High school athletic scores for the week of March 27-April. 1 via Treasure Coast (2023)

Friday score

The Lincoln Park Academy football team scored back-to-back victories at Friday's second annual Autism Adoption Invitation hosted by Centennial High School at South County Stadium.

The Greyhounds (7-2) made shutouts in both games, first defeating a red-hot Fort Pierce Westwood team that went on to record five straight 25-0 victories.

Lincoln Park Academy would defeat the host Eagles (4-6) 20-0 and has now won five games in a row.

High school athletic scores for the week of March 27-April. 1 via Treasure Coast (1)

The Panthers (7-2) defeated Centennial 9-0 to go into the round robin tournament 1-1.

soft ball

Jahrhundert 2, Rio Sebastião 1: Hailey Brereton knocked out 16 batters and conceded just two hits to help the Eagles (8-6) eliminate the area's last undefeated team in Sebastian.

All the runs of the game came in the fifth inning as Brereton and Victoria Wehrberger to Sebastian River were tough to beat all night.

Centennial's Carmela Baker landed atop the fifth with a single walk and Myrna Pratt knocked over a bunt that was thrown wide on the right field line, allowing Baker to score early.

Autumn Prakash brought in Pratt with a perfect bunt to give Centennial a 2-0 lead.

The Sharks (11-1) patiently created a threat late in the inning and got a run after Amonty Johnson loaded bases to force a run.

Prakash ended the threat with a catch on a flat ball to left field and held on after colliding with a teammate to keep the lead for the Eagles.

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Brereton beat Johnson to a tie at first base to end a great pitching duel with Sebastian River's Victoria Wehrberger, who scored six and lost.

John Carroll Catholic 8, Masters Academy 5: Makayla Ortiz went 2-for-4 with a triple and drove in three runs to lead the Rams (8-4) to victory. Sammi Rychter went 3-on-3 with a double and an RBI, Olivia Leen had a double and an RBI, Briley Orton had a hit and a drive in two runs, and Sophia Loreto hit seven with a full game against John Carroll.

Lillian Shannis went 4-on-4 with a three-pointer and scored two runs, Olivia Lore went 2-on-4 with an RBI, and Aubrey Grall, Katie Manzi and Elyanah DeCosta each had a hit and an RBI for the Patriots (6-5 ).


Martin County Sarge Invitational

Fort Pierce Central 145, Sebastian River 114, Martin County 90,5, South Fork 81, Centennial 44, Port St. Lucie 36, Fort Pierce Westwood 33, Jensen Beach 27, John Carroll Catholic 26, American Heritage (Delray Beach) 24, Südflorida HEAT 21, Treasure Coast 18, Dwyer 18, Pine School 10.5, Jupiter Christian 10, Lincoln Park Academy 4

boys results

Men's team ranking

High Jump: Tyler Hughes (FPC) 1.88m, Akeem Pierre-Louis (FPC) 1.83m; Long Jump: Fred Griffin III (PSL) 5.95m, Emmanuel Dorelus, Jr. (C) 5.95m; Triple Jump: Mikoy Holmes (FPC) 12.58m, Gary Sterling (C) 12.55m; Shot Put: Jon Tumblin (SR) 14.22m, Chris Wheat (SR) 12.98m; Disc: Chris Harris (SR) 39.51m, Colson Elisme (FPC) 39.44m; Javelin throw: Chris Harris (SR) 47.96 m; Jon Tumblin (SR) 43.49m; Pole vault: Tyler Decowski (MC) 2.90 m; 4x800 Relay: Sebastian River (McMann, McAdams, Wilkinson, Perez) 8:27.28; 110 hurdles: Mikoy Holmes (FPC) 15.87, Blake Patch (SF) 15.88; 100-meter dash: Denzel Alexander (MC) 10.91, Braylon Vincent (FPW) 11.11; 1600m: Justin Cannata (JB) 4:32.99, Robbie Ziskinder (MC) 4:39.46; 4x100 Squadron: Fort Pierce Westwood (Vincent, Wheeler, Celisca, Mills) 44.46; 400m: Gerald Thompson (FPC) 51.42, Arkehl Beauford (FPC) 51.63; 400m hurdles: Joshua Rodriguez (MC) 1:00.95, Mikoy Holmes (FPC) 1:01.21; 800m: Maxum Kornilov (SF) 1:58.42, Jack Gemstone (AH) 1:59.67; 200-meter dash: Denzel Alexander (MC) 22.24, Gerald Thompson (FPC) 22.48; 3200m: Justin Cannata (JB) 10:03.96, Carter Vigneri (SF) 10:10.28; 4x400 Squadron: Fort Pierce Central (Beauford, Mitchell, Thompson, Kaegi) 3:35.58

Score women's team

Fort Pierce Central 114, South Florida HEAT 105, Sebastian River 77, Martin County 63, Lincoln Park Academy 62, American Heritage (Delray Beach) 60, South Fork 52, Dwyer 44, Treasure Coast 35, John Carroll Catholic 31, Centennial 20, Jensen Beach 17, Port St. Lucie 9, Pine School 7

results girls

High Jump: Adriana Jackson (SF) 1.52m, Taylor Marshall (MC) 1.47m; Long Jump: Alexandra Watson (LPA) 5.44m, Daphne Gibson (SR) 4.90m; Triple Jump: Daphne Gibson (SR) 11.62m, Alana Veal (FPC) 10.87m; Shot Put: Nikayia Wilder (FPC) 10.39m, Amariah Molina (SFH) 9.90m; Discus: Jade Hollis-Romanowiz (SR) 34.45 m, Nikayia Wilder (FPC) 33.54 m; Javelin Throw: Paige Lallicon (JC) 25.45m, Bliss Weiler (SF) 22.65m; Pole vault: Kara Stepanenko (L) 2.90 m; 4x800 Relay: South Florida HEAT (Benson, Dorn, Dorn, Diez) 10:14.56; 100 hurdles: Selah Sims (SFH) 15.64, Joh'Rissa McBurnie (FPC) 17.56; 100m: Richelle Williams (FPC) 12.19, Julia De Gruttolaaere (AH) 12.66; 1600m: Jacey Lane (LPA) 5:18.89, Mia Taylor (SFH) 5:22.63; 4x100 Relay: Sebastian River (Adams, Narcisse, Alexis, Gibson) 51.77; 400m: Richelle Williams (FPC) 58.29, Lucia Gem (AH) 59.90; 400m hurdles: Selah Sims (SFH) 1:07.14, Alana Veal (FPC) 1:10.59; 800m: Jacey Lane (LPA) 2:30.15, Alexis Moore (JC) 2:32.05; 200m: Richelle Williams (FPC) 25.21, Julia De Gruttolaaere (AH) 25.87; 3200m: Sydney Schiff (SF) 12:09.35, Abby McLaughlin (SF) 12:11.08; 4x400 Relay: American Heritage (Watts, Gemstone, Fedele, De GruttolaAere) 4:10.51

boys lacrosse

St. Edward's 8, IMG Academy 7: Connor O'Brien, Will Russell and Ricky Savage each scored two goals to lead the Pirates (10-3) to their fifth straight win. Ford Norris had one goal and three assists, Eli Barin had one goal and Kieran Colgan had nine saves for the St Edwards.

Lacrosse girls

South Fork 13, Dwyer 1: Molly O'Donnell scored four goals and added two assists, and Avery Weikart also scored four goals and assisted the Bulldogs' lead (10-1). in victory. Kyah Cheatham had three goals, Victoria Francisco had one goal and four assists and Ashley Stocker had one goal and one assist for South Fork.

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Thursday score

Re-rental tennis

Vero Beach 5, Sidwell Friends (DC) 4: Easy: Mason Cisco wins 6-0, 6-4; Bo Johnson loses 7-6 (7-4), 6-4; Figge Pernfors wins 7–5, 5–7, (10–8); Mac Johnson wins 6-2, 6-2; Walter Lloyd down 6-0; 6-4; Jacob Rodolico 0-6, 1-6; Double: Cisco/B. Johnson won 8-5; Perfors/M. Johnson won 8-3; Lloyd/Rodolico lose 8-1

Okeechobee 7, Centennial 0: Single: Peyton Johnson d. Kasey Simmons 6-0, 6-2; Isaac Schlösser d. Salem Nofal 6:0, 6:2; Jakob Bass d. Aiden Sculnick 6-0, 6-4; David Garcia D. Jackson Sculnick 6–1, 6–1; Duplas: Johnson/Scholsser d. Simões/Nofal 8:0; Baixo/Garcia d. Sculnick/Sculnick 8-0

women's shoes

Martin County 6, South Fork 1: Single: Victoria Ponsoldt (MC) d. Glückseligkeit Weiler 6-0, 6-2; Ashley Messer (MC) d. Kylie Khim 6–2, 6–4; Corante Kaley (MC) d. Olivia De Gaetano 6:0, 6:0; Ella Johnson (MC) d. Aubrey Scammell 7–6, 5–7, 10–8; Kylie Swartzendruber (SF) d. Nota Papapanos 6-1, 4-6, 10-5; Duplas: Ponsoldt/Johnson (MC) d. Weiler/Khim 8-3; Faca/Tintura (MC) d. Caetano/Scammell 8-4

Okeechobee 7, Centennial 0: Single: Isabella Derigo d. Rachel Vander Ploeg 1–6, 6–1, 10–7; Kiersten Sales d. Camila Horacio 6-2, 6-3; Tori Trent d. Sierra Lacusky 6:0, 6:0; Lily Cobb D. Priscilla Chu 6-0, 6-0; Pairs: Derigo / Vendas d. Vander Ploeg/Horaz 8:0; Trent/Cobb d. Lacusky/Chu 8-0


South Fork 5, Suncoast 0: Grant Jones hit a four-hit shutout, struck out five and Curtis Vining had an important two-run single in the fifth inning to lead the Bulldogs (8-7) to the win. Conner Wiggins went 1 for 3 with an RBI and John Roberts doubled for South Fork.

soft ball

Südgabel 4, Wellington 2: Abbie Dewaters had a two-run double in the third inning and Katie Kidwell conceded just three hits, hitting six and one deserved run in a full game at circle to give the Wolverines only their second loss of the season. Dewaters and her sister Alice had two hits each, Emma Ortiz went 2-on-3 with an RBI and Abbey Moore also had two hits in the South Fork win (8-4-1).

Jensen Beach 5, Canterbury 1: Mallory Wheeler threw a batter, hit 17 and hit a solo home run to lead the Falcons (7-3) to victory in Kissimmee. Hollyn Gardiner went 3 for 4 with an RBI, Lus Segura had two hits and one RBI, and Martha Jones also had two hits for Jensen Beach.

John Carroll Catholic 5, Martin County 0: Cam Haughton hit a five-hit shutout and struck out five as the Rams (7-4) scored all five runs in the fourth inning to earn the win. Sammi Rychter had a three-run double, Isabella Ramirez had a double and an RBI, Makayla Ortiz had a hit and an RBI, and Haughton also had a double at plate against John Carroll.

Amelie Hannah gave the Tigers (4-8) a deserved run with a full game at the circle.

boys lacrosse

Jensen-Strand 11, Vieira 10: Gio Cascione and Connor Ferreira each scored four goals to help the Falcons (6-7) defeat the Hawks. Sean Allen scored two goals and added three assists, Hudson Wilfong scored one and Paolo Smith made 12 saves for Jensen Beach.

Lacrosse girls

Pine School 15, Suncoast 7: Emily Shirk scored six goals to lead the Knights (3-6). Amber Dunlap scored five goals, Clover Defilippis scored three goals, Anna Shirk scored one and Mamie Pfohl made eight saves for Pine School.

Wednesday score


Vero Beach 12, Hafenstr. Lucie 2 (5 entries): Finley Holmes went 2-on-3 with a home run and three runs to lead Vero (11-0) to another win in their undefeated start to the season. Ray Rose was 3-on-4 with a double and also drove in three runs, Jace Romans was 2-on-3 with a triple and also drove in three runs, Ty Romans had two doubles and an RBI, and Cole Morgan had two hits and an RBI for Vero Beach.

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Josh Guerrero went 2-2 on a home run in a loss to the Jaguars (4-7).

Martin County 6, Palm Beach Gardens 2: Cody Benning hit six and allowed two runs in 6⅔ innings and Dylan Murphy went 2-on-4 with a double and two RBIs to lead the Tigers (11-6). Brennan Refenning was 2-on-3 with two RBIs, Nick Robert was 3-on-3 with a double and Wes Cimperman hit a solo home run for Martin County.

boys lacrosse

John Carroll Catholic 11, Sebastian River 5: Ivan Kelly scored five goals to send the Rams (9-4) to victory. Jackson Miller and Jordan Capraro scored twice, Max MacDonald and Nick Reinke each scored one, and Ben Bobrick made 11 saves for John Carroll.

Lacrosse girls

High school athletic scores for the week of March 27-April. 1 via Treasure Coast (2)

South Fork 12, Martin County 8: Katie Hale scored five goals and added three assists to put the Bulldogs ahead (9-1). Zoe Williams scored two goals, Kyah Cheatham, Victoria Francisco, Molly O'Donnell, Ashley Stockey and Avery Weikart all scored one goal and Sydnie O'Connor made three saves for South Fork.

Re-rental tennis

Martin County 5, Kiefernschule 2: Solteiros: Jensen Richards (MC) d. Jakob Ross 6:0, 6:0; Lucas Schmelzenbach (MC) d. Michael Ceiferi 6-1, 6-1; Cole Chattel (MC) d. Loic Schneider 6-1; 6-4; Caixa Watt (PS) d. Lucas Hastings 2-6;7-5; 10-8; John Wideman (PS) d. Andrew Schaefer 6-2; 6-1; Duplas: Richards/Schmelzenbach (MC) d. Ross/Schneider 8-5; Bens móveis/Hastings (MC) d. Wideman/Watts 8-3

Tuesday score

boys lacrosse

St. Edward 8, St. Thomas Aquinas 7: Reed Sternberg, Ford Norris and Ricky Savage each scored two goals to lead the Pirates (9-3) to victory. Connor O'Brien and Luke Herrman each scored a goal, Eli Barin had two assists and Kieran Colgan made 11 saves in goal for St. Louis. Edwards.


Vero Beach 7, Treasure Coast 4: Chase Wilson hit three runs and Keenan Jabeth hit a solo home run to help Vero (10-0) continue his undefeated run this season. JC Serovich went 3 for 3 with an RBI, Jace Romans had two hits and an RBI, Blake Holshouser hit four and allowed one run in five innings, and Brock Thomas hit five in 1⅔ innings for relief to Vero Beach.

Austin Glover went 3-for-4 and Greyson Cripps had one hit and two RBIs on base in a loss to the Titans (6-8).

3 Martin County, Fort Pierce Central 2 (10 entrances): Single RBI de Brennan Refenning keine Top 10ºInning gave the visiting Tigers the win (10-6). Logan Saake threw five shutout innings and allowed three hits to earn the victory to relief for Martin County.

Jensen Beach 6, Cardeal Newman 1: Chris Knier threw up five hits, conceded a run and hit out 11 and went 2-on-3 with a double at plate to send the Falcons (8-5) to their seventh straight win. Dylan Fatovich and Connor Cantillo each had a double and an RBI for Jensen Beach.

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Master's Academy 19, Berean Christian 0 (5 entries): CJ Eiswerth went 4-for-4 with a triple and drove in five runs to a win for the Patriots (7-7). Gian Brown took a one-two and competed in four races for the Master's Academy.

soft ball

South Fork 7, Dwyer 2 (5 entrances): Abbie Dewaters notched a grand slam in a fourth inning with six runs to lead the Bulldog (7-4-1) to an away win. Abbey Moore went 3 for 4 with a double and an RBI, Emma Ortiz and Mackenzie Cisco had two hits each and Katie Kidwell hit five in a full game for South Fork.

Centennial 6, Martin County 3: Hailey Brereton hit 13 and allowed two earned runs in a full circle game and Keyhara Alleyne went 2-on-3 with a double and two RBI to lead the Eagles (7-6) to the win. Giana Devries had two hits and an RBI, and Autumn Prakash also had two hits and one run for the Centennial.

football flag

Martin County 20, Jensen Beach 13: Hailey Walsh caught a touchdown pass and returned an interception for another touchdown to help the Tigers (7-0) remain undefeated for the season. Cali Scornavacca threw two touchdown passes, Natalie Belisle caught a touchdown and added an interception on defense. Taylor Murray and Laniyah Smalls each had an interception on defense and Rachele Matuszek had nine flag pulls for Martin County.

Fort Pierce Westwood 19, Lake Placid 0: Jihla Greer threw three touchdown passes and added an interception on defense to clear the way for the Panthers (6-1). Velise Destile caught two touchdowns on offense and had three interceptions on defense and Gerriyah Ruth had five receptions for 80 yards and one touchdown for Fort Pierce Westwood.

Re-rental tennis

Vero Beach 7, Melbourne 0: Bachelor: Walter Lloyd d. Ashton Potts 6–1, 6–4; Jacob Rodolico d. Lucas Griffit 6–1, 7–5; Joe Rodolico d. Cash Waterrs 6-3, 6-2; Brent Sturgis d. Jesaja Lopez 6-2, 6-1; Justin Tun D. Devin Beasley 6:0, 6:1; Parent: Lloyd/J. Rodolic d. Potts/Lopez 8-2; Ha.Rodolico/Sturgis d. Griffit/Watts 8-5

women's shoes

Martin County 6, Kiefernschule 1: Solteiros: Victoria Ponsoldt (MC) d. Makenzie Kelly 6–1, 6–1; Sophia Raley (MC) d. Sophia Sedelnik 6–2, 6–2; Ashley Messer (MC) d. Lucy Sher 6–1, 6–3; Corante Kaley (MC) d. Tali Paulinic 6-2, 6-1; Nota Papapanos (MC) d. Kaylee Acosta 6–2, 2–6 (10–8); Duplas: Kelly/Sedelnik (PS) d. Ponsoldt/Korante 8:2; Callista Pearlstone/Ella Johnson (MC) d. Sher/Paulnic 8-5

Monday score


John Carroll Catholic 13, Westerville Central (OH) 3 (6 entrances): Matt Correa went 2-for-3 with a double and drove in three runs to help the Rams (10-5) win. Taggert Cameron was 3-of-3 with two RBI, Jake Rychter was 2-of-3 with a double and an RBI, Tracen Cameron was 2-of-4 with a triple and an RBI, Colt Miller had a hit and two RBI , and Caleb Fontus struck out three in three scoreless innings on the mound for John Carroll.

Lincoln Park Academy seniors shield

Three Lincoln Park Academy seniors celebrated the next steps in their student-athlete careers on Friday, March 24, when softball stars Callan Kloeckner and Madison Davis and tennis star Jaclyn Dyer signed letters of intent for the college.

High school athletic scores for the week of March 27-April. 1 via Treasure Coast (3)

Kloeckner will stay close to home and compete at Indian River State College, and Davis will go to Converse University in South Carolina after both completed their senior year on the Greyhound softball team.

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Kloeckner currently hits .586 with four homers, five doubles and 14 RBIs and Davis hits .500 with two homers, a triple, five doubles and also drove in 14 carries and has a 3.61 ERA with a 2-0, striking out 55 batters in 31 innings.

Dyer will also stay close to home and compete at Keizer University and is currently 9-0 in singles at No. 1 on the roster for the Greyhounds.

This article originally appeared in the Treasure Coast Newspapers:High School Sports Results from March 27th to April 27th. 1 on Treasure Coast


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