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A coastal city less than 30 miles north of Miami is Fort Lauderdale, Florida. The metropolis has earned the nickname "Venice of America" ​​due to its extensive and impressive canal system of more than 800 kilometers. It also has booming tourism with 23 miles of beaches for all tastes.

While historically overshadowed by Miami, the city has asserted itself and today features rapidly growing commercial and residential sectors. As a result, Fort Lauderdale is seeing a steady increase in population as it attracts more people to settle in the city each year.

However, no place is perfect, and Fort Lauderdale has its fair share of downsides that you might want to check out before settling down. Below are the pros and cons you can expect when you decide to live in the Venice of America.

Is Fort Lauderdale, Florida a good place to live? - Boredom does not arise!

The good side

Constant sunshine all year round!

Fort Lauderdale is a tropical paradise that not only stops at its beaches, but also enjoys sunny and warm weather all year round! City dwellers experience246 sunny days a year, perfect for a weekend swim.

Most people from New York and New England are impressed by the pleasant climate that the Venice of America offers, making it a favorite vacation spot, especially in winter.

The city offers a warm and beautiful winter from December to February, while summersrarely exceeds 92°F, which takes place in July and August.

If you're tired of spending the winter indoors and staying warm all season long, consider moving to Fort Lauderdale to escape the bitter cold.

kilometers of beaches

Fort Lauderdale is the perfect Florida city for anyone who loves everything about the ocean or the scenic sunset as the sun dips below the horizon. With more than 37 kilometers of coastline, the metropolis offers busy and secluded beaches, all for you to explore and enjoy.

In addition, you will still be surprised to know that some neighborhoods here are just 30 minutes from the beaches. Plus, you'll also enjoy beautiful golden sunsets that you've never seen before!

Its dazzling blue waters allow you to enjoy what the Atlantic has to offer with activities such as snorkeling, sunbathing, swimming, jet skiing, diving, etc.

Here is the list of beaches to check out when moving to Fort Lauderdale:

  • blue wave: Known as the main beach of the city, this beach has an extensive shoreline of 4 miles with shallow and calm waters. It is a famous beach in the city, known for being the safest and for children.
  • Lauderdale-By-The-Sea: It is the best beach for those who enjoy fishing and snorkeling.
  • Hollywood Strand: it has white and silky sands that invite you to walk under the clear blue sky. This beach is also dog-friendly, which is a great spot for your furry friend to have some fun swimming in the crystal clear waters.
  • Strandresort Fort Lauderdale: This is one of the most upscale beaches in Fort Lauderdale, offering a variety of shops and restaurants. It also has 7 miles of white sand and giant palm trees to provide shade as you browse the various shops.

In addition to the list above, numerous beaches in the metropolis await you.

Bored? Never.

Fort Lauderdale can be a small town, often overshadowed by other Florida cities like Tampa and Miami. Despite its size, it is a vibrant seaside town with a very active nightlife and a busy day. An endless variety of entertainment options await you, whether it's club parties, shopping, dining or festivals.

If you are planning to move here, start your week by discovering these interesting places in the city:

The metropolis is never without museums, which attract thousands of visitors every year:NSU Art Museum Fort Lauderdale eCoral Springs Kunstmuseum.

Sixth largest school district in the United States

If you are looking for a city with many educational opportunities, then this might be your suggestion for moving to Fort Lauderdale. City schools have high test scores with low enrollment rates for most private schools from elementary through high school.

It also has the sixth largest school district in the country, where you can choose from over 200 schools.

You can also go to college here, as the city is home to several public and private colleges for those who want to improve their academic skills from undergraduate to doctorate.

Central location in your favor

Another great advantage of living in the Venice of America is its central location, which gives its residents a huge advantage. Below is the estimated travel time you can expect from Fort Lauderdale to neighboring cities:

  • Palm Beach: about an hour's drive
  • naples a two hour trip
  • Orlando: three hours by car
  • Key West: four hours by car

As a result, you can take just a short trip to these cities without having to hop on a plane or drive all day. For example, you could take a three-hour drive from Fort Lauderdale to Universal Studios Orlando, spend most of your time exploring the landmark, and return home the same day.

Various public transport

You can access most major Fort Lauderdale attractions within a 5 mile radius. At the same time, the city offers residents several [public transportation options for them to travel and minimize waiting times.

In Fort Lauderdale, some of the following public transportation options serve the area:

  • B/AvMed cycle tours
  • Amtrak
  • sun chariot
  • Wassertaxi
  • Broward County Transit (BCT)

family town

Venice of America used to be a prime neighborhood for college students and young people due to its numerous nightclubs. However, this created misconceptions that led the city to change its image, attracting more families and seniors, which it did.

Fort Lauderdale currently offers a variety of family recreational and educational opportunities for families with children. You can see many museums, art galleries, historic sites and world-class school systems in the city.

the bad side

terrible traffic

Traffic is everywhere in the growing cities with a thriving tourism industry happening in Fort Lauderdale. Residents here have expressed dissatisfaction with the way the city is handling appalling traffic.

In addition, the small area of ​​the city of 58.3 km² does not offer enough space for cars to circulate around the city without getting stuck in the roads, especially during peak hours and on Saturday afternoons.

very wet

Fort Lauderdale is not for those who don't want to sweat all day, especially in the summer. The city can get quite humid and you will likely need to spend money on air conditioning to survive the heat.

So if you're looking for somewhere cold, sorry to burst your bubble, this city's winter doesn't feel like the usual cold winter.

Tourists everywhere!

If you prefer a quiet city life, then this is almost impossible to achieve in Fort Lauderdale. The coastal city attracts an average of 23 million tourists a year. It just means that wherever you go, you're likely to spot tourists on the waterfront, downtown, entertainment districts, and more.

The beach in particular can get crowded in the summer and the streets are busy day and night. However, if you don't mind living in this bustling metropolis and meeting new people every now and then, Venice of America is the perfect place for you!

Here comes the hurricane!

It is not surprising that Fort Lauderdale suffers from hurricanes every year, since it is located in Florida. Choosing to live in this city means you know the risk of living in such a hurricane-prone area.

You can also expect some heavy rainfall in summer and winter.

What is the cost of living in Fort Lauderdale, Florida? – Domestic exemptions in your favor

The good side

Lower rent than in big cities

Compared to major US cities, the average rent in Fort Lauderdale is relatively low. For example, it only costs oneMonthly rentals from $1,816 in Fort Lauderdale, while in these cities it will cost the following prices:

So if you move to Fort Lauderdale from these cities, you can save more on your monthly rent. In addition, the city's real estate market is at an all-time high and interest rates are at an all-time low.

Exceptions for households

As Fort Lauderdale is a Florida city, residents can obtain property exemptions to help manage the tax burden imposed on property.

City residents are subject to a 2.0% property tax rate, but may claim homestead exemptions of up to $50,000.00, with the remainder for non-school taxes.

the bad side

growing expenses

While Fort Lauderdale is cheaper than most major cities in the country, the city's overall cost of living is still a significant drawback. Unfortunately, the cost of living is here21% above the national average.

Here, for example, you have to pay 2% more on your electricity bill. A monthly energy bill will likely cost $173.18, while a gallon of gas will cost $4.52.

On the other hand, food prices in Fort Lauderdale are also up 22%, health care is up 4%, while housing costs have skyrocketed to an all-time high of 49% compared to the national average.

If saving more money is your priority, you might consider moving to Fort Lauderdale.

Why work in Fort Lauderdale, Florida? – Finding a job is easy!

The good side

increased job opportunities

Fort Lauderdale has experienced a steady economic and job market boom in recent years. The metropolis registered a growth of 1.9% in the labor market in relation to the previous year. AProjected job growth of 37.9%the next decade also looks promising.

Additionally, Fort Lauderdale has a3.30% low unemployment rate. As a result, newcomers to the city will not have to spend a lot of time looking for a job because there are many job opportunities in Fort Lauderdale.

With millions of tourists coming here every year for their holidays, it's no wonder that the tourism sector is driving the local economy and opening up more job opportunities. In addition to the tourism industry, there are also large corporations that have set up their headquarters in Fort Lauderdale:

  • Citrix Systems
  • AutoNation
  • Broward County Public Schools
  • SmartWater CSI

Since it's easy to find a job here, you might want to start earlier to offset the high prices you're likely to encounter.

0% income tax rate

One of the best things about living in a Florida town is that there are no real estate or income taxes. Therefore, it eases your burden and helps to allocate part of your money for other necessary expenses.

the bad side

Other families have difficulty.

Unfortunately, there are some low paying jobs in Fort Lauderdale. Because of this, most residents here look for jobs carefully, always making sure the salary is sufficient to meet their needs.

Fort Lauderdale residents have amedian household income of just $48,898 per yearThat's $4,584 less than the US average of $53,482 per year.

Fort Lauderdale may be a small coastal town, but the metropolis offers its residents many joys, opportunities and alternatives. In fact, the number of things to do in the city seems endless, so you'll never get bored.

Now that you know the ins and outs of living here, we'd love to hear your thoughts on the Venice of America.

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