Nowak* Connor James O'Brien Miguel Addonai Olmedo Danier Sabrina Ong Priscilla Ada Orellana Paige Haruko Onaga Orgel Olayemi Olamide Osibowale Yehezkiel Natanael Pagler Jasmine Pang Eun Sil Park Elleena Nazaneen Parsa Aarti Patel Himali Mukeshkumar Patel Kajal Jayesh Patel Kush Rajendrakumar Patel Mayuri B. Patel Neha Kanu Patel Om Praful Patel Yesha Ramesh Patel Enrico Paul Lopez Payson Sihaneat Pen Josselyn Karina Pena Sandy Peng Alan Pérez* Daniel Edward Pérez David Charles Alejo Pérez Maurice Alexander Pérez Alan Quan Pham Cathy Thi Ta Pham Jenny Pham Kathy Pham Hijo T. Pham Stephanie Thuy Trinh Pham Thai Binh T. Pham Theresa Quynh Huong Pham* Tiffany Pham Vy Thuy Pham Wendy Uyen Pham Angella Han Phan Brian Phan Thao My Ngoc Phan Trini Phan Uyen Thikim Phan Don Quang Phung Kimberly Phung Rebecca Katherine Phung Carlos Jose Pinedo* Yasmin Pishvaiy Michael Edward Poblete Robert Brandon Ponce Stacey Delilah Popp Pouyan Pouresfandiari Deepu Premrajan Joshua Hernandez Prudencio Christopher Puca Sandie Jessica Puente* Sadaf Qadir Ummulwara Rahnuma Qasim Dalyna Nguyen Quach Brenda Quijas Rakan Saher Qumseya Bilal Ahmed Anushper Sunil Ramnani Joshua Aron Ratoviz Anthony Mark Raus Yocelyn Recinos Veronica Ann Renteria Kathryn Gonzales Reyes Andrew Hany Rezk Jay Jung Rho Julie Ann Richardson Magaly Elizabeth Rodriguez Samuel Matthew Rodriguez* Omar Gabriel Rodriguez- Magdaleno Jefferson Rogelio Rojas* Paola Romero-Ceron Teresa Hung Rotert Maria Virginia Ruano Eric Thomas Rueda Jerrica Albelda Sabino Marian Josephine Sa g o Andrew Zakaria Said Alexander Wanis Saikaly Rajesh Sakhamuru Reggie Eugene Salazar* Saede Salem* Melissa Sandoval Sheilouise Airielle Bajarias Sarain* Karin Saran Nikolaos Giannis Sarantopoulos Mary Justine Sargious Magna Anik Sargsyan* Aalaa Kamal Satti Michaela Ruth Schwartz Jennifer Lynn Scott John Pierre Sedaros* Justin Thomas Seigler Ellie Sengphrachanh Abraham Francisco Serrano Zazueta Michelle Chakrya Seu Jonathan Jeah Seun Arpan Anil Shah Payal Rajeshkumar Shah Shreya Hemantkumar Shah Syairah Hanan Binti Shaharuddin Argineh Shahbandari Lilit Lily Shahbazian Antranig Andy Shahmelikian Brittany Everine Shamaoun Stella Maria Shamas Tigran Shamiryan* Gelareh Shams Andrew Kim Shannon Bailey Andrew Shaw Yue Shi Justin Jay Shun Banaz Sarah Shwan Xue Si Jaclyn Nicole Sigman Amanda Aom Sisongkham Jordan Mikelle Smith Kareem Hesham Soliman Shashank Somasundaram* Micaela Ailen Sotelo Sophia Carmella Spann Samuel Andrew Stetkevich Elizabeth Carol Marie Stogner* Ziyan Su Daryl Kristoff er Jundez Suba Cindy Ta Courtney Hoang Ta Priscilla Mi Tin Ta * Abschluss erwartet Sommer Berechtigt für Auszeichnungen bei Abschluss; wird gesamtbilanz auf der Gesamtbilanz am Ende des letzten Viertels vergeben.

5554 UCI Comienzo 2017 Licenciatura Kandidaten Nowshin Tabassum Philip Arnel Tagatac* Daniel Samir Tahhan Mehdi Talle Brandon Farshid Talmood Nava Talyai Anne Tan My Tang Patricia Tang Victor Tang* Robert Eugene Tangherlini Shanti Teppara Timothy Viet Thai Alan Thang Amara C. Thind Radiance D'Yona Thompson Marc Jefferson Lamug Ting Matthew Alexander Tippin Anthony Javier Torres Bryce Braden Torres Victor Torres Anthony Thinh Tran Brenda Tran Brenda Cong Tran* Bryant Quoc Tran Catherine Tran Claudia Thanhphuong Tran David Vinh Tran Derek Tran Duy Pham Jackson Khoa Tran* Jennifer T Tran Jenny Tran Linda Tran Long Hoang Tran Peter Tran Teresa Diep Tran Theresa Thien-An Tran Thomas Jonathan Tran Thy Thy Tran Nguyen Ngoc Tran Tien Thuy Tran* Tracy Phuong Tran* Trang Jenny Minh Tran-Nguyen* Michael Daniel Trang Yanet Del Rosario Trejo Vincent Phamviet Trieu Magna Kylina Thi Trinh Sally Loyal Trinh Cuong D. Truong* Daisy Minh Nguyet O. Truong* Hau Vinh Truong Huy Minh Truong Peter Truong Matthe w Anthony Tsai Summa Ethan Tseng Wei-Kang Tseng Matthew Mitsuo Tsunawaki Yuqi Tu Alexa Nicole Twet Maria Soledad Valencia Nina Hue Van Juliana Marie Vanni Cristo Jovanny Vargas Sanson Rebecca Mary Varghese* Ariana Lizbet Villa Katherine Thanh Vo Leyna Vo, Sr. Ngoc Tran Bich Vo Amy Vu Ariel Nhu Vu Brian Vu Cathy Vu Jessica Ngoc Vu Julie Vu Michelle Nguyen Vu Paul Quoc Vu Remy Phuong Vu Summa Tracy Phuong Vu Prema Dharmesh Vyas Sager Singh Walia Cassidy Lee Walker Paul Breadino Walker, Jr. Daniel Robert Waller Chris Wang Ge Wang* Taylor Chung-Tai Wang Xindi Wang* Bryanna Aimee Ward Erik Robert Warren Huan Wei Sutter Jon Wells Daniel Daewoo Whang Timothy Michael Wiher Heshan Wijegunaratne Benson Wong Emily Erica Wong Jasmine Ying Wong Justin Nicholas Wong Sandy Wong Tina Ting Wong Amanda Joy Woodbury* Julia Ann Wu* Binzhi Xu William Xu Justine Ryoko Yamashiro Albert Yan Yi Fei Yang Nabil Yazdi Chandler Kate Yee Ling-Li Yen Yuanyuan Yi Gerianne Kristin Ylagan Fan Yon Bai Justine Haley Young Daniel Yu Kuan-Ting Yu Xiaoxin Yu* Floregail Reyes Yujuico* Hyder Raza Zaidi Araxi Nancy Zakarian Aaron Ricardo Zaldana* Setareh Zareh* Ronak Zebarjedi* Mario Ernesto Zelaya, Jr. Judy Zhou Ruifeng Zhou Usama Zia Biologie/Bildung Jessica Ferrer Carr Julie Allyssa Carrillo Kevin James Trejo Entwicklungs- und Zellbiologie Kristen Victoria Ampig Jeong Woo Han Ariela Fritzie Khandadash Xiao Liu* Xinyi Ma Minh Thi Bao Nguyen* Tori Raquel Tucker Ökologie und Chan Peter Evolutionsbiologie Quoc Lam Catherine Do Le Alberto Enrique Lopez Jovanny Lopez* Chloe Morgane Nouzille Brittany Marie Ottoson Mackenzie Shane Peich Übungswissenschaften Sareen Pateel Ayvazian Rocio Guadalupe Fernandez Andrew Douglas Gong Karin Laura Grathwohl Alexa Monica Hadinoto Ari Khandadash Thuy Pham Le Shannon May Lee Stephanie Ethan Benjamin Luong Michelle Soohoo Han Ngoc Tran Genetik Joshua Ambrosio Chevez Gustavo Diaz Cruz Keara Villao Flores Robert Gary Lewis Florence Michelle Ramirez Francisco Javier Rodriguez Yazmin Irene Rodriguez Bahareh Sorouri Shelby Christine Stauffer Paulina Tran Ken Vittayarukskul Sabrina Jennifer Will Steven Manuel Zepeda William Meng Zhao Mensch Bi ologie Sasha Jahan Belaluddin Caroline Cao Henry K. Chang Robert K. Dang Lela Wight Fossett Jocelyn Gia-Linh Ha Tuyet- Trinh Thi Ho Alexander James Huang Christy Chau Huynh Jonwei Wesley Hwang Ramneet Kaur Stephanie H. Kim* Cyrus Yu Yang Lin Ma Hazelene Libatique Merluza Anh Mai Nguyen Emily Sarah Nguyen * Abschluss voraussichtlich im Sommer Berechtigt für Auszeichnungen bei Abschluss; wird basierend auf der Gesamtbilanz am Ende des letzten Viertels vergeben.

5655 Helena May Nguyen Victoria Bao Quynh Nguyen Lizette Guadalupe Nunez Magana* Bansari Ashokbhai Patel Celine Hien Phong Andrew Pop Nathaniel Nash Shon Kezia Ivanka Sergeant Ace Naz Tan Lakshmi Rekha Vrittamani Ashley Rianne Wong Gordon George Yee Tara Zahed Microbiology and Immunology Jeffrey Cameron Backofen Lucy Lin Chen Keyan Armon Photography Collin Matthew Joyce Kendall Fang Kearns Guadeloupe Lockwood Jesus R. Ramirez Castano Neurobiology Jr. Colleen Chau* Edison Chen Yizhou Chen Daniel Adrian Del Barrio-Amil Nida Rachael Elizabeth Hokenson Melissa Lynn How Mawaheb Hassan Kassir Darren Jin Kong Lee Ryan Harris Leeds Parinaz Malakzadeh Ajinkya Samir Mawley Malika M. Mirvokhidova Navarro* Eric Francisco Navarro Christopher Quang-Minh Nguyen* Elias Periklis Papadopoulos Maria Isabella Piedimonte Emily Kara Provenzano Mario Quintero Salazar Andy Ernesto Ramirez Nejad The Paul Merage School of Business BACHELOR OF ARTS Betriebswirtschaftslehre Juan Cruz Aguilar Nicole Sandra Amaro* Winny Angeline Anthony Angkawijaya Medha Asthana Aide Oyuki Avalos Aoun Issa Nasser Ayyoub Hope Bottle Michael Thomas Bryan Jeffrey Van Bui Tiffany Bui Kevin Jaime Caballero Yuwei Cai Edwin Joshua Carrillo Parmeet Singh Ehemann Eunice Chu Chang Li-Xing Chang Audrey Ka-Yan Cheah Xiaoqian Chen Yingzhu Chen* Andrew Cheng Ariel Shine Cheng Dongxue Chen g Ryan Chew Adrienne Hoang Anh Chu Detrich Edith Roman Espinoza Vicki Huiqi Fan Daniel Flores Islands Joshua Eric -Rawlerson Fukagawa Jordan Blake Galen Nghi Man Giang Noopur Asit Gosalia Angelo Guo Yingnan Guo Cerise Wenyi Huang* Jeff Jinglu Huang Summa Jessica Huang Jessica Huang Qiuyi Huang Yichun Huang Gabriel Husain Kennan Dennis Trung Huynh Sharon Shien Hwang Jason Masaru Ibara Aileen Lan Ju Irene Sora Kang Suraj Kumar Khurana Hee Joo Kim Jiho John Kim Sehyun Kim Allison Marie Class Vinisha Kothari * Lauren C. Kung Austin Lam Katherine Lynn Lavelle Shannon Valerie Lee Yoobin Lee Yvonne Li Shirley Liang Sarah Tung-Li Lin Emily Liu Qiaoyun Liu Brandon Xavier Lopez John Michael Lopez Yasuo Matsumoto Ryan Luke Mayfield Vishak Menon Ernesto Miguel Kelly Cameron Miranda Dana Tuong Han Jenny Nhu Nguy and Kristin Thao-Vy Nguyen Gevorg Arman Novshadyan Akiho Joey Ogawa Payal Mukeshbhai Patel Roshni Subhash Patel* Yesenia Perez-Benitez Kristine Thienan Thi Phan Katie Lynn Qualman Nicole Amaris Ramirez Mayte Rendon Tori Renee Reynolds Fernanda Rodriguez Shropshire Jackie Siu Anita So Chenqing Song* Xianzhi Su Jennifer Southern Sun Hubert Minhvi Ta Linda Huy Taing Shuting Tan Christy Alexandra Tanubrata Albert Tao Hannah Corrie Thrash Rebecca Tian will be included in the balance sheet at the end of the last quarter.

5756 UCI Commencement 2017 Bachelor's Degree Candidates Elaine Ton Jenifer Anh-Thu Nguyen Tran Linsey Tran Maggie Jiayin Tsui Sirus Turkzadeh Ka Kit U Wong Rebecca Wong Alex Wu Christopher Kai-Yin Wu Jenny Ellen Wu Sabrina Sultan Yunus Zhao Gaojin Zheng Han Zheng * Jiajia Zheng Lei Zheng Dandan Zhou* Honglu Zhou Mo Zhou Yibo Zhou School of Education BACHELOR OF ARTS Swiss Societies Noel Cruz Acasio* Kristie Jenna Ahn Maryann Mohammed Al-Yami Moravia Alba-Campos Nicole Sandra Amaro* Rebecca Amavizca Felene Saratha An* Elizabeth Andrade Olivia Andrade Angels Angels Melissa An tonio* Kandance Tracy Aragon Mark Kevin Mirasol Arante Kirsten Justine Maple Daisy Stephanie Arellano Natalie Cardona Arellano Ying Au Ruby Emerald Avivalos Contraras Contraras Rami Eliza Eliza Barron Baluy* Baron Baluy Araceli Barrio Astrid Elidia Bartolo Dayana Celeste Benitez Aracely Bermejo Joshua Mamaril Blanco Taysheona Denise Brodie Dong-Tho Buu* Felix Zain Castillo Marilyn Castillo Jennifer Chavez Castro Valerie Chan Taylor Marissa Chanes Li Quan Cynthia Chang Pao-Sheng Chang Angelina Chanthanouvong Ashley Chao Michelle Mong Truc Chau Irene Doris Chen Ling Chen Runzhi Chen Austin Cheng Jennifer Tori Chew Kanica Chi Rachel Marty Chow Free Chowdose Ch a White Leticia Cinema- Garcia Astrid Colindres Ale -Macias Kylie Nalani Lamb *Enri que Lamb Cindy Ariana Cortez Sweet Edith Corum* Silvia Nicole Coto Polanco Lonique Michelle Cowan Andrew Kevin Cronin Greece Cruz Iliana Karina Cruz* Jovany Cruz Tess De Lange Asharion De Jamrensze Jeannylle Deboef Juanne Marie Lumagui Deguzman Alike Rolmah M. Doudera Elvia Alejandra Duran* Bella Itzqueye Echeverria* Ragiah Medhat Ismail El Shantaly* Lillian Berhanu Teyent Engeda Eric Xavier Enriquez Lizette Espino Bardales Yuhua Fang Alejandro Favela Karen Liliana Fernandez Xitlali Fernandez Amber Hannah Ferrani Carla Estepha Marleni Flores Pablo Roberto Flores Melodie Janae Realin Foley Mingyang Gao Amy Doreen Gaona Ashley Michelle Garcia Brenda Nabetza Garcia Clarissa Espinoza Garcia Elisa Garcia Jessica Garcia Tina Gee Estephanie Gomez Ashley Christine Gonzalez Gene Vincent Gonzalez Jessica Vanessa Gonzalez Joanna Gonzalez Maria Gonzalez Yolitzma Gonzalez Tracy Cui Lin Guan Gabriela Guzman Cassandra Gloria Hall Lu Han Simon Joe Harrison Matlynn A. Henry Neira Mariana Hernandez Acosta Maria Stephanie Hernandez Monica Hernandez Stephanie Hernandez-Gomez Frank Giovanni Heyward Pauline Ho Kathleen Jane Hobkirk Iris Lee Hou Huth Jessica Huynh Emily Marie Jackson Samantha Danielle James Jazmin Jimenez Jose Ivan Jimenez Karen Maria Jimenez Marisa Ann Jorgensen Se Ghe Jun* Cody Eugene Justman Gaganpreet Kaur Dominique Wiesia Kersh* Imli Khieja Khair Khair Cha Elizabeth Kim Ellen Hyun Kim Eun Sol Kim Jessica H. Kim Aisha Ruth Knights Abielu Koch Marie will probably be qualified for Honors at Graduation in the summer, based on the cumulative results at the end of the last quarter.

58School of Education 57 Manami Koizumi Rachel Shauna Krugliak Hannah Coleen Lane Dana Lynn Lapsley Paola Lara-Chavez Katherine Charles Lasure Lena Marie Latour Chanel Dior Lau Cynthia Xue Lay Hieu Le Clare Hyun-Sun Lee Dani Jordan Lee Ji Eun Lee Judy Lee Kelsey Soo-Yeon Lee Yerin Lee* Connie Li Rachel Lim Jennifer Lima Emeline Lopez Briana Courtney Louie Nancy Thuy Lu Adriana Guadalupe Lucas Alejandra Lucatero Kitty K. Lui Cathy Ly Kimberly Yolanda Macias Valerie Denise Macias Micaela Maciel Alyssa Leeann Mackenzie Aries Esther Magana Diana Magana Yadira Maravillas Camille Erise Emelo Jachthäfen Moniqua Le' Shay Markham* Caricia Nina Marquez Heather Lauren Marriott* Natalie Martigon Jilaine Elizabeth Martin Karla Maria Martin Ruth Noemi Mateos Jennifer Robyn Mauricio Randall Patrick McDermott Maribel Medel Brittni Tasha Mendoza Cristina Mendoza Isabella Elizabeth Mendoza Summa Zhuolin Meng Priscilla Irene Menjivar* Araceli Meza Kari Anne Michaud McKenna Maureen Mitchell Seleste Alicia M oci als Edgardo Alberto Molina, Jr. Seung Min Moon Isabel Mora Kyla Wang Moss* Elizabeth Guerrero Munoz Melina Leilany Munoz, Sr. Jocelyn Murillo Micah Marie Ostan Nacpil Raphael Noah Olea Natividad Adriana Judith Navarro Jacklyn My Ngo Jacqueline Ngo Marie Nguyen Bui Brenda Kim Nguyen Henry Tan-Phat Nguyen Ivy Farrah Nguyen Jasmine Thanh Nguyen Jazlyn Van Nguyen Kim Nguyen Lyly Nguyen* Michelle Hien Nguyen Peter Chi-Cong Nguyen Princeton C. Nguyen Thien Bao Alan Huy Nguyen Dayziah A. Nichols Kelsie Miyoko Nishite Alejandra Ochoa Kimberly Ochoa Julie Ju Young Oh Angela Caguntas Oliva* Elizabeth Oregon Evelyn Fernanda Orellana Richard Orellana-Carbajal* Saul Eduardo Orozco Brianna Andrea Ortiz* Jason Alexander Ortiz Leticia Denice Paniagua Chester Orperia Panitan Jonah Chang-Jin Park Sang Jun Park Jannely Peralta Mena Clerissa Tess Perez Janette Maria Perez Kevin Perez Sean Albert Perry Khoa Dang Pham Steve Anh Tuan Pham My Thi Hoai Phan Gabriella Nicole Pierandozzi* Max Francis Pierc ey McKe nna Anne Pigoni Bellanira Puentes Haonan Quan Monica Quezada Alejandro Ramirez Rodrigo Ramos Alvarez Chrisline Camille Rose Gui Raymundo Kendall Marie Reinitz Cindy Virginia Renteria Virileyma Reyes Guzman Tori Renee Reynolds Malaine Victoria Ribeiro* Ji Hye Rim Cindy Lusia Rivera Carlos Oswald Rodriguez Claudia Rodriguez Darlin Rodriguez Jennifer Paulina Rodriguez Margarita Anahi Rodriguez Rosalinda Rodriguez Asia Destiny Royston Zainab Ayman Sabrin Nicole Saechao Carissa Celine Saenz Yesenia Salcedo Toni Marie Salgado Felicia Elizabeth Salinas* Sandra Azucena Salinas Emily Patricia Samano Annie San Devin Blake Sanchez Yessica Sanchez Crisia Michell Santacruz Itzhel Santiago Ingrid Margarita Santos* Joseline Santos Onassis Miguel Santos Jennifer Pura Sebastian Katelyn Mae Seieroe Andrew Sengphrachanh Minerva Janette Serriteno Dong Yun Shin Kaitlin Brielle Simmons Jessica Kaur Singh Yoonsun So Elias Alberto Soriano Khajidmaa Soyoltulga Michael Vincent Sperber Marah Michelle Ste ve nson Ambyr Nycole Stewart* Tzu-Han Tai Cindy Huy Taing Megumi Tanaka Jessica Tang Claudia Cassandra Tapia Jennifer Le Tarm* Kelsey Joy Texeira Samantha Thang Isaiah Claude Thompson Haley Marie Thorsen Andrea Thuy Linh Tieu Matthew James Tilley Jocelyn An Brian Vinh Tran Julie Hoa Tran Teresa- Trang Tran* Theresa Thien-An Tran Tracey Kim Tran Winny Ming Tran Brenda Rubi Trujillo Sánchez Nhan Thanh Truong Brendan Tyler Turpin Brandon Sangkheang Ung Kimberly Manh Ung Marlene Isamar Uriostegui Jesús Alejandro Valdez Edwin Valencia Yunuen Valencia* Kia Christy Vang Deycy Vargas Esquivel Jade Mari Vasconcellos Jaime Antonio Vasquez Janeth Vazquez Bautista Gabriela Valentina Vazquez Lucero Jennifer Vazquez Mariana Blanca Veloz Belen Villanueva Luci Anais Villasenor Jesus Alfredo Villegas Vanessa Viramontes Hannah Joy Virgin Randie Leilani Vlahakis Do Anh Vu Shraddha Bhupendra Waghela* Maggie Jean Wakelin Emma Noel Walsh Summa Danwei Wang Laura Wei Jamie Therese Whyte* Taylor Lee Wlaschin Camera eron Ty ler Wolf Ryan Matthew Wong Hyun Jay Yang * Abschluss voraussichtlich im Sommer Anrechenbar für Honors at Graduation; wird basierend auf der Gesamtbilanz am Ende des letzten Viertels vergeben.

5958 UCI Commences 2017 Undergraduate Candidates Jessica Faye Yib Katrina Stacie Yip Wanxin Yue Iliana Carolina Zepeda Yining Zhu BACHELOR OF SCIENCE Aerospace Engineering Aaron Michael Acosta Ali Hassen AA Almulla* Alexander Nicholas Alvara Michelle Lenuta Antimie Alfonso Arreguin Joshua Christopher Baldwin William Joseph Berrios Sven Fabien Blaser Justin David Block Sovan Bopha Tai Wei Chen Richard Cheng Waleed Zaher Dahbour Zachary Tadeusz De Motte Dean Anthony Defuria Julian Abelardo Elizarraras James Michael Faber II William Conner Farrell Luis Carlos Gallegos Brandon Michael Ialenti Vishnu V. Maharaj Luis A. Marshall Jesus Martinez Romik Mejlumyan Francisco Gilberto -Barajas Mendoza Alan Anthony Meza Nima Mohseni Summa Samuel Morales Isaiah Chri Stian Navarro Jimmy C. Ngo Calvin Phuong Nguyen Vietmy Huu Nguyen Bryan Gustavo Orozco Oziel Dante Ortiz Justin Davis O Kelley Rachel Quisbert Tyler James Rasmussen Ruiz Kelsey Nicole Safar Vadim S lyusarchuk Shanuka Raveen Solanga Arachchige Chung Joo Song Jonathan Matthew Sullivan Thomas Keegan Sullivan Peter Daniel Sutliff* Neptali Sarah Anis Summa Karim Oussama Arabi Amirah Aryan Ambar Alejandra Avila Miguel Bautista Irene C. Beltran* Sarah Mohiba Boukai Ryan Jesse Stephen Collins Andrew w Dam Summa Sean Christopher Elijah Patrick Palisoc De Guzman Crystal Kayla Devezin Stella Olivia Doering Dishant Parshottam Donga Joshua David Drum Robert Edward Dunn* Mahrukh Fatima Leslie Anne Fernando Ch Ristopher Bryant Foskett Louis Michael Frank Xiuhui Shih Wei Huang Scott Andrew Kelley Junghyun Kim Lingshun Kong Brennan Michael Larkin Armon Ali Lashgari David Le Tuyetnhi Ngoc Le Brandon Scott Lee Sean Alexander Lee - Te Quiero Mucho Prachi Atulkumar Shah - Te Quiero Mucho (Official Music Video) Lashgari David Le Tuyetnhi Ngoc (Official Music Video) Ali Shakoor Siddiqui As David Isaac Siyluy* Cyril George Soliman Brandon Jonathan Szeto Marlen Soledad Tagle Rodriguez Seraphim Bartholomew Telep* Thomas Trung Tran Brandon Trieu Kevin Trieu Alejandra Gabriela Turcios Martin Anthony Valdez Sheng Vang IV Audrey Tran Vu Timothy J Winnie Cheng Brian Berk Dertly Al i Majid Farhat* Ivy Thuy By Le Lauren Gihae Lee Amin Mahmoodi Shant Thomas Malkasian Mahan Sepehr Naeim Malcolm Summa Chemical engineer Samer Wael Alghalayini will be based on the balance sheet at the end of the last year.

60Die Henry Samueli School of Engineering 59 Mossab Khalid A. Alsaedi Allan Argelagos Alex Tariq Asefi Jayvee Papa Aspa* Andrew David Capulong Seth Thoene Champness Cara Lisabeth Chan Henry Chan Yvonne My Linh Chau Haoran Chen Ming Chen Jackson William Chirigotis* Xavier King Chuck Justin Victor Hugo Cobar Jr. Jenette Gaylen Creso Christine Phuong Dang Siliang Di Melissa Karen Diaz Duy Doan Zari Ebadeh Ahvazi Betsabe Gaspar Vargas* Aaron D. Gonzalez Feng Guo Joseph Allen Gutierrez Julia Luu Ha Alexander Lawrence Heald Sara Elizabeth Heedy Simon Ho Nohora Alejandra Hormaza- Mejia Joseph Emil Jimenez Eric Matthew Click here to listen to Seki Rida Shakil Dian Dian mp3 youtube com Omar H. Tarif Shanka Sandeepa Udugampola. Click here to listen to Seki Rida Shakil Dian Dian mp3 youtube com Katarina Chanel Van Wonderghem Ha Cam Vu Kha Thieu Vu Bryan Vuong Jonathan Cheng Wang Ryan Manuel Weiner Ryan Takahiro Yoshikawa Nicholas Zajicek Jacqueline J. Zou Youchen Chao John Anthony Hills Karen Cecilia Cervantes Valent ino Cruz Markovic Obcemea Double Ana Karen Dominguez Haros Jonathan Esquivel Taylor John Evans Janhin Daniel Fong Jean-Paul Genio Diego Gonzalez- Madrigal Israel Gudino Jiho Joseph Ha Yousef Raad Habhab Vivian Hang Pearl Star Herrera Thomas Eric Hodges Jensen Daniel Arash Jordan Kristy Chung John Warren King Iris Han La David H. Lee David Key Lee Michael S. Lee Jacqueline Rosario Lerma Bowen Liang Toni Lacey Longabardi Elaine Luong Lamont Jermaine Lynch Grant Henry Magnanelli Jonathan Martin Esau Francis Martinez Ulysses Martinez William J. M. edina John Francis Rowe IV Viviana Sanchez Brian Ly Seng Lawrence Xavier Sevidal Amrita Ravi Shankar Evan Karl Shipley Christopher Robert Smith Delbert Christopher Smith - Lavezzari Zhichen Song Meyers Chelsea Marissa Yuen Computer Engineering Alexander Cruz Almanza* Ivan White Brown Brandon Tran Cao* Stefan Cao Tianyi Cao Jeffrey Eric Chan Tony Chen Cai - The Best Of Paul Chun Daniel Jooryabi * Ab schluss preferably in summer Suitable for exhibitions in Abschluss; will be based on the balance sheet at the end of the last year.

6160 UCI Begins 2017 Graduation Candidates Yebraksi Kouzoukian Kyle H. Lam Nathan Le Jonathan G. Loui Jack Collin Koakaikaina Melcher Xianpei Meng Hunter Shinei Meurrens Spielberg Michel Kevin Ngo Tony Nguyen Dyann Ramos Oreas James Ryan Ortiz-Luis Tony Tu Phi Kent Aaron Pluntze Austin David Raun Elliot John Rhee Luis Santos Ribaya Jr. Allan Rodriguez Mario De Jesus Ruiz Nehme Saikali Brendon Salinas Samuel Mayur Shah Tyler Patrick Stevens Tex Ray Taylor Parth Himmat Thummar Jim An Alexander Duy Tran Andrew Nam Trinh Michael Leon Alexander Alvin Tseng Anurag Vaddi Reddy Linda Vang Gaurav Venkatesh Raghavan Travis Brian Wolf Yixiang Yan James Yi * Andrew Yu Ryan Richie Yuen Derek Zhang Yuxiang Zhao Enze Na Zheng Shuai Zheng* Cheng Zhu Computer Science and Engineering Christopher Hodge Amaya Alexander Andrew Bustelo Matthew Erich Butrovich Leon Trinh Cao Summa Margarette Tan Catanghal Thao Vi Chu Hugh Hung Dang Aaron Avraham Daniel Paul Vinh Dao Art Christopher Miles Sherman Hector German Solano D Wesley Wu Tyler Evans Young Aaron Luokai Zhong Electrotechn ik Nirduna Refat Abodia Byron Ubaldo Aguilar Reigan Vinson De La Cruz Alcaria Faisal A. Alshak'a Arash Asgarinejad Jeremiah Andre Baca Linda Word-Van Banh Jeffrey Kenneth Berhow Steve C ho Byungdae Choi Colton Joel Christiansen Dong Xu Du Nicholas Brett Farabee Donghao Feng Zirui Fu Zhe Gao Xinyi Gu Tamir Avraham Hershko Jonathan Hoong Guanting Hou Jiajun Hu Yan Huang Jesse Alexander Inouye Igor Issakov Gabriel Barabona and Timothy Chenyu Jan Xing Ji Liu Judith Juwita Liem William Zi Hao Lin Wei Mengfei Liu Daniel Christian Lozano Wenqin Lu Shahrooz Maghsoudi Asif Mahmud George Nicolas Mansour Reginald Falconer Martinez James Eduardo Mendoza Xianpei Meng Kristie Melanie Moeljanto Vishtasb Namiranian Joshua Orifel Navarrete Augustine Okamura Russell Haruki Okamura Russell Haruki Okamura Russell Haruki Okamura Russell Haruki Okamura Russell Haruki Okamura Russell Haruki Okamura Russell Haruki Okamura Russell Haruki Okamura Kendrick John Welch Cody Todd Williams Aaron Hc * Cory Michael Yun Ningfeng Zhang Tejia Zhang Yiqing Zhang Yunya n Zhao Yuxiang Zhao Enze Na Zheng Welding Technician Cristen Trang Alvarez Talal Nabil Ammouri William Brown Amos Sean Paras Baptist Lai Choy Chao Andrew Thomas

62Henry Samueli School of Engineering 61 Tess Kimberly Hoang Noura Hassan A. Islam Clark Sangmuk Joung Dustin Lee Shiqing Li Ivy Lu Aldrin Ryan Cupino Lupisan Mayra Lizet Martinez Nikole Paige Meade Jenna Lynn Obenshain Yeimy G. Ojeda Charlotte Deanna Papp Rajan Yogendrasinh Raj Daniela Rivera Leon Eric Luis Malvar Jasmine Baby Solidum Morris Nhac Erik Dean Sheldon Dian Song* Naomi Sierra Thomson Brandon Tran Jiarui Xu Timothy Zaragoza Yongxiao Zhou Maschinenbau Abdullah Yahya Abdal Edwin Shawnt Abrahamian Aaron Michael Acosta Edgar Mosque Mitchell Gregory Anderson Andre Andriassian* Michelle Lenuta Antimie Raphael Antwi, Sr.; Mercedes-Benz Jasmine Aquino Gabriela Arevalo Jake Avo Atachian Scott Nathaniel Bahl Greeceland Genesis Baires David Francis Baltazar Kenneth Dean Barbera Luis Alexander Barrantes Julien Dylan Basmayor Ganesh Rajashekhar Betageri Jordan Benjamin Birnbaum . . . . . . . . . . . . Patrick Andre Canler Justin Michael Cardona McHenry Carlson Nicholas James Cecchi Darren K. Chan Not Sure What to Do With My Life Not Sure What to Do With My Life Ethan Cheng Anthony Chuong Cameron Wilson Colley Joshua Blas Condori Jasmine Delia Lamb Waleed Zaher Dahbour Sohn H. Dao Derek Vinluan of Los Angeles Zachary Tadeusz of Motte Kunal Ujwal Deshpande Ahmed Dessouky Jr. James Michael Faber II Abdulkareem A. Fadlah Xinyi Fan Giovanni Farina De Castro William Conner Farrell Shengnan Fei Zhiyang Feng Amber Megan Fong Donald C. Fong* Jonathan Chia Ching Fong Phillip Winslow Friedman Humberto Gaeta Sanchez Calvin Garret Gao Rui Gao David Garcia Arya Givehchin Kevin Gonzalez Lisette Gonzalez Zachary Eudoxus Greensite* Patrick Warrior Gertz Liangyin Guo Philip De Jesus Gutierrez, Jr. John Lawrence Higgins David Andrew Hingeveld Lawrence Eduard Hipolito* Erin Chun Yeung Ho Thomas Viet Thanh Tam Ho Joshua Alexander Holt Joseph Hong Joshua Edward Houston Yun Peng Hsiao Jundong Hu Cameron Bruce Hunt Ismailyan Mark Brown Jakovljevic Austin John Johansen Giovanna Amelia Juarez Patrick Kelly Cameron Kennedy Justin Patrick Kerr Emily My Kha Benjeet Singh Khabra Mohamad Khazem Bon Hope Kuey Zachary Oommen Andrew Chun Yiu Kwok Ban Lan* Chris H. Lan Quan Diem Le Christopher G. Lee Dale Jinsoo Lee Joshua Lee Meng-Hsuan Lee Amoya Nicole Lewis Bander Abdulmalik A. Linguistics Biology Liu Guohao Liu Yang Li u Jasmine Atienza Key Kirk Jude Wolf Jodie Loo Gerardo Javier Lopez John David Lopez Steven Luong Braveson Tien Ly Jordan Alexander Lyle Jessica Marquez Mack intosh Henry Mak Victor Mak Luis A. Marshal * Absolute warned Summer Suitable for displays at Absolute ; will be based on the balance sheet at the end of the last year.

6362 UCI Commencement 2017 Degree Candidates Alexander Israel Martin Valerie Elvira Martinez Alexander Paul Masamitsu Connor James McCauley Omar David Mendoza Francis Hugo Antonio Mendoza Alan Anthony Meza Calvin William Mo Jason Michael Moeller Martin Alexander Noriega* Brian Patrick O'Sullivan, Jr. Sohee Oh* Theophil Jonathan Oros Bryan Gustavo Orozco Oziel Dante Ortiz Joshua Nathaniel Ortiz-Contreras Brenda Padilla Anthony Palacios Joshua J. Palacios Ian Chester Avila Paar Nicholas Santo Parks Elijah Joseph Santos Easter Harrison Fellows Pauer Ethan Peng Ernesto Raul Peralta Nicholas Alexander Pereira Thomas Edgardo Perez, Jr. Anthony Pham David Pham Peter Bradley Phillips Nathan H. Phung Gabriel John Pillitire Navpreet Singh Plaha Devin Lavin Pozas Mackenzie Read Puig-Hall Nicole Safar Luis Francisco Salazar Madelyn Mackenzie Sando Masahiro Sato* Zachary Joseph Scofield Tarou Seki* Dhaval Bharat Shah Ali Shehadeh* Eric Dean Click here to download Anh Le Tran Triet Minh Tran youtube with speakers Berto Javier Trejo Daniel Tseng Vivian Wan-Ru Tseng Whitmore Kyle Jacob Williams John David Wilson-Fink Johnny Wong Huntington Wade Woodman II Curtis Patrick Wragg Other Scholarships Wu Junfeng Wu Haosen Xing Jiarui Xu Yuntong Xu Weiqiang Yin Clayton Lloyd Younkers* Kunlong Yu Timothy Zaragoza Han Zheng* School of Humanities BACHELOR OF ARTS Afroa mericanos Sandra Danielle Johnson Saianna Eric Anthony Colbert Molly Anne Curtis Summa Diona Yemae Fu Josseline Gonzalez Eleanor May Harrison Rachel Marie Johnson Randi Danielle Johnson Faith Elizabeth Golz and Yousefi Asian American Studies Julie Huynh* Alexander Nicholas Le Nguyen Peyton James Ross Justine Thuy Trinh Calvin Yuanqing Zhao Chinese Studies Maryann Mohammed Al-Yami Emily Chen Donna Gao Jonathan Tai Lon Ho Luhan Jiang Kento Taguchi Ariel Phan Tiet Son Alexander Scott Cameron Kathleen Jane Hobkirk Diana Lee L uke Robert Loper Comparative Literary Arts Claire Bantilan Jannet Camarena Amy Marion De Caro Magna * Absolute preferably in summer suitable for publications in Absolute; will be based on the balance sheet at the end of the last year.

64School of Humanities 63 Ian Douglas Bingying Duan* Kristen Ha Chau Thi Minh Ho Ling Hu Marlon Alexander Monico Zeina Nohad Mousa Michael Angel Olvera Hyo Jin Park Allison Sage Plette Peyton James Ross Dario Serrano, Jr. Meghan Elizabeth Taylor Summa Ariel Phan Tiet Christopher Cody Williams Daria Olegovna Zakharchenko Ostasian Cultures Su Jung Hwang* Zhiqiu Jin Megan Renee Pelt Cene Mariko Tamashiro Shenghao Ye Jamie Shen Yu English Ara Clay Composer Edrian Glen Tolentino Banta Vincent Y. Bi Blaine Bolin Olivia Carolina Bonner Quinton Paul Bowers* Breanna Justine Brommer Jannet Camarena Eunice Mary Ann Awa Fields Allison Denisse Canton Carrie Marie Carbonneau Rachel Marion Carruth Andrew Thomas Chaffee, Jr.* Derek Ji-Yong Chang Charity E.G. Stephen Young Woo Chun Grace Angelica Ciccarello Julia Nancy Clausen Chelsea Carmel Natalie Conklin Logann Gabriel Cox-Williams Allison Ivon Cuevas Ortiz Charles R. Cummins Rachel K. Do Kristy Allison Doan Ian Douglas Kaipo Yuuki Age* Avalon Candice Emrich Amy Fan James Daniel Foley Gregory Steven Frank Lauren Forbes Frymire Clarissa Espinoza Garcia Seth Eugene Gleckman Hannah Katherine Goldie Kelly Gong Michael Angel Gonzales* Maximilian Luciano Gonzalez Amber Love Gordon Yoselin Gutierrez Cassandra Gloria Hall Ram Han Eleanor May Harrison* Richterin Caitlin Healy Nicholas Michael Heggem Rachael Jeanne Heinsen Heather Lee Hermesman Jessica Lee Hoang Kathleen Jane Hobkirk Kimberly Marie Holmes Steven Huerta Nancy Thanh Huynh John Hwang Nathaniel William Intolubbe Danny James Nicole Ann Johnson Alexander R Ivann Juarez Hannah Yeun-Hee Kang Thomas Justinian Kennedy Emily Sarah Kerr Zhanetta Khachikyan Irene Christian Kim Joyce J. Kim Ann Es namely, Danbie Koo Emily Chan The Summa Shawn R obert Lee Richmond Ponloeu Lim Jacqueline Liu Amy Elizabeth Lucas Summa Creativity Teresa Beverly Star Beverly Luu Karen Gia Diana Magana Works Wonders Rodcelyn Sexon Matienzo Holly Christine Mead Sounale Mehta Andrew James Page Jessica I. Pelayo Giulia-Christina Philipp Kayla Joy Phillips Lauren Alexandra Powers Shaun Douglas Reid Jacqueline Taylor Richmond Lydia Ann Roybal Shayna Grace Sappington Jazley Faith Teacher Dario Serrano, Jr . Chelsea Joan Smith* Kelsey A. Smith Emma Catherine Smizer John William South, Jr. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . James Harry Stephens Dana N. Swithenbank Monique J. Tan Jaime Chan Tang* Elizabeth Anne Wood Zoe Michaela Yeung European Studies Edward Guadalupe Castle Vanessa Gutierrez Matthew Louis Honig Touyen Pham Vu Film and Media Sciences Esteban Aceves Stephanie Ha Phuong Ai Robert M. Alpine * Marisol Erin Beamon Vincent Y. Bi Arthur Egisto Boone Brenda Bravo Min Cai Rong Cai Alexandria Marie Calopiz Jordan Charles Carter* Veronica Cervantez Jessie Chang Molly Anne Curtis Summa Alireza Love Magna Christopher From The Fountain* Jenny Lynn Desaint Qiya Ding* *Degree awarded in summer Eligible for honors at graduation; will be based on the balance sheet at the end of the last year.

Sixty-five64 UCI Commencement 2017 Bachelor of Arts Candidates Elected Dou Bianca Nadine Duarte Steven Escobar Jingda Feng John Bruce Figueroa Jamarlin Fowler Jerry Anthony Fuentes Leon King Joseph David Koltes Marjorie D. Lapitan Victoria Marie Lawton Suzy Heajim Lee Ruriko McGrann Lauren Christine Mechling Katherine Mende Dylan Raymond Mine* Savanah Raine Moore-Kondo Yesenia Mora* Cynthia Muro Mancilla Daniel Nakhla Hector Ortega Oma Michelle Fish Chrisline Camille Rose Gui Raymundo Matthew Scott Rigg Cynthia Rocha Raudel Rodriguez Kimberly Jayne Sarreal* Rebekah Marie Snyder Hoi Ki So Paul Jaeyun Song, Jr. Skye Martine Gould Spencer* Hubert Minhvi Ta Kevin James Tan Ariana Therese Tavantzis Dempsey Thomas Oscar Alfredo Torres Tracey Kim Tran Sang Won Um* Lauren Ashley Villegas Zhixin Wan Jiajun Wang Mengyi Wang Bethany R. Weidauer Summa Kyle Russell Isamu Weik* Cui Wen Jess Wong Zhengyi Wu Iffanie Yang Joshua Andrew Yeager Chenyi Zhang* Huan Zhang Yelei Zhang French Cecilia Avila Jean-Louis Bru Brenda Ruth Gutierrez Hey Jin Kim Jacob Fredric Martin Chanelle Frog Mossavi Elizabeth Perez Lewen Sun* Yutong Tang* Christian Anthony Torres Summa Gender and Sexuality Studies Emma Diamond Burke Nancy Crystal Butler Stephany Cazares Diana Dominguez Ortega Erika Esquivel Chelsea Victoria Faustino Michelle Jennifer Martinez Leslie Maria Sanchez Global Cultures Angelica Philoteo Aquino Deborah Arciniega Great Britain Nicole Buttram Kendall Courtney Th. Jenna Noelle Allie Thais Piersanti Castro Alves Summa Carolina Calf John Joseph Beyers Reese Douglas Brooks Thomas Duncan Brunson Julian Andree Bugarin Jordan Charles Carter* Yareli C. Castro Sevilla Guadalupe Alexander Dorantes Paige Michelle Fitzgerald Danielle Rae Conchita Gonzalez Nichole Amy G. Grimes Hui Jennifer Isidro Analysis Candida Jenrich Cody Eugene Justman Lauren Elizabeth Kerner Hyeon Jin Kim Kihong Kim Lev Kulyashov Start s Nixon Shelter Ortega-Carrillo Sean Albert Perry Steve Anh Tuan Pham Juzheng Rao Ciani Alyssa Reyes Jennifer Paulina Rodriguez Oscar Roses Whitaker Simon Reynolds Valeria Lucia Taboada Ramiro Velazquez, Jr. Casey Suhey Ventura Alysia Marie Verdin Angelica Marlene Victoria Camacho Jackson Wang Taylor Lee Wlaschin will be based on the balance sheet at the end of the last year.

(Video) आयकर आगणन विवरण कैसे भरें ? How to fill income tax form ? आयकर विवरण प्रपत्र बेसिक शिक्षा परिषद

66Donald Bren School of Humanities/School of Information and Computer Science 65 Raymond Wong Japanese Language and Literature Alyssa Mizuki Bender Jackson Cheang Kristen Lee Clark Aiko Tiffany Ford Louis Su Kikuya Sumsum Li Jessyca Bailey Tabor Jennifer Anh-Thu Nguyen Tran Yi-Hsuan Tsai Sheng Xia Wen-Hsin Yang* Korean Literature and Culture Pearl Arevalo Blanca Jazmyn Bahena Gabrielle Cimone Bussey Stephany Cazares Amanda Rea Corso Claire Katherine Darner Jennifer Han Jiyeong Lee Brielle Leann Mroczko Jefferson Yann Nhem LiteratureJournalism Marwa Mahmoud Abdelghani Jared Aaron Alokozai Nicole Ciara Block Mariah Susana Castaneda * Gabriella Cipolletti Amber Rose Connaghan Brooke Megan Dorsey Timothy William Gibson Andrea Gomez Juan Carlos Gonzalez Jacqueline E. Grade Linda Ha Jessica Lee Hoang Kihong Kim Formosa Mi Lan Michelle Katherine Li cari Janice Lin Luis Junior Lugo Charity Lyons Theresa Martinez Mandapat Zoie Taylor Matthew Jordan Scott Medina Denette Adina Monreal Anna Le Anne Morrell John Edward Nardolillo Priscilla Ng Deanna Kim Nguyen Alexandra K. Penn Faith Sendjaja Angela B. Shin* Kathy Thuy Tran Katherine Allison Turner Kyle Russell Isamu Weik* Darren Devon White Angelica Yaghoubi People Joshua Andrew Yeager Philosophy Alia Kathryn Alvey Culp, Jr. Lillith Rita Don John Nicholas Flores Jemima Maria Galan Elvis Garcia Victor Manuel Gonzalez Asher Luc Gradvohl Jonathan Misael Grajeda Miluo Hsu Nshan Alex Kenjoian Theodore Changhoon Kim Yunjie Liu Xenia Lvovskaia Micole Erin Madrid Roddy Galen Manco Nicole Malak Charlotte Midani Kimberly Reyes Kyra Nico le Rogers William Eduardo Sanchez Emile Ramez Shehada Summa Bryan Suarez Christian Anthony Torres* Kelvin Villegas Nj Carinal Jason Tin Ki Yu Religious Science Manuel Chavez Kenneth Doyel Davis Thomas Justinian Kennedy John Henry Solomon Therasa Bearse Topete Steven Manuel Zepeda Spanish Ingrid Pamela Ambriz-Mata Daisy Stephanie Arellano Mona Bdaiwi Aracely Bermejo Evelyn Briones Ana Cecilia Knight t Gabriela Berta Castillo* Abigail Castro White Leticia Cine-Garcia Jessica Cruz Crystal Market Linnet Cross Oghogho Esohe Ekhator-Osagiede* Alexander Favela Edilbertha Flowers Maximilian Luciano Gonzalez Susana Gonzalez* Jazmin Jimenez Destin and Brijae Joshua Erick Landa Jennifer Paz Ledesma Karen Morales-Guerrero Armando Murillo Mary Cruz Murillo Elizabeth Ojeda Angel Olvera Jonathan Edgardo Orellana Jason Alexander Ortiz Maurice Alexander Perez Erika Quintero Karen Jasmin Vejar Donald Bren Faculty of Informatics and Computer Science BACHELOR OF SCIENCE Business Information Management Samantha Alexandra Aligaen Aarish Mohd Aziz Lok Shun Chan Andy Kao Yi Chen Jennifer Tori Chew Niky Dang Francis Derian Adrian Ybanez Mercado Ashish Mukund Patel Mengtao Amy Quach Sivam Anand Rao Jeff Saengsri Jingyao Shi Tiffany Marie Tanuwidjaja Theresa Hanh Tran Xin Wen Yicheng Wu Yuwei Xiao* Kaiyi Yu Meifeng Zhang Shengruo Zhang Zicong Z hang up IT Efren Matthew Lucas Aguilar Benjamin Amutan Alexander James Bagg Matthew Christopher Bobke Alexander W. Chapp Andrew Steven Chau will be based on the balance at the end of the senior year.

6766 UCI Commencement 2017 Degree Candidates Hao Quang Dinh Hiroshi-Miguel Lim Estrada Benjamin Yiu Jung Everett Katherine Michelle Fitzpatrick Christopher E. Fulgencio Roldan Dela Cruz Gammad Andres Gonzalez, Jr. Zachary Hwang Hart Edwin Andrew Ho Jasmine Ellesse Hunter Akihiro Izumi David Gregory Kangas Jungman Nathan Martin Krueger Steven Yu Kuo Tiffany Wai-Ki Lam W. Thoi Brandon William Thomas Ian Takeshi Tokuyama Peter Gene-Ted Truong Monami Miyake Yang Jianyu Zheng Computer Science Ryan Atkins Curtis Graye Babin Anahita Bagherpour James David Stephen Skyler Barkley-Yeung Kyle John Bend Ickson Harrison Brian Booker Nathan Cole Brannon Michael Do Bui Julian Ellis Burton Anne Louise Palomar Knight Mary Ellen Waters Cabuay Songyun Cao Alonzo Castanon Jacqueline Castro Stephen Castro Jose Mari Catalasan IV Rohan Chadha Jacob Chan Madeline Chan Langston Richard Chandler Travis Chang Jeffrey Chen Jiahao Chen Magna Kevin Hank Chen Steven Chen* Tianya Chen Yuefei Chen Brandon Sam Cheng Daniel Cheng Gordon Houston Cheng Pok On Cheng Kimberly Lotus Chou Ray Borshiann Chou Derek Tzu Wen Chow Po-Chien Chung Ryan Elliott Cockins Trenton Andrew Coleman Ruben Bratzo Columbus, Sr. Julian Reese Lamm Ephraim Coyt, Jr. . . . . . Caitlin Anne Creekmore Daryl Zhong Cui Sara Dadafshar Jeffrey Allen Dale Alvin Riley Dantic Matthew Lawrence Dees Matthew Joel Deneui Ruijun Deng* Harit Mahadev Desai Amit Kumar Dhingra Gustavo Diaz Bryan Sang Diep Brian Dinh Tony Ngoc Van Dinh Andrew Daniel Do Jerrid James Domingo Wilmer Rillera Domingo Jeremy Station II Steve Estrada Norman Alexander Ettedgui Chelsea Victoria Faustino Russell Scott Fenenga Andy Yuan Feng Derek Stone Fisher John David Flores Jeffrey Kahim Fok Francis Roberto Franco David Asher Furman Chris Mukul Gala* Steven Matthew G. Rossman Billy Guan Gabriela Gutierrez James Hardjadinata Magna Ofri Harlev Haseeb Ul Hassan Qi He Nicholas Goker Hefner* Juan Pablo Hernandez Paul M. Herr Bryan Fowler Hirsch Meghan Kim Hnath Kelly Ho Vincent Ho Magna Moriya Geoffrey Horiuchi* Jason Chen-Ju Hsieh Xin Hu Kevin Hua Ulises Ibarra* Nolan Kenichi Ige Nicholas Imkamp Kelly-Crispina Vilar Inciong Takahiro Ishikawa Andre Ismailyan Mitchell James Jacobs II Rod Ali Jalali Gareth Martin Jensen Ryan Eric Jew Emory Mincheng Jiang Angel Jimenez Carolyn Jung Changhwan Peter Jung Yvonne E. Kaire Jieun Kang Arzang Summa Katie Khuu Alex Sungwoo Kim Henry Kim Il Kim James Kim Seth Aaron Kinchen Sean Michael King* Corey Lee Kipp Von Mohan Kirloskar Zachary Eric Kloock Aaron Y. Ko* John Young Ko Kevin Ko Adrian Adam Korczak Rajiv Koya Dalton Day Tong Kraatz Alec Nico Kriebel Germ a Krikorian Nathan Martin Krueger * Absolutely optional in summer due for Honors at Graduation; shall be based on the balance sheet at the end of the last year.

68Donald Bren School of Information and Computer Sciences 67 Seth N. Kruse Shingles Narendra Kulkarni Oh Jun Kwon* Audrey Fu Lai Linda Lam* Raymond Lam Thomas Hoang Thinh Lam Albert M. Lau Andrew Lau Ivan M. Law Jennifer Le Tu Phu Hoang Le Justin Lee Su Hyung Lee Tony Hawk Lee William B. Lee Zachary Austin Lee Brett T. Lenz Christopher Orion Lew Jonathan Andrew Lie Darren Lieu Magna Andrew Nathan Light, jr. Chen Lu David Minh Lu Wayne Lu Zhaonian Luan Nelson Wei Lueng Robert Luo Yuejia Luo Andrew Edward Luong Randy Kenneth Luong Brian Khoa Christopher John Sison Mayor Hayden Brett McFarland Magna Adam Daniel McInnes Kathleen Nicole McLellan Julia Rebecca Medina -Morin* Jarrett Alden Mesa* Allen Yoonhong Min Morrell Alexander Jiahong Mui* Jared Krishna Nand Jared Anthony Napoli Monika Narula Arash Nase Jonathan Ryan Newcomb Nova Wesley Richard Shela Chuong Dinh Nghiem* Dustin Ngo* Alvin Thien Nguyen Chloe Nguyen* Dang Khue Khanh Nguyen Daniel Nguyen Duy Bao Nguyen Louis Nguyen Other Things Thanh Steven Nguyen Steven Nguyen Thomas T. Nguyen Trevor Ngu Yen Eric Sean Nicholls Aditya Satya Nishtala Shihao Niu Briana Nicolle O'Hern Jeong Taek Oh Bryan Michael Oliande Jonathan D. Orozco Daniel Ortega Carl Lenin Minas Pacheco Anthony Posadas Padua* Simeon Padurean Allan Pahn Evan Forrest Palmer & Malav C. Pandya Livuth Pang Dong Won Park* Joseph Jan Park Junghyun Par k Jungkyu Park Timothy Sungsoo Park Hannah Helper* Maharshi Shaileshkumar Patel Priyank Nitinkumar Patel Max Vaughn Paulus Kevin Amaury Pena Kevin Permana Adam Kento Julie N. Pham Tony Alissa Adriana Powers Timothy Steven Arlyne Pranoto James Nicholas Prendergast Michael Russell Prigmore Jiang Sr. Michael Ryan Vila Punla Zhenfeng Qi Cheng Qian Justin Daniel Quinn Mohammad Akbar Qureshi Adil Rafaa Ashwin Rao David Dwayne Ray Frederick Thiziri Rezine Red Carolina Adam Timothy Roke Max Jacob Rose* Marcelo Russo Andrew Javid Safaie Roy Sasaki Iniyavan Sathiamurthi Cody Bryce Sauer Christopher Alexander Schlacta Ian Geoffrey Schweer Alexander Gabriel Scott Latrice Kyana Sebastian* Jamil Peter Semaan Brett James Settle Chaitra Kumar Setty Nishant Shah Yash Shin Su Jeong Shin Eric N. Shively, Sr. Aisha Arif Siddiq Letyzia Feels Jesus Kevin Silva Michael Franklin Simmons Isaac Samuel Singer Alexander Zhi-Liang Arvind Sontha Irving Obrian Soto Carolyn Marie Stewart Nicholas Adam Sugiarto Vikram Sugumaran Iryna Sulimova Cyrus Dara Tabatabai-Yazdi Teruo Tat Kevin Anthony Teer * Completed preferably in summer due to Honors at Graduation; will be based on the balance sheet at the end of the last year.

6968 UCI Commencement 2017 Degree Candidates Heliodoro Tejeda Zachary Austin Telkamp John Tonnguyen Thach Bryce Joe-Kun Tham Vanessa Channida Thiem Alexander Ian Thompson Daniel Sheley Thompson Vandy Thong* John Vincent Thorpe William Abraham Tjiptadjaja Henry A Miguel Tjiptadjaja Jr . Johnathan Tran Kevin Khang Tran* Kristine Khanh-Trang Tran Michael Vinh Tran Minh Nhat Tran Vincent N. Tran Joanne Vinh Trinh* Kathleen Mai Trinh Alvin Truong Summa Luan N. Truong Jonathan Tsai Benjamin Shea Tully-Hanson Kaung Myint Tun Ngihak Tun, Jr. * Yu-Jye Tung Sebastian Val Jose Luis Vargas Michael Glen Vavro Hector Ricardo Vega Ronald Rene Vega * Ankit Verma Jesse Villanueva Rebecca Do Vo Nikolai Samuel Vogler Summa Nikolai Vorontsov Jessica Ngoc Vu Khoi Hoang Vu Vinh Hoang Vu Hoa Xuan Vuong Magna Mrunmayi Austin Weeks* Andrew Wen Wei Brian James Wei Chifeng Wen Sangbin Whi Robin Tyler Wilborn Vincent Michael Wing Chang S. Won* Akira Kai Wong Karen K. Wong Kevin Ge Min Wong Magna Kevin Prescott Wong Michelle May-Yee Wong Neilson Wong Tyler John Wong Yat Andrew Kevin Yang Henry Yang* Hongyu Yang* Jason Guang-Hwa Yang Computer Science Ryan Thomas Bald Sambodhi Chakrabarty Heyang Chen Daniel Lop-Chi Cheng Steven Chow Jude J. Collins Noah Jordan Strap Anthony Dela Rosa Andrew Gregory Sperry Brenden Eiwen Vogt* Kevin Fa Ngyou Wang Theodore Won Ali Saed Younis Computer Science Christian Jose Amaya Samantha Rose Applebaum Alfonso Enrique Aran zazu Norey Anne Fiesta Sands Cassandra Marie Ayala Balbas Alexia Bareno Leonard Dionisio Cosico Bejosano Urvashi Sania Bishnoi Qiushi Cai Shirelle Chalamish Keith Hei Chan* Jeffrey Chen Jason Cheng Nerissa Anela Garcia Del Rosario Kirstie A. Delos Reyes Eddie Duong Xen J. Eldridge Keyvan Fatehi Jennifer Fong Ricky Stephen Fong Maria Teresa Galindo Isley Marinn Gao Vinson Tejhan Gotingco Huda K. Herwees Alex Victor Jesse Hirota Kevin Dinhkhuong Ho James Jiang Lu Jiang* Lorenia Alexander Jimenez Miramontes* Natalie Ann Kassir Jun Kawa Lane Edward Krejcik Jonathan Simeon Kumamoto Tiffany Amber Lee* Linda Lu Ting -Kit Kelvin Man* Jacob Andrew Marello Patrick Maxion Martin* Aaron Yasuo Matsumoto Daniel Patrick McInnis Diane Jiea Monchusap Yukino Nicole Verheiratet David Saood Name Joshua C. Ng Chape Name Alex Anh Nguyen Bill Nguyen Jasmine Jalayajay Nguyen Katherine Tu Nguyen Kevin Hong An Nguyen Long Michael Bao Nguyen Steven Ngoc-Sohn Nguyen Jody Cumming Nietz Joseph Albert Julian Ord illas Germain Ortiz-Garcia Mau Pan Kathy Pang Alex Cunanan Vorsitzender Raj Chetan Parpani, Sr. Jason William Parsons Ashish Vijay Patel Kush Krushnakant Patel Tessa Elise Pew Manal Rasheed Steven Shawn Ratcliff Alexander David Remigio Tyler Michael Roderick Christopher Brian Sandoval Gaku Jayce Sasaki Jefferson Sau Timothy John Schlueter Suitable for displays at graduation; will be based on the balance sheet at the end of the last year.

70Sue and Bill Gross School of Nursing / Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences 69 Wilson Ung Christelle Jane Tan Valmores Jesse Wang Shiyun Yang Shuwei Yang Wajih Abdul Yassine, Jr . Brittany Nicole Young He Zhang Information and Computer Science Linda Lee Kwok Software Engineering Jana Abumeri Alfonso Almazan Ruelas Francisco Miguel Arca Solomon Chan Brian David Chipman Efrain Coyt, Jr. Gen Thomas Fillipow Matthew Stephen Frazer Arameh Giragosian Joshwin Gabriel Greene Anping He Christian Ricardo Hernandez Nicholas Skye Hoyt Samuel Peng Huang Samuel Juno Hyun Mark Steven Johnson Maximillian Athy Kirchgesner Christopher Yie Lam Andrew Anh Nguyen Le* Jonathan Lee* Richard Ji Dong Lin Bryan Edward Linebaugh* Irish Jamoralin Marquez Ki Chan Min Joshua Alexander Mitchell Dori Joseph Mouawad Janay Edith Nunez Isaac Benjamin Pak Kevin Phan Calvin Hon Chung Poon Luke Nicholas Raus Evangelina Ruiz Anthony Guadalupe Serrano* Victor Alaric Stolle Nikita Thakore Brando n Anton Truong* Brett David Walker Cameron Allen Watt Jake David Williams Sheng Xia Junliang Xue Jonathan Lok-Yin Yuen Sue and Bill Gross School of Nursing BACHELOR OF SCIENCE Primary Education Katrina Mae Albanien Paulina Marie Atachian Charmaine Lee Bernarte Gianna Christine Chandler Kristin Lanz Chang Amanda Paige Chun Angela J. Chung Grace Chung Tracy Ortiz Free Mp3 Download Fermin Dulay Carly Jane Flowers Jenna Cayao Galan Kristel Marie Garcia John Jia He Becky Hui Crystal Huong Yen Thuy Hai Huynh Jun Yeon Kim Andrea Lao Kutcher Brian Lam Katy Kar-Kei Lau Taylor Anne Lechert Rebekah Mulan Lieu Madison Suzanne Lofthus Sara Catheryn Macleod Claire Cherie McKernan Thomas James Nicholas Ashlea Denise O'Shea Brittany Amanda Palacioz Joan Jihee Park Latrisha Mae Ponce Ryan Anthony Ranells Ian Rodel Agnote Recto Hannah Constance Ruby Areeya Katherine Segarra Stacy Marie Sailors Linh Truc Phan Tran Melissa Nhung Tran Catherine Wing Tsai Angela Maria Verna Vivan Vu Alexandria Dawn Warren Summa Emily Marie Williamson Jianhui Zhu Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences BACHELOR OF SCIENCE Pharmaceutical Sciences Taylor Renee Acling Merna Olivia Aiyed Fahmida Alam Jasmine Rajab Albakri Esther Christian Alexander Alonzo Amber Sue Alvela Kelly e Emiko Amano Jaan Pauline C. Amurao Hye Hyun An Jonathan Andrew Ang Bryant Avalos Ronalie Bulus Baldovino Danquynh Christina Bui, Jr. Melinda Bui Simon Trung Bui Vinh The Bui Ravneet Singh Buttar Joseph Anthony Verzosa Castro* Samuel Quinn Chau* Jiahe Chen Si Chen Steven Chun-An Chen Alexander Cheung* Rachel Chiou Lester Chiu Michelle Ju-Yu Chiu Sophia Choi Raymond Chu Mary Sigrid Grace Pedraiz Body Other Tram Christine Brigette Denayer Cody Duong* Kenny Duong Rami Suhail Elhaj Nidia Teresa Espinoza Wynonna Abigail Alcairo Fuentez Eugene Jesse Gueco Generoso Jacqueline GhalyGrachelle Sadumiano Gonong* Christian Gonzalez Steven K. Ho Edward Hanny Hong Julie Mei Ying Hu Zijia Huang Hien Huynh Tomohiko Takahashi Ishihara Kristine Anee Jermakian Karolina Kapustova Miramar Sami Kardouh Sierra Marie Kautiainen Mehsa Yasin Khalil Joseph Leonard Kung, Jr. Daisy Yee Kyu Summa Khachik Eric Labachyan Kenson Lam Nghiep Kien Lam Winnie Lao Alexandra Le Summa Ashley Le Christopher Minh Duc Le Amy Marie Leatherman Minxuan Li Matthew Jordan Lim* Christopher Joey Limbo Tiffanie Hsin-Tzu Lin Fangxiao Liu Hilary Mei Liu Vivian Han Liu Alice Lo Jefferson Luong Tina Luu Khoa Dang Ma Morgan Chialin Ma Angelica Zandra Llanto Macandili Annie Tiffany Mai Janeth Miguel Bautista* Rachel Mong Melika Nasr Angeli Mae Lent Nazareth Christine Thien Nguyen* Cindy Nguyen Hong-Tam Ngoc Nguyen Michelle Hien Nguyen Philip An Nguyen * Excluded by choice in Summer Suitable for exhibitions at Abschluss; shall be based on the balance sheet at the end of the last year.

7170 UCI Start 2017 Bachelor’s Degree Candidates Shujin Pang Magna Duy Pham Jessica Van Pham Venie Nguyen Pham Vivian Thien Pham Alvin Bao An Phan Genesis Carreon Ponce Nahal Ramezani Martha Alicia Ramos Kyle Thien Tran My V. Tran Ngoc Thuy Bao Tran Uyen N. Tran Daniel Jietjan Trisno Jerry Minh Truong Mark Allen Briones Kinder Tod Anastasia Mutter Kate Nguyen Uyen Vang Miriam Yesenia Vasquez Shayan Veissi Jeffrey Connor Vozzo, Jr. Eric Jeffrey Wong Ai Lun Wu Katherine Hsin Juo Wu Taikun Yamada* Erin Tamiko Yamanaka* Tina Vuong Eric Siwei Zhao Yuran Zhen Faculty of Physical Science BACHELOR OF ARTS Political Science Joshua Hyun An Agathea Louvelle Basque Stone Scott Fraser Cameron Pariah Chanchaisri Daisy Cruz Maryam Faall Yutian Fu* Mariana Ashley Gonzalez Martha Beatriz Gonzalez Jenalyn Noelle Guzman* Adele Virginia Singers Tara Breanna Harder* Jamie Meakalia Hearn* Irene Herrera Mendoza Richard Herrera, Jr. Janice Eishen Huang Tawnya Secretary Jasmine Charmaine Rey Dante Damien Lewis Jessica Wan-Yi Lieuw Annie Lopez Betancourt Elaine Lopez* Brianna Lola Moncada Ricardo Eulogio Monge* Leslie Annette Morua Derek Ezra Muniz Nathan Jack Nellessen Rachel Ann Pennington Bryant Phung Angela Quan Evelyn Michelle Rivera Jhealyn Franklyn Rogers Stephanie Silva* Eduardo Solorio Ayala* Andrew Chiharu Tietze Rebecca Huynh Vo Enyu Xiong Qirui Zhao BACHELOR OF SCIENCE Angewandte Physics Aroosa Ansari* Chemie Jensen Acosta Maria Concepcion Angle* Cassandra Wolf Aranibar* Natalie Vanessa Averruz Buck* Zicheng Cai Paul Anthony Dela Cruz Calima Carolina Vincent Chao Maria Elizabeth Charles Vincent Jan-Shin Chau Shizhe Chen David Lee Chisholm Rebecca Lynn Combs Joshua Herman Koch James Christopher Creasman Jennifer-Alexa Garcia Daliva* Arthur Eccarius Ragiah Medhat Ismail El Shantal and Cole Patrick Engert Nancy Gabriela Estrada Charles Albert Fabian, Jr. . . . . Joseph Nicolas Fakhoury Behdad Farajnejad* Lobna Fathalla Ariana Vanessa Figueroa Jaime Frias Li-Yang Fu Glenda Garcia Chenxu Guo Facheng Guo Imane Latifa Hamza Alexander Ronald Hart Summa Candace Hwang Hart Lauren Hernandez Mustafa Nathem Hijaz Kyle Jae Hirata Dan Phi Ho Thang Quang Ho Emily Hsu Jennifer Theresa Tuyettrinh Lai – Nancy Odom Huynh (Official Music Video) Jennifer Renee Jacques Tianlu Ji – Ivy Mei Kha (Official Music Video) Nicholas Mejia Bernadette Tanquilut Morvarid Market Distributor Aiden Khang Nguyen Dalena Nguyen Lam T. Nguyen Loc Thanh Nguyen Arian Nilforushan* Rana Hisham Nofal Yuying Pan* Rujuta Jagdish Patel* Linh Vu Pham Andrew Quoc Phung Kaveh Pirates Avetis Avo Pisikyan Sherman Pon* Tam Than Quang* Marlon Rea Daniel Edward Roa Jake Stephen Rommel Samantha Ruelas Rany Ahmad Saab Emil M. Samson Evan Schein Samuel Le e Shackelford Ming Wai Shu* Paramvir Singh Miranda Zhiyan Smith Early nomination Summer Suitable for exhibitions Beim Absolute; will be based on the balance sheet at the end of the last year.

72Faculty of Physical Sciences 71 Quoc M. Tieu Melinda An Han C. Tong Derek Tran Helen Tran Julie Tran Nathan Hoang Tran Do Anh Tran Tin T. Tran Truong K. Tran Jennifer Hau Van Dai Vo Ngoc Dinh Phuong Vo Brenda Yau Yuanyuan Yi Jason Miao Mariam Ayad* Christian Mallari Bondoc Bethlehem Miranda Cairo Amy Selena Chen Alyssa Mariah De La Rosa Meredith Elyse Lightbody Daniel Manuel Macias Michelle Fernanda Mares Oswaldo Martinez Jude Gabriel Blanco Miranda Michelle Ngoc Nguyen Quincey Nhu Nguyen Charlotte Louise Oliver* Stephanie Marie Stragier Saniya Fatima Syed Oleg Ruslanovich Tzivkovsky Jessie Vasquez* Lael Ashley Wakamatsu Gu Anjie Wang Jenny May Wu Yiting Xu* Jui-Hang Yeh Agraz Lilit Tina Copyright Arain Ashleigh M. Bisbee Don Diego Carmona Alberto Castillo* Haoran Chen Shaina Chen* Xiaoqing Chen Kevin Andrew Clark Daniel Paul Cunningham Milton Christopher De. Yankang Chen Yiqian Chen Yuxi Chen Yuyi Chen herrera Michael Alexander Dihardjo Shayan Cheyenne Ghaemi Christian Alexander Gomez John Ryan Lee Gresl Yue Guan Aaron Mitchell Harris Ryan Huang Yi Huang Elena Ann Hursky Yonghee Hwang Shiyu Ji Lu Jiang Matthew Jie Ludin Joana Jimenez Jenny Ung Kao Amandip Kaur Seyedkamyar Kazemi Austin Eunkyu Kim Min Ki Kim Eleftherios AP Lambros Lee Vin Sen* Adam Samuel Leon Defeng Li Guoying Li* Hongyu Liu* Shenzhi Li Xiang Li Yigao Li Jiawen Liang Darren Lieu Andran Liu Fangcheng Liu* Monica Christine Marcelletti Aleyda Areli Marquez Brandon Michael Massaro Kathleen Nicole McLellan E Rwin Medina-Leguizamo Caitlyn Rieko Mendenhall Charlotte Midani Kelly Midori Tsunawaki Mock Nelson Sydney Moll* Click Download to save Carmela Florence Tejada Monis Nicolas Cisneros Navarro Erik Keanu - Yawe N Tian mp3 youtube com Joshua Raul Tavera - Yawe n Tian (Official Music Video) Nathan Aren Toyama Justine Thuy Tien Trinh Sang Tan Truong Summa Cheuk Yu Tsui Teng Tu Wenyue Wang* Xinying Wang Xuechen Wang Yilu Wang Yiqing Wang Yu Wang* Absolutely preferably in summer suitable for displays at graduation; will be based on the balance sheet at the end of the last year.

7372 UCI Comienzo 2017 Licenciatura-Studiengang Kandidaten Yuqi Wang Zhengwei Wang Zhiwen Wang Zijie Wang Ziwei Wang* Zhengyang Wen Nicholas Conrad Wolfe Jiaxin Wu Tianzhou Wu* Xianya Xiong Haolai Xu Qi Xue Guangchu Yan Yiwenxshi Yuan Rui Hanyao Huasong Zhang Weiting Zhang Xiaotong Zhang Xinhan Zhang Yechen Zhang Yuqi Zhang Haoting Zhao Qiujun Zhao Ruonan Zhao Xuetong Zhao Yida Zhao Yuqing Zhao* Zihao Zhao Zihe Zhao Xufeng Zheng Zheng* Zicong Zheng Mohou Leizh Physik Anjali Elizabeth Abraham Justin Paul Torres Almazan* Christopher Brito Charles Christopher Coakley Daniel Paul Cunningham Valentine Ha Dang Grant Tyler Decastro Lazouich Zachary Ford Kenneth Ryan Gage Summa Samuel Andres Gomez Suarez John Ryan Lee Gresl Joshua Christian Heck Spencer Steven Hibdon Jaycob Ryan Jalomo Ying Jin Jeremy Juwono Joyce Gookhee Kim Xinjie Lan Joyce Hee Lee Xiaoliang Lin Martin Lopez Nieve Lu Aa Ron An Drew Lunt Kevin Kim Ly Shahrooz Maghsoudi Jiarun Mao Jona than Tran Phan Yuewen Qi Jacob Matthew Ritz Jessica Deylin Siqueiros* Yuzhao Sun Laurence Amiel Herradura Tabalon David Joway Wu Joshua Pierce Yang Zimao Ye Isis Eileen Abejar Shenalin Camile Balagtas Acoba* Tanha Ahmed Melissa Lizbeth CoDeleen Alcantar Mario Jedeife A Alfred Seyo Ali* Concepción Patricia Alvarez Pablo Guadalupe Alvarez Shelley Rae Anderson Lea Ann Andreoli Christian Aurelio Ángeles* Ramie Ayson Aquino Eduardo Arciga Tolo Asefi Rasna Kaur Atwal Sir Gabriel Babasa Truong Huy Bach Mahsa Bagherdaei Charos Bakhromova Suha Zaynah Baksh Elizabeth Barajas Cailey Nicole Barnes Cynthia Elvira Barron* Suvdanchimeg Bayasgalan Steven Makoto Bell* Andrew Patrick Benz Jasmin Amber Bermeo Jennifer Jacqueline Bernal* Cezanne Alessandra Bianco Reta S. Bidi Afra Bijli Maxwell Adam Bjoin Jos hua Mamaril Blanco Vahram Boynagiryan Viviana Bretado Eunice Linette Fung Yu Briet Nancy Crystal Butler Ana Cecilia Caballero Kasey Malasig Cachola Karina Michelle Cald eron Camille Cheryl Caliolio Jeffrey Panganiban Caluag Beatriz Camacho Max Camacho* Sarina Campos Duyen Hong Cao Loc Hoang Le Cao Jessica Suzanne Cardey Candy Carrillo Leonardo Catalan, Jr. Jillian Ashley Cayas* Alondra J. Cervantes* Samantha Lew Chanliean Kan Da Yun Changhe Ju Chang Jo Chang Li Quan Cynthia Chang Aryanna Rei Zuniga Chavez Sonia Chavez Celia Chen Dongxia Chen Jiayao Chen* Johnny Chen Gennie J.A. Leam Chhoeun Jara Chhun Kimberly Yazmin Chinchilla Tiffany Chiu* Grace Onehee Cho Rachel Marty Chow Madisen Kay Clanton Kylie Nalani Cordero Hi Vanessa Emily-Cam Tieu Dang Randy T. Dang* Momina Dar Aureliano Davila Danielle Ariana Davis Tess De Lange Barba De Leon S Crisheil Cruz Dela Cruz Nancy Diaz-Munoz* Nyrie Salpi Dikijian Maryan Ducut Dima tulac Jennifer Dinh John Bao An Dinh Juliann Le Do Uyentram Vuhoang Do Llambrini Duda Vanessa Marcelino Dugay Cristina Serine Dumbrique* Gabrielle Lauren Duncan Justin Gregory Dunn Megan Hai-Van Duong Tram Duon g Hilda Ismat El-Souki Lamise Mohamedra Elssaygan Bryan Alvarez Espinoza Sarah Et* Abigail Rodrigueza Fabella Amber Flores* Brent Charles Fries Saurav Gangopadhyay Vanessa Garcia Pedroza Kristen Isabel Garcia Karen Ki Gee Jaskamal Singh Gill Sebastianna Gomez Adria Elyse Gonzalez Martin Dario Gonzalez* Nicole Dominique Guevara * Amanda Renee Guillen* bei der Graduierung;

74Programm für öffentliche Gesundheit 73 Nemiah Sakai Guimbatan Andrea Gutierrez Cindy Adriana Gutierrez Prumseyma Hang Brandon Ryan Hanthip James Alexander Hernandez Oscar Hernandez* Marisol Herrera Vanessa Hidalgo Danika Leigh Hitchcock Tina Huong Ho Tony Hoang Emily Rachel Hoff* Kristie Yoon-Hee Hoh Kristin Nicole Holloway Erin Amanda Hong Maruf Hossain Cynthia Hua Courtney Yin Huen* Araceli Hurtado Henry Huynh Jenny K. Huynh John Minh Huynh Lillian Thanh Tuyen Huynh* Soni Jain Krizly Jane Martin Jayme Amanda Kahtleen Jimenez Kayla Mary Johnson Nalima Joshi* Schicksal Brijae Joshua Ibrahim Adil Karan, Sr. Andrew Sunwook Kim Chae Ho Kim* Hannah Nicole Kim Sung Hee Kim Alan Hay Kong* Alex Wilson Kwong Ayrton Reforsado Lacanlale Miranda T. Lam* Stephanie Lao Lily Law Anthony Gabriel Le Bryant Dat Minh Nguyen Le Jennifer Truong Le Nora Hanh Le Christine Concepcion Lee Grace Lok Mun Lee Heeyeon Joy Lee Jessica Jihae Lee Phoebe Min-Ji Lee Samuel Minsoo Lee Sonia Leon Man K. Leung Connie Li Angela Lieu K en Lieu Allen Rithy Lim* Katarina Eva Lin Zhiqing Lin Darnel Revita Lopez Eileen Liset Lopez* Emeline Lopez Giovanna Patricia Lopez* Jessica Marie Lopez* Briana Courtney Louie Yessenia Loza Donna Lu Summa Priscilla Janine Lu Aura Krystal T. Lubi Oksana Lubyanaya* Christine Yen Luong Tevin Luther Ngoc B. Luu Terry Kinh Ma Kelsey Leigh Macapagal Debbie Mach Aiko Beth Mackus Aries Esther Magana Nour Majzoub Riya Malani* Ilyssa Renee Pimentel Malinis Marianne Claire Manalang Monique Clemente Mariano Anne Elisabeth Martin Christine K. Martin* Jacob Fredric Martin Kamilah Rashida McGuire- Griffin* Ariana Iris Medizade Josue Angel Mejia* Rajmie Hiranya Mendis Priscilla Irene Menjivar* Valerie Mercado* Devin Alexander Meza Rivas Audrey Ashley Min Virginia Laura Minjares Crystal Nicole Morales* Thomas Thai Moua Ashley Ciara Muñoz Stephanie Amber Muñoz Crystal Murillo Casandra Rose Murray Ahkyaw W. Naing Aziza Badaoui Najjar Raphael Noah Olea Natividad Tosheena Melodi Nez* Ashley N g Sanny Ng Dav id Dinh Ngo* Michelle Shwe Ngoon Amanda Thuy Nguyen* Brenda Nguyen Carol Thoa Nguyen Deanna Luu Nguyen* Dena Lan Nguyen Diem T. Nguyen* Grace Hong Nguyen Jennifer Nguyen Jenny Nguyen Jolinna Hieu Nguyen* Kathy Khanh Nguyen Kimngan Hoang Nguyen* Micky Le Nguyen Minh Hoc Nguyen Namanh Alexander Nicholas Le Nguyen Nhi Nancy Tuyet Nguyen Phuong Minh Nguyen Tiffany Thuc Trinh Nguyen Vannida Mimi Nguyen* Tiffany Amanda Nguyencuu* Payum Noshiravan Magdalena Olivas Jacqueline Osegueda Talin Mary Oz Reet Pabla* Mariana Pacheco Emily Pang Camille Joi Paran* Jasmine Y. Parekh Niraly Patel Kayla Marie Arbasto Pedraza Génesis Diana Pelaez Mystic Soul Pelton* Jasmine Thuy Pham Ángeles Le Phan Christopher Nguyen Phan Tiffany Mai Phan Linda Pho Danielle Thanh Thao Phung Guadalupe Picazo McKenzie Francis Piper Michelle Christine Purgason Erin Frances Cantos Quiambao Brittany Bao Han Quy Ali Rajabian* Raveena Rajput Summa Marissa Cecilia Ramirez Michelle Ramirez Nicole Amaris Ramirez Summ a Grant Robert Ramos Sami Osama Rashed Atravis Rattanasamay* Rebecca Nicole Renteria Isabel Reyes Pasillas Yi Sul Erika Richter Stephen Chang Shik Ro Juan Aaron Rodriguez* Sally Janice Romero* Brenda Griselda Rosales* Kyra Mae Hortinela Ruiz* Manuel Alejandro Sagarnaga Gaganpreet Kaur Sahota Matthew Alvin Salcedo Jocelyne Saldana Dianne Sarte Sambajon Daniel Sandoval Rodriguez* Matthew-Jordan Salas Santos Marycania Saparudin Tatiana Aria Sarkhosh Omar Castillo Sarreal Cameron James Sasaki Monida Sea Jennifer Pura Sebastian Amber Z. Shah Akeylah Cortney Shakir-Johnson* Sabrina Min Shaw Summa Aria Zara Sherazee Yesul Shin* Debora Margaret Sianturi * Shelby Ann Smith* Laura Soeun* Erica Solis Summa Ha Young Son* Joo Young Song Michael Dongwon Song Marina Sourial Khajidmaa Soyoltulga Carly Erin Stein Jessica Tafoya Ravitheja Talla Sydnie Allyson Tamayo Jennifer Le Tarm* Erik Tatulbekyan Samantha Thang * Abschluss erwartet Sommer Ehrungsfähig bei der Graduierung; wird basierend auf der Gesamtbilanz am Ende des letzten Viertels vergeben.

7574 UCI Commencement 2017 Graduation Candidates Caitlin Audrey Tieu* Jenny Torres Paola Torres Valeria Tovar Brian Khoa Nhat Tran Eric Nhu-Dat Tran Jenny-My Thi Tran* Joseph Nguyen Tran Katie Kim Thoa Tran Kevin Tran Lyn Ngoc Tran* Melina Baomy Tran* Tiffany Kieumai* Tran Tina Tran Trisha Kim Tran Jimmy Truong Jui-Ting Tsai* Thuyvy Tu* Marie Lanz Tuplano Isabella Rodriguez Urbano Yunuen Valencia* Leena Varughese* Cindy Elizabeth Ventura Vu* Julie Vu Steven Hung Vu Hui Man Sarah Wong Simon Wong Tim Wu Angelica Yaghoubi Yat Yeung Bryan Tae Yi Jea Ook Yoo Summa Samantha Wednesday Kelsey Lane Zack Sharjina Rahat Zahur Tiffany Amber Zendejas Kalynn Alexis Zepeda Alicia Zhao GRADUATION EN SCIENCE Public health sciences Sina Abadinaeini* Sally Mohammad Abdallah Anita Abdinezhad Summa Brianne Nicole Ace ves* Camila Tara Aguilar* Kristie Jenna Ahn Zeinah Al-Darsani* Sheehan Buhat Al-Rabie* Fadumo Mohamed Ali* Shahab Alnagar* Aya Alshamaa, Jr.* Ryan David Assaf Merit Attalla Attalla* Meri Avdalyan* Sona Avdalyan Troy Baines, Jr. - Badie Su Yeon Bae (Official Music Video) Christian Anthony Balmes Su Yeon Bae - Badie Su Yeon Bae (Official Music Video) Calvin Chau Michelle Mong Truc Chau Michelle Cheng Raymond Chiu Angela Choi Christine Soojin Chong Jessica Matsumi Chong Angel Vu Chu Brian Duc Chu Christy Madaleine Cisneros Alexandra Desuyo Amandip Kaur Dhah Alexis Y. Diaz * Azmeh Khan Durrani Harutyun Dzhabrayan Nafisa A. Elghazali Yoseline Escalante-Buendia Emily Ava Eshraghian Tayt Z Achery Evans Nazifa Fazli* Mary Angeline Briones Ferrer* Dariel Flores Rosa Estefany Flores Julia Kimberly Fong Taylor Raeanne Fong Elmarthy Janetty Er ia Gallarde Rochelle R. Galman Gomez* Kimberly Go nzalez Wilver Israel Gonzalez-Galdamez Asia Saeed Gosla Kyung Min Gu Iliana Vanessa Guadalupe Victor Joseph Guillera Sabrina Zhor Hachim Ho Sun Han Ramzy Hanna Christine Magde Hanna* Kristen Marie Hanna Christine Mayada Hariz Donovan Hon Hao Hau Warren Shang Xun He Rimjhim Hemnani Carolina Aguayo Herrera Gayathri H. Hettiarachchi Teresa Minh Tran Ho Thao Phuong Huynh Ho Tina Huong Ho Kim-Loan Thi Hoang Ali Hosseini Jimmy Loc Hua* Pauline Maria Hua Helen Xiaowen Huang Stephanie Mei-Ping Huang Eve Nicole Huerta Andrew Michael Hurst Suzan Mohammed Hussein Julie Huynh Chan W. Hwang Kyung Soo Hyun Kanae Sally Ito Gabrielle Evangelist Vie Hye Yoon Jeon Ashley Jimenez Sergio Jimenez Preet Johal Jarlath Aaron Jones Amanda Yvonne Juarez Alia Meagan Kabbara Kang For * Abschluss announced Summer Suitable for screenings at Abschluss; will be based on the balance sheet at the end of the last year.

76Public Health Program 75 Alex Wilson Kwong Olivia Laura La Mour Elisa Barela Photos Linda Mai Lai Brian Lam* Jessica Lao Pearl Lynne Law Summa Brian P. Le Summa Josephine Kim Le* Kenny Khoa Dat Le Kevin H. Le Minh Tien Nguyen Le* Elvis Lee * Jacklyn Lee Jun S. Lee Jennifer Leiva Christian Alexander Li For You Lim Holly Liu* Javier Lopez Yecenia Veronica Lopez* Helen Tiffany Lu* Cory Tyler Lumsdaine Summa Eustacio Salvador Luna-Orozco Samantha Lu Tiffany Anh Do Ly Marlene Kim Mai* Nancy My Linh Mai Jarret Rhomel Manlapaz Michaela Ellen Marshall Felicia F. Martinez Momin M. Masroor Sherin Mathew Michael Lemuel Magallanes J. Matibag Mercado Nguyen * Ashley Nicole Nguyen Christina Thursday ong Diana Thao Nguyen Du Tat Nguyen Janet Yen Dai Nguyen Janine Phuong Chi Nguyen Jeannette E. Nguyen Jenna Phuong Nguyen Jessica Thanh Nguyen Katilyn Yen Nguyen Kristina Nguyen en Kristina Nguyen Liam Nguyen Magie Hue Nguyen Misha Huyen Nguyen Nancy Nguyen Nguyen Thao Le Ngoc Nguyen Theresa Thu Thuy Nguyen Tony Nguyen Vanessa Quynh Nguyen Jin Kyung Park Lisa Park Urvashi Party Armaan Imran Patel* Natalie Kartik Patel Jennifer Lynn Pearce Arvin Paul Perez Kelly Naiyana Puckdee Kinder Tiffany Qiu Jennie Quach Olivia Ai Quan Stephanie Prophet Anna Francesca Africa Ramirez Viviana Anissa Resendez Cindy Isabel Reyes Nikta Rezakahn Khajeh Khajeh Summa Dalia Lissett Rivera* Finola Rodriguez* Finola Rodriguez* Diana Roman Sabrin Brenda Sanchez* Denise Sandez Abraham James Robert Antonio James John Alvian Santoso Aileen Van Seav* Jasmine Ariana Sedaghati Christopher Jay Seiki Sami Soliman Summa Marcus Welby Amado Garcia Solon Many Sons Leslie Grace Best Sulite Stephanie Patricia - I'm Not Afraid (Official Music Video) Neville Tarapore - I'm Not Afraid (Official Music Video) Calin Tavoc Tiffeny Tea Layal Temsah Garni Mary Terterian Sarah Chi-Ying Tanga Saira Janet Toscano Julie Kim Tran Karina Quynh Tran Kristine Lee Tran M Adison Uyen Mi Tran Nina Tran Teresa-Trang Tran* Thanhtruc Pham Tran* Thuong Bao Tran* Vince Quang Tran Wynne Phi-Tinh Tran Rachelle Thanh Trinh Taylor Ann Truong Jui-Ting Tsai* Kathy Vien Tsan Annalize Marie Tucker Christine Faith Baga Keomonyroth Ung Anhdao Dinh Uong* Cindy Anne Donato Urrete Eleni Vacalo Vanessa Maria Vasquez Leslie Vazquez Erika Liliana Velasquez* Stephanie Hoang Yen Vien Summa Rebecca Huynh Vinny Pham Diane Quynh Jessica Phuong Vu Michelle Trang Tammy Vu Jason Chi-Sen Maylen Wang Priscilla Wang Victoria Hong Wang Natasha Wasim Emily Elizabeth Webber Katelyn Heat Ella Winslow Joseph Ta Tho Wong Sharon Yu Wong Stacy Woo Derek Wu* Natalie Dejntshiab Yang Peter Tharwat Yanny Kelly K. Yeung Da Hyun Yoo* Hao The Yu Tiffany T. Yuen will be based on the balance sheet at the end of the last year.

7776 UCI Commencement 2017 Graduate Candidates Mindy Ashraf Zahedi Rahia Batool Zaidi Dayan Melissa Zakrzewski* Parisa Zamani Mazdeh Nadia Karina Zarate* Siyi Zhang Stefanie Marie Ziegler* Tomas Vidal Zurita School of Social Ecology Claire Rosalie Aguilar Erica Aguirre Paola L. Aguirre Erica Aguilar Paola L. Aguirre Erica Aguilar Paola L. Aguirre Erica Aguilar Paola L. Aguirre Erica Aguilar Paola L. Aguirre Erica Aguilar Paola L. Aguirre Erica Aguilar Paola L. Aguirre Erica Aguilar Paola L. Aguirre Christopher Bejarano Aaron Thomas Bell Michael Alexander Bender Gabriela Esmeralda Benitez Martinez Alexis Lorraine Bennett* Stephanie Michelle Berrios Parker Hawken Blau Austin Paderanga Bollozos Rapheal Dominique-Miguel Borjon Michael Atef Boutros Alexander Nicholas John Carrillo Mariah Monique Casanova Vanessa Castro Denise Castro Andrea Chavez Barajas Iridian Zenaida Chavez Vanessa Chavez Alexander Chen* Ye Rim Choi Daniel Chon Ashley Jessica Lauren Cristini Jessica Cruz Market Anthony Jose Cruz Lorena Caves* Christina Leann Cutshaw Marina Stephanie Daglian Amy Dao Sandy Beatriz De Leon Rivera Patricia Delacruz * Brian Antonio Thin Michael Antonio Hard Jeanine Edralin Ali Fakhry Elgohary* Hanna Marie Eliot Destiny Diane Elliott Kassandra Margaret Enriquez- Romo Erika Farias* Samara Nicole Farooquee Mujtaba Mohammad Fatah* Marco Sean Fenton* Sophia Bach Ferrone Yvette Galeana Cindy Galvan Loves Lorena Galvan Elizabeth Galvez Gabriel Peter Garcia Jacklyn Genevieve Arlene Garcia Liliana Garcia Lucero Erica Garcia* Sitlally Garcia Tatyana Marie Garrett Ashley Christine Gonzales Christian Gonzales Karen Montserrat Gonzales * Veronica Valencia Gonzales Yesenia Gonzales Jared Kyle Granado Angelina Nicole Grijalva Melissa Eileen Guerrero Guo Daniela Gutierrez n Hascall Braelyn Rae Havig Summa Blanca Eimee Hernandez Ibarra Gladys Jazmin Hernandez Mariela Hernandez Paula Melissa Hernandez* Victor Hernandez-Vega Diana Minh-Hue Hoag Justin Gwo-Chiang Horng Emily Hsu Amy Jiaqi Huang Yvonne Han Huang* Beatriz Huesca Zana Mamta Hundal* Grace Natalie Ibarra* Daniel Anthony Inacio Gabrielle Admired Ivie will be based on the balance sheet at the end of the last year.

78School of Social Ecology 77 Sukayna Jaidi Abigail Kirsten Gamboa Jaime* Leslie Zitlalli Jaramillo Cristian Jimenez Chan Woo Jung Jaiin Kang Ted Kang* Mohammad Zafar Kazempoor* Herzogin Valerie Kensington* Elijah Kim Ester Se Hwa Kim Glen Woo Chang Kim* Ha Ram Kim Nayeon Kim* Andrew Martin Kind Antoinetti Jane Kwong Russell Kenneth Kwong Michael Kirsten Laite Dylan Lam Shauntece Lavonne Laurant Vincent Law Jennifer Paz Ledesma Eojin Lee Jack D. Lee Beverly Luu Mary Anne Lynch* Veronica Magana Tommy Mai Stanton H. Mak Marixa Maldonado Stacy Evelyn Marin* Camille Erise Emelo Marinas Richelle Marr Oquin Saree Ryan Mendoza Miranda Monique Mendoza Ihone Mesui Kayla Nicole Milanowski Tracey James Miller * Raymundo Miranda Tina Mirzakhanians Oscar Alberto Molar * Elizabeth Bryanne Moore Alexander Morales * John Philip Morales Kimberly Annet Morales Yanet Morales Peter Augustus Jay Mortimer Sora Rose Motlagh Aaron Elias Moya * Emily Elizabeth World Elizabeth Guerrero Munoz * Nancy Munoz Diana Muradyan Alexander Houston Murry * Sarah Hadi Nael Annika Summer Nelson * Sarah Denise Alexandra Eight Joseph Arthur Tuscan Eight Jasmine Oh* Andrew Ok Andrew Ja Ooi Cecilia Ordaz Jazmine Orozco Kristina Orozco Jocelyn Ortega Leslie Ou Alexandra Amarat Ouklore Kalia Sharrell Parker Arlena Albert Parmar Jamileth Parra* Elizabeth Eladia Party Melissa Ellen Peck Linda Lizeth Pena Yubo Peng April G. Perez Bianca Janett Perez* Janette Maria Perez Josie Ann Perez* Tuan Anh Pham Nicole Elizabeth Phillips Paulina Montserrat Pierson Karen Vanessa Plascencia Jorge Ponce Oscar Neri Portillo Samantha Marie Prieto Arianna S. Pyon Hana Mustafa Qaqi Maria Adela Quezada Jessica Quintanilla Joshua James Quon* Vanessa Ramirez Garcia Jessica Ramirez Sanchez* Christina Lynn Ramirez Diana Lineth Ramirez Jaqueline Alejandra Ramirez Jessica Ramirez* Juan Samuel Ramirez, Jr. Rosalvina Ramirez* Sherry Ramirez* Conner Michael Read Thalia Ivehtte Reyes Brian Alexandro Reynoso Anna Jinxian Ridgway, Sr.* Jessica Nicole Riker* Brenda Victoria Rios George Rios Michelle Rivera Chantal Danielle Robinson Salvador Robledo, Jr. Krystal Nichole Oaks Nestor Rodriguez Flowers Melissa Anais Rodriguez Munoz Adrian Jose Rodriguez Alexis Santiago Rodriguez* Edward Alexander Rodriguez, Jr. Kathy Rodriguez Rosalinda Rodriguez Tatiana Andrea Rodriguez* Rebecca Lynn Rogers Rafael Rojas* Kailee Shizuko Romberg Kimberly Xiomara Rosemary Vargas Michael Eddison Rosemary* Shaaban Sakr Andrew Salazar Miranda Marie Salazar Taren Dimitty Salazar* Catherine Salgado* Ocean Seapno Ricardo Bernard Segarra, Jr. Katelyn Mae Seieroe * Abschluss warned Summer Suitable for displays at Abschluss; will be based on the balance sheet at the end of the last year.

7978 UCI Beginn 2017 Undergraduate Degree Kandidaten Reyes Ulises Sena John Induk Seo Jocelyn Lucero Silvas* Victoria Ashleigh Simon Bingxin Song* Stephanie Karina Soto Melanie Kimberly Rede Alyssa Nicole Spetnagel* Eric James Spraggins Emily Lorrayne Stein Greg Su Hayden Thomas Sugg Vincent Sy Yujie Tang Kari Ramela Tatoianerin Kimberly Debbie Tavera Brandi Chantel Taylor Justine Alexandria Terriquez- Monroy Nicole Marie Thompson Amanda To* Corey Nicole Tobin Kelsey Elyse Tom Angel E. Torres Kenny Tu Tran Rachel Tran Timothy Anh Tuan Tran Tina Tran* Victoria T. Tran Courtney Nirissa Turl Matthew Christian Tyson Shirley Melissa Uyuni Oscar Vaca Alvarez* Paulo Rafael Valdez Lopez Bryan Valdez Paola Valdez Nancy Valdivia Edwin Valencia Nicole Elisse Valenzuela* Sar Vang Maria Isabel Vargas Lucero Jennifer Vazquez Alexis Briones Velez Enrique Victoria Elias Eric Villalba* Jesse Villalpando Alexandra Pilar Villanueva Albert Minh Vu Tam Duc Vu Francesca J. Vuono Summa Matthew Charles Wain Wri ght Jazmin Nicole Webb Sarah Catherine Wertenberger* Davion Demonta Williamson Cheryl Lynne Winsten Cameron Tyler Wolf Yuen Wu Yifan Xia Brandon Duo Xu Angela Yin Elaine Naxi Yong Shunichi Yoshinaga Devin Christiana Young* Eric Peter Yu Jessica Michelle Zambada* Jocelyn Zambrano* Christel Zamudio Rachel Elizabeth Zarrabi Yan Hui Zhang Camila Zhao Yingying* Psychologie und Sozialverhalten Kingsley Travis Abel Madison Marie Abel Noel Cruz Acasio* Monica Acevedo Carly Ann Acuna Martha Luz Adame Erin Adelina* Maryjoyceann Caranto Adraincem Bahareh Mayel Afshar* Kristina Aghazaryan Claire Rosalie Aguilar Jorge Aguilar Paola L. Aguirre Sungjae Paul Ahn Koryn Lian Akers Kathleen Alatorre Omar Hamami Alhaouasli Nicole Victoria Allen Jessica Marie Almaraz Katherine Alonso Aguilar Amber Jean Alsamman Leslie Sofia Alvarado Manuel Alvarado, Jr. Jocelyn Alvarez Mayra Berenice Alvarez Rebecca Amavizca Karla Sofia Amezcua Manakkumar A. Amin* Khehkash Anand Angela Angeles Angeles Brooke Kaylee Engel or John Richard Lim Aquino Kandance Tracy Aragon Cassandra Wolf Aranibar* Mark Kevin Mirasol Arante Priscella Monique Arciga Marisol Arellano Tara Arghavan Yasemin Arik Maricruz Arzate* Chris Asano Camron Patris Ascencio Edith Ascencion Sara Aslam Miray Atamian Anajahncen Jocelyn Atilano Shahan Kerop Atmajian* Fatima Mahrous Attallah Elizabeth Avila Jocelyn Kristell Aviles Soondus Nisa Awan Elisa Ayon Troy Baines, Jr. Kevin Stewart Balcarcel Sona Baloyan* Georgianna Alexis Baque Rita Marie Barber* Annalynn Quinn Barkhimer Alma Aileen Barrios Bryan Barrios Astrid Elidia Bartolo Sydney Sha'Kieron Batts Selena Bazan Dina Bdaiwi* Jose Miguel Bejar , Jr. Aaron Bellagrid Leah Francis Benci-Woodward Alyssa Mizuki Bender Dayana Celeste Benitez Magna Monique Marielle Bernez Stephanie Michelle Berrios Melika Biglarpour Bianca Olga Marie Black Kathryn Sachiko Blanthorne Marissa Erin Bodell Summa Jeralyn Elizabeth Bolanos Alexandria Darlene Boling Aurora Guadalupe Bonilla Agyeman Kofi Bonsu Emily GR Ace Borland Domanic Manuel Brack Andrea Callan Brady Aleczander John Bratcher Judit Briseno Taysheona Denise Brodie Mackenzie Marie Brown Kathleen Militante Budd Michael Buenrostro Lisa Bui Anongnat Butchat Maria Guadalupe Caballero Yunyi Cai Tomiko Angelina Cairo Anarosa Justina Calderon Marcos Joseline Malena Calderon Larissa Ashley Camper Michelle Campos Daniel Anthony Cano Lesly Nora Cardenas Alexandra Danielle Cardona Briana Melissa Carlos Vanessa E. Carmona Mariam Lisa Carr Rafael Carrazco-Sanchez Shaniqua Chantel Cartwright Cheverlyn Valdez Casta Jennifer Castaneda Brenda Monserrat Castellanos Gerardo Antonio Castellanos Jovany Castillo* Denise Castro Victor Manuel Cedeno Delsy Cedillo Christina Constance Cella Magna Karina Rivera Chacon* Kayla Kim Chai Minji Chai* Nicholas Jonghoon Chai Jessie Chang Pao-Sheng Chang Gloria Angeles Chavez Luna Iridian Zenaida Chavez Vanessa Louise Chavoya Kevin Chea Diana Jiaxin Chen Irene Doris Chen Kevin Chen Shun-Hsiang Chen Yankang Chen Chi C heng Ellis Kinyan Cheng * Abschluss voraussichtlich im Sommer Anrechenbar für Honors at Graduation; wird basierend auf der Gesamtbilanz am Ende des letzten Viertels vergeben.

80Schule für soziale Ökologie 79 Kimberly Jih Cheng* Xueyun Cheng* Sin Yi Sidney Cheung* Marc Dannon Childs, Jr. Tiffany Chiu Helen Cho Cheryl J. Choi Jin Suk Choi* Kevin Choi* Cristina Chong Syed Sasha Chowdhury* Karoleena Ereni Christoulakis Junhui Chu Krystyl Chwa* Angela Lourdes Clyde Haylee Elizabeth Cody David Loren Coleman Jaslyn Stephany Colocho Soledad Contreras Barrera Roxana Karina Contreras-Huizar* Jacob Robert Cooke Alfredo Correa Susan Amanda Cortes-Smith Soran Victoria Cover Alexa Briana Crismon Jessica Lauren Cristini Jenna Lynne Arellano Cruz Lorena Cuevas* Irma Juliana Gomes Da Silva Shiya Dai Darby Julian Vega Darling Emily Anne Davis* Crystal Renee De La Mora* Maria Isabel De La Rosa Sandy Beatriz De Leon Rivera Giovanna Pires Dearaujo Catherine G. Debbas Ashley C. Deboef Nastaran Demehri Mette Elvira Dempster Thomas Gregory Desilva Julia Isadore English Ikjot Kaur Dhaliwal Hartrisha Dhindsa Widad Diab Jason Andrew Dinh* Jennifer Dinh Krystal Dinh Oanh Hoang Thi Dinh Lo Renzo Ramon Cajucom Dinogan* Josef Noah Joshua Estadilla Dizon* Katherine Bich Thi Do Tracey Do Anny Le Doan Quan Bao Doan Tara Doan Aaron James Martirez Domingo Diana Dominguez Ortega Lillith Rita Don Madison Dakota Donaldson Sadra Dowlatshahi Melanie Elaine Driessen Magna Alicia Marie Duckworth* Madaline Nichole Dunn Robert Edward Dunn* Miguel Antonio Duran Derek Eang Jeanine Edralin Jessica Marie Ehrman Heather Lynn Elias Destinee Diane Elliott Jeffrey David Eloriaga Kassandra Margarita Enriquez- Romo Lizette Espino Bardales Sheila Rebeca Espinosa Aracely Esquivel* Amanda Cristina Estrada Estrella Estrada Ivan Estrada* Walter Estrada Tara Etemad -Haary Alexandra Fatema Ettehadieh Summa Francis Manaloto Evaldez Shayon L. Falls Erika Farias* Sydney Rhiana Farzadkish Marco Sean Fenton* John Marco Rosel Feri* Karen Liliana Fernandez Michael Brandon Fernandez Amber Hannah Ferrari Carl M. Ferrer* Shana Nicole Fix* Elisa Michell Flores * Irma Venecia Flores Franccesca Flores-Jordanien* A iko Tif fany Ford Scott Andres Fortier* Cindy Fransisca Chelsea Lynn Freeman* Chase Nathaniel Fryslie Daniel Tyler Fu Fakhrieh Salem Furrha Elizabeth Galvez Victoria Gamboa Mejia Semaj Emmanuelle Garbutt Brenda Nabetza Garcia Elisa Garcia Gabriel Peter Garcia Jessica Garcia Jesus Amador Garcia Karmina Garcia* Sitlally Garcia Kayleen Marie Garvey Transaint Gau Tina Gee Alexa Lee Genesi Marisa Ann Genzoli Jonathan Steven George Nahad Ghassemian Latifa Ghazala Rebecca Ghazarian Arashpreet Kaur Gill Amatia Golbodaghi Joselyn Magdalena Gomez Hernandez Karla Yojana Gomez Tagle Christopher Gomez Lucy Lizbeth Gomez Mathias Patrick Gomez-Aragon Randy Gonzales, Jr. Alessandra Brigitte Gonzalez Brittany Lucielle Madrigal Gonzalez Corinne Kay Gonzalez Iliana Angelica Gonzalez Jessica Gonzalez* Jessica Vanessa Gonzalez Josseline Gonzalez Karen Montserrat Gonzalez* Karen Perez Gonzalez Stephania Gonzalez Sylvana Gonzalez Veronica Valencia Gonzalez Yolitzma Gonzalez Jessica G. Gordon* Noopur A sit Gosalia Soeharto Jaya Gotama Steven Roland Gourlay Kimberly Ann Grospe Brigit Samantha Gruzman Tracy Cui Lin Guan Melissa Eva Guerra Maria Guerrero Melissa Eileen Guerrero Grace Guo* Alex Jesus Gutierrez Andres Gutierrez Jose Pedro Gutierrez Dean Jordan Gutterman Jessica Aurora Guzman* Vivianna Guzman Aaliyah Danielle R. H. Hagen Helen Kyung Haan Sion Shuquor Habtemariam Raven Nicole Hagger Tina Halabian* Rachel Leann Hall* Madina E. Hamid Luke Allan Hamilton Meghan Louise Hamilton Sophia Marie Heitkamp Hampp Deborah Han* Jacqueline Hang Marina Karam Hanna Kimberly Kamaleinoh Hanohano-Munder Haley Lynn Hansen Kaneesha Hasnat* Caroline Randall Havens Behrad Hejazifar* Bruce Max Hernandez Carolina Andrea Hernandez* Gabriela Marlene Hernandez Gladys Jazmin Hernandez Jasmine Michelle Hernandez* Jennifer Hernandez Summa Josue Gonzalez Hernandez Kiara Zuleyma Hernandez Monica Hernandez Nancy Janely Hernandez* Stephanie Hernandez-Gomez Gabriela Herrera Kasie Paige Hervey* Justin Nicole H igh* Erika Hill* Ying Hsuan Ho* Diana Minh-Hue Hoag Khanh Bao Hoang Ngan Thikim Hoang* Robert Peter Holthe II Iris Lee Hou * Abschluss erwartet Sommer Berechtigt für Auszeichnungen bei Abschluss; wird basierend auf der Gesamtbilanz am Ende des letzten Viertels vergeben.

8180 UCI Begins 2017 Bachelor’s Degree Candidates Natiha House Stephanie Hovhannisyan Adrienne Peyton Hsieh Qianyu Huang Xin Huang Yaxin Huang Ann Huynh Nadia Le Huynh Zhanna Arsenovna Ismailova Susan Shaghasi Jahid Abigail Kirsten Gamboa Jaime* Christine Jones Hodong Christian Jimenez Linda Fayelah Johnson Kay Johnson Ryan Da Mathis Aaron Jacob Juarez In Eun Jung Kendall Ann Kantack Patil Sossi Caradolian Kylie Maki Kashimoto Herzogin Valerie Kensington Helen Kim Isaac Kim Young Min Kim* Christopher Formichi King Katlyn Nicole King Samuel Aaron Kipper* Rachel Lauren Knight Schwester Ko* Adrian Sebastian Kohar Hanna Lisa Koifman Manami Koizumi Anthony Jean Koo* Chrissy Mabel Tobie Kuoh* Antoinetti Jane Kwong Yen-Ni Lan Dana Lynn Lapsley Katherine Charles Lasure Emily Rachel Lavi Ann Gia Le* Ann Irene Le* Jeanne Be Mai Lien Le Kelly H. Lapsley Aimi Le Alexah Christine Leamons Diana Iveth Lebron Michelle Leah Leck* Carolina Yoo Lee Chao-Yi Lee* Daniel Lee Darryn Jeremy Lee Jennie Ninger Le e Judy Lee Kevin Lee Michelle Whitley Lee Sharon Hwa Lee Nicole Lemus Alma Leon-Oseguera Long Lertpanit* Allison Roselle Leyva* Yesenia Leyva Minqi Li Xuejing Li* Zilu Liang Jenny Bai Bing Liao Chen Lin Gregory Matthew Linares* Xiaoyu Liu Jessica Llanes Jessica Lo Alely Lopez Fatima Lopez Gabriela Lopez Giovanna Patricia Lopez* Imelda Yarelin Lopez Lydia Lopez* Ronald Raphael Lopez Carol Louie Jeanette Anissa Lozano Lonna Lu Nancy Thuy Lu Rui Lu Denise Macias Julienne B. Mackey Maria De La Luz Nisha Jolani Akin O Manibusan Fardin Syrus Manteghi* Sheenarose Teano Manuel Stephen Ikaika Manuwa Kendra Marin Moniqua Le' Shay Markham* Harpine Ma Rkosyan* Caricia Nina Marquez Esther Marquez-Martinez* Jacqueline Marroquin* Richelle Saree Morocco Robert Omar Morocco Sister Elizabeth Martin Carlos Michael Martinez Cassandra Leigh Martinez Jasmin Jessica Liliana Martinez J essica Marie Martinez There are many reasons why you should not buy these products. the reasons why you should not buy these products These are the reasons why you should not buy these products Veronica Molina Briana Jacqueline Monroe Alyssa Nicole Mont Stephany Jihea Moon Amy Vanessa Morales Ward Moussa Steffi Mulia Derek Ezra Muniz Ivanna Danielle Munoz Melina Leilany Munoz , Sr. Adriana Judith Navarro Annika Summer Nelson Brittany Newcomb Connie Shelly Jennifer Brandon Nguyen Christine Mai-Thy Nguyen Dominic Vuong Nguyen Ivy Farrah Nguyen Janet Yen Dai Nguyen Janny Nguyen Jazlyn Van Nguyen Kim Nguyen Kimmy Nguyen Kristies Wong Nguyen Michael Nguyen Mitchell Alejo Nguyen Nancy Nhi Nguyen Nguyen Annie P. Nguyen* Nick Quoc Nguyen Tedman Le Nguyen Thanh Sy Nguyen Thienan Hai Nguyen Tiffany Thuy Nguyen* Tina Nguyen Tina Thanh Thao Nguyen Tu-Uyen Nguyen Kelli Jasmin Nhim Sarah Denise Nims Michiyo Nomoto * Obscurity preferably in summer Suitable for displays in Obscurity; will be based on the balance sheet at the end of the last year.

82School of Social Ecology 81 Samaan Aveh Nur Caitlin May O'Bara Michelle Roisin O'Brien Robert James O'Rourke Jana Mariam Obeid Kallie Setsuko Ochiai* Joseph Arthur Toscano Ochoa Esther Oh Andrew Ok Mariam Cassim Olia Giulia Oliveira Paula Margarette C. Ong Alexys Adonay Oosterhouse Cecilia Ordaz Gisell Orduna Francisco Oregel Saul Eduardo Orozco Kelsey Elizabeth Ortiz Brittney Annerose Ozmun Karla Fernanda Pacheco Patrick Corpuz Pacis Jessica Palacios Christian Isael Palomo Birgit Pilve* Heather Kristin Piper* Karl dh Elizabeth Poindexter Anthony Portugal* Patricia Rendon Prado Tiffany Anderson Pranajasa* Jonathan Pusavat Virginia Qi* Cheng Qian Nguyen Trong Quach Lillian Lin Quan* Maria Adela Quezada Ruth Diana Quintana Jocelyne Quintanilla Brittany Bao Han Quy Vanessa Ramirez Ant Garcia Hony Ramirez Brianna Marie Ramirez Christina Lynn Ramirez Diana Lineth Ramirez Lilly Ramirez Yoceline Ramirez Daniela Liseth Ramos Vince Xavier Ramos Shawn Harrison Ray Elijah Daniel Raya Berly Bridget Reyes* Kimberly Reyes Laura Tatiana Reyes Malaine Victoria Ribeiro* Abraham Rico* Jessica Nicole Riker* Briseida Rivera Laura Judith Robbins Chantal Danielle Robinson Natalia Augustine Theresa Robinson Savior Oak, Jr. . Krystal Nichole Robles Carol Christina Rocha Ashlie Rodriguez Claudia Rodriguez Eder Rodriguez Fernando Rodriguez, Jr.* Karina Rodriguez Liliana Rodriguez Martin Dominic Rollice Kimberly Xiomara Romero Vargas Genesis Josephine Romero Joseph Steven Romero-Reyes Niki Rose Romo Alexander Rosales Eduardo Rosales* Emily Rosales* Stephanie Rosales Lisa Rivera Rosario Gabriela Antonieta Ruiz* Alexandra Vivian Russo Titania Sabzerou Ramin Kevin Safaie Sarah Shaaban Sakr Miranda Marie Salazar* Annie San Fernanda Sanchez Jara Devin Blake Sanchez Saucedo Alec Conner Schrezenmeier Sengphrachanh Gabriel Sepulveda Sienna Isabella Serrano Daisy Serrato Andy Jason Sevilla Jason Sevilla ee Shamar Solano Bingxin Song* Blake Thomas-Alan Song* Han Byul David Song Juhyun Song Sylvia Soria Alexandra Soto Chavez Eric James Spraggins Katie Marie Stahlhuth Elizabeth M. Saucedo aria Stefani Vincent Sy Trang Christine Tuyet Ta Alyssa Tabugan Tacorda Judy Tam Tiffany Tam Yu Tung Tan Atley Glen Tanahara Teresa Tang* Kelsey Elyse Tom Lauren Aiyana Tom Melody Tommasi Mina Parisa Torkzadeh Christiana Mai Tran Christopher D. Tran* Eric Ryan Tran* Kenny Tu Tran Michael Quang Tran Nguyen C. Tran Rachel Tran Y. Truong Jasmine Le Tsan is calculated on the basis of the Consolidated Balance Sheet at the close of the current year.

8382 UCI Start 2017 Graduate Candidates Courtney Nirissa Turl Robert Ellsworth Twidwell Justin Sangpong Ung Kimberly Manh Ung Marlene Isamar Uriostegui Christina Marie Valle Viet Van Christian Daniel Vasquez Villalba* Alejandra Villanueva Vanessa Viramontes Amanda Vanessa Vizzo* Michelle Thao-Mi J. Vuono Summa Alicia Mary Wang Danwei Wang Elaine Yuling Wang* Hongdi Wang* Jiaying Wang Songyan Wang Yiming Wang Yiyi Wang Yueliang Wang* Nicholas Robert Wayne Catherine Angel Wei* Jamie Therese Whyte* Fiona Isabelle Will Davion Demonta Williamson Cameron Tyler Wolf Candace Wai Kim Wynn There's No Place Like Home Albert Xiong Priscilla Shuen-Yun Yau - Tiffany Yeh (Official Music Video) trina Stacie Yip Eunji Yoon Jennifer Nicole Yuen Saki Yumachi Angelina Fatima Golden* Jessica Yvette Zamora Jesus Zarate, Jr. Rachel Elizabeth Zarrabi Sociology Amber Aguilar Angela Da-Hye Ahn Ryan Matthew Alcantara Veronica Denise Alexander Christian Aurelio Angeles* Kimberly Rose Beard Aquino Karina Arms Ruby Emerald Endorsements Against Evelyn Benitez Andrew Ray Bonifacio Cathryn Emma Boult Amy Guadalupe Channel Dustin Allen Chang Hyewon Choi Jonathan Chong Kolton James Cody Jaslyn Stephany Colocho Caroline Contreras Jacob Robert Cooke Dai Yeseb Elena De Anda* Jonathan Merari De Leon Bryan Antonio Thin Sheila Rebecca Espinosa Nicole Grijalva Manuel Gutierrez Robyn Amber Harriman Michelle Khorrami *Russell Kenneth Kwong Kelly Thi Lam Hannah Marie Lancaster Kenya Sarai Lara Dayoung Lee Michael Yoon Lee Xiao Li Katelyn Milham* Brianna Christine Moelter* Marissa Kay Montoya* Jessica Palacios Chester Orperia Tochter Daniel Christopher For Reviews Haydee Reynoso* Kacie Lynne Riordan* Kirsten Yesenia Roldan Tory Renee R osemary Alexander Rosales Francisco Javier Sanchez Jasmine Sanchez Torres* Robert Ellsworth Twidwell Victor Miguel Valenzuela Urban Studies Kenn Matthew Pascual Acasio will be based on the balance sheet at the end of last year.

84Erika Cervantes Hoi Kwong Chan Mayra Chavez Limin Chen Sidney Cheung Erika Andrea Cortez Nicole Cuevas Joshua Ryan Deloach Kelly Dinh Jessica Figueroa David Ariel Friedman Stephanie Nichole Gallegos Joshua Patrick Johnson Nour Katabi* Colin Robert Kato Homyong Kim* Seung Han Kim Arum Suk Lee Timothy Taesoo Lee Xinyuan Li Ricardo Tomas Light Kellan Nash Eduardo Esteban Manriquez* Zoie Taylor Matthew Brittney Lizette Medrano* Jessica Nicole Mickelson * Jude Gabriel White Miranda Rigoberto Goose Mountains* Hannah Park Samantha Marie Prieto Arthur Polished Me von Qian Wenjie Qiu Rosalie Lalas Reyes* Salvador Robledo, Jr. Stefano Antonio Rossi Daniel Rubio Alexander Bryan Salgado Alvin Tan Bethlehem Sports Kevin Steve Tellez* Molly Thong* Lean Malaya Vizcocho Chenyao Justin Thomas Weiser* Austin Hunter West William Chase Woollett* Zihan Xiao* Pei-Hua Yin Hao Zhong Stephanie Nicole Zinn Faculty of Social Sciences BACHELOR OF ARTS Anthropology Karina Alvarado Lorraine Alvarado Zohal Amiri Marco Antonio Andres Kathryn Aslanyan* Medha Asthana Gacia Atachian Matine Azadian Amanda Katherine Bahou Jocelyn Isela Barahona Soha Bayginejad* Bronwyn Christina Callero Magna Jeziel P. Chestnut Crystal Michelle Castillo Chavez Annie Chounramany Omar De Jesus Contreras* Armando Cross Crystal Linnet Cruz Shivani Himanshu Dalal Samira Raquel Davallou Adrien Burgos Deguzman Jayna Louise Elce Sabah Fatima Melissa Funes Shanelle Darlene Garcia Heather Lee Garnett Alexandria Elizabeth Gille Andres Fuenzalida Gonzalez Natasha Aleya Gould Kelcey Koryn Hoffman Roseann Kana San Andres Tod* Shalini Krishna Eric Kwan Lena Marie Latour Suong Ngoc Le Jessica Jihae Lee Lauren Nicole Leonard Sofia Letsky Katia Lopez* Yunuen Pamela Lopez Donna Lu Dylan Louis Mancillas Arvin Robert Manuel* Luis Edgardo Mejia* Alexander Miguel Mendez* Devin Alexander Meza Rivas McKenna Maureen Mitchell Serena Renee Molina* Ashley Nicole Nguyen Henry Tan-Phat Nguyen William Jeffrey Norton Greece Ruby Orozco Jo Anne Pearl Parungao Linda Lizeth Rock Gabriela Patricia Perez Schuylar Belyeu Ruiz Kyle Elton Russell Dex Ezekiel Apostle Wise Michael Seng Saechao Nipuni De Silva Samararatne Jhulia Marie Samuels * Jocelyn Sanchez Pasha Namak Shenasan Shane Shivnaz Sinha* Click Download to save Christina Tran* Stephanie Tran* Clover Jean Trejo mp3 youtube com u Ramirez Acevedo - Anna Adriana (Official Music Video) ca Molly Alcazar Sofia Lyrintzis Alonso Ahmad Sarab Alqadhy Luksika Anantrechai* William Andrew Jacob Anderson Thomas Aquino Clarissa Ardawinata Mahta S. Ariarad is calculated with basis on the Assembly Balance Sheet at the close of the last year.

8584 UCI Comienzo 2017 Licenciatura Kandidaten Madeline Mahin Azma Truong Huy Bach Enam M. Bakr Xingmin Bao Carla Andrea Barajas Anthony Joseph Benedetti Matthew Sam Berg-Johnsen Dewenxi Bian Arno Nathan Bozukian Trent Thomas Branden-Caiwn Brownn Shahrooz* Omar Camacho Cassandra Candelario Kefan Cao Runsen Cao Serina Wenlin Cao Edwin Josue Carrillo Julián Camilo Castiblanco Cherryl Lyn Garingarao Castro Hiu Wing Chan Samantha Chan Shirley Yan Ni Chan En Ping Chang Michael Huang Chang Chavez Aguirre Celina Chen Irene Chen Jianli Chen Jiayi Chen Jiehong Chen Jingjing Chen Chen Chen Keru Chen -Juure Chen La Chen Shudong Chen* Siyu Chen Teng Chen Xinye Chen Ye Chen Yihong Chen Yilan Chen Dylan Thomas Cheng Ka Chun Cheng* Xinjue Cheng Yuan Cheng Ravneet Singh Chhabra Stephen Goarsingh Chhang Sahil Shailesh Chhugani Jiedan Chi* Connie Chiang Stacy Ch Iang Wan-Chi Chiang David Hang Cho Ho Geon Choi Jonathan Seungcheol Choi Serin Choi You Jin Choi Leanne Kay Choung Am y Wun Chu Charles Jin Sein Chu, Jr. Sherry Chu Siyu Chu Catherine Julia Cocheteux Francisco Javier Crisanto* Armando Cruz Mayra Nayely Y Crub Gatchalian Cubos Haotian Cui Jiulong Cui Yungao Cui Karen Karen Karen Karen Karen Karen Karen Karoyevich Dallakyan* David Thanhen Dang Monica Pham Dang Pham Dang Rose Viong Dao Dih Vu Dao William Mamaclay Dasalla, Jr. Jason De La Cruz Brian Lou Deering Summa Meiwei Deng* Rohit de Milind Deshpan Sanchay Dhingra Reece Joel Diaz Henry Diep Tiffany Diep Tran Tran Huyen Dinh Magna Sehee Do Tracy Do Vivian Tran Do Chengyuan Dong Lihan Dong* Yi Dou Raul Duenas Brendan Matthew Duffy* Anh Bao Duong Henry Dinh Duong Sophia Cao Elauong Chase Harrison Abriss Eden Omar Angela M. Esmeralda Ricardo Espain, Jr. Figueroa Marilen Celina Flores Flores Ev ita See Wai Fok Cindy Fong Wendy Fong Erick Alexis Francisco Miguel Dingge Fu Chun Man Fung Oyungerel Ganbat* Payal Sanja ykumar Gandhi Cezar Rabanal Ganzon, Jr. Chunjing Gao Mingyang Gao Andrew Garcia Emily Min-Ye Gee Daniel Gonzalez Gonzalez Govinon Franciszung Ederson Aram Gramajo Jordan Paul Griffin Ángel Anthony Grimaldi Anchal Grover Patrick Donovan Groves Yanhua Gu* Yumeng Guan Yuxiang Guan* Josephine Melita Gunawan Summa Catherine García Gutiérrez Victoria Hope Guzman Brandon Edward Haas Molin Han Jonathan Hanusi Yu Hao Leohping Hanbet Heineyerza Eli Harada Ho Karen Ho Kiona Hoang Ngan Thikim Hoang* Ava Hojabry Aaron Hong Natalie Ngoc Hong Yijun Hou Chia-Hui Hsieh Tsu-Hsiang Hsu Huh Chi Barron Huang Fu Ling Huang George Huang Heqingqing Huang Kai Huang Qiumei Huang Zhe Huang Diane Huynh Tynh Tyler Thinh Hu Vivian Hy Weng Si Iao Enrique Illescas Derek Mitchell Ing Brandon W. Ip William Fujihara Isozaki Mio Iwasaki Bhavyaaniareang James. Thomas Joseph Janjigian Matthew Robert Jansing Hao Yuan Jeng Ji Samantha SooryunJi * Shihui Jin Tony Jin Hye Ryong Joo* Sung Il Jun Moj an Kamalvand Ruchikaa R. Michelle Khuu Pearl Khuu Dae Hong Kim* Han Kil Kim* Keehwan Kim * Ye-Abschluss erwartet Sommer Ehrbar für Auszeichnungen bei Abschluss;

86Facultad de Ciencias Sociales 85 Kengo Jonathan Kishimoto Andrew Dae Ko Eun Bi Ko Dehao Kong* Frank Krasilshchik Kyle Jeffrey Kubota Lauren C. Kung Salvador Labra* Zhiheng Lai April Lam Bryan Lam Ka Hei Lam Katharine Rebecca Lauren* Connie Choi Han Le Judy Le Kim Bao Le Alex M. Lee Angela Lee Brittany Michelle Lee Magna Geun-Ro Lee Jacob Robert Lee Ka Ryeong Lee Stacy Hongjoo Lee* Victoria Wu Lee Yong Guy Lee Bao Lei Xin Lei* Andy Leng Chen Leng Noelle Romelia Leon William Harry Leonard Sherby Yin-Man Leung Carol Li Fuyang Li Han Li Honghua Li Houheng Li Jingwei Li* Jiyang Li Melissa Lee Ping Li Mengfan Li Mengru Li Nan Li* Qingqing Li* Qingya Li Richard Si Li Sandy Li Shiying Li Magna Shuo Li Siying Li Tianyi Li Wenyi Li Xiang Li Xiang Li Xiwen Li Xue Li Xueyu Li Yachuang Li Yuexi Li Yuxuan Li Zeng Li Ziqi Li* Kevin Lui Liang Tianran Liang Tianxiao Liang* Melodie Liao Alex Kenneth Lim Jessica Lim Chen-Hao Lin Fangshu Lin Magna Hui-Ling Lin Kristie Hsiumei L in Liying Lin* Pei-Yi Lin Runsi Lin Zixi Lin Kaela Nicole Lindsey Jing Ling Anzhi Liu Belinda R. Liu Boyuan Liu* Fanghan Liu Jiahao Liu Qiaoyun Liu Randy Liu Shufeng Liu Tian Liu Xiaoke Liu Yu Liu Yuliang Liu Zhao Liu Goldland Lo Jie Long Heriberto Lopez Angelica Lovinia* Nicholas Ryan Lovrensky Hui Lu Jie Lu* Rong Lu Xiaoyu Lu Giovanna Marie Tan Luciano* Christopher Michael Lum Francisco Luna Vuong Luu Ashley Ly-Cheng Chen Lyu Shelly Lim Ma Alden Samy Macabales Farzad Mahmud Thong SaoBrentao J James Bacani Mari* Abigail Marin Brandon Mavadat Andres Mendoza Ashley Caresse Mendoza Shairwin Lansang Mendoza Fanhao Meng Shixiong Meng James Robert Meyer Andrew Lawrence Rosiah Miller Yoon Ki Min Yue Ming Bradley Aaron Mitchell Nasa Paesc Chaunna Jasc Moon Mal Eill Shakam Lam Nerigo Hieu Ngo* Nicole Han Ngo Alex Huy Nguyen Amy Stephanie Nguyen Andre a Nguyen Becky Nguyen Cindy Nguyen* Diana Nguyen Kevin Viet Nguyen Lan Thanh Chi Nguyen Linda Phuong Nguyen* Lylyann Tuyet-Nhi Nguyen Minh Huynh Thi Nguyen Magna Nam Duc Nguyen Nhu Quynh Nguyen Stacy Quynh Nguyen Tram Chung Nguy Thong Nguyen Daniel Francisco Ontiveros Jonnatan Saul Ortiz Xiomara Ortiz Colin Wesley Owsley Reet Pabla* Simion Padurean Yuchen Pan Zhennan Pan Jeffrey L. Pang Xinyue Pang Adriel Lantz Pao Ji Hoon Park John Ta Park Kevin Matthew Park Sean Alexander Parviz Bhumika Hemant Patel Patel Napti Neerat Elaine Pau* Cristina Yazmine Penaranda Xiao Peng Richard Perez-Penaloza Robert Petrosyan Alain L.N.H. Wenjie Qi Yuchen Qian Yingling Qu Bryan Rolando Quibol Francisco Manuel-Albert Quintanilla Karyna Estela Quintanilla Alexis Leann Rai Fabian Regin Boya Ren Shaobin Ren* Gage Patrick Ribeiro P eter Hyun Ju Ro Jorge Alejandro Rodríguez Damon Lee Roulfinhac , Jrne. Roybal Yilan Ruan Jessica Rueda* Sam Reza Sabzerou * Abschluss im Sommer vorgesehen Anrechenbar für Honors be i der Graduierung, wird basierend auf der Gesamtleistung am Ende des Quartals verliehen .

8786 UCI Comienzo 2017 Licenciatura Kandidaten Akram Tarek Saeed, Jr. Dakota David Safford Adrian De Jesus Santana Imon Nikolas Santos Meng Kheang Say Hyeongik Seong* Tae Min Seung* Dao Sha Kevin Umesh Shah* Yinghao Shang* Fingyang Shao Kevin Shihao in Yuzhao Weist S Soo Shim Philip Shmelkin Cambria Jeanne Shockley Chloe Yasmine Shohed Marie Ida Shtilkind Erzhen Shu Yifei Si Marc Bautista Siler Michael Kenji Sill John Daniel Simhachalam Andy Situ Henry Situ Joshuaran Sol J. Song Cindy Soputra Summa Fiorella Soria Mauricio Soria Nicholas Dj Sorpraseuth Alexandra Soto Chavez Shane Allan Stahl Sheila Stefani Henry Su* Xiaofeng Su Xiaojun Su Zihang Su Jia Sun Kenan Sun Ruguo Sun David Michael Sunwoo Levina Edrea Vana Sutanto Jodie Szeto Gary Leang Taury Taury Taury Taury Tajerian Alvin Tan Ryan M. Tan Shelley Tan Chengyao Tang Dillon Tang* Jonathan Tang Junxian Tang * Samy Samley Tann G Abriela Ivonne Tapia Jeff Chue Thao Weizhen Tian Katherine Ting Simran Kaur Tiwana Y rew Tjiptoni ng Hugo Setyawan Tjoegito Nguyen Binh Thao Tong* Tanya Marie Torres Annie Van Tran Jacqueline Mai-Anh Tran Kristie Tran Lyly Tran Nhu Huynh Tran Panaghi Di Andrew Jham Truong Nu Yen Truong Christopher Tsai Daniel Tsai Michelle H. Tseng Yu Conn-Tien Tsui Bowsie Tsu Kevin Minh Dat Yuxi Tu Taylor Masami Uda Riku Russ Kelii Keaulana Uemura Julian Vacio Adrian Valles, Jr. Fernanda Vasquez Sean Vazin Jose Amparo Tom Lam Velasquez Vo, Jr. Jolene Marie Vredenburg * Tej Viligonda Sandy Su Wai Gerui Wan* Cindy Wangi * Kan Wang Lisha Wang Qianhan Wang Randy H. Wang Rong Wang Wendy L. Wang Yihan Wang Yiqing Wang Zhi Wang Zichun Wang Zihao Wang Sirithorn Wangpattanakul Yvette Wei Yi Wen Yiqin Wen Mary Nguyen Whitman Felicia Aryanti Wijaya Michelle Lin Win Jong Hyuk Won A Wong Laura Jess Wong Aaron Hc Wu Haotian Wu Jiaying Wu Kaixiang Wu Rachel R. Wu Ship deu Wu Shu Wu Ting-An Wu Yuhan Wu Zhelingzi Wu Ao Xu Kaixuan Xu Keyang Xu Siyu Xu Yarong Xu Yiyun Xu Yucheng Xu Ryota Alex Yamaoka* Cho ngwen Yang* Darren Vincent Yang Hongyu Yang* Jiayue Yang Li Yang Li-Yu Yang Shuwen Yang Siyao Yang Xinyi Yang Yinghui Yang Yiwen Yang Michael Robert Yanofsky Mina Park Yasuda Xingfang Ye Derek L. Yeh* Seak Ly Yith Jung Hyun Yoo * Jiajia Yu Juna Raphaela Yu Kenny Hua Yu* Mose Yu Sharon Sook Yun Yu Lishun Yuan Jeffery Yue Yukari Yuhara Wanda Mei Yung Armo Zadourian Mackenzie Zakoor Richard Justin Tarrosa Zarate* Jessica Zepeda* Jiahao Zhang Summa Jin Zhang Run Meng Zhang Qian Zhang X Zhang X Zhang Catherine Zhao Danni Zhao* Han Zhao* Shijie Zhao Zhao Yuqi Yuqian Tina Zhao* Zhibo Zhao David Zheng Xuan Zheng Xi Zhong Xiaoye Zhong Grace Jia Zhou Summa Jiancheng Zhou Jiawen Zhou Mengting Zhou Wendy Zhuo Feng Ruifeng Zhu Zhou Gege Zhu Keshen Zhu* Qianw Zhuo Chicano/Latein o Studies Jacobo Alvarez Olivia Andrade Marco Antonio Andres Gema Rubi Antonio* Alejandra Arias * Abschluss voraussichtlich im Sommer Anrechenbar für Auszeichnungen beim Abschlu ss; wird auf der Grundlage der kumulierten Leistungen am Ende des letzten Quartals verliehen.

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88Fakultät für Sozialwissenschaften 87 Valente Salvador Ayala Ariana Giselle Bedolla Mayra Bravo Brenda Denise Cervantes Elizabeth De la Torre Jessica Figueroa Jessica Fuerte Tania Lizbet Garcia Luis Hernandez Erika Huerta Daisy Jaimes Jazmin Jimenez Genesis Lopez Micaela Maciel Carol Marroquin Yudy Stephanie Morales Margarita Palafox Figueroa Jeannine Perez Omar Alexander Ramos* Cindy Lusia Rivera Ana Rosa Rodriguez Karen Abigail Rodriguez Candice Rita Sandoval Daisy Vazquez Vera Evelyn Rocio Zermeno Wirtschaft Bahman Adlou* David Aguilar Jamaal Hoodye Ahmed Hiroki Asano Shant Avetyan Wentao Bai William Josef Barton IV Christoffer Stephen Valdemar Berglund Lee David Bonacum Marilyn My - Linh Bui Martin Jacob Bukowiec Olivia Cai* Katia Rebeca Canseco Breana Vanessa Castro Ivan Cerda Erika Cervantes Sergio Cervantes Jong-In Chae Connie Cham Calvin Lee Chan Robert Arvell Chase IV Chau T. Chau Magna Piseth Paul Chea Andrew Kai Chung Chen Billy Y. Chen Cong Chen Irene Chen Jing Chen Ji yu Chen Ke n Chen Leslie Chen Ran Chen Siyue Chen Vivian Chen Yuhuang Chen Yuqing Chen Zibo Chen Kim Hean Cheng Yesui Cheng Yunhan Cheng Kuo Fu Chiang* Dany Anouk Chittamany Jee Hyun Choe Vivian Pham Chu Jessica Joy Coronel* Yuri Cortez Connor Alan Crowley Alejandro Cuevas -Silva Annie Dai Jinshi Dai Yueqiao Dai* Carissa Danao Cyndi Isamar De Leon Alexandria Jean Dillon* Teresa Uyen Dinh Esma Djokovic Cesar Omar Dominguez Xiaoyu Dong Yikun Dong Yuntao Dong Canhui Du Pairut Dumkuengthanant* Hanbang Fang* Jingjing Fang* Yizhou Fang Darren Ka Fong Lei Gao Yuhui Ge Timothy Michael Geerdes, Sr.* Hechen Geng Kimberly Gonzalez Patrick Raphael Gordon Mark Grio Fengjun Gu* Shengjia Gu Anjelica Peynado Guevarra Angelo Guo Hanxi Guo Qi Guo Xiaoyu Guo* Daniel Gutkin Paige Lauren Haar* Zachary Standish Haly Edward Jamin Han Kaeleigh Margaret Hayakawa Ling He Mengyuan He Shan He Ana Margarita Mijares Hernandez Jimmy Antony Hernandez* Angela Elizabeth Hess Felipe Horta, Jr. Kewei Hu Christine Liu Hua Anke Huang* Diane Cayee Huang Guanhua Huang* Huasheng Huang* Jingnan Huang Yongqi Huang Zhiceng Huo Nhu Tuyet Huynh Jasper Hwang Ahyeong Im Hyun Do Im Mitchell Brandon Isidro Ui Heon Jeong Rahil Jetly Yufang Jia Weichen Jin Yunzhu Jin Yue Ju* Xi Kang Michelle H. Kao Erin Chelsea Kerrutt-Dent Andrew Baek Kim* Dong Hwan Kim Dongeun Kim* Eric Jungkon Kim Johnathon Kim Kyu D. Kim Matthew Joon Kim Seongchan Kim Magna Sonik Kim* Susan Jihae Kim Mingeun Koh Yunfei Kong Kyle James Korte* Karen Lacson Jonathan Michael Larson Lennard Weng- Sheng Lau Aldo Oliver Laureano Anita Xue Lay Nhi Le Pham Kevin Vinh Le Anna Lee David Joshua Lee* Melodie Ying Tung Lee Paulo Ortega Lerma Victor Ricardo Levario Bolang Li Chenxi Li Jiachu Li* Jiaying Li Weitao Li Xiang Li Xiaoshan Li* Yi Li Zhe Li Yuanrui Lian Cindy Sumyee Liang Hongwei Liang Shirley Liang Yue Liang James Lin Karen Ruby Lin Kevin Chat Hoang Lin Yanmin Lin Yujing Lin Nicole Anne Lipschultz Matthew David Littman Hairong Liu* Jared Yun Liu* Jian hao Liu Liang Liu Xuyan Liu* Yujia Liu Brian W. Lok Haitao Long Yuzuo Long Kim My Ma Mingyan Ma* Sen Ma Tianyu Ma Angel Mai Tina Mai Tevin Tromaine Mantock Jesse Noel Martinez Miguel Alejandro Martinez Melissa Guadalupe Medina Jie Mei Abschluss; wird basierend auf der Gesamtbilanz am Ende des letzten Viertels vergeben.

8988 UCI Beginn 2017 Candidatos a Licenciatura Dejun Meng* Maike Meng Brandon Jamal Mitchell Silgai N. Mohmand Jose Jesus Mora Yanet Morales Ji Hoon Nam Melissa Jia-En Ng Kevin Ngoc Nguyen Jiahua Niu Tae Jin Oh Kiki Yvonne Okpala Tony On Jianmin Ouyang Zeyu Pan Andrew J. Park Jun Hyoung Park Michelle H. Park* Sarah M. Park Seongmin Park Chitra Anil Patel* Tanvi Mahesh Patel* Abraham Izsak Pérez Dominic Huy Pham Ngoc Tuyet Pham Chao Qin Fernando Quezada Tanya Raja Nathan I. Ramos Jarryd Mychal Reyes Alexander David Reynolds Nichole Marie Rindahl Zehao Ru Nicolás Salazar Diego Sánchez Trinity Bree Sanders Andrew Bryce Senkfor Zeu Seo Aida Tracy Setian Sharvari Sanjiv Shah Xiomara S. Sharif* Qing Sheng Yuqing Sheng Changfeng Shi Xinlin Shi Jeffrey Ray Lin Shih Kevin Katsuo Shimoda Simon Shour Urvi Kiran Shukla Mohini Sikaria * Sinthuja Sivanantham* Dhanesh Girish Solanki Melissa Leanne Delfin Soto Brooke Patricia Steiner* Ching Su Kexuan Su Karthik Murali Subramaniam Sara Hasan S Uleiman N uoxuan Sun Zhenglin Sun Adam Michael Szafranski Schicksal Wei Mun Sze Sidney Chua Tan Malvin Tanbun Agnes Tang* Hao Tang John Minh Tang Xueyin Tang Yutong Tang* Yuzhi Tang* Tingting Tao Feven Woubshet Tefera Evan Teo Justin Theodra John Vincent Thorpe Yuhao Tie Jeanie To Wei Sae Tram Nam Hoai Tran Clover Jean Trejo Jennifer Truong Jenny Truong* Trinh Ngoc Truong Rehan Ismail Vaid Leslie Beatriz Valladarez Edwin Vargas Chantel Guadalupe Vázquez Jerry Vong Di Wang Jiaqi Wang Qing Wang* Siyu Wang Wanping Wang Yichu Wang Yu Wang Yue Wang Zihe Wang Ziwei Wang * Ziyi Wang Shibo Wei Yu Wei Yunan Wei Zhengyang Wen Xuejing Weng Victor Damian Wilson* Nicole T. Wong* Sunghyuk Woo Jonathan James Woolley Huichuan Wu Ling Wu Wan Wu Xinhong Wu Yifan Xia Basai Xie Yuhan Xie Zexi Xie Haokai Xu Lulu Xu* Sonia Xu * Yangyang Xu Yan Xuan Haron Kai Him Yam Matthew Kanji Yamada Ke Yan Biyi Yang Ling Yang* Qifan Yang Ruijia Yang Siqi Yang Yuxi Yang* Yuting Yao Zimao Ye Woosung Yoon* Chenguang Yu Jeavin Z Henh uan Yu Youkai Yu* Yueqing Yu* Weihao Yuan Ye Yuan Wanxin Yue Roberto Carlos Zepeda Chen Zhang Magna Congyu Zhang Han Zhang Hanye Zhang Lidan Zhang Liyi Zhang Lunke Zhang Ping Zhang Qian Zhang Rui Zhang Ruixi Zhang Yingjie Zhang Yue Zhang* Zhiyu Zhang* Bei Zhao Zihan Zhao Zikun Zhao Eric H. Zheng Huankun Zheng* Jianye Zheng Ailin Zhong Magna Mengyue Zhou Nan Zhou* Peihao Zhou Yichen Zhou* Yujia Zhou Ziao Zhou Mingqiu Zhu Tieyu Zhu* Internationale Studien Zara Aghajanyan Ruqayya Ahmad Maha Hussein A. Alabbad Hader Hareb Saif Faraj Aldhaheri* Erick Alegria* Ingrid Pamela Ambriz-Mata Allison Taylor Arth Reo Asami Darine K. Atassi Cecilia Avila Jennifer Abigail Ayala Takumi Michael Azama* Adib Babaei Antonia Allegra Bacigalupa Albaum Lucas Fredrick Ball Ruenny Batrez Layla Sarah Binesh* Evelyn Briones Angelika Buczynski Martin Jacob Bukowiec Wenjie Cai Karina Camacho Itsayana Campa Elizabeth Campos Ismael Canizalez Guadalupe Karina Cazares Mia Molero Celedio Janet Chan Joey Ying Tong C ha n Mengsha Chen* Yuling Chen* Yuqing Chen* Zongbao Chen* Kim Hean Cheng Ming Cheng * Abschluss erwartet Sommer Berechtigt für Auszeichnungen bei Abschluss; wird gesamtbilanz am Ende des letzten Viertels vergeben.

90Faculty of Social Sciences 89 Wan-Chi Chiang An Na Choi Ki Hyuk Choi Huitzijared Contreras Tiffany Colonel Annie Dai Vanessa Edwin Zaibelle Spirit Victoria Hilary First Clarissa Marie Fontanilla Fajardo Lanying Fu Deion Jamaal Galloway Shanelle Darlene Garcia Katrin Yulian Gendova Penelope Gliane Amelie Michelle Godfrey Emily Jasmine Gomez Alexandria Elizabeth Green Angela Gurrola-Alvarez Kristen And Paige Lauren Haar* Isaac Solomon Hall Andrew Nicholas Hallak Alexandra Corinne Huffman Victoria Ilieva Ilieva Erica Lee Islands Ryan Daniel James, jr. Jaehun Jung Seongyeon Jung Emily Emiko Kamaka Mai Kanemura Reka Maria Katona Gaganpreet Kaur* Tiffany Chandra Keo Meri Khanjyan Eun Sol Kim Hey Jin Kim Hye Wan Kim* Hyeung Woo Kim Hyung Min Kim Ji Yon Kim Jiyeon Kim* Sarah Saerom Kim* Ka Bo Kok Ashwini Kumra Tzu Tung Kuo* Joseph Eugene Kurpjuweit Pak Fai Kwok Dongha Kwon Wilber Arthur Lai* Diane Thuy Trang Le Kim Chi Thi Le Annette Eva Lee Hoomin Lee* Hyun Kyung Lee Ka Ryeong Lee Kibin Lee* Nikita Dahee Lee Sally Lee Yong Guy Lee Alvin H Lei Katherine Marlene Lemus Andrew Octavio Leon Dessy Dayanty Lestari* Francis Emmanuel Lopez Gabriela Elizabeth Lopez Lizbeth Lopez* Mariana Lopez Jorge Alfredo Lozano Tessa Shi Min Lui* Violet Vi Luong Jason Daniel Lyle Ziyang Ma Josceline Eunice Maldonado Gianna Michelle Marcario Jennifer Whalesska Brown Nelly Matias Tyler Ryan McCray Clare Alexandra McNic oll Richard Melendez Genesis Table Jessica Huai Miao Adrianne Jayne Miller Shary Bettsie Miranda Angelique Monica Nguyen* Brandon Nguyen* Kellie Monica Rodriguez Natalie Rodriguez Paulina Sarai Romero Janet Romo Tzu-Shans Vater Mark G. Salenga Valerie Sanche z Nathalia Santoro De Castro Co Clara Salgado Santos Magna Zena Suhail Sawaged Rudain Mohamed Sebai* Dustin Charles Sefried Ali Sepasyar Smith-Nakano Min-A Song Marissa Sterrett Thursday Su Yiming Sun Sophia Suy Amy Elizabeth Swanson Young Bin Tae* Narumi Takagi Helen Lisa Tan Elaine Shiann Tang Kayla Michelle Tanner Click Download to save Zeyu Tao Lesly Victoria Roof Ethan Viet Thai Lindsey Gabrielle Tindage Alan Mauricio Tort Kathy Thuy Tran mp3 youtube com Zi Wang Tianqi Weng Andrew Harris Westfall Katherine Anne Whorley Courtney Kathryn Woo Barry Yu Shen Wu Exclusions in Abs chluss; will be based on the balance sheet at the end of the last year.

9190 UCI Start 2017 Degree Candidates Iliana Carolina Zepeda Chen Zhang Magna Chenyi Zhang* Daoqin Zhang Dongyan Zhang Fanshu Zhang Linqi Zhang Shengyi Zhang* Tina Zhao Yuqing Zhao* Kaihong Zheng* Siyuan Zheng* Xiaohan Zhu* Yajun Zhu Yunny Zhu* Abbasid Linguistics and Politics * Samantha Jaqueline Aceves Paola Midori Acosta Mariam Tufail Afzal* Zara Aghajanyan Katerina Agoopi* Mujghan Bashir Ahmad Majde Issa Al Salibi* Carlos Ernesto Alfaro Keenan Darmarell Allison Marina Alzayat Mary Suzanne Andary Laura Ann Anderson Benjamin Baum Joseph Luc Beauregard Summa Carolina Becerra Steven Ma Koto Bell* Christina Ann Bellasalma Gabriela Esmeralda Benitez Martinez Sarah Clarissa Bennett Brandon Lee Berg Christopher Step hen Valdemar Berglund Cameron Reza Biedgoly Amanda Marie Bigart Jessica Bolaños Julian Andrew Bugarin Kyle David Cab rera Summa Jacob Logan Campbell Edwin Edgardo Canas Castro Sevilla Jacob Adam Cesar Alan Kai Chan* Kacy L. Chan Taylor Marissa Chanes* Young Chang Giovanni Chavez Manuel Chavez Mitchell Bradley Chivetta An Na Choi Fabrizio Chollet Ashley Kit-Yin Chu* Charles Jin Sein Chu jr . . . . Robert Lamb* Henry Lamb Tiffany Colonel Sweet Edith Corum* Julia Magali Cota Elizabeth Andrea Cotociu Andrew Kevin Cronin Bianca Ysabel Gatchalian Buckets Jessica Ruth Dauz Michael Rephael David* Aysha Renell Davis Amina Dawood Maria Wendy De La Pena Vahe David Demirjian Shawn Patrick Derifield Darshan Mahesh Desai Patrick Preston Donoghue Mariela Dorado Katherine Kieu Duong Ana Karen Duran Trianna Michelle Eichinger Adriana Fiorella Erquiaga Stephanie Nicole Espinoza Andrew Vincent Fisher Andrew Sebastian German Alexandria Elizabeth Green Victoria Rose Griffin Alyssa Nicole Grogan Samuel Bennett Grubbs Kenneth Gucyski* Genesis Venice Guevara Alexandra Rachel Gutierrez Crystal Jocelyn Gutierrez Yorvely Gutierrez yes Hoang Donovan Duc Hoang Arthur Mitchell Holly Marie Louise Hollmann George Austin Howard Enrique Huerta, Jr. Alexandra Corinne Huffman Veronica Saejung Puta Kimberly Huynh Stineh Isagholian Brock Henry Ivancovich Raul James, Jr. Vanessa Jauregui Rebecca Lynn Jensen Trevor Michael Jensen Anthony Joseph Kaabour Alisha Kabir Yasmin Kalantar Eugene Kang Michelle H. Kao Arshpreet Kaur Tiffany Chandra Keo Sierra Nicole Kirkpatrick Simon Osama Kishek Ryan James Krause Brandon Richard Kravitz Tracy La Astrid Magdalena Lainez Bryan Lam Elizabeth Kathryn Lange Diane Thuy Trang Le * Abschluss warned Summer Suitable for displays in Abschluss; will be based on the balance sheet at the end of the last year.

92Faculty of Social Sciences 91 Jennifer Paz Ledesma Annette Eva Lee Yeonjun Lee Andrew Octavio Leon Andrea Desiree Leslie-Merchain * Mariana Lopez Mayra Alexandra Lopez Summa Yesenia Lopez* Jacquelyn Lu Jason Lu* Adriana Guadalupe Lucas Alec Pereira Michelle Chau Ly Ryan John Lynch Elisha Magana Ventura Austin Scott Mandujano Daniel Martinez Nia Nicole Martinez Saloni Mathur Richard Melendez Anthony Christopher Mendez, Jr. Genesis Meza* Di Miao* Alexander Rey Mills Byung-Jin Min Wei Ming Mo Christopher Alexander Molina Rachel Amanda Montanye Paul Moon Yudy Stephanie Morales Elizabeth Morfin Seth Munoz Patrick Michael O'Donnell Daniel Ryan Obatake* Christian Amadeus Tiongson Ocampo Erick Balmore Palaces Benjamin Edward Palmer Sean Alexander Magda Jamid Pastrana Abraham Izsak Perez Aracely Perez Alaina Grace Persinger Robert Petrosyan Andrew Tuan Pham Ngoc Tuyet Pham Alvin Duy Dan Phan Alexander David Reynolds Leila Rezanoor Alma Delia Rizo Daniel Adam Robertson Sean Matthew Robinson David Bailey Rodriguez Jorge Alexander Rodriguez Karen Abigail Rodriguez Monica Rodriguez Arely Rodriguez-Velez Salgado Diego Sanchez Judith Iraided Sanchez Valerie Sanchez Min Seung* Amber Z. Shah Kevin Umesh Shah* Emile Ramez Shehada Summa Elizabeth Yeri Shim Anthony Theodore Shirley Urvi Kiran Shukla Karina Jeanette Silva Argin Simonian Synagogue Audi Eddie Emmanuel Sings er Neetu Julie Singh Samantha Singha Jose Manuel Solares Melissa Leanne Delfin Soto Melanie Kim Berly Speech Karthik Murali Subramaniam Amy Elizabeth Swanson Valeria Lucia Taboada Brittany Ann Tekmar Andrew Michael Thurman Jerry Ju Hung Tien Simran Kaur Tiwana Arman Tondravi* Raquel Torres* Christiana Mai Tran Kerrie Tran Jennifer Truong Jenny Truong Catrina Turner Darren Lamar Turner Amit Chandra Uma Rehan Ismail Vaid Aryana Valdivia Blaine Russell Valencia* Alyssa Marie Valenzuela Adrian Valles, Jr. Rodrick Vartan Mariam Vartkis Itzel Vazquez-Mora Leonardo Rey Vega Daisy Vazquez Vera Amy Michelle Villarreal Luissa Christine Viruni Stephanie Viscarra Vasquez Joeshay Lanet Walker* Stacy Wang Victor Damian Wilson Johnny Thong Yang* Edgar Edward Yerena Elmira Yousufi Hong Yuan Christel Zamudio Nicholas Frederick Andrew Acuna Kristine Stretcher Sharp Rachelle Marble Aguilera Aguirre, Jr. There are many reasons why you should not buy this product. These are the reasons why you should not buy this product. These are the reasons why you should not buy this product. These are the reasons why you should not buy this product Product -Joy G. Bernales* Catherine Nicole Bersinger Brittany Tegan Billson Annabelle Marie Blakey * Absolutely postponed Summer Ready for Honors at Graduation; will be based on the balance sheet at the end of the last year.

9392 UCI Commencement 2017 Candidates for undergraduate programs Jonathan Dwight Sulit Buendia Allison Mae Salonga Buluran James Reyes Cadiente Alec August Carda Christopher Bruno Casas Jerome Noel Cayabyab Rogelio Cervantes, Jr. Deborah Hye Chang* Ashley Chao Alexander Chen* Hongan Chen* Jiyu Chen Nicole Ngoc Chi Emma Sunyi Choe Samuel Suk Woo Choi Anika Sonia Chowdhury* Paul Gregory Clemmons Kaitlyn Marie Coelho Astrid Colindres Breanna Kaitlan Comey Denise Lee Cook Daniel Allen Curley Tiffany Dang Aysha Renell Davis Emma Catherine Davis* Frank K. Davis Liz Adriana De La Cruz Caroline De La Parra William Jefferson Deaton Neil Kenneth Deguzman Viridiana Delgadillo Samantha Lee Tony Chi Do* Elizabeth Carol Doudera Tiffany Duong Sarah Ellis Jennifer Escareno Villegas Rebecca Alexandra Espinoza Wyatt Cody Feese Melody Janae Realin Foley Tiffany Amber Frechette* Israel Fountains, Jr. . . . . Samantha Alberto Galang* Stephanie Lynn Gallagher* Kristina Galstyan Alexander Luna Gan Thalia L. Garcia Katrin Gamal Gatas Summa Michael George Gevorkyan Summa Alexis Gil Chavez* Emile Giragosian Summa Joshua E. Gonzalez Madeleine Emily Carter Hart Elizabeth Harvey* Maritzabeth Hernandez Nicole Yamira Herrarte Abigail Herrera Erika Joyce Hilario Haig Hogdanian Magna Niloufar Hosseini Jafari* Jason Christopher Huling Jessica Huynh Phuong My Huynh Daisy Jaimes Lemuel F. James* Zhengran Jiang Lindsey Nicole Johnson-Vegas Reza Kalhor Summa Amrit Kaur Daniel Henry Kellogg Sothy Anthony Kem Sean Luke Kennedy Gina Alexandra Khachatrian Christine Renee Khanbijian Haley Marie Lago Steve J-S Lai Astrid Magdalena Lainez William Duc Hoa Lam Myra Sarai Larson Moses Legaspi Sophia Letsky Jay Leung Stephanie Leung Yuk Ying Leung Ashley Ruth Levy Sydn ey Nicole Lewis Ziang Liu Jiaqi Long* Simon Long Smithtomson Lou Jessica Ann Lovell Tessa Shi I'm Lui* Tiffany Lui Maria Guadalupe Alyssa Leeann Macken They are Patricia Louise Mackinnon Erenea Consuelo Magliba Tina Mai Maziar Malakouti* Marixa Maldonado Anam Abid Malik Andrea Nadine Malki Natalie Martigon Allison-Graham Martin Franklin Alejandro Martinez Luis Alfonso Maya Stephanie Eliza Mejia Nevmerzhytska Mitchell Kamelia Nouri Brittany Lorraine Oros* Kristina Orozco Olamide Osibowale Jessie Loren Pangelina Aljelen Saavedra Paraiso Callia Nadette Pardo Jae Min Park Jane Park John Park Michelle H. Park Sang Mi Park Nathan Adrian Partono Arti Janak Patel Jacob Pham Princess Thien Phung Pham Van Vi Pham Nelly Yaritza Pineda Wendy Ting Poon Oscar Portillo Rachel Marie Prelle Liangchen Yasmin Mehnaz Raoufi Ariel Aaron Eugenio Obles* Samantha Towers Nicole Rosemary Lauren Taylor Snoring Spring * Emily Lauren Shapiro* Alexandra Nicole Shurlock Briana Justine Soto Melissa Kay Sugay* Li-Yen Angel Sun Cindy Suo Sunjay S Swaroop Magna Danielle Joan Symes Maryam Tahami will be based on the balance sheet at the end of the last year.

94Faculty of Social Sciences 93 Chiaki Takebayashi* Aditi Atul Talati Andrew James Tapia* Myisha Angel Tarvin Khanhi Thai* Shari Bao Thao Sydney Tieu Scarlet Miracles Toruno Anthony Duc Tran Luat Van Tran Vincent Supanut Nancy Valdivia Alma Araceli Valenzuela Ivana Victoria Valenzuela Manuel David Valenzuela II Julie Rina Vi Tiffany Thao Alyssa Wallace Hsiaojin Wang Wanjing Wang Renee Jeanine Weiler Katlyn Beth White Rachel Hope Whitehill Jennifer Renee Wilson David Wu Lucille Wu click to connect Download Yunqing Bi Senjiong Cen Haoran Chen Xiaoqing Chen Yuyi Chen Chi Cheng Jie Cheng Melody Sarah Dehghan mp3 youtube com Erica Than Khaine - No Tengo Miedo (Official Music Video) Muhuan Lyu* Meng's Daughter Charley S. Sheng Erbang Sheng Gregory Gennadi Shennikov * Zixin Song Sean Michael Strain Xiaomin Tong Chen Wang Haohui Wang* Meng Wang* Nina Wang Xinying Wang Zhiwen Wang Qiaoyi Zhang Yunepeng Zhang Guofu Zhao Zicong Zheng Leran Zhou Yuefeng Zou -Bonilla Matthew Jordan Chung Carolina Dominguez-Burciaga Alisha Gil Pauline Ho Hao-Lun Hsu Catherine Hyein Kim Tracy La Katherine Marlene Lemus William Harry Leonard Shirley Loi Jessica Rubidia Lopez Brittney Lizette Medrano* Elizabeth Ngoc -Anh Hoang Nguyen Emma Jessica Faye Yib Social Sciences Todd Aaron Roth Sociology Michelle Aganian Carolina S uzanne Simonsen Aguilar Rachel Holly Ahrens Adam Joseph Alcantara Karina Aldana There are many reasons why you should not buy this product. These are the reasons why you should not buy this product n Daniel Barahona * Abschluss conveys a Summer worthy of rebates at Abschluss; will be based on the balance sheet at the end of the last year.

9594 UCI Commencement 2017 Undergraduate Candidates Araceli Barrio Sogand Bashi Ardestani Lesly Guadalupe Baptist Christine Alexis Bayon Joseph Luc Beauregard Summa Patrick Lyn Behring Steven Makoto Bell* Heather Ashley Bilton Cole Cabral, Jr . Amy Sharie Cai Edward Road Steven Andrew Cardoza Jaymesha Janell Carter Evan Nicholas Cassolato Veronica Guadalupe Castle Brenda Denise Cervantes Brandon Chau Summa Chloe Chen Jiyu Chen Yeseung Choi Francisco Corona, Jr Brett Del Valle Genesis Thin* Victoria Ann Dennis Antonia Diaz Jesus Michael Joseph Duarte, Jr. - Ivan Xue Ding (Official Music Video) - Ivan Xue Ding (Official Music Video) Cristina Serine Dumbrique* Chelsea Banh Duong Cristina Alicia Duron Julie Marie Enriquez Kevin Tomas Escarcega* Jennifer Etelinda Escobar Alejandra Esparza Rivera Brian Espinoza Galvan Brenna Castro Ganzon Amy Doreen Gaona Brian Joel Giron Brittany Anne Glassow Rachel Gutierrez Alexandra Louise Harrigan* Shannon Kathleen Hasquet Martha Arhemi Morales Hernandez Taleen Elena Hilalian Jacqueline Hong Frank Hsu Erika Huerta Jotham T. Hung Diane Huynh Yuine Ikari Nicholas Alexander Jennings Karen Maria Jimenez Brittney Michigan Katayama Jasmine Charmaine Rey Kately n Amanda Kleinheinz Collin Andrew Kobelja * Tomhanks Kung Stacey Law Caylyn Teyona Lawson Ann Diane Thuy Trang . . . . Liu Xuehai Liu* Crystal Janette Lizaola Vivian Marlyn Llamas* Mariana Lopez Mayra Alejandra Lopez Summa Eustacio Salvador Luna-Orozco Kevin Anh Tuan Luu Austin Ma Jason Do Ma* Federico Martell, Jr. Michael Dennis Martin Andrew Joseph Martinez Nia Nicole Martinez Ruth Naomi Mateos Nicholas Justin McInerny Maribel Medel Araceli Meza Michelle Anne Miller Jordan Arielle Moore Brandon Thanh Phan Max Francis Piercey Marissa Denise Porraz Bellanira Bridges James Hector Reyes Katherine Diane Rios Ana Rosa Rodriguez Erika Kawamura Rudio Gaganpreet Kaur Sahota Judith Iraided Sanchez Ana Rosa Santana Neil Anthony Santarina Selenne Lara Sevilla Peggy Shaw will be based on the balance sheet at the end of the last year.

96School of Social Sciences 95 Darren Kin-Yip Su Olivia Andriani Compilation Shereen Zaibunissa Sutherland Nicholas Takashi Tabuchi Megumi Tanaka Emily Rose Tando Bryanna Nicole Tapia Lesly Victoria Roof Isaiah Claude Thompson Elizabeth Ann Tizzoni Jocelyn To Chelsea Elizabeth Tomlinson Crystal Jasmine Torres* Chelsea Uyen Ngoc Nguyen Tran Jenny Tseng Melissa Nichole Valencia* Jennifer Minerva Vasquez* Jesus Alfredo Villegas Shejia Wang Song Wang Minzhi Wangsun, Jr. Erica Kristine Williams May Tomoko Wilson Cameron Garrett Eddie Takchun Wong Aaron Steven Wright Wu Vicky Wu Chelsea Line Wurlitzer Matthew Kanji Yamada Venessa T. Yeh Michelle L. Yerekhman Alexander Cortez Young Eun Jin Yu* Karla Paola Zeron Tianze Zhang * Elaine Zhao BACHELOR OF SCIENCE Cognitive Science Leonardo Fabian Aguinaga Michelle Cheung* Elita Rose Delbruck* Baokun Gui Stephanie Marie Ponce Artists Heidi Ramirez Andrea Thuy Linh Tieu Emily Anne Young will be based on the balance sheet at the end of the final year.

97Honors and Awards Claire Trevor School of the Arts PHI BETA KAPPA Nominee 2017 Anita Abdinezhad Nicholas James Bourgault Julia Taber Brunelli Julianna Sophie Cressman Colleen Faith David Sean Thomas Deuel Brynna Collette Gallagher Simon Joe Harrison Alissa Adriana Powers Chloe Joy Schneider Gabriell Nadej Smith Faris Taher Emma Noel Walsh Katherine Marie Wegmann Chi-Chen Yeh Mackenzie Zakoor 2016 Nominees Khue Vu Bui Shannon Marie Funderburk Keira Rebecca Whitaker Alice Yi Yang CAMPUS-WIDE HONORS Mackey Alissa Adriana Powers Chloe Joy Schneider Emma Noel Walsh Alice Yi Yang AWARDS AND HONORS Scholarship is awarded in memory of Alice Lowell for outstanding musical achievement 2013 Garrett James Sanderson Scholarship Arts Ambassador Linpei Cheng Simon Joe Harrison Scholarship Bette and Steven Warner Mata Jean Elizabeth Barr Ethan Thomas Bell Jacob Russell Ben -Schmu el Erica Su san Schaeffer Amy Lin Tilson-Lumetta Awardee 2015 David Yon W. Chung Jacob Zachary Tulley Awardee 2014 David Yon W. Chung Cloud Hsueh Foundation Scholarship Linpei Cheng Shannon Marie Funderburk Emma Noel Walsh Awardee 2015 Jacob Russell Ben- Shmuel Zachary Miles Sahms Scholarship Donald McKayle Simon Joe Harrison Megumi Eileen Iwama Edna Helen Beach Scholarship awarded in 2014 Hassiem Kyree Waldron awarded in 2013 Jeremy Paul Aquino Silvia Nicole Coto Polanco Roy Kim Zaynab Yasmine Malik Katherine Abbigail Mills Excellence in dance choreography for outstanding dance choreography Simon Joe Harrison Megumi Eileen Iwama Excellence in dance performance Carl Ponce Cubero Racquel Victoria Sea Emma Noel Walsh Scholarship Gregory Brown Osborne Awarded 2015 Dominik Enrique Haws Alexander Edward Hoang H.B. e Isabelle Yolen Scholarship for Outstanding Students in Acting or Studio Arts Diane Navarro Ashley Alexandra Josie Rose Chloe Joy Schneider Sean Akihiko Stover Awarded 2015 Nathalia Fagundes Honors in Acting for Exceptional Skill and Achievement Anita Abdinezhad Jacob Russell Ben-Shmuel Liam Michael Holton Chloe Joy Schneider Amy Lin Tilson-Lumetta Luzma Katherine Ortiz Honors in Art Nadia Kalya Adella Nathalia Fagundes Grace Eleanor Hofherr Diane Navarro Evan Houston Stanfield Honors in Design Rae Lynn Crocker Sean Thomas Deuel Award 2015 Jacques Alfred Zwielich Honors in Directing Dalia Ahurina Anderton Zaynab Yasmine Malik Honors in Drama Alexa Briana Crismon Ashley Alexandra Josie Rose Mackenzie Zakoor Honors in musical theater for exceptional skill and achievement Mata Jean Elizabeth Barr Ethan Thomas Bell Jacob Russell Ben-Shmuel Melissa Anne Musial Luzma Katherine Ortiz Erica Susan Schaeffer Amy Lin Tilson-Lumetta Leah Van Krien Rachel Elain e Williams and Linda E lftma nn Scholarship Awarded 2015 Emma Noel Walsh Awarded 2014 Simon Joe Harrison Medici Circle Scholarship Emily Joy Guerard Robert and Marjorie Rawlins Scholarship for Outstanding Musical Achievement Andrew Dean Anderson Janine Claire Kwan Lai Zachary Miles Sahms Awarded 2015 Janine Claire Kwan Lai Zachary Miles Sahms Awarded 2014 Janine Claire Kwan Lai Zachary Miles Sahms Awarded 2013 Janine Claire Kwan Lai Zachary Miles Sahms Scholarship Awarded Sylvia Reines 2013 Jacob Zachary Tulley Thomas and Elizabeth Tierney Scholarship Katarina Li Butenschoen Awarded 2015 Anita Abdinezhad Francisco J. Ayala School of Biological Sciences PHI BETA KAPPA Nominee 2017 Arina Adourian Hamed Aliabbasipoor Jennifer Kay Chau Joshua Herman Cook Jerrold Robert Deshong Nida Fatima Lela Wight Fossett Andrew Douglas Gong Faith Hsu Alexander James Huang Kelly Huynh Jonwei Wesley Hwang

98Ehrungen und Auszeichnungen 97 Shannon May Lee Christopher Orion Lew Sally Liu Zachary Nathan Lu King Nok Martyn Fung Katrine Minasyan Malika M. Mirvokhidova Helena May Nguyen Victoria Bao Quynh Nguyen Olayemi Olamide Osibowale Bansari Ashokbhai Patel Kathy Pham Celine Hien Phong Marc Anthony Piercy Andrew Pop Pouyan Pouresfandiari Logan Scott Richards Nathaniel Nash Shon Justin Jay Shun Nowshin Tabassum Faris Taher Mehdi Talle Ece Naz Tan Katherine Thanh Vo Lakshmi Rekha Vrittamani Ariel Nhu Vu Ashley Rianne Wong Gordon George Yee Yuanyuan Yi Tara Zahed Nominiert 2016 Sahar Amoozadeh Annie Hoang Anh Bui Daniel Adrian Del Barrio- Amil Anh Mai Nguyen Kevin Duong Nguyen Kristin Y-Nhi Nguyen Anthony Mark Raus Mary Justine Sargious Daniel Samir Tahhan Matthew Anthony Tsai Timothy Michael Wiher HONORES EN TODO EL CAMPUS Shrey Chawla Joshua Herman Cook Robert K. Dang Nida Fatima Lela Wight Fossett Andrew Douglas Gong Christine Tran Hua Alexander James Huang Amirali Jaberyzadeh Douglas Alexan der Jurado Kyle Phill ip Kisor Sally Liu Nur Fatimah Bint Timur Mirza Anh Mai Nguyen Kien Viet Nguyen Victoria Bao Quynh Nguyen Bansari Ashokbhai Patel Celine Hien Phong Andrew Pop Kathryn Gonzales Reyes Logan Scott Richards Megha Sanjiv Nathaniel Nash Shon Justin Jay Shun Bahareh Sorouri Sophia Carmella Spann Samuel Andrew Stetkevich Kezia Ivanka Surjanto Ece Naz Tan Lakshmi Rekha Vrittamani Katayune Yazdi-Nejad Gordon George Yee Tara Zahed AUSZEICHNUNGEN UND SCHULEHRUNGEN Assoziierte Mitgliedschaft in der Sigma Xi Research Honor Society Pilar Xochitl Altman Collin Matthew Joyce Kyle Phillip Kisor Alberto Enrique Lopez Jessica Nevarez-Mejia Jonathan Matthew Mendez Josselyn Karina Pena Yocelyn Recinos Amara C. Thind Barry M. Goldwater-Stipendium Joshua Herman Cook Brian Atwood-Stipendium Joshua Herman Cook Matthew Anthony Tsai Carol Becker McGaugh-Preis Studentenstipendium im dritten Jahr Mawaheb Hassan Kassir Kanzlerpreis für herausragende Leistungen in der Undergraduate- Forschung Maw aheb Hassa n Kassir Kyle Phillip Kisor Dean's Auszeichnung for Excellence in Research Elizabeth Irene Celaya Douglas Alexander Jury Yocelyn Recinos Amirali Jaberyzadeh Dr. William F. Holcomb Stipendium für biomedizinische oder meeresbiologische Forschung Jeong Woo Han Edward Mittelman Memorial Fund Stipendium für einen herausragenden Studenten, der eine Karriere im medizinische Bereich anstrebt Jocelyn Gia- Linh Ha Exzellenz in der Forschung Hira Habeeb Aladroos Kristen Victoria Ampig Jean-Louis Bru Nur Ata Bruss Ryan Collin Buck Elizabeth Irene Celaya Tushank Chadha Henry K Chang Edison Chen Stanley Chen Joshua Ambrosio Chevez Christina Truc Dang Robert K. Dang Krystal Lynn Del Castillo Gishan Shalitha Dissanayake Bogoda Jonathan Dwilaksono Nida Fatima Lela Wight Fossett Andrew Douglas Gong Jocelyn Gia-Linh Ha Jeong Woo Han George Heredia Jr. Thalia Jovana Hernández Michelle Joni Herrera Amy Hong Christine Tran Hua Alexander James Huang Delaney Elizabeth Islip Douglas Alexander Jurado Mawaheb Hassan Kassir Lin Soo Kim Kyle Phillip Kisor Sarah Lee David Edward Lewis Robert Gar y Lewis Benjamin Lin Xinyi Ma Parinaz Malakzadeh Nur Fatimah Bint Timur Mirza Emily Sarah Nguyen Kien Viet Nguyen Thuan Hieu Nguyen Bansari Ashokbhai Patel Jenny Pham Thao My Ngoc Phan Pouyan Pouresfandiari Yocelyn Recinos Megha Sanjiv Argineh Shahbandari Setareh Shekarchi Monika Kaur Singha Elizabeth Carol Marie Stogner Priscilla Mi Tin Ta Ece Naz Tan Sally Loyal Trinh Prema Dharmesh Vyas Paul Breadino Walker jr. Katayune Yazdi-Nejad Gordon George Yee Kuan-Ting Yu Tara Zahed Joshua Herman Cook Christina Truc Dang Melody Jia Fang Samouel Azmy Hanna Melissa Erin Huang Amirali Jaberyzadeh Keyan Armon Jalili Shannon May Lee Robert Gary Lewis Susan Yan Yang Li Hazel Merluza Victoria Bao Quynh Nguyen Danier Sabrina Ong Celine Hien Phong Kathryn Gonzales Reyes Andrew Hany Rezk Nathaniel Nash Shon Jordan Mikelle Smith Timothy Michael Wiher Justine Ryoko Yamashiro 2015 Jafar Abduljalil Al Souz Salsabil Gehan Christina Marina Michael Luna Thanh Ngo Exzellenz in der Forschung Posterpreis Tu Schaft Chadha Edison Chen Jocelyn Gia-Linh Ha Nathaniel Nash Shon Auszeichnungen in Biowissenschaften Hira Habeeb Aladroos Joshua Ambrosio Chevez

9998 UCI As of 2017 Honors and Awards Joshua Herman Cook Gishan Shalitha Dissanayake Bogoda Melody Jia Fang Lela Wight Fossett Andrew Douglas Gong Alexander James Huang Delaney Elizabeth Islip Kyle Phillip Kisor Susan Yan Yang Li Hazel Hake Kien Viet Nguyen Thuan Hieu Nguyen Bansari Ashokbhai Patel Celine Hien Phong Jordan Mikelle Smith Ece Naz Tan Paul Breadino Walker Jr Timothy Michael Wiher Justine Ryoko Yamashiro Gordon George Yee Tara Zahed Keyan Armon Jalili Luna Thanh Ngo Honors in Neurobiology Edison Chen Mawaheb Hassan Kassir Katayune Yazdi-Nejad Howard Schneiderman Award Yocelyn Recinos Christina Truc Dang Jayne Unzelman Scholarship in Recognition of Academic Excellence and Services to School and Community Joshua Herman Cook Melody Jia Fang Tori Raquel Tucker Kyle Farol Tara Zahed Memorial Award Laurence J. Mehlman Award in Recognition of Academic Excellence and Services to School Tracy Hoang Nguyen Matthew Anthony Tsai M Marlene Estudio Godoy t Oto rga Melissa Erin Huang Sophomore Scholarship National Institutes of Health Undergraduate Scholarship Pilar Xochitl Altman Cezar Ribeiro De Borba Jr. Collin Matthew Joyce Kyle Phillip Kisor Alberto Enrique Lopez Jessica Nevarez-Mejia Jonathan Matthew Mendez Josselyn Karina Pena Yocelyn Recinos Jenaro Soto Amara C Thind Robert Ernst Award for Outstanding Research in Biological Sciences George Heredia Jr Kyle Phillip Kisor Benjamin Lin Pouyan Pouresfandiari Paul Breadino Walker Jr Joshua Herman Cook Robert Ernst Award for Outstanding Student Research in Plant Biology Priscilla Mi Tin Ta Robert Memorial Award H. Avnet for supporting a student interested in becoming a doctor Shannon May Lee Gordon George Yee The Paul Merage School of Business PHI BETA KAPPA Nominee 2017 Medha Asthana Noopur Asit Gosalia Angelo Guo Sharon Shien Hwang Dena Lan Nguyen Jenifer Anh-Thu Nguyen Tran Nhi Tuyet Pham Nicole Amaris Ramirez Hubert Minhvi Ta Connie Sandra Wong Biyi Yang CAMPUS-WIDE HONORS M Adeline Jane Clark Hubert Minhvi Ta AWARDS AND EDUCATION Boeing Scholarship Michael Chi Ho Rebecca Tian Chancellor's Award for Excellence in Undergraduate Research Medha Asthana Chancellor's Award of Distinction Arden Elaine Davis Michael Chi Ho Excellence in Research - Biological Sciences Jeff Jinglu Huang School of Education PHI BETA KAPPA nominee 2017 Dayana Celeste Benitez Taysheona Denise Brodie Joshua Joseph Chun Xitlali Fernandez Elisa Garcia Stephania Gonzalez Simon Joe Harrison Jazmin Jimenez Karen Maria Jimenez Judy Lee Andrea Thuy Linh Tieu Kitty K Lui Diana Magana Seung Min Moon Jonah Chang -Jin Park Claudia Rodriguez Margarita Anahi Rodriguez Itzhel Santiago Nhan Thanh Truong Kimberly Manh Ung Emma Noel Walsh Laura Wei Katrina Stacie Yip Wanxin Yue CAMPUS-WIDE HONORS Stephania Gonzalez Diana Magana Emma Noel Walsh The Henry Samueli School of Engineering PHI BETA KAPPA Nominee 2017 Charlotte Deanna Papp Nomini ert 2016 Brian Berk Dertl i CAMPUS-WIDE HONORS Ali Hassan Ab oughaida Hishaam Ali Melissa Karen Diaz Amber Megan Fong Euiso Kim Guan Yu Liu Spencer Timothy Mattson Kaitlin Frances Robinson Evan Karl Shipley Tyler Patrick Stevens Malcolm Su AWARDS AND EDUCATION Associate Membership in Sigma Xi Research Honor Society Jonathan Shifferaw Abebe Zachery Ryen Robinson Marlen Soledad Tagle Rodriguez Alpha Eta Mu Beta Biomedical Engineering Honors Society Sara Anis Andrew Dam Stella Olivia Doering Paul Phuc Khoa Nguyen Tuyetnhi Ngoc Le Natalie Han Mai Chancellor's Award for Excellence in Undergraduate Research Nicholas James Cecchi Chi Epsilon Civil and Environmental Engineering Honor Society Adib Waleed Attiyah Simon Hung Cai Wesley B. Chen Lydia Saerom Chun Tess Kimberly Hoang

100Books and Descriptions 99 Kyle Hwang Daniel Arash Jordan Kristy Chung Kim Michael S. Lee Daniela Rivera Leon Bowen Liang Elaine Luong Lamont Jermaine Lynch Harrison Jonathan Martin Mayra Lizet Martinez Nicole Paige Meade Charlotte Deanna Papp Kenneth Gray Peterson Farzaneh Pirahmadi Raajan Yogendrasinh Raj Lorenzo Xavier Sevidal Evan Karl Shipley Vivian Wan-Ru Tseng Justin R. Wu Christine Jones Memorial Scholarship Jenna Lynn Obenshain Deborah und Peter Pardoen Memorial Scholarship Samuel Cabrera Eta Kappa Nu Electrical Engineering Honor Society e Computer Science Linda Thursday - Van Banh Jeffrey Kenneth Berhow Hyun Jin Cho Hugh Hung Dang Omead Brandon Pooladzandi Gregory A. Bogaczyk Memorial Stipend John Lawrence Higgins Haggai Memorial Stipend Yan Huang Henry Samueli Stipend Leon Trinh Cao Alexander Lawrence Heald Kaitlin Frances Robinson National Institutes of Health Stipend of undergraduate Jonathan Schi fferaw Abebe zach ery Ryen Robinson Marlen Soledad Tagle Rodriguez Omega Chi Epsilon Chemical Engineering Honor Society Koosha Azartash Christine Phuong Dang Melissa Karen Diaz Alexander Lawrence Heald Eric Matthew Kimball Christopher Glen Lee Edward Paul Lesnansky III Yv Onne My Linh Chau Zaki Abdullah Molvi Eric Kenneth Moy Qi Ni Paolo Zapanta Ramos Samuel Wood Riches Kosuke Seki Ryan Takahiro Yoshikawa Pi Tau Sigma Mechanical Engineering and Aerospace Engineering Alexander Nicholas Alvara Saho Lauren Arai King William Conner Farrell Yun Peng Hsiao Justin Patrick Kerr Emily My Kha Meng-Hsuan Lee Ernesto Raul Peralta Nathan H. Phung Luis Francisco Salazar Erik Dean Sheldon Daniel Tran Roberto Javier Trejo Kunlong Yu Sigma Gamma Tau Aerospace Engineering Honor Society Alexander Nicholas Alvara Richard Cheng Justin Patrick Kerr Shanuka Raveen Solanga Arachchige Thomas Keegan Sullivan Engineering Honor Society Tau Beta Pi Alexander Nicholas Alvara Maaikee Kiyoe Amen Pronda Linda Thu- v an Banh Liam David Buchanan Samuel Cabrera Victor Aw Chen Wesley B. Chen Andrew Dam Melissa Karen Diaz Xinyi Gu Janelle Ginane Harkous Alexander Lawrence Heald Tess Kimberly Hoang Yan Huang Daniel Arash Jordan Paul Phuc Khoa Nguyen Edward Paul Lesnansky III Yvonne My Linh Chau Mengfei Liu Natalie Han Mai Nima Mohseni Zaki Abdullah Molvi Mahan Sepehr Naeim Sunny Phuong Nguyen Vietmy Huu Nguyen Qi Ni Jenna Lynn Obenshain Peter Bradley Phillips Omead Brandon Pooladzandi Paolo Zapanta Ramos Eashani Sathialingam Malcolm Su Jonathan Matthew Sullivan Marlen Soledad Tagle Rodriguez Daniel Tran Daniel Tseng Vivian Wan-Ru Tseng Ryan Takahiro Yoshikawa US Fulbright Scholarship. UU. Alexander Nicholas Alvara School of Humanities PHI BETA KAPPA Nominee 2017 Claire Bantilan Nicole Ciara Block Thais Piersanti Castro Alves Nicole Malak Charlotte Midani Emily Chen Elizabeth Eunna Choi Gilleland-Hendersen Seth Eugene Gleckman Rachael Jeanne Heinsen Jazmin Jimenez Emily Chan La Jennifer Paz Ledesma Chen Lin Luke Robert Loper Zachariah Tejeda Maddren Diana Magana Marilyn Nguyen Jennifer Anh-Thu Nguyen Tran Xavier Ari Oliver Diana Dominguez Ortega Shehada Hubert Minhvi Ta Amir Bahaeddin Teherani Justine Thuy Tien Trinh Therasa Bearse Topete Julian Vacio Alysia Marie Verdin Laura Wei Bethany R. Weidauer Sheng Xia Nominee Ciara Block Breanna Justine Brommer Jessie Chang Nicole Malak Charlotte Midani Grace Angelica Ciccarello Julia Nancy Clausen Rachel K. Do Amelie Michelle Godfrey Thomas Justinian Kennedy Jacqueline Liu Diana Magana n Classics Luke Robert Loper Chancellor Prize for Outstanding Studies in Basic Studies Research Nichole Amy G. Grimes

101UCI 100 As of 2017 Dobro Slovo Honors and Awards National Slavic Honor Society Xenia Lvovskaia Glenna Rosaleen Morin Award for Early Achievement in Religious Studies Awarded 2015 Therasa Bearse Topete Eta Sigma Phi National Honor Society for Students of Greek and Latin Randi Danielle Johnson Studies for Film and Media Dennis Nguyen Juan Pablo Chavez Pelaez Bethany R Weidauer Franco Tonelli Memorial Award in Film Studies Victoria Marie Gilleland-Hendersen Hannah J Caldwell Endowed Award for Undergraduate Students 2015 Therasa Bearse Topete Hester A Laddey Award Puneet Kaur Dhaliwal 2015 Xavier Ari Oliver Howard B Lawson Rachael Jeanne Endowed Memorial Scholarship Heinsen Memorial Essay Contest Howard Babb Irene Christian Kim Zoie Taylor Matthew Humanities EAP Scholarship 2015 Julia Nancy Clausen Humanities Honors Program for successful completion of the Molly Anne Curtis Nichole Amy G. Grimes Rachael Jeanne Heinsen program Lauren Elizabeth Ke rner Zein a Nohad Mousa Xav er Ari Oliver Meghan Elizabeth O'Sullivan Hubert Minhvi Ta Meghan Elizabeth Taylor Therasa Bearse Topete Jao Foundation Student Award Megan Renee Pelt National Honor Society of Japan Kristen Lee Clark Louis Su Kikuya Marjorie G. Reday Scholarship Art History Molly Anne Curtis McCulloch Memorial Mittel Brynna Collette Gallagher Nora Folkenflik Memorial Humanities Core Essay Award Presented 2014 Bethany R. Weidauer Steven Escobar Outstanding Screenwriter Award Victoria Marie Gilleland-Hendersen Outstanding Senior Award Eric Anthony Colbert Randi Danielle Johnson Phi Alpha Theta History Honors Society Yareli C Castro Sevilla Huitzijared Contreras Nichole Amy G. Grimes Lauren Elizabeth Kerner Ciani Alyssa Reyes Saira Mehboob Shah Meleia Whitaker Simon-Reynolds Therasa Bearse Topete Steve Anh Tuan Pham Promise Award in Religious Studies Thomas Justinian Kennedy Kenneth Doyel Davis Religious Studies Program Award Education Abroad (EAP) of l The Amy Fan School of Humanities Julian Vacio School of Humanities is Bachelor of Art Award Nicole Ciara Block Julian Vacio Award 2015 Eric Anthony Colbert School of Humanities Bachelor of Arts Award in Chinese Studies Luhan Jiang School of Humanities Bachelor of Languages ​​and Literatures Award from East Asia Cene Mariko Tamashiro School of Humanities Rachael Bachelor of Arts Award in English Jeanne Heinsen Award from the School of Humanities in Film and Media Studies 2015 Molly Anne Curtis Award from the School of Humanities in French and Italian Christian Anthony Torres Christian Anthony Torres Award from the School of Humanities in Gender and Sexuality Studies Diana Domínguez Ortega Bachelor's Degree from the School of Humanities Award in History Ciani Alyssa Reyes School of Humanities Undergraduate Award in Japanese Language and Literature Louis Su Kikuya Zachariah Tejeda Maddren Jenifer Anh-Thu Nguyen Tran School of Humanities Undergraduate Award DO in Literary Journalism Jazley Faith Sendjaja School of Humanities Unde Bachelor's Award in Philosophy Xenia Lvovskaia School of Humanities Bachelor's Award in Religious Studies Steven Manuel Zepeda School of Humanities Bachelor's Award in Spanish Kendall Courtney Thrall Vicki L. Ruiz Bachelor's Award Yareli C Castro Sevilla Donald Bren School of Informatics and Computer Science PHI BETA KAPPA Nominated 2017 Marcelo Russo Autran Madeline Chan Tianya Chen Yuefei Chen Kimberly Lotus Chou

102Honors and Awards 101 Matthew Lawrence Dees Wilmer Rillera Domingo Troy Robert Eades Xen J. Eldridge Keulanna Gemillio Haoming Huang Sharon Shien Hwang Adam Keppler Nathan Martin Krueger Audrey Fu Lai Christopher Orion Lew Alexander Robert Longazo Shaileshkumar Patel Alissa Adriana Powers Neeraj V. Shah Farnaz Shahvir Bryce Joe-Kun Tham Manuel Rodriguez Torres Jr. Johnathan Tran Nikolai Samuel Vogler Khoi Hoang Vu Zuozhi Wang Minjae Wee Sheng Xia Tiancheng Xu Andrew Kevin Yang Kaining Yang Nominee 2016 Allison Carlsten Mar Nominee 2015 Darren Lieu John Vincent Thorpe CAMPUS-WIDE HONORS Madeline Chan Xen J Eldridge Carolyn Jung Adam Keppler Audrey Fu Lai Allison Carlsten Mar Natalie Joy Nygaard Simion Padurean Jungkyu Park Alissa Adriana Powers John Vincent Thorpe Jimmy Wang AWARDS AND COURSES Chancellor’s Award for Excellence in Undergraduate Research Zuozhi Wang Manuel Rodriguez Torres Jr. Yuefei Chen Carolyn Jung Adam Keppler Nathan Martin Krueger Zongheng Ma Simion Padurean Maharshi Shaileshkumar Patel Qing Tang Nikolai Samuel Vogler Zuozhi Wang Tiancheng National Science Foundation Graduate Fellowship Xu Manuel Rodriguez Torres Jr Nikolai Samuel Vogler Outstanding Contribution to Research James Robert Albert III Daniel Lop-Chi Cheng Zhennan Fu Adam Keppler Niraj Patel Justin Daniel Quinn John Vincent Thorpe Manuel Rodriguez Torres Jr. Zuozhi Wang Andrew Kevin Yang Distinguished Service of a Student Samantha Rose Applebaum Tianya Chen Harit Mahadev Desai Benjamin Sheng Hon You PHI BETA KAPPA Nominee 2017 Gianna Christine Chandler Amanda Paige Chun Tracy Ortiz De Leon Crystal Huong CAMPUS-WIDE HONORS Science Student Award Ashlea Denise O'Shea Mary Hannacker Scholarship Award 2015 Ryan Anthony Ranells Stacy Marie Seiler 2014 Angela Maria Verna Award for Leadership in Nursing Brian Lam Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences PHI BETA KAPPA Nominee Thai Ivy T hao Tran nominated 2016 Jessica Van Pham CAMPUS-WIDE HONORS Miranda Grace Helus Sierra Marie Kautiainen Alice Lo Jefferson Luong Royal Siu AWARDS AND SCHOOL HONORS Excellence in research: biological sciences Chen Xiaoqing Chen Joshua Herman Cook Daniel Paul Cunningham Valentine Ha Dang Kenneth Ryan Gage Chenxu Guo Alexander Ronald Hart John Ryan Lee Gresl Adam Samuel Leon Erick Pogonan Maglalang Nathan Jack Nellessen Shihao Niu Araceli Serrano Sang Tan Truong CAMPUS-WIDE HONORS Matthew Charles Bourbeau Nicole Malak Charlotte Midani Joshua Herman Koch Imane Latifa Hamza Truong Jason Miao Yu

103102 UCI-Beginn 2017 Ehrungen und Auszeichnungen AUSZEICHNUNGEN UND SCHULEHRUNGEN American Chemical Society Division of Environmental Chemistry Award Zicheng Cai American Chemical Society Analytical Chemistry Award Renee Lillian Tam American Chemical Society Inorganic Chemistry Division Award Rebecca Lynn Combs American Chemical Society Division of Organic Chemistry Award Nancy Odom Huynh American Chemical Society Polymer Education Award Joshua Herman Cook Jason Miao Yu American Institute of Chemists Foundation Student Award Emil M. Samson Barry M Scholarship Goldwater Rodríguez Torres Jr. Don L. Bunker Award Imane Latifa Hamza Honors in Chemistry Arvind Bhattacharya Matthew Charles Bourbeau Rebecca Lynn Combs Michael Joseph Dorantes Alexander Ronald Hart Candace Hwang Hart Nancy Odom Huynh Bao H. Ly Bernadette Tanquilut Mercado Daniel Eduar do Ro a Emil M. Samson Quentin Dekan Terceni o Raphael Seon United Kingdom Kim Imane Latifa Hamza Jason Miao Yu Auszeichnungen in Erdsystemwissenschaften Adam James Fagan Araceli Serrano Saniya Fatima Syed Auszeichnungen in Mathematik Haoran Chen Alec Greyson Fox Sang Tan Truong Guangchu Yan Auszeichnungen in Physik Samuel Andres Gomez Premio Suárez Howard Tucker Fox Sang Alec Greyson Tan Truong María Rebecca and Maureen Bellettini 2015 Stipend Jason Miao Yu Michael E. Gebel Award Samantha Ruelas National Science Foundation Araceli Serrano Graduate Scholarship Manuel Rodríguez Torres Jr. American Chemical Society of Orange County Award for Chemistry Studies Bachelor of Science -Empfänger Quentin Dean Tercenio Senior Hervorragender in Chemie Alexander Ronald Hart Senior Hervorragender in Erdsystemwissenschaften Adam James Fagan Senior Hervorragender in Umweltwissenschaften Nathan Jack Nellessen Senior Hervorragender in Mathematik Guangchu Yan Senior Hervorragender in Physik Kevin Kim Ly Pfizer Undergraduate Award for Research in Chemie Ashlee Jeanette Davis Phi Lambda Ypsilon Chemistry Honor Society Arvind Bhattacharya Matthew Charles Bourbeau Zicheng Cai Vincent Jan-Shin Chau Rebecca Lynn Combs Joshua Herman Cook James Christopher Creasman Ashlee Jeanette Davis Michael Joseph Dorantes Nga Thien Duong Nicholas Arthur Eccarius Cole Patrick Engert Joseph Nicolas Fakhoury Ariana Vanessa Figueroa Jaime Frias Chenxu Guo Facheng Guo Imane Latifa Hamza Alexander Ronald Hart Candace Hwang Hart Mustafa Nathem Hijaz Dan Phi Ho Nancy Odom Huynh Jennifer Renee Jacques Minjeong Kim Anqi Lao Raymond Spencer Lawrence Kelly Tram Le Yeji Lee Bao H. Ly Erick Pogonan Maglalang Colin Joseph Massey Bernadette Tanquilut Mercado Dalena Nguyen Khang H. Nguyen Lam T. Nguyen Rana Hisham Nofal Andrew Quoc Phung Ngoc Dinh Phuong Vo Marlon Rea Daniel Eduardo Roa Jake Stephen Rommel Samantha Ruelas Rany Ahmad Saab Emil M. Samson Miranda Zhiyan Smith Renee Lillian Tam Tiffany Shawna Tam Quentin Dean Tercenio Melinda A n Derek Tran Helen Tran Thu A nh Tran Tin T. Tran Truong K. Tran Raphael Seon United Kingdom Kim Dai Vo Yuanyuan Yi Jason Miao Yu Grade Achievement Award 2015 Jason Miao Yu Pi Mu Epsilon Mathematics Honor Society Nafisa Arain Nicole Malak Charlotte Midani Haoran Chen Yiqian Chen Daniel Paul Cunningham Alec Greyson Fox Ka Seng Hoi John Ryan Lee Gresl Verteidiger Li Yigao Li Darren Lieu Hongyu Liu Joseph Tri Nguyen Shihao Niu Xianzhi Su My Kim Thi Nguyen Manuel Rodriguez Torres Jr. Sang Tan Truong Xinying Wang Xuechen Wang Yuqi Wang Zhengyang Wen

104Honors and Awards 103 Qi Xue Guangchu Yan Congqing Ye Weiting Zhang Xiaotong Zhang Yizhou Zhuo Pitts Undergraduate Award Jason Miao Yu Robert Doedens Undergraduate Achievement Award Horseshoe Table Jaycob Ryan Jalomo Ying Jin Jeremy Juwono Joyce Gookhee Kim John Ryan Lee Shahrooz Maghsoudi Jacob Matthew Ritz Yuzhao Sun The Hypercube Academic Program Award Lu Araceli Serrano Sang Tan Truong Program in Public Health PHI BETA KAPPA Nominee 2017 Anita Abdinezhad Gabrielle Lauren Duncan Helen Xiaowen Huang Diana Roman Sarah Sabeti John Sami Soliman Michael Dongwon Song Neville Tarapore Katie Kim Thoa Tran Jenny Torres Cindy Elizabeth Ventura Victoria Hong Wang Jea Nominee 2016 Erica Solis CAMPUS-WIDE HONORS Madisen Kay Clanton Eunice Linette Fung Yu Briet Jacqueline Jennifer Lynn Pearce Victoria Hong Wang Jea Ook Yoo AWARDS AND SCHOLARSHIP Associate membership in the firm ma Xi Research Hon or Society Carolina Aguayo Herrera Excellence in community service and ICU Erica Solis Excellence in public health research Tricia Mauricio Excellence in research - Biosciences Peggy Joss Galvez Melanie Kao Excellence in writing Katelyn Winslow National Institutes of Health Undergraduate Scholarship Carolina Aguayo Herrera Special recognition Eunice Briet Dongxia Chen Hilarie Czhang Vanessa Dugay Gabrielle Duncan Saurav Gangopadhyay Miniert 2017 Claire Rosalie Aguilar Casta Erika Cervantes Nicole Malak Charlotte Midani Mayra Chavez Emily Chen Gosalia Diana Minh-Hue Hoag Angelica Jimenez Hanna Lisa Koifman Ann Le Jennifer Paz Ledesma Judy Lee Chen Lin Lin Miranda Monique Mendoza Dominic Vuong Nguyen Kristies Wong Nguyen Dominguez Ortega Karla Fernanda Pacheco Oscar Neri Portillo Claudia Rodriguez Rebecca Ly nn R ogers Allison Haley Rueter Alexandra Vivian Russo James Nipuni De Silva Samararatne Alvin Tan Christiana CAMPUS-WIDE HONORS Mariam Lisa Carr Jessie Chang Nicole Malak Charlotte Midani Melanie Elaine Driessen Arashpreet Kaur Gill Stephania SCHOOL AWARDS AND HONORS Advanced Field Study Taysheona Denise Brodie Michael Buenrostro May Chavez Summer Cheyenne Fox Iliana Angelica Gonzalez Meghan Louise Hamilton Braelyn Rae Havig Zhanna Arsenovna Ismailova

105104 UCI-Beginn 2017 Ehrungen und Auszeichnungen Alma Leon-Oseguera Yudi Liu Jeanette Anissa Lozano Arturo Pulido Jonathan Pusavat Alejandro Rosales Chenyao Wang Denise Castro Vanessa Chavez Veronica Valencia Gonzalez Ricardo Tomas Light Boeing-Stipendium Rebecca Tian Chancellor's Award for Excellence in Pregraduate Research Jennifer Quinto Sango Dean's Award for Excellence in Field Study Hayden Thomas Sugg Stipendiatin des Dekans Stephania Gonzalez Alexandra Vivian Russo Outstanding Achievement in Field Study Belen Maria Barocio Jude Gabriel Blanco Miranda Jeffrey David Eloriaga David Ariel Friedman Ruben Mata Hayden Thomas Sugg Antoinetti Jane Kwong Achievement Outstanding Undergraduate Research Leslie Sofia Alvarado Aaron Thomas Bell Angela Lourdes Clyde Cindy Fransisca Armando Garcia Kayleen Marie Garvey Stephania Gonzalez Braelyn Rae Havig Gabriela Marlene Hernandez Zhanna Arsenovna Ismailova Katlyn Nicole King Yudi Liu Ali Motamedzadeh Breyana Ward Moussa Kim Nguyen T ina Nguy in Diana Dominguez Ortega Jorge Ponce Maria Adela Quezada Jessica Quintanilla Allison Haley Rueter Alexandra Vivian Russo Jennifer Quinto Sango Kelsey Elyse Tom Robert Ellsworth Twidwell Alicia Mary Wang Yuen Wu Priscilla Shuen-Yun Yau Shuo Zhang Zhiwei Zheng Honors in Social Ecology Aaron Thomas Bell Mariam Lisa Carr Stephania Gonzalez Jennifer Hernandez Sukayna Jaidi Katlyn Nicole King Chen Lin Cassandra Leigh Martinez Rebecca Lynn Rogers Alexandra Vivian Russo Jennifer Quinto Sango Daisy Serrato Francesca J. Vuono Alicia Mary Wang Hanqing Xu Priscilla Shuen-Yun Yau Christopher Gomez Immersives Feldstudienprogramm Jessica Quintanilla Barnak Annalynn Quinn Miranda Monique Mendoza Derek Ezra Muniz 2015 Veronica Valencia Gonzalez Law Offices of Adrienne D. Cohen Award for Excellence in Advanced Field Studies Braelyn Rae Havig Award Zhanna Arsenovna Ismailova Ricardo Tomas Light Hervorragender Beitrag zur Gemeinschaft Annalynn Quinn Barkhimer Michael Buenrostro Kassandra Margarita Enriquez - Romo Summer Cheyenne Fox Armando García Diana Domínguez Ortega Jorge Ponce Jonathan Pusavat Conner Michael Read Alejandro Rosales Lisa Rivera Rosario Daniel Rubio Jose Arturo Toscano Ochoa Alicia Mary Wang Hervorragender Beitrag zur School of Social Ecology Taysheona Denise Brodie Widad Diab Sophia Bach Ferrone Cindy Galvan Armando García Estefanía González Manami Koizumi Kristal Nguyen Ly Carol Christina Rocha Allison Haley Rueter Stephanie Karina Soto Tam Duc Vu Alicia Mary Wang Danwei Wang Pei-Hua Yin Néstor Manuel Zepeda Yan Hui Zhang Karen Liliana Fernández Verónica Valencia González Russell Kenneth Kwong Kristal Nguyen Ly Nhan Thanh Truong Alicia Mary Wang Award 2015 Mayra Chavez Calvin Ignacio Jennings Award 2014 Cameron Tyler Wolf Psi Chi Psychology Honors Society Mette Elvira Dempster Alexandra Fatema Ettehadieh Cindy Fransisca Diana Minh-Hue Hoag Carlos Michael Martinez Tina Nguyen Sarah Shaaban Sakr Itzhel Santiago Marissa Erin Bodell Rec Special recognition by multi dis ziplinarische Leistung Erika Cervantes Stephania Gonzalez Gabriela Marlene Hernandez Zhanna Arsenovna Ismailova Candace Wai Meng Lisa Rivera Rosario Alexandra Vivian Russo Jennifer Quinto Sango Tam Duc Vu Faculty of Social Sciences PHI BETA KAPPA Nominiert 2017 Ruqayya Ahmad Rachel Holly Ahrens Eliana Amirian Medha Asthana Antonia Allegra Bacigalupa Albaum Claire Bantilan William Josef Barton IV Ariana Giselle Bedolla Hannah Rae Braidman Karina Camacho Jacob Logan Campbell Daniel Anthony Cano Madeleine Emily Carter Hart Brenda Denise Cervantes Erika Cervantes Haoran Chen Xiaoqing Chen Joshua Joseph Chun Shivani Himanshu Dalal Nathalia Santoro De Castro Co Adriana Fiorella Erquiaga Daniela Estrada Michael Andrew Fuoroli Yadira Lorena Galvan * Abschluss voraussichtlich im Sommer Berechtigt für Auszeichnungen bei Abschluss; wird basierend auf der Gesamtbilanz am Ende des letzten Viertels vergeben.

106Articles and Descriptions 105 Bianca Ysabel Gatchalian Cubes Baokun Gui Angelo Guo Chenxu Guo Alexandra Rachel Gutierrez Andrew Nicholas Hallak Haig Hogdanian Sharon Chia-Hsiang Hsu Ann Le Jennifer Paz Ledesma Sofia Letsky Andrea Thuy Linh Tieu Oscar Neri Portillo Obed Prayoga Purwoko Tanya Raja Monserrat Margarita Reyes Anahi Rodriguez Emile Ramez Murderer Karina Jeanette Silva Nipuni De Silva Samararatne Alvin Tan Anthony Duc Tran Christiana Mai Tran Jenny Tseng Julian Vacio Nancy Valdivia Alysia Marie Verdin Jessica M. Wagner Zhengyang Wen Rachel Hope Whitehill Connie Sandra Wong Qi Xue Biyi Yang Elmira Yousufi Wanxin Yue Angela Yuen Serena Zadorian Mackenzie Zakoor Chen Zhang Nominee 2016 Joseph Luc Beauregard Carolina Calf Julian Andre Bugarin Mayra A lejandra Lopez Eddie Emmanuel Sängerin Venessa T. Yeh 2015 Nominee Darren Lieu John Vincent Thorpe Emily Anne Young Antonia CAMPUS-WIDE HONORS Allegra Album Bacigalu William Joseph Barton IV J oseph Luc Beauregard Catherine Nicole Bersinger Saloni Mathur Simion Padurean Obed Prayoga Purwoko Tanya Raja Andrew Bryce Senkfor Emile Ramez Murderer Stacy Wang Jennifer Renee Wilson Rachel R. Wu Michael Robert Yanofsky Serena Zadoorian SCHOOL AWARDS AND HONORS for excellence in undergraduate research Melody Sarah Dehghan Medha Asthana David Rosten International and Community Service Scholarship 2015 Andrew Nicholas Hallak Elena B. and William R. Schonfeld Scholarship Yareli C Castro Seville received the 2015 Harry S. Truman Award of Merit Daniela Estrada Honors in Anthropology Madison Marie Dixson Yunuen Pamela Lopez Honors in Cognitive Sciences From Fernando Ponce jr. Ana Gabriela Lomeli Kitty K. Lui Seung Min Moon Melissa Jo Morales Actress Heidi Ramirez Emily Anne Young Honors in Economics Xiaoqing Chen Melody Sarah Dehghan Stephanie Marie Harrington Studies Ruqayya Ahmad Angelika Buczynski Andrew Nicholas Hallak Gabriela Elizabeth Lopez Wael Ghaleb Julie Singh Honors in Political Science William Josef Barton IV Joseph Luc Beauregard Brandon Lee Berg Hannah Rae Braidman Kyle David Cabrera Jacob Logan Campbell Yareli C Castro Seville Daniela Estrada Victoria Rose Griffin Saloni Mathur Frank Robert Nguyen Alexandra Nicole Shurlock Anthony Duc Tran Honors in Sociology Rachel Holly Ahrens No Arab Madison Francescia Avila Jennifer Abigail Ayala Heat Her Ashley Bilton Brenda Denise Cervantes Brandon Chau Kaylin Emily Kelty Martha Arhemi Morales Hernandez Judith Iraided Sanchez Lambda Alpha Kappa Anthropology Honor Society Amanda Katherine Bahou Melissa Funes Angela Mallari Romea Paola Valdez Order of Merit Rachel Holly Ahrens William Jose f Barton IV Tracy La Shirley Law Anna Gabriela Lomeli Martha Arhemi Morales Hernandez

107106 UCI Principles 2017 Essays and Reviews Jessica Bridgette Pedraza Alejandro Ramirez Margaret Anahi Rodriguez Monica Rodriguez Neetu Julie Singh Daisy Vazquez Vera Chen Zhang Pi Gamma Mu National Social Science Honors Society Amanda Katherine Bahou William Josef Barton IV Marie Ponce Rachel R. Wu Marina Alzayat Eliana Amirian Christine Alexis Bayon Sarah Clarissa Bennett Heather Ashley Bilton Elizabeth Carol Doudera Kevin Samuel Fichman Andrew Harris Westfall Rachel Hope Whitehill Omicron Chapter of Pi Omicron Chapter of Pi Sigma Alpha Political Science Honor Society Claire Bantilan Adriana Fiorella Erquiaga Bianca Ysabel Mariam Ghazaryan Victoria Rose Griffin Tracy La Annette Eva Lee Adriana Guadalupe Lucas Shalani Maharani Maline Mariam Vartkis Stacy Wang Brandon Lee Berg Julian Andree Bugarin Yareli C Castro Sevilla Esma Djokovic Daniela Estrada Sung Woo to Alyssa Marie Valenzuela Juan-Antonio Sebastiano Ardemagni Honorary Society of Psychology Katrin Gamal Gatas Baoku n Gui Ana Gabriela Lomeli Sigma Iota Rho, Valenzuela Psychology Honor Society International Studies Honor Society, Gamma Gamma Chapter Angelika Buczynski Gabriela Elizabeth Lopez EE Fulbright Scholarship. UU. Prisoner Daniela Estrada

108UCI Alumni Association Congratulations Class of 2017! Welcome to the Anteater alumni family on behalf of the UCI Alumni Association! Your graduation is a true testament to the sacrifice and dedication that you and those close to you put into achieving this extraordinary milestone. You are joining a bold and pioneering community of more than 186,000 alumni. As you turn the page on this next chapter of your life, you should know that the UCI Alumni Association will always be a part of your story. I encourage you to stay connected, get involved, and strengthen your relationship with us. We provide you with a wealth of resources to fuel your success after graduation and strengthen your connection to your alma mater. As an active member you will belong to an exclusive group and you will strengthen the UCI and the alumni network. Find out how you can take advantage of membership benefits and services, including access to UC system-wide online research databases and libraries, as well as career services and networking events for young alumni. Fifty years ago, UCI was founded with a vision to become a force of discovery and innovation serving our local, national and global communities. You are leaving the company today as the catalyst for this continued growth. No matter where you go in the world, stay connected to your anteater network, participate in our regional UCI alumni events, online communities, and over 32 chapters and networks around the world, be proud! John Gerace 87 President, UCI Alumni Association Proud Life Member 107

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