Princeton Review Career Quiz: Everything You Need to Know in 2022 (2023)


Have you thought about which job suits you best?

The Princeton Review Career Quiz is a unique career test designed to help you determine which career is best for you based on your skills, personality and work style.

Humans spend about a third of their lives at work. The average hours worked in the United States is 40 hours of work per week. Generally,Everyone spends almost 30 years of their life at work.

Hence, choosing a rewarding career is important and this is where the Princeton Review Career Test comes in.

Read on to learn more about the Princeton Review Career Quiz and related FAQs.

  • What is a career test?
  • Is the professional exam worth it?
  • What is the Princeton Personality Test?
  • What are the colors in Princeton Review's Career Test?
  • What Are the Colors in the Princeton Review Career Test Based on Style?
  • What are the colors of the Princeton Review Interest-Based Career Test?
  • Princeton reviews job test results

What is a career quiz?

A career test is a tool to help you decide what type of career suits your interests and personality. If you're having trouble making career decisions or are stuck in a job that doesn't interest you, a careers test can point you in the right direction.

A career test can be based on a person's interests, values, skills, or personality. They can be in different forms, e.g. B. as questionnaires or paper tests.

A good career test should provide some insight into your likes, dislikes, and likes.

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If you want to gain more confidence, a career test can be a great tool. If you want to be successful in life, you need to have a good idea of ​​your strengths and weaknesses, and career tests can help you determine this by answering a few simple questions.

Is the job test worth it?

Career tests are the most popular choice for people who want to grow in their careers. It could be to your advantage when you are at the crossroads of what you are meant to do in life.

Here are some worthwhile benefits of taking a professional exam:

  • A career test will help determine your strengths and weaknesses to create a plan of action and achieve goals.
  • A job test helps you to find jobs that match your personality, interests and goals.
  • A career test will help you become more confident, boost your emotional intelligence, and increase your employability.
  • A career placement test will help you discover your true potential and keep your work attractive.
  • A career test will help you find out if you're on the right track in aligning your goals with your job, or vice versa.

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What is the Princeton Review Career Quiz?

Princeton Review Karriere-Quizis one of the best career tests available that can give you an idea of ​​what type of career suits your interests and personality.

The test consists of 24 questions with multiple options from which you can choose the one that most appeals to you. The best thing about the Princeton Review career personality test is that it takes less than 5 minutes to fill out and provides you with a list of suitable career opportunities.

And if you're wondering, is the Princeton career test free?

The answer is positive. The Princeton Review Career Quiz is a free career test that you can take simply by searching the Princeton Review Career Quiz online or by visiting the princetonreview[dot]com website. All you have to do is take the test and register on the site to see the result.

The Princeton Assessment Professional Aptitude Test has a very strong focus on the interest of the individual and the questionnaire is designed to reflect that. However, there is a strong distinction between ability and interest. While you can hone the skill with practice, interests are more innate.

Princeton Review Career Test Colors

The Princeton Career Review Quiz uses four colors to determine the result. Based on your answer, the questionnaire assesses your interests and work style and gives you an idea of ​​which profession is best suited based on your interest.

The Princeton Career Review Test colors and their meanings are listed below:

  • Red - Shipping
  • Green - communication
  • Blue - planning
  • Yellow - administration

Princeton Review Colors Based on Style Career Test

The Princeton Review Career Quiz follows four colors to give you results on what style you have. He defines style as your strength when you are at your best.

You must choose an organization or career path where your style is accepted and effective.

Below are the Princeton Review career personality test colors based on different styles:

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Princeton Review Karrieretest Red Style

If you fall into the Red Style category, you are likely to carry out your work tasks in an action-oriented manner. They prefer to take action and get results immediately.

Often characterized by a self-organized, high-pressure, hierarchical, production-oriented, and competitive atmosphere, people with red styles tend to be direct, energetic, rational, personable, authoritarian, pleasant, easy-going, and resourceful.

Princeton Review Green Style Career Quiz

The green style on the Princeton Career Assessment Questionnaire indicates the person is impulsive, talkative, personable, persuasive, risk-taking, and competitive. People with green styles prefer to work in critical environments.

They often thrive in environments geared toward teamwork, adventure, informality, innovation, and the big picture.

Princeton Review Karrieretest Blue Style

People with blue styles try to perform their duties in a way that supports and helps others and avoids conflicts as much as possible.

People with a blue style are often insightful, intelligent, socially picky, creative, thoughtful, emotional, imaginative, and sensitive.

They often thrive in a modern, casual, forward-thinking workplace. Blue people like jobs that give them time to consider a situation before acting.

Princeton Review Yellow Style Karrieretest

People with yellow styles prefer to do their work tasks in a systematic way, aiming to stick to a given schedule. They prefer jobs where there is little room for interpretation or unforeseen change.

People with a yellow style tend to be organized, systematic, cautious, loyal, aloof, and research-oriented. They also tend to thrive in predictable, established, regulated, and metered environments.

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Princeton Review Colors Based on Interest Career Test

Based on interest, the Princeton Review Career Quiz follows the same four colors to provide results. He describes interest as activities that you find attractive.

If you want to stay motivated, these activities must be present in your chosen job or career.

Below are the Princeton Review personality quiz colors based on different interests:

Princeton Review Red Interest Karriere-Quiz

People with red interests like careers that involve practical, technical, and simple tasks, as well as practical, problem-solving professional tasks.

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Building, implementing, organizing, producing, and delegating are the primary interests of people who get red interests on the Princeton Career Review Test. They often lead to careers in manufacturing, management, leadership, small business leadership, and surgery.

Below is a list of Red Interest careers as suggested by the Princeton Review Career Quiz:

Aerospace EngineerArchitectAstronaut
Carpenterpolitical campaignerKoch
Chemical engineerChemicalcivil engineer
Systems Analystcomputer programscriminologist
construction managerDetectivedeveloper
ecologistelectrical engineerentrepreneur
Head of Quality ControlSportmanagertelevision producer
zoologistWebmasterAir Force officer

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Princeton Review Green Interest Karriere-Quiz

If you get a green score on the Princeton Career Assessment test, you are likely interested in careers and roles that persuade, sell, nurture, and require interpersonal or group interaction.

If you enjoy motivating, mediating, marketing, persuading, delegating authority, entertaining, and lobbying, you fall into the green interest group. These interests often lead to careers in public relations, marketing, training, consulting, consulting, law, and other fields.

Below is a list of green interest careers as suggested by the Princeton Review Career Quiz:

advertising executiveAgentLawyer
auctioneerBank clerkart dealer
club managerClothing generalistTrainer
DiplomatForeign Service Officerfundraiser
Hotelmanagerestate agentsinsurance agent
investment bankerIndustrial Relations SpecialistLobbyist
Marketing ManagerManager of the Performing ArtsPolitically
pharmaceutical sales representativepolitical advisorDistrict Attorney

Princeton Review Blue Interest Karriere-Quiz

People with blue interests choose work assignments and careers that require creative, humanistic, reflective, and contemplative activities.

Abstracting, theorizing, designing, writing, thinking, and generating new ideas are of interest to individuals interested in the Princeton Review Career Quiz. It often leads to employment in the fields of editing, teaching, composition, invention, mediation, clergy and writing.

Below is a list of blue interest careers as suggested by the Princeton Review Career Quiz:

archaeologistArtistcareer counselor
Comediancollege administratorbeautician
Editorfashion designerDirector
graphic designerpersonnel managerinventor
interior architectJournalistlibrarian
MusicianNurseoccupational therapist
ProfessorpsychologistSocial worker
Speech therapistwritermedia planner

Princeton Review Career Quiz Yellow Interest

People with yellow interests choose jobs that require organization, systematization, precision, dependency, and objectivity.

They like to arrange, number, schedule, systematise, preserve, maintain, measure, specify and archive. These activities often lead to careers in research, banking, accounting, systems analysis, taxation, finance, government work, and engineering.

Below is a list of yellow interest careers as suggested by the Princeton Review Career Quiz:

accountantdental technicianeconomist
Grant Officerfinancial analystforex trader
health administratorManagerSommelier
Country fairscompany attorneybusiness consultant
financial advisorInternet Technologies Managergeneticist
hospital administratorquality engineerAdvisor
research technicianlittle businessmanSystemadministrator
Systems AnalystInvestorGastronomie Manager
Speech therapistwritermedia planner

Career test results from Princeton Review

Princeton Assessment Professional Aptitude Test results vary widely depending on your answer. While for some the style color and interest color may be the same, for others they may be different.

If your answers are more practical, you will get red interest. On the other hand, if you are more artistically inclined, you fall into the blue interest category. If you like being organized and systematic, you fall into the yellow interest group.

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After answering all 24 questions of the Princeton Career Review aptitude test, you will receive suggestions for the best career opportunities available. It doesn't offer two or three career options, but more than fifty for each interest group. You can choose which one is most suitable for you.

Main Conclusions

Job assessment tests are a great tool for gaining insight into your interests and the career that suits you best.

  • A career test can be based on a person's profileInterests, values, skills or personality.
  • The Princeton Career Review Test has24 questionswho take less than 5 minutes to reply.
  • The Princeton Career Assessment Questionnaire measures yourinterests and work styleto determine the career in which you can excel.
  • He usesfour colors- Red, Green, Blue and Yellow to suggest interest and style.
  • Öred interestsYou like practical, technical and objective tasks and prefer jobs that require problem solving.
  • Ögreen interestPeople prefer careers that require influencing, promoting, selling, and maintaining interpersonal relationships.
  • Öblue interestThe groups are the most creativeYellow InterestsThey are the most organized people.

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