Benjamin Moore Light Oak (2023)

If you're looking for a warm neutral to warm up your space, consider Benjamin Moore Pale Oak. The highlight of today's paint color, this color can be used in many different rooms and with its subtle shade of gray it can completely change the look of the room.

Benjamin Moore Pale Oak (OC-20) is a light neutral with a touch of color. Somewhere between gray and beige, this taupe andgray ink colorIt's a popular choice for those looking to create a comfortable and inviting bedroom. It can also be called mushroom ink color.

Benjamin Moore Light Oak (1)

While some call Pale Oak a chameleon color because it can work in so many different spaces, it always stays warm. You will quickly see how different it can look in different rooms!

If you are here, consider BM Pale Oak for your home color. Let's dive into what to expect from this popular gray ink.

Tip: Use real color samples

Whenever you decide on a new paint color, you must first try the actual paint color in your home!

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The easiest and fastest way is withProbe! I only use them for color samples. There is no mess, no leftover pots of paint. Plus, they're easy to move around the room and easy to store for future reference!

Subtones of Benjamin Moore Pale Oak

BM Pale Oak looks very different depending on the light in your home. It's one of those paint colors that you absolutely want to try and test beforehand to make sure it looks the way you want it.

The most striking shade is pink. Normally, pink is not a very popular shade; I admit that you have to be careful with this. But when used correctly, it can add a unique shine and color to a room.

Others note that it has yellow undertones. Yellow doesn't sparkle that much in my eyes, but it's worth paying attention to.

In most cases, Pale Oak appears as a light shade of gray rather than a true gray.

Is BM Pale Oak hot or cold?

Pale Oak is definitely a warm shade. Compared to traditional greiges, it's a lot hotter than you might expect. As it's not as cold as some, it's a good place to snuggle up a little while maintaining the neutral colors.

Light reflectance value of BM Pale Oak

Pale Oak has a Light Reflectance Value (LRV) of 68.64. If you are new to LRV, the closer to 100 the easier it will be. The closer to 0, the darker it gets. It's a method many designers use to measure how much light the color reflects.

At 69 he has a pretty high LRV for a Gray. With a lot of natural light, the color will fade somewhat and appear as a warm gray or off-white.

In dim, warm light, gray colors shine much brighter. You'll probably still want to pair it with an indoor light though.

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As you can see, the amount of natural light will really change how this color looks in your home.

Pale Oak color palette

Other paint colors in the sale color palette with Pale Oak are:

  • Baby-Kitz OC-15
  • Cedar Key OC-16
  • White Dove OC-17
  • OC-18 pigeon wings
  • Seeperle OC-19
  • Light Oak OC-20
  • Winter White OC-21

What Colors Go With Benjamin Moore Pale Oak?

For fans of the color white, you can hardly go wrong.White Pigeon. It's a warm, creamy white that will make any home feel like a hug. It's warm but has gray tones so the color never looks too yellowish like other whites.

As a nice neutral, you can use it with accent colors. This allows those bolder colors to show off in the room, whether it's on an accent wall or on the mantelpiece. One of my rich and bold colors to go with it isHale Marine– has a shade of gray that can be crumbled.

I also recommend a fresh, pure white for the trimmings. Shervin Williamswhite alabasterit has hardly any undertones and delivers the almost impossible true white. I also highly recommend Simply White and that's the color I painted my own top coat!

Benjamin Moore Pale Oak gegen Edgecomb Grey

If Benjamin Moore Pale Oak isn't a traditional gray color, Benjamin Moore Edgecomb Gray certainly is. It can also lean toward gray or beige, but has minimal shades of green. It can sometimes lean toward pink or green, but rarely will it shine unless you pair it directly with green or pink.

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Edgecomb Gray can look a little drab in dark environments, but doesn't fade as much as Pale Oak in light environments. That's because he has a slightly lower LRV of 63.

Avoid pairing Pale Oak with beige-green colors like Revere Pewter or Edgecomb Gray as their green undertones really bring out the pink in Pale Oak. You can see this in the side-by-side comparison below.

In my house I have usedEdgecomb Grauin my kitchen, hallway and entrance area. It's one of my favorites! I choose to pair with Shoji White over Pale Oak.

Benjamin Moore Light Oak (2)

light oak against beautiful grey

nice greyis Sherwin Williams' best-selling paint color. You can tell it's popular! Pleasant grey, which is also considered beige, can gravitate towards the cool rather than the warm spectrum. This is partly due to the purple/blue undertones in the ink.

However, it is usually thought of as a warm gray. It has an LRV of 60 and is less likely to fade in natural light.

What is the best finish color for light oak?

The most popular finish color in general is white or slightly off-white. It's a universally popular finish color and will make any other wall color pop! With that in mind, what is the best white finish color for BM Pale Oak?

atwhite ink colorsThey are not the same. They have shades that give them a warm or cool hue. But you can find the best white color if you know how to identify the undertones. Since it would take a class to talk about undertones, let's start with these options:

  • simply white
  • whipped cream top
  • White Pigeon

Benjamin Moore Pale Oak im Haus

Here are some tips for some of the more common spaces you might want to use Pale Oak color in.


Bathrooms tend to have a lot of white, so you'll want something with some color on the walls. Using a pale oak color in the bathroom makes for a very clean and bright space that keeps it nice and warm.

The smaller and darker the bathroom, the warmer it will feel. If you are lucky enough to have a large bathroom with lots of natural light like this roomA Thoughtful Place Blog,BM Pale Oak looks much grayer.

Unless you have pink towels or a shower curtain, you probably won't notice any undertones in the color when using them in the bathroom.

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Benjamin Moore Light Oak (3)


In the bedroom, you can get pretty creative with accent colors. Thanks to its neutrality, you can combine all kinds of patterns and colors with Benjamin Moore Pale Oak as a paint color in the bedroom.

If you have muted blue tones in your bedroom like in this design byDrawings by Anne Hepfer, Pale Oak goes very well with blue and warm metallic tones. Overall you can expect a pretty quiet bedroom which is usually what people are looking for!

Benjamin Moore Light Oak (4)

Living room

For the most part, living rooms prefer open floor plans. Pale Oak would be a good choice for large or transitional spaces. It's a good neutral color when it's busy!

Living spaces change the most in every house. They become a fun dining room one moment and a cozy family night out the next. They are also often decorated seasonally and look very different on holiday than in summer.

For spaces that are constantly changing, you want a soft, neutral color that can ebb and flow with the seasons - and Pale Oak can do just that for you!

this photo ofa thoughtful placeis the perfect example.

Benjamin Moore Light Oak (5)


We all know that anyone in need of an instant makeover should try a fresh coat of paint. When it comes to the kitchen, you can easily add BM Pale Oak as a warm neutral. The color will look especially good if you already have an earth tone tile floor, splashback or countertop.

Warm wood also goes well with the color if your kitchen has parquet floors or wooden cabinets. You can even use the color for the cabinets themselves, e.gCC und Mikedid in his remodeled room.

If you have white cabinets, which are popular in farmhouse kitchens and sleek modern styles, the Pale Oak color can add some warmth to the kitchen.

(Video) Paint Colour Review: Benjamin Moore Pale Oak OC-20

Benjamin Moore Light Oak (6)

No matter how you use it, Benjamin Moore's Pale Oak creates a warm and inviting space. If you've used it in your home, tell me how it worked in your area!

More ink colors

Would you like to see more paint colors? Here are some of my favorites!

  • nice grey
  • Hale Marine
  • gray rest
  • Worship tin
  • sea-salt


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