Heartland Care and Rehabilitation Center: Overview of Nursing Homes (2023)

Registered team hours

Medical staff hours per patient (2021)

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facility inspections

Note A

While this nursing home's overall rating wasn't a standout, it actually did stand out in the inspections category. In fact, we assign an A in that area, which is one of our best scores. Perhaps the most important factor we consider when determining our inspection scores is deficiencies. Deficiencies can be found in a facility's inspection reports. It is generally best to avoid installations that have a long list of serious deficiencies. Thankfully, although this location had a few minor dents on its inspection report, it had no serious deficiencies. Serious deficiencies are those found in categories G through L. This indicates that any of the deficiencies reported by this unit were not considered by inspectors to be an imminent threat to patient safety or health. A few minor shortcomings aren't the end of the world.

Quality of long-term care

Note: c

This nursing home received its second-best category rating in the area of ​​long-term care. We gave this facility a C rating in this category, which is a decent score. Our long-term care rating is typically used to measure a nursing home's performance as a traditional nursing home, rather than focusing on the skilled nursing services offered by a skilled nursing facility. In addition to assessing the amount of care provided by nursing aides and other staff, we analyzed the percentage of residents vaccinated against pneumonia. Honestly, we were a little bothered by the fact that this facility only gave the vaccine to 83.81295 percent of its residents. On a more positive note, this nursing home was able to limit hospitalizations. In fact, he had less than one hospitalization per 1,000 days of long-term residency, which is an impressively low number.

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Quality of short-term care

Note D

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Unfortunately, this nursing home only scored a D for its short-term care rating, which is well below average for this category. In developing our short-term care scores, we quantify the facility's skilled nursing services, including those provided by registered nurses, occupational therapists, physical therapists, and other types of trained professionals. Our goal is to create a barometer to measure the rehabilitation services of various facilities. With a score of this caliber for this area, we weren't surprised to find that this nursing home was well below average on the two key staffing metrics we evaluated. The center offered substantially fewer physical therapist and registered nurse hours per patient than most centers. The last item we look at in this area is the percentage of patients who finally made it home from the nursing home. This facility has had some issues in this area as well, with only 0% of its residents returning home. This was well below average.

quality of nurse

Note: F

The last category we analyzed was nursing. This nursing home received a minimum score of F in this category. We weighed the levels of nurses employed by the facility, as well as the number of hours those nurses worked with patients, to determine our score in this category. This site provided just 0.2 hours of nursing care per patient per day. This is not a very impressive figure. Finally, we also evaluated some measures of nursing quality when calculating our nursing scores. This facility worked well when it came to preventing big falls and pressure sores. Many consider these metrics good indicators of the quality of nursing care.

Ranking over time

Compared to national and state averages across all facilities.

Heartland Care and Rehabilitation Center Quality Metrics

Minimizes pressure ulcers

Note: c

No Heartland Care and Rehabilitation Center,9,28%of patients had pressure ulcers

This tells you the percentage of residents who have had a pressure ulcer. Pressure ulcers, also known as bed sores, are commonly caused by residents not moving often enough. Better nursing care reduces the percentage of nursing home residents who have pressure ulcers.

Minimize severe falls

Note D

No Heartland Care and Rehabilitation Center,3,89%of patients suffered severe falls

This tells you the percentage of patients who had a fall that resulted in serious injury.

Minimizes urinary tract infections

Serie B

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No Heartland Care and Rehabilitation Center,3,39%of patients had urinary tract infections

This data point measures the percentage of long-term patients who had a UTI. UTIs can be an indicator of inadequate nursing care. However, this metric may be skewed for certain nursing homes due to inconsistent reporting patterns for infections.

Use antipsychotic medication appropriately

Note: c

No Heartland Care and Rehabilitation Center,20,47%of patients use antipsychotic medications

Indicates the percentage of patients prescribed antipsychotic medication. While antipsychotic medications can be vital for many residents, it is important to ensure that these medications are only used when clinically necessary. In some cases, high levels of antipsychotic medication use may suggest that a nursing home is using these medications to subdue residents.

Use anti-anxiety medications properly

Note: F

No Heartland Care and Rehabilitation Center,24,32%of patients use anti-anxiety medications

This tells you the percentage of residents who were prescribed anti-anxiety medications. These medications are usually given to patients suffering from depression or anxiety.

Management of depression among residents

Note: A+

No Heartland Care and Rehabilitation Center,4,19%of patients

This tells you the percentage of residents who experience depressive symptoms.

Proper Use of Vaccines

Note: c

No Heartland Care and Rehabilitation Center,88,53%of patients

This metric measures the percentage of long-term care residents who have received flu and pneumonia vaccines.

Residents maintain autonomy

Note: c

No Heartland Care and Rehabilitation Center,14,79%percentage of patients

This metric is a measure of the percentage of long-term care patients who needed more assistance with activities of daily living over time. ADLs include activities such as dressing and bathing.

Ability to keep mobile residents

Serie B

No Heartland Care and Rehabilitation Center,14,68%Percentage of residents

This indicates the percentage of patients who maintained mobility levels over time. Staying mobile is often a good sign for the well-being of residents.

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Serie B-advance

No Heartland Care and Rehabilitation Center,1.7Hospitalizations per 1,000 resident days

Indicates the number of admissions per thousand days of patient care. In general, there is a correlation between avoiding hospitalizations and the overall quality of care.

Short term care: readmissions

Serie B

No Heartland Care and Rehabilitation Center,14.68Percentage of residents hospitalized again

This data point measures the number of times residents are readmitted per 1,000 days of short-term care.

Ratings for Cape Girardeau, MO

  • The overall grade is graded B-advance

    average overall rating

  • Nurse's rating has a grade of B-advance

    Average Nurse Qualification

  • Long-term care rating is rated B

    Average Long Term Care Rating

  • Short term care rating is rated B

    Average Short Term Care Rating

  • The inspection rating has an A grade

    Average Inspection Rating

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