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Delray South Abbey - 19 Reviews (1)

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Reviews of Abbey Delray South

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Independent Living Reviews for Abbey Delray South

June 08, 2022

by Judith

I visited this establishment

I was very impressed with my visit to Abbey Delray South. It was really friendly, they had a lot of activities and the people were really, really nice. The residents were very friendly and the staff was wonderful. The food was good too. I observed his independent life.

Provider Response

Judith: Thank you for visiting Abbey Delray South and for taking the time to leave this review to help others. Please get in touch if there is any additional information we can provide or questions we can answer.

May 06, 2022

by Roberto

I visited this establishment

We chose Abbey Delray South. We met people there, and everyone we met and spoke to was candid about how much they loved living there. We also liked the apartment we chose. It's a new apartment. We like the amenities. They have food service and health services, and have been showing up to live on site. It's a life care contract that you enter into. All in all we thought it was a nice place. There are some renovations going on in the building, like hallways and whatnot, to bring it up to date. We liked it a lot from what we saw. I haven't tried the food, but I've seen the menus and talked to the people there, and everyone has been very complimentary. They have a lounge, a gym, a library and an auditorium where they have services.

Provider Response

Roberto - Thank you for your review! Please let us know if there are any questions we can answer about the complex or any of its amenities. Thank you for choosing Abbey Delray South! - Abbey Delray South team

Nursing home reviews for Abbey Delray South

February 07, 2023

by discontent 2


My husband was transferred from Delray Hospital to Abby Delray South for rehabilitation. On his second day as a patient, his hearing aids were stolen from his cart. They were in a bright blue hospital box, so they couldn't throw it away with their lunch. The center says it is not responsible. I finally filled out a complaint form on 1/16/23, but no one filled out the investigation portion of the form to return it to me. All they say is not found. My husband was in the hospital with ketoacidosis. , a very serious diabetic complication. While he was there, his blood sugar was sky high. Turns out they gave him mashed potatoes with every meal and apple juice. Take your loved ones elsewhere!

June 26, 2021

by Red Bull


My mother is there now for physical therapy. He underwent a partial hip replacement and fractured his wrist. The staff is very friendly. I was and am impressed with the work ethic they display there. My mom's room is always spotless. There are many activities to participate in. PT and the entire team were instrumental in helping my mother heal. She will be discharged on Friday, July 2nd. I recommend this facility to anyone.

Provider Response

We are very happy to hear that your mother's physical therapy is going well. Thank you for taking the time to leave us a comment and share your kind words and thoughts about our community.- Abbey Delray South Team

July 02, 2020

From Snickers54

I am a friend or relative of a current/former resident

My mom bought this life care center in 2012 because some friends moved there. Everything was great during her stay in independent living until December in her apartment, with the exception of the fact that her apartment became infested with bedbugs. (The mother never left the property, so the bed bugs were obviously from another apartment or staff.) Since she is in the nursing home, the covid19 has broken out. My mother became very ill, which was obvious to me during my daily phone conversations with her. I had to let the nurses know that something was OBVIOUSLY wrong! Then she was rushed to the hospital and was very sick with covid. Since this is a care community, they have created a "covid unit" for their care residents. Mum was treated for about a week and then released from the Abbey South covid unit. The isolation unit was just that. She was completely isolated, with no one monitoring her fluid intake. Initially, she was served solid food without reading the discharge paperwork or talking to me, indicating that she was eating pureed food ONLY. If he hadn't intervened AGAIN, she would have choked on solid food. I was very upset! Mom has advanced dementia so I'm her health advocate! AND POA. They involve speech pathology, only after I brought it up and Lauren did a great job. Again they thought the mother was fine, said she tested negative for covid and moved her to her regular room. 2 days later I got a call she was rushed to the hospital with an oxygen level of 70. She was immediately tested and as the doctors said she always tested positive for covid. I immediately called Abbey as these ramifications could have been huge! Once again we went through the hospital nightmare of trying to advocate remotely. Fortunately, 1 of her 3 drS was pending at the hospital and fulfilled all of her recommendations. This is rare when a patient is 92 years old, with advanced dementia. She was released once again yesterday to the covid unit as she is still positive. I made about 10 calls to find out her status and finally called the health center manager. He said he was outraged by my stories about his staff's failure to update me on my mother's condition and promised to return shortly with a nurse. That was 5 hours ago and needless to say I am extremely disappointed with the poor care my mother receives and the lack of communication that exists at dekray south abbey nursing home! If my mom hadn't bought this place I would have gotten her out of there right away! I still can!

Provider Response

Your mother's health and safety always comes first, especially during this challenging time of COVID-19. Our team members continue to administer care with our residents' best interests in mind, and communicating and collaborating with family members like you remains an important component of that. We are extremely disappointed in your disappointment and take your concerns very seriously. To ensure your family's healthcare privacy, Jennifer Stevens, our CEO, will be contacting you directly as soon as possible. Thanks.

February 1, 2019

De hjr528

I am a friend or relative of a current/former resident

On a positive note, the physical therapy was excellent. That was it! I couldn't wait to get my mother out of this place. Nursing was sporadic. The attention was horrible. My mother would NOT shower for days at a time! He actually fell down there and needed stitches in his head. NO wound care at all! He came home with a horrible hole in his head. She was taken to the emergency room on another occasion and family members were NOT notified. NO PHONE CALLS! My mom called me from the emergency room to tell me they had left her. I hope people get more familiar.

Provider Response

The experience you describe does not reflect our community's values ​​or reputation. I would very much like to learn more about this situation, and would appreciate the opportunity to speak. Please contact me ASAP. -Rachel Blumberg, Executive Director

December 4, 2018

The rock

I am a friend or relative of a current/former resident

My parents lived in Abbey Delray South for 9 years. Sadly, since the Abbey was purchased by Lifespace Communities, the care for its residents has completely deteriorated. My parents passed away at their nursing clinic (where I had to move them out of their self contained apartment for the last 6 months of their lives). My mother was in a lot of pain and suffering due to egregious mistakes made by her nursing staff. I was defending my parents 24/7 and it still didn't help. LifeSpace is all about profit and outward appearance. No money was invested in infrastructure or improvements in services or in the quality of care for its residents. I witnessed horrible conditions at this facility and I recommend you don't even consider this place for someone you love.

February 08, 2016

by unhappy child

I am a friend or relative of a resident

I would give zero stars if I could. This place is horrible. My mom was there for rehab after brain surgery. My dad asked to make sure there was a fall alarm on the bed. They said they can't set a bed alarm until there's an incident (backwards). I get a call at 6am saying my mom fell out of bed. They were supposed to call my dad but for some reason they called me out of state. I have no idea how long my mother lay on the floor unaided. As my father drove there, the local took my mother to the hospital, not telling anyone until my father arrived. Abbey Delray would not hold my mother's bed while she was in the hospital. My dad went to get my mom's belongings and the trustee, Lee, who ignored my email and my dad's email about the careless drop, saw me, turned around, and started tearing up the paperwork in my mom's file. My father didn't speak because most of these rehab centers are owned by the same management and he didn't want to be left out. Bad service, horrible customer service, Lee is unreliable and crafty and I would never recommend this place.

June 9, 2015

by lucasmine

I am a friend or relative of a resident

To be honest I don't think one star is warranted. My mother stayed at the Health Post. Not enough staff. I was on the phone with her for 45 minutes before someone came to her rescue because she had to use the bathroom and couldn't turn around on her own. I called the front desk twice for help. It was excruciatingly painful to hear my mother cry out for help. There are many more complaints I could list, but the above suffice. Don't let your parents stay here.

January 16, 2015

De samssssss

I am a friend or relative of a resident

Don't believe the star ratings. My mom came here for rehab after breaking her hip. They should be one of the best around, well known. They had her very drugged and very aggressive right away. The nursing staff was giving her painkillers when she was dizzy. They seemed to be out of control on the medication, so they didn't need help. We got her out of there as quickly as possible. She left more hurt than she arrived.

February 18, 2014

by ba12

I am a friend or relative of a resident

My father was here for two and a half years before he passed away. For the most part, he received good care, but it cost over $100,000 to be there during that time. Very expensive and most of the father's money. His assistant also pressured him to leave his money and his car in his will. Be careful who is close to your loved one. Abbey has strict rules about this, but the helpers still try to get as much as they can. In the end, he accomplished nothing, but caused the family thousands of expenses and stress.

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Continuing Care Retirement Community Reviews for Abbey Delray South

September 25, 2020

From MichaelinColorado

I am a friend or relative of a current/former resident

Three members of my family have lived at Abbey Delray South for the past 15 years. In general, they were happy living there. In recent months and years, the quality of services provided there and the quality of life of its residents have significantly declined. My aunt continues to live there and has recently moved from one level of care to another. You don't have a working phone in the ALF apartment you're in now. I don't think he was offered a phone to keep his connections out of Abbey Delray. I've tried calling her every day for the past two weeks to no avail. I left 2 detailed messages for the CEO to ask for his help in resolving the issue and got no response. I'm calling the Palm Beach County Ombudsman later today to see if they can intervene on my aunt's behalf.

November 08, 2019

by jeffrey

I am/was a resident of this facility

We moved two months ago after visiting 10 other communities within 10 miles of Boynton Beach. We're living in a house with a garden: a spacious facility with 1,500 square feet under the air, plus an attached garage, California-style walk-in closets, and some of the best manicured gardens in the area. The team is very dedicated to meeting everyone's needs. There are two calendars with activities for the month. The second calendar is dedicated to physical activities provided by a professional monitor at home. The complex offers a full range of conferences, entertainment, movies, etc. Travel to outside events is arranged and transportation to and from theaters is provided. On-campus health services are offered in a separate dedicated facility.

Provider Response

Many thanks for the positive report. Palm Beach County offers many senior housing options and the fact that we were among the top 10 you visited speaks volumes for the high quality lifestyle, care, services and amenities we offer residents. Excellence in everything we do is something we strive for every day and we're glad you're enjoying the overall experience so far. Here are many years of wonderful memories!

March 07, 2017

De Richard716225

I visited this establishment

I had the opportunity to visit Abbey Delray South and saw that they had a series of apartments, dining rooms and townhouses, but the rooms were small. Everyone was really nice. They have the basic activities.

July 31, 2016

o ann635060

I visited this establishment

Abbey Delray South had lovely people who were really nice. We met some people there who speak highly of how they are treated.

April 07, 2016

by VP1

I visited this establishment

The staff that put us up at Abbey Delray South were very nice, friendly and helpful. We were amazed. We looked and really enjoyed a one bedroom apartment and had some interactions with the friendly locals. We had a very, very good lunch in the dining room. Overall we were impressed with the cleanliness and friendliness and feel this is the one we would eventually choose.

January 28, 2016

Por anonimo118025150

I visited this establishment

I have friends who live in Abbey Delray and it's been great. It was a clean, well-maintained community. They have a pool, gym, recreation in terms of cards and everything you could want. The menu was lovely and the food was good.

December 11, 2014

by Elise2

I visited this establishment

Abbey Delray has independent and assisted living; they have a little bit of everything. It was good, but my aunt is not there. It looked well maintained, they have a beautiful dining room and a large dining room with lots of options. They have an exercise room. The staff were busy doing other things and we were looking for someone to help us. I forgot her name but she was very helpful.

June 30, 2014

By customer from the Bahamas

I visited this establishment

Abbey Delray is more of a continuing care facility. It was reasonably priced. It is on approximately 40 acres and is off the road. They have small studios, 2 bedroom apartments and even 3 bedroom apartments. They also have individual apartments of perhaps 740 square feet in the main building, which is shaped like a W, and all units overlook a garden or area of ​​interest. That was very good. They have good facilities with several apartments off site. So there's probably a lot more in there. There was an enclosed area for memory care patients. They also have the nursing care center, or rather an intensive care unit.

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Abbey Delray South Services and Amenities

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  • Certification date:10/01/2020

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  • Resident Capacity:90
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Sobre Abbey Delray South

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South Delray Abbeyis a provider of senior housing in Delray Beach, Florida, offering residents independent living, nursing homes and long-term care communities.Get in touch with Abbey Delray Southfor more details on services and rates.

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